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      Mohamed Nizar

      <p>Hello, I am Palestinian, and I live in Gaza. I applied for a PLAB 2 visa last June but my visa application was refused on the basis that I don’t have an active medical professional. Their exact decision was like this ( I acknowledge you have already undertaken the PLAB1 and passed. You have declared you are unemployed on your visa application form. I therefore do not find it credible you are pursing your medical studies in the UK as it does not appear to benefit you at all. It would be more credible had you been an active medical professional).</p><p>I finished my internship year last March in Egypt and then came back to Gaza. The thing is we Palestinians are required to take a medical licence exam to practice medicine in Palestine. I applied for the UK visa before I had taken and passed the medical license exam on the 1st of August. </p><p>Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to land a job since I got the license to practice, however, I have been doing a voluntary work as a GP.</p><p>My question is do you think it’s possible to get the visa if I applied for the visa documenting that I’m doing a voluntary work! </p><p>and if I wanted to travel to the UK in next January, can I apply for the visa in October.</p><p> </p><p>Thank you </p>

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