When you hear about applying for jobs in the NHS, you may invariably hear people talk about FY2 standalone or locum appointment for training (LAT) posts, and it’s only natural to wonder if you should apply for such a post. So let us give you the complete picture of what an FY2 standalone or LAT post means.

What is an FY2 Standalone/LAT?

In the UK, newly graduated doctors enter into what is known as the foundation program, which consists of a two year rotational post. The first year of this post is known as Foundation Year 1 (FY1), while the second year is known as Foundation Year 2 (FY2). If you’ve completed an acceptable pattern of internship as per the GMC back home, you’ve already done the equivalent to FY1 in the UK.

Wondering what is considered an acceptable pattern of internship? Check out our article on Internship & UKFPO.

FY2 standalones are essentially open spots in the foundation program. It is a training post that is available to be applied for in January via Oriel. The post then starts in August of that year.

Eligibility for joining standalone posts

As mentioned before, you can apply for an FY2 standalone/LAT in January, so at the time of the application you will need:

  • To have passed IELTS or OET with the required score. You’d need a minimum of 7.5 in each section and 7.5 overall for IELTS and a minimum of 400 for OET.
  • To have at least passed PLAB 1.

If you have already been working in the NHS for at least 3 months, then a consultant can provide a testimony to state that your level of English proficiency is adequate to continue instead of having to take IELTS or OET. Please note that you must be in a paid working role. A clinical attachment or observership does not count. You can find the consultant testimony proforma on the foundation program website.

If you can prove to that 75% of your patient contact during medical college was in English and that your medical education and exams were conducted completely in English, then you can avoid IELTS or OET.

You must also hold FULL GMC registration by the time the standalone starts, as well have completed an Immediate Life Support (ILS), Advanced Life Support (ALS), or Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) course. To keep to this schedule, have your PLAB 2 cleared by April of the year you are applying, and have you GMC registration applied for by May at the latest.

What makes you ineligible for FY2 standalone

  • Completed the UKFP or are currently enrolled in the foundation program
  • Have a CREST form signed
  • Already completed an FY2 standalone in the past

How do I apply?

All applications must be submitted via ORIEL. You will need to look under the ‘foundation’ staff group to find the option for UKFPO. You will then be able to search for ‘FY2 standalone’ in the vacancies. It’s always best to complete this process on a desktop/laptop rather than on a tablet or mobile device.

Please note that during the application process you will need to provide references. These references will only be contacted once your offer has been accepted. Please ensure from the start that your references are happy to be contacted and that they will be prompt in responding if you are successful in your application.

If you are interested in starting an FY2 standalone for the 2021 intake, the application window is from January 4th until February 1st, 2021. If you do not submit your completed application during this time, it WILL NOT be accepted.

Source: UK Foundation Programme

FY2 Standalone versus Non Training

If you wish to start out in the NHS, you don’t need to be in a training post from the get-go. There are options to work in non training for some time before transitioning to a training job (if you wish!). So make a decision based on what you think would make the most sense for you. We have talked about the differences between an FY2 standalone and a non training post:

The progression for an individual who has completed FY2 standalone and someone who has gone via a non training post to get their CREST form signed is the same. No preference would be given to someone who has done a standalone versus someone who has not. Make your decision after weighing all the pros and cons mentioned in the video above.

How to ensure an FY2 standalone post?

Stressed about the prospect of starting in the NHS? Read about how you can be a safe doctor from day one!

Frequently asked questions regarding FY2 standalone

Good luck on your application for an FY2 standalone!

Need further explanation?

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  1. andrea camila

    Hello madam and sir, I am from south America, Peru. What happens if my intership will last 8 months, it starts on may and finishes on december and after that I also graduate. So if I want to apply for full registration FY2 standalone, do I need to email the GMC and tell them that my intership will only lasts 8 months or I should just apply without telling the gmc because it would not affect my registration process ?? (and yes my intership it has at leasts 3 months of surgery and 3 months of internal medicine). Plus, will it matter if I do my intership in a private clinic rather than in a hospital; or if i do it in a health post? Intership occurs in my last year of medical education (year7) and my university let me choose if i prefer clinic or hospital or health post according to my grades, so I wanted to know If I needed to do it in a hospital or if the GMC has any way to verificate it?. thank you very much

