Specialty Training in Clinical Radiology in the UK

One of the most exciting and rapidly advancing specialties within medicine is Clinical Radiology. That's why many International Medical Graduates (IMGs) are interested in joining specialty training in clinical radiology in the UK. The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) maintain the training and their website would be the primary source…

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Working in Stroke Medicine

Stroke is a vibrant place to work as you have the chance to hone your clinical as well as radiological skills. There is a wide variety of patient exposure as strokes can affect any age (though most commonly in older individuals), but the presentations and correlations that can be made…

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Ask a Consultant: Dr. Mark Drake

Dr. Mark Drake discusses at length about why he chose to work in a field as rewarding as geriatrics, and what exactly the entire specialty covers. He also gives an overall picture as to how one can also pursue geriatrics if so interested, and the opportunities one can avail by…

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