­Finally the pieces are falling into places. Gradually your dream of working in the United Kingdom as a doctor is coming true. It is just one step away, and that step is – getting the skilled worker visa. And in this article we are going to talk about online application for your visa for work in the UK- which recently been updated to a new name – Skilled Worker Visa.

Skilled worker visa or Health and Care Worker visa

From August 4, 2020, UK government has started this new Skilled worker visa which is called Health and care worker visa for qualified doctors, nurses, health professionals or adult social care professionals.

Throughout the application process it is called Skilled Worker Visa and it will be picked up by the system when your put your Certificate of Sponsorship number and Sponsor license number while filling out the application form.

What do I need to apply for a Tier 2 Health and Care worker visa

The documents that you need for the application are:

  1. Certificate of sponsorship (CoS)
  2. Criminal records certificate
  3. TB clearance certificate (based on your country of residence)

With the first two in hand, you can start the online application process.

Steps of the online application

The visa application has the following steps:

  1. Online application
  2. Submission at the Visa Application Centre (VAC) with supporting documents
  3. When approved your passport will have a vignette sticker for you to travel to the UK.
  4. Collection of British Resident Permit (BRP) in the UK.

When and how can I apply for it?

As mentioned above, with the CoS and your criminal record certificate(s) you can start the online application process. Remember that the validity of the CoS in three months. So you will have to apply within that time.

The online service for applying Skilled worker (Tier 2) visa is in GovUK website. For your visa, you select Skilled Worker Visa in the visa type selection. Please note, there is no health and care visa option, it will be picked up automatically. Remember that, for your partner and children, the visa type is PBS Dependent – Partner visa & PBS Dependent – Child visa respectively. And you apply separately in this GovUK Page.

The online process is quite self-explanatory. From the following discussion you will be able to answer the questions in the GovUK website application as well.

  1. Register an account with your information in their website as it will save your applications as and when you make it.
  2. Apply for myself > Continue (accepting all their terms and conditions), will have you come across more sections to fill, most of which maybe already filled except for your passport number and date of intended travel.
  3. Date of intended travel: This is an important date as possibly you will get the entry clearance (vignette sticker) for one month starting from this date. Your CoS has a start date, but in most of the cases the date isn’t fixed (but make sure with your HR nonetheless). So, try to keep this date as close as to the date when you are actually going to travel for real, don’t constrain that much with the CoS start date.
  4. Select Visa Type: All doctor jobs are in shortage occupation list and the visa is Tier 2 General.

Now if you had noticed the online part of the application has the following steps:

  1. Filling up the application
  2. Signing a declaration
  3. BRP Collection location
  4. Setting up an appointment at the VAC (submission and biometric)
  5. Pay for application (depending on your country it can be online payment or payment at the VAC)
  6. Register with commercial partner (varies from country to country)
  7. Print application

1. Filling up the application

This has 6 parts:

  1. Passport & travel information
  2. Personal details & travel history
  3. Family details
  4. Additional information

Passport & travel information

The following questions needs to be answered about Passport and travel document.

And the following questions regarding travel information:

  • Date of planned arrival: Please keep this date as close to as real estimated travel date.
  • How long do you intend to stay in the UK?: The difference between your start and end date in your CoS. It doesn’t matter what is your contract with the employer, it matters what is mentioned in your CoS.
  • The address: If you don’t have a place figured out you can always use your hospitals address. Make sure you confirm this with your HR.

Personal details & travel history

Personal details is above your permanent residential address. Pretty basic!

Travel and Criminal History has a lot many questions. Out of them, answer the question regarding previous visa to UK, UK overseas territories, or commonwealth countries carefully. You will need to mention all visas from the last 10 years, so ensure you check any old/previous/expired passports to see if you have obtained any such visa in the past. Also the next question, have you travelled to the UK in the last 10 years? They will want you to mention if you went for your PLAB 2 exam. Don’t assume that ‘they should know’.

Then comes all the questions related to your criminal history. You should know the answers.

Family details

Information about your spouse/partner, father, mother, dependent, or non-dependent children. Again, pretty basic!

If you are also applying for a dependent, please understand first what that means.

A ‘dependant’ is any of the following:

  • Husband, wife, or partner
  • Child under 18
  • Child over 18 if they’re currently in the UK as a dependent

You must show that your dependants can be supported while they’re in the UK. Each dependant must have £630 available to them whether they apply with you or separately. This is in addition to the £945 you must have to support yourself.

You must have proof you have the money, and that it’s been in your bank account or your dependent’s bank account for at least 90 days before you or they apply.

You won’t need evidence of your savings if you have a:

Medical treatment

Have you ever received medical treatment in the UK? You’ll know better.