        1. Its been a new problem, before covid in my university there were 12 months of internship but due to covid it will only be 10 months but theres only clinics internships or honorary posts with just few months of rotations in a hospital. (Theres no full time in hospitals due to covid so med students are sent to posts.
          In this situation can I still apply for Provisional registration or will I have the same problem spanish people cope with where they only get full R

  2. Anandhu Vimal Kumar

    I graduated from China in sept 2019. But due to covid pandemic, we couldnt go back to uni and start internship. So I studied for Medical Graduate license exam in India (my home country) and passed in december 2020. once again, there was delay in internship (in india) when new covid variant spread out. I hope to start internship in the coming months. I would like to start from scratch in UK (from FY1). my patient interaction was not in english although my study in china was in English. My plan was to write IELTS this month and plab 1 after seats are available in FEB.2022. I dont have any other accolades such as research papers or journals. Since I passed my license exam in india not long ago, concepts and study mindset are still with me. please tell me what i should do or will I be not selected by FY1 or FY2 selection panel, because i dont have any other accomplishments?

    1. You don’t need a long list of accomplishments to get into FY1 or FY2. If you want to join UKFP then plan for it and work towards getting your exams done. Remember that UKFP training requires a higher score in IELTS/OET than PLAB & GMC reg, so work towards that. One step at a time.

  3. Ashwath Ganesh Sezhian

    Hi, thanks for this video. Do you know when FY-2 standalone programme applications start in 2022? And what are the criteria that will help us beat the competition?

    1. Then the post will be gone even if you succeeded in the interview. Having full GMC registration prior to starting of the training is a major criteria. If you don’t have it, you can’t have the post.

  4. What does “right to work” eligibility requirement mean? Does this mean non eu nationals \ those that require a visa can’t apply? Or do we need to secure a visa beforehand?

    1. “Right to work” means that you have to have legal proof that you can work in the UK before you start your employment. Anybody can apply and through the recruitment process they can secure a post in the FY2 standalone programme. But before starting employment if they require a visa, they will be sponsored one and the employee will have to pay for themselves to apply for that work visa to obtain that right to work.

      It holds true for any job in the NHS. We will require “right to work”, but if we need a visa for that we will have to apply for one when we are sponsored. So the sponsoring comes after you get selected for the job.

  5. I graduated from a eu medical school in July 2020 and obtained a full registration with GMC. Unfortunately, I failed to get into the August 2021 FY2 standalone training programme as I did not get a 7.5 score in one of IELTS section. I intend to resit my IELTS to get the 7.5 score for all the 4 sectiions and apply for the next FY2 standalone intake next year. Would like to know if my application will be considered, bearing in mind that I would have graduated more than 2 years when the programme starts.

        1. You should still apply to those jobs even if they ask for NHS experience in the person specifications.

  6. Taliiko Ileka

    I scored 360 in my writing in the OET and scored above 400 for the rest. Am I eligible to apply for FY1 or do I have to retake OET?

    1. You’d need a minimum of 7.5 in each section and 7.5 overall for IELTS and a minimum of 400 for OET.

  7. Hello, thanks for the video and information on this matter. Does a CREST form have to be signed in one training job or can you carry it through with you in further non-training jobs? Apologies if you may have answered this elsewhere. Thank you once again!

  8. Sebastian Morales

    Hi! Thanks for all the information.

    I’m in my final year of med school and in my country we have to complete a pre-graduate 18-month internship before we are awarded our medical degree. After finishing I really want to take PG studies in Canada (MSc in experimental medicine) that is about 3 years long. Is it possible for me to apply after this break in pratice to GMC registration and a FY1 or FY2 standalone job in UK? I’m really looking foward to work in the UK long-term!

    Thank you in advance.

    1. It is absolutely possible. Just remember to check the application process again when you are ready to apply.

  9. Ahmad Almohtaseb

    Thanks for the great article! As for SJT do you have to set it in the UK or can you set it via an online platform?

  10. Could you please let me know where it says that CREST being signed makes you ineligible? The official guide for 2021 F2 standalone mentions FPCC and FACD, from a UK approved programme, not CREST. Thanks

    1. The intention of putting that point is- if you have a CREST form signed already – why would anyone want to do FY2 standalone? Why waste another year when you already have evidence of achieving the competencies?

  11. Hi
    I have a query regarding Fy2
    I was applying for standalone fy2 programme August 2021. They have a compulsory question about current immigration status. But I do not have an active visa currently. I am domiciled in india.
    Is an active visa necessary to apply for fy2? Or is there a work around?

