Internal Medicine Training (IMT)
If you haven’t heard already,  Core Medical Training (CMT) has been replaced by  Internal Medicine Training (IMT) starting from August, 2019. CMT was the first part of specialty training in many medicine specialties. It was a 2 year program. Now, however, it has been replaced by IMT, which can be either 2 years or 3 years of training, depending on which specialty you want to pursue. Which specialties will require IMT? The medical specialties have been divided into two groups. Group 1

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How is the new IMT different from the old CMT?


Like if I want to enter cardiology, is it possible for me to apply for IMT in round 1? If not will it be available in Round2 ? What kind of preparation I need to do in order to success for my application before and after working in NHS?


So if understood correctly, the Certificate of Readiness to Enter Specialty Training is the foundation we need signed by FY2, right?


Yes that’s right.

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