Tier 2 skilled worker

The following parts:

  • Job title: See your CoS
  • Your Job: See your CoS
  • Certificate of Sponsorship contains your sponsor license number.
  • Maintenance: See your CoS. Talk to the HR.

For English language, there is no separate proof needed for Tier 2 visa. As you have a YES answer to the following question.

Additional Information

I kept it blank as I didn’t have any other information that I wished to be considered as a part of my application. Simple!

2. Signing a declaration

You just have to read through the terms and conditions and type your name to confirm. Before this page, you will see the completed form that you just filled. Be very careful and check all the questions, as you CANNOT change anything in this form after you sign the declaration and confirmed.

3. BRP Collection location

You need to select a place for your BRP collection. It will be automatically set based on the address you gave earlier. You can change that too. Remember all the post offices don’t have BRP services. The instruction in the page are self-explanatory.

4. Setting up an appointment at the VAC (submission and bio-metric)

The portal will set itself up according to your country as it varies a lot from country to country.

5. Pay for application

Depending on your country, it can be an online payment or payment at the VAC during submission of the documents.

6. Register with commercial partner

Some countries VAC needs you to register with them too.

7. Print application

Finally, it’s done!

To conclude, you can keep the online application up to signing declaration as long as you have all the other documents ready. You can also halt at the booking an appointment part. If you made any major mistake, e.g. wrong visa category, you can create another application, your current application won’t cause any issues so long as you don’t proceed with it. If you made minor mistakes, e.g. wrong address, you can mention that in your cover letter as you can’t edit the form again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please explain the “vignette sticker”…

After you make your Tier 2 visa application and submit your passport, when approved you get your passport back with a sticker on it, which is called a vignette sticker. It will have a validity of 1-3 months. During that month you will have to travel to the UK and collect your British Resident Permit (BRP) from the post office that you mentioned in your application. Your BRP is your real visa document.

My circumstances changed and what if I can’t travel within the vignette sticker period time?

You can pay £169 to change the vignette period. Please find the application process here in transfer of visa GovUK page. Choose transfer your visa to a new passport online and then subsequently you will have the option to choose To transfer or replace your visa (vignette).

Our next discussion will be about the documents that you’ll need to apply for a Tier 2 visa.

74 thoughts on “Online Application for Skilled Worker Visa for IMGs”

  1. Rajesh Chandrasekaran

    Hi Sir/Mam, Many thanks for the wonderful article 🙂 actually while filing my Switch Visa from ICT to Skilled worker route – there was a section called ‘Travel History (Other)’ where the question was:

    *Have you ever been to any other country for the past 10 years

    Do you please have the screenshot of that page please? because i submitted the application and there were few exempted countries that don’t need to mention like EEA ones, i want to see what other countries were mentioned?

    Many thanks in advance

  2. Hello! Thank you for all the information.
    I need one clarification. After I have completed my PLAB 2 exam and got a job, I’ll need to apply for Tier 2 Visa. To do this, do I need to return to my home country or can I apply for Tier 2 Visa for the first time from within UK?

  3. Hello “Road to UK ” for your great effort for IMGs. I have one query.
    I got my visa from out of the UK. I could not travel on due time because of some unforeseen circumstances and my visa has expired. Therefore, I want to apply for transfer or replace visa (vignette). Shall I need a new CoS to do that?
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Hello,
    When applying for a dependant visa, it has asked for a CoS number – am I able to use the main applicants number or do I leave it blank?
    Thank you

  5. Hi
    My CoS doesn’t say that I am eligible for health and care visa , although I am being sponsored for a middle grade job.I asked my HR and she says she hasn’t received any directions about mentioning anything like that . Furthermore she has advised me to apply under standard Tier 2 visa.What should I do? Should I go ahead with health and care visa application as my job falls into categories mentioned in it or just apply in standard category.

  6. A question I had regarding this COVID19 pandemic and applying for a Tier 2 vis from within the UK.
    My fiancé has received her COS and the start date mentioned is 1st August. She is stuck in the UK and as per the government’s guidelines, her visit visa will expire on 31st July after automatic extension. She mentioned this information to the trust and they issued her cos quickly and also stated in her cos that she will not have to leave the UK to apply for a tier 2 visa.
    Now, I had a few questions about her situation.
    1- How long does it take to get the CoS approved and for her to get her tier 2 visa if applying from within the UK? Will she be able to get it in the next 2 weeks before her visit visa expires?
    2- In case she does not get it back, she will be overstaying in the UK. Will this be considered legal or illegal because she would have already applied for a Tier 2 visa right?
    I would appreciate any answers and feedback which you guys could provide. Thanks a lot!

