How to Make a Budget

You've snagged yourself a job, you're settling in, you've gotten your first paycheck, and all you can think now is: While that is completely understandable (and warranted!), it can't become an unbridled habit. So let's discuss the importance of creating and sticking to a solid budget so that you can…

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Working in A&E

It's often difficult to assess where would be best to start off working in the NHS when you start applying for jobs. Many of us wish to apply exactly where we one day wish to train- and we are well within our rights to do so. The question often arises,…

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Winter in the UK

It's starting to feel a lot like winter! No matter what end of the UK you're residing in, you'll soon notice the mornings are overcast, the days shorter, and the wind bitter. It's important to stay warm and bundled up during this time of year, lest you wish to come…

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