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Specialty training application timelines

Specialty Training in the UK: Application Timelines

For IMGs, the application for specialty training is now not bound by visa restriction in the UK. If your play your cards right, follow the timeline, prepare a solid application, nothing can stop you from entering the training of your dream.

Get GMC registration

How to get registration with GMC (UK)

There are only three ways you can get GMC (UK) registration as an overseas doctor or International Medical graduate (IMG). What are they?

be a safe doctor

How to be a Safe Doctor

The most pressing concern once you’ve started working in the NHS is whether or not you are being a ‘safe doctor’. What we will outline

Finiding a job in the NHS

How to find a Job in the NHS

You most probably have seen the numerous posts and concerns cropping up across various social media about whether or not there are still jobs to

Specialty training in paediatrics

Specialty Training in Paediatrics in the UK

Paediatrics is the branch of medicine that involves the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents. In UK, the paediatrics department provides care to the

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