One of the main eligibility for securing full GMC registration with a license to practice is to have an approved pattern of internship (house-job). Otherwise, IMGs may have to resort to UKFPO foundation training or find an approved pattern of internship elsewhere before application for full GMC registration.

Foundation Training in the UK

The United Kingdom Foundation Program Office runs a two-year structured, supervised program called the foundation training, which is workplace-based learning for UK medical school graduates that exists to prepare junior doctors for specialty training by providing them with the medical knowledge and skills to meet the requirements of the GMC’s The New Doctor and the Foundation Program Curriculum.

In broad terms, foundation training is the UK version of the internship.

What are the GMC approved criteria for a non-UK internship?

Let’s run through the checklist.

  • Have you completed an internship undertaken immediately prior to (final year of study) or immediately following your graduation?
  • Was your internship a minimum of 12 months’ continuous medical practice in an approved training post? 
  • Did your internship include at least 3 months in medicine and 3 months in surgery, and lasted between 12 and 18 months OR at least 6 months in medicine and 6 months in surgery, and lasted for 18 months or longer? 

If you have answered YES to all the above questions, then, brace yourself with the good news that your internship has a very high chance of getting approved by the GMC (UK).

If, unfortunately, any of the answers is No, then as an IMG you will have to think about doing UKFPO Foundation training or get an approved pattern completed elsewhere in the world.

You can check here further about GMC’s criteria of acceptable pattern of internship.

But, I have only 2 months in medicine…

Medicine here is not only “General medicine”. The following rotations will also be counted towards 3 months of medicine:

  • Paediatrics
  • Cardiology
  • Nephrology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Endocrinology
  • Rheumatology
  • Community medicine
  • Any other branches of medicine.

Same goes for 3 months of surgery.  It’s not only in “General Surgery”. Any rotation in the followings will also count towards it.

  • Trauma & Orthopaedics
  • Urology
  • Ophthalmology
  • ENT
  • Neurosurgery
  • All other branches of surgery.

I have gaps in my internship/house-job!

Let’s run through a checklist again:

  • Was your internship in total was minimum of 12 months?
    • If NO, then there is a chance it won’t be accepted as approved training. But, remember that, the final call is always at GMC’s discretion.
    • If YES, then the next question.
  • Were you absent more than 20 days (not taking into account the approved 5 weeks of annual leave)?
    • If YES and you can’t explain any valid reason (which is unlikely to happen) then there is a chance it won’t be accepted.
    • If NO, then the next question.
  • Did you not start medical practice after one year of internship or did you have more than 2 years gap between graduation and internship?
    • If YES and you can’t explain any valid reason (which is unlikely to happen) then there is a chance it won’t be accepted.
    • If NO, then brace yourself, you have nothing to worry about.

I want to really emphasize here about the negativity a lot of people that spread in social media saying that – “Your internship/house job won’t be accepted” or “This pattern is not accepted” or “You won’t get full GMC registration with it” etc. Please, don’t let those person get to you. They are not GMC. Period. For more information, check out our post on Breaks or Gaps in Clinical Practice.

I have known a lot of doctors getting full registration with scattered internship and medical education. All GMC needs is a proper explanation and proper paperwork. If any case your internship goes into question, you will possibly have to get Consultant Report Form signed by your supervising consultants. So stay prepared before you make that GMC registration application, as it may take longer for you than others, but always remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

All about UKFPO for IMGs

As from 2021, non-uk medical graduates (IMGs) can apply for foundation training by UKFPO along with UK/EEA graduates without any visa restriction . But the whole process to apply for it is different and a bit elaborate. We will go through the process in detail.

Do I need Foundation Training?

This is the very first question.

If you have completed an acceptable pattern of internship and by way of that, can become eligible for FULL GMC registration (provided you have taken PLABs)- then you ARE NOT eligible for foundation training and you DO NOT NEED this training for your further career in the UK. So, don’t feel that you have missed something by completing an internship back home.

If however, since graduation you have not completed any GMC approved form of internship OR you have the wish to start your medical career in the UK right after your graduation without spending time anywhere else – you need to take the path of foundation training in the UK.

Eligibility criteria for foundation training for IMGs by UKFPO

  1. Applicants have to have a valid medical degree approved by GMC (UK) by the start of the training.
  2. Expect to obtain GMC provisional registration with a license to practice (pass in both PLABs) by the start of the training.
  3. Have the written approval of their medical school Dean (or the Dean’s nominated representative o the equivalent official to the Dean) to apply for a UK Foundation Programme.
  4. Proof of English language proficiency:
    • Applicants must either have confirmation of English language proficiency indicated on their Dean’s Statement (and follows GMC guidelines) and their medical school must not be included on the GMC’s list of institutions they will not accept evidence from
    • OR, provide evidence of a valid IELTS certificate with a score of a minimum of 7.5 in each domain
    • OR, evidence of OET with a minimum score of 400 in each domain

If you fulfil the above criteria, you can apply to check whether you are eligible before applying for the foundation training programme itself. Eligibility application is an extra step non-uk medical graduates have to go through before the national recruitment for foundation training opens.