    Please help me resolve it.

  12. Hi!
    I just wanted to know if it’s:
    1. Possible to apply for a non-training CT1/ST1 post to fill in time gaps and then apply for a standalone FY2 after?
    2. Is it advisable to do so?

    The reason to do this would be to get higher salary while filling in time gaps and gain more experience to be able to appeal more during training CT1/ST1 post application (since foundation year 2 do not add up to the limited post-full registration experience in CT1/ST1 specialty experience).

    Thanks beforehand!

  13. شوبهام راي

    I am from india and totally worked for like 2 months as a junior resident , i want like someone who has gone from india to provide any contact id or no that can help me lay a blueprint ! Guys cmon!

  14. Is it necessary that i be employed at the time of my application. And secondly, does having failed plab 2 once makes me ineligible for fy2?

  15. Hello. I have passed my ielts and plab 1 . I sat for plab 2 but couldn’t clear it. I have rebooked the exam . Wanted to ask, am i eligible for fy2 standalone or does failing plab2 makes me ineligible? Please let me know. Thanks

    1. Failing PLAB 2 does not make you ineligible. You have to pass that and get GMC registration before you start the post (if you get the post).

  16. Hi. I have a few doubts and would be really happy if you could help me out.
    1. I heard you could do FY2 in your own homeland( for me being India) for 3-4 months and by doing that, i dont have to do the one year of FY2 in the UK if i show proof? is this true?
    2.I just finished FY1 in India. I’m interested in Psychiatry and want to pursue that eventually in the UK.
    And i have a few months off now due to the pandemic and waiting for PLAB2 dates.So i was wondering which would look better on my CV- if i did a non training post for a few months in Psychiatry or if i worked as a Medical officer for a few months under various specialities?
    Eagerly waiting for your reply.Thank you so much!

  17. I’ve just passed plab1. Working towards plab2 now.. I see that the min is now 7.5 each in ielts for standalone? Did they just raise this? I took it last year, I have an 8.5 overall but 7.0 in writing.. Does this mean i have to retake the ielts now before I can apply for a job? Btw I’m from Canada with MBBS completed in Pakistan.

    1. It always had been 7.5 for all UKFPO Training. You will have to retake it before the application opens. Your nationality plays no role as you graduated from a non-English speaking country.

  18. I am an overseas graduate with full GMC registration and would like to go uk to further my speciality training for the long run. I have no UK experience and am interested in internal medicine field. Which programme would you think is more suitable for me to get into speciality training in the future? fy2 standalone or CT1? I think ct 1 is more limited in choices. Pls correct me if I am wrong. Thanks so much.

    1. CT1 as in non-training CT1 level posts? It’s up to you. In CT1 non-training posts you will have to take your own initiative to get your CREST form signed in order to apply for Internal Medicine Training (IMT), wherein FY2 standalone you will have an organized way of getting your FPCC signed. Both are equal for applying for further training.

  19. Hello. I have completed an internship in my country of study, wrote IELTS and PLAB 1 (waiting for results), so I think I am eligible for FY2 post, right? When do those applications open? Thank you!

    1. You don’t need to have PLAB 2 completed to apply for FY2 Standalone posts. The application timeline and requirements are already stated in the article.

  20. Thank you for this article. I recently took my IELTS exam and could not get 7.5 score in writing section. Should I retake IELTS, do OET or try the CREST path? Does the CREST route have any disadvantage as compared to FY2 standalone path?

    1. It’s your choice. CREST path and FY2 Standalone has the same outcome – being a doctor who has obtained foundation competencies. Please watch the video for further explanation.

  21. Once I have completed 1 year of internship in my home country. Do I need to pay (as a medical school fee) the hospital to take me for an fy2 after clearing plabs.

  22. Hi dr,
    thank you for summarizing the FY2 standalone process so very well.
    My doubt is about the ALS requirement.
    I am currently not practicing in the UK, I have a valid ACLS certificate but obviously it is not considered in the application.
    How do I go about obtaining my ALS certificate whilst away from the UK in preparation for my FY2 application?
    Thank you.

  23. I’ve got required oet score n passed plab 1 , I’m in uk but I just want to have a year or 2 of uk experience, which route is better n wt r the requiremnts? I did my mbbs n housejob in Pakistan . No uk experience

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