    1. 1. Tier 2 visa application after submission you get a decision with 2 weeks time at the most
      2. If she has already applied and submitted for a new visa and awaiting to hear back before her visa expiry, then legally even if she overstays, she is out of trouble.

  7. Thank you for wonderful write-up. Can u please tell me exactly if I need B-form OR what other document for my 4 year old son for his dependent visa application?
    Thanking in anticipation ?

  8. Hello Road to UK Team, Thanks for all your hard work. Great Effort.
    My question is about the visa type. When I look at the visa types within Tier 2 there are so many i.e. within General category there are many subcategories i.e. Inter-Company Transfer, Graduate Trainee, Long Term Staff etc. So which category should i pick.
    Secondly are we picking the duration of more than three years or less (or it is something that will be determined by COS).
    Trying to see how much is the fee for myself and dependents.
    Thanks in advance.
    Dr. Far.

    1. Ibrahim Ivan

      As listed in the GOV UK site, the visa is Tier 2 (General). The others are different variants of Tier 2.
      Mentioned in the related article already that the duration is determined by your CoS, not even your contract.

      1. Thanks ..
        One more question 🙂
        After passing MSRA and changing the job to Trainee GP job, do we need to apply for a different visa? What type of visa is that? And if this is true, then do we get IHS refunded that we paid for Tier 2 visa? Do you an article on that visa type?
        Thanks once again.

        1. The visa would still be a Tier 2, but it would now be sponsered by the deanery rather than the hospital. Ideally IHS should refund automatically after 6 weeks of extra payment, but if this does not happen, you will need to contact them to get the refund.

        2. Thanks a lot for your detailed and quick reply.. much appreciated.
          1. So after you switch into GP Training category your employer changes and that requires you to re-apply for Tier 2 Visa .. is this a correct understanding?
          2. When you (and all your dependents) reapply, you pay all the visa application fees again?
          3. Regarding IHS that you paid at first visa: does that remain unimpacted when you switch to the new employer and reapply for the visa, or it has to be paid again and refund for the previously paid is received later.
          Again, thanks for your superb website and all the responses.

        3. You’re welcome. If I may answer the queries.
          1. Yes, whenever your employer changes you have to apply for a new visa (even if your current visa has remaining time). Guidance for that can be found here: How to apply for a TIER 2 visa within UK
          2. Unlike you, your dependants don’t have to reapply if they have visa period remaining (even if You, the main applicant, gets a new visa). They will only have to reapply if their visa is ending. It’s a relief!
          3. Every application for visa you have to pay IHS with it. If your time overlaps you get a refund.

  9. Thank you so much guys for this resourceful and informative blog and I really appreciated the effort done. I have a question please; if I will provide marital status as “single” in the application for Tier 2 visa and after around 6 months I will get married, how can my partner apply for Dependent Tier 2 visa at that time?

    1. You’re welcome.
      Your marital status, your address – these personal information are not constants. You are not married today that doesn’t mean you can’t get married six months later. So when you are married you will have a proof of marriage, right? (which needs to be submitted by your dependent when she applies for the visa). That will clearly say you weren’t married six months ago, so what’s the issue?

      1. Thank you so much for your clarification. I was just misunderstood the idea and thought that I might need many papers other than tha marriage certificate for my dependent but it is clear now.

  10. Md Atiqur Rahman

    Do I need IELTS anymore for tier 2 visa application?
    If not, Is the GMC license enough for the visa application process? TIA

  11. I am going to apply for Tier 5 visa through MTI pathway. Regarding sponsoring my wife’s maintenance, I need one clarification. On my COS following sentence is written:
    ‘ Tick to maintenance for migrants ( and dependents, if applicable )- Y ‘
    Should I need to submit additional bank statement to support my wife’s maintenance? Or this COS is enough for both of us ? I have enough fund to sponsor her but if the COS works, then I believe it’s wise submitting less documents to the Embassy.
    kindly suggest me.

  12. Dr Muhammad Abdullah Al Mamun

    How long does the visa process last from submitting online application to getting visa?

      1. Thank you very much Dr. Ivan.
        I find your blog incredibly resourceful.
        Simple and everything is made easy to understand.
        Btw, my Trust has ticked maintenance for me and my dependants but its not mentioned in the CoS that they will provide £630 for each of my dependants.
        Do I need to get it mentioned on a different letter or is is assumed that they will pay if they tick maintenance?
        Once again, thanks a million for taking the time to respond to our endless queries.

  13. Emran Khandker

    Do I need to apply for Standard visitor VISA for going to UK to take PLAB 2 and then return to home country? After that do I have to apply for TIER 2 VISA again from my home country?

    1. Yes. The very first work visa (Tier 2 visa) has to be applied from outside UK. The subsequesnt ones, to get a new job or to extend- you can do it from within the UK.