Eligibility application process

There are two steps:

  • Step 1: Completing an online eligibility application form in Oriel
  • Step 2: Uploading supporting evidence on Oriel (the application system)

Supporting evidences for eligibility application

  1. Colour / photograph page(s) of your passport containing your personal details; including nationality, photograph, date of birth, signature and date of expiry.
  2. Valid Dean’s statement (available on the UKFPO website).
  3. Medical school degree certificate or, if you have already qualified and do not have your certificate, an official letter from your Dean confirming your qualification. If you have not yet graduated, you should upload a copy of your Dean’s statement in this section.
  4. Evidence of satisfactory completion of IELTS must be submitted as part of the eligibility application form by providing the Test Report Form (TRF) number from your IELTS certificate, OR Evidence of completion of OET with a minimum score of 400 in each domain (listening, reading, writing and speaking) must be submitted as part of the eligibility application form. Your OET results must be dated no more than two years prior to the start of the programme.
  5. Evidence of any name change (if applicable).
  6. Evidence of your right to work in the UK (sponsorship can be arranged for those who are unable to provide evidence of their right to work).
  7. Passport photograph.

Is there anything I can do to assist my eligibility application and reduce the chances of it being rejected?

Yes. Taking extra care in completing your eligibility form may mean the difference between being assessed as eligible to apply or ineligible.

  • Ensure that you read the Eligibility Applicant Guidance 2021 for submitting supporting documentation as it contains explicit guidance which you should read and digest.
  • Ensure you have completed all sections of the form with the information requested.
  • Adhere to ALL deadlines.
  • Ensure your application is typed or word-processed. Handwritten documentation is not acceptable.
  • Ensure your declaration is signed in ink.
  • Ensure you supply one passport photo with your eligibility application.
  • Ensure any documents uploaded onto Oriel are clear.
  • Ensure the second page of the Dean’s Statement has your name on it and is signed.
  • Ensure your postgraduate experience is completed in full and correctly.

What are the steps an IMG has to take to obtain foundation training by UKFPO?

If an IMG is found eligible, only then they are able to apply for the foundation training by UKFPO when the application opens. If you can’t see the entire process from a birds eye view, it is impossible to plan ahead of everything you need to do. We will talk now about the steps briefly with an estimated timeline (for actual dates please refer to UKFPO applicant handbook).

ProcessTimeline (estimated)
Eligibility application (IELTS/OET completed)Late July
National Clinical Assessment (if applicable)Late September – Mid October
National Foundation Programme Application Period (Online)Mid October – Early November
Latest PLAB 1 exam date (if not passed already)Early November
Booking Situational Judgement Test (SJT)Mid November – Early December
SJTEarly December – Mid January
PLAB 1 pass (has to be confirmed)Late January
SJT scores releasedMid March
Offers and preferencesLate March
PLAB 2 pass (has to be confirmed)March/April
Matched to programmeApril
Provisional GMC RegistrationApril/May
Foundation Training startsAugust

Tests and Exams to pass before joining Foundation Training

From the table above we can chalk out what test/exams you need to pass in order to join UKFPO Foundation training as an IMG in the UK:

  • IELTS or OET
    • Without the required mark in any of these test, you can’t even apply for the eligibility process
  • National Clinical Assessment
    • If it is indicated for you to take this test from your eligibility application, you will have to take it during the time indicated.
  • PLAB 1
    • This can be done way early like in March (if you have graduated/passed your finals already). As from the timeline we can see, the lastest you can take and HAVE to pass in the November one.
  • Situational Judgement Test (SJT)
    • The Situational Judgement Test (SJT) is a test for employment and not a medical school exam.
  • PLAB 2
    • You have to take PLAB 2 by late February so that your pass results are available for applying for provisional GMC registration by April/May.

Frequently asked questions

I have heard it is tough for IMGs to get into UKFPO foundation training.

Not any more. Since October 2019, all medical specialties are included on the shortage occupation list, so all applicants will be allocated based on their application score and preferences using an algorithm. Nationality/citizenship will not play a role. If you need a work visa (Tier 2), you will be issued a certificate of sponsorship.

I wasn’t registