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Even after reading hundreds of free articles and watching multiple explanatory videos, we recognise that there are some individual-specific information that remains unclarified. We’ve now got you covered.

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As we both work as full time doctors, it’s difficult for us to find spare time to dedicate to your personal need for information and guidance. We have uploaded our schedule in out online appointment booking system where you can easily find out our availability.

Types of Sessions

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General Guidance about UK Doctors’ Career

Discuss your options about moving your career to the UK from a completely personal perspective. I will explore your qualifications and aspirations and based on that guide your path to becoming a doctor in the UK.

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Guidance on Applying for a Job in the NHS

One of the biggest hurdle many IMGs face in their journey. This session can act as a supplement to our FREE course in RoadToUK Academy to help you guide through the maze of applying for a job in the NHS.

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Guidance on Obtaining GMC Registration

GMC registration is mandatory to obtain in order to practice as a doctor in the UK. There can be many hiccups along the way which are very person-specific and causing you doubt whether you should pursue the path. Let’s clear that!

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Guidance on Specialty Training

One of the most common ultimate outcomes in a doctor’s career is to specialize in specific field(s). In this session I will provide targets for you to achieve in order to make your journey to specialization smoother.

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