  14. I have chosen the wrong visa type and paid IHS but I stopped at this step, how can I cancel the application? and If I make a new application chosing the correct visa type, what will be the situation and when do they refund the previous IHS?

    1. There is an option to delete your application on the main menu of the page. You can make a new application and they typically refund your IHS after 6 weeks

      1. Unfortunately, the option to delete application is no longer in the main menu as I have done delcration and paid the IHS.

        1. Just don’t continue and submit after you have paid the IHS. Open a new application with the right visa type.

  15. Have you taken more than one months leave in the last year? is this for jobs in or outside the UK? my last vacation was neither sick paternity, maternity nor adoption. Thanks.

    1. Have you taken more than one months leave in the last year?
      If yes, then yes. If no, then no.
      sorry I did not get your question.

  16. Thanks for the time taken to write such precious information.
    I will apply for a tier 2 visa for myself and my wife who will catch me after 1-2 months. Should I answer yes or no for “Are you traveling with anyone?” question.

  17. Hi thanks for the post I had one doubt.
    When applying for tier 2 visa it asks under Leave to Remain
    Have you applied for leave to remain in UK in the past 10 years? Yes or No
    Leave to remain means an application made Whilst in UK seeking permission to stay in UK according to website.
    I was previously on tier 2 dependent visa my question is whether that is the same as above statement?
    Many thanks

  18. Hi
    I am applying for a tier 2 visa. WHen I reached the section on IHS surcharge, in addition to my personal details automatically selected from my visa application,there is a statement that “you don’t have any dependents”. I cannot edit this statement. but in my visa application I had given details of my dependents. So is it still ok to go ahead and pay, though this statement is wrong.

    1. I am not quite sure, why should it say that. But again the application for dependents is separate, their IHS will be taken during that application maybe.

  19. Hello,
    I am applying for tier2 visa via visa4UK website. I would like to apply under priority service to reduce the visa processing time. However, while paying the visa fee, i could not see the option of priority service. There is only option that is Standard. If i pay online now, can i pay the extra amount at VAC. Some suggested me to apply via GOV.UK website. Please advise . Thanks

    1. Hello,
      If you can’t see any premium/priority service as an option then possibility is that your country’s VAC doesn’t allow that. But, it’s unlikely the govUK will have an option, but you can have a go and see.

  20. Hello,
    I have paid the IHS fee. But there is no reference number of the IHS fee in my visa application form. Is email the only evidence of my IHS reference number?

    1. Yeah, that is the case. If you have paid the correct IHS for the duration of CoS start and End date and you have got a reference number, that is it.

  21. hello, my cos dates two years even though my contract is only year. so while paying for IHS I had to pray for two years this 410pounds ( said 200 pounds per year), can i get the extra year refunded later on?

  22. Hi, Please I want to clarify if the Health Surcharge for all my dependant is the same as mine. I submitted my application with Cos for 1 year and paid my Health Surcharge of £200, but when it got to my dependant the Health Surcharge is £600. Please advise. Thanks

    1. Hello, for dependents they deduct 3 years worth (£600), and for the main applicant they deduct according to the job contract length.

  23. Hi good day! I have a question. I already paid the IHS on the access UK site and when I choose the visa application center, my preferred center was not listed. I recently found out I have to use the Visa4UK site and my preferred center was there. I would like to clarify, can I use the IHS reference number from which I paid through the Access UK site? I prefer to use the Visa4UK site.

    1. Unfortunately you can’t.
      Everytime you apply from the beginning, you have to pay IHS everytime. So if you pay twice or more for the same person (you) for the same duration (start and end date mentioned in your CoS), the repeat payments will be refunded to you.

  24. Hello, may i clarify with you about the registration. I have tried to register an account at the visa4uk website. After keying in all my details, it says it will send you an email for verification, only then you can proceed further. But I have not received anything for more than 12 hours. I am very sure my email address is correct and there are no emails in the junk mail. Is this normal?

  25. hi there, under travel history section, i have previously held a tier 4 student visa and left the UK a few times and then re-entered the UK, to visit other European countries. Do I need to enter the details of each time when I enter the UK while on the tier 4 visa (which is for multiple entries)?

    1. Hello, yes it’s best to be completely transparent in your application. It may be a bit of a headache, but it’s worth it.

  26. Tonette Cristobal

    With regards to the UK address, can I still use my previous UK address during tourist visit even if it was only an AirBnB and I don’t intend to stay there again?

    1. Which section are you talking about?
      The address “now” is better to be where you have made arrangements or better the hospital address. This is important in regards to your BRP collection point. It will be closer by default.
      The UK address when mentioning you previous stay, is the one you stayed before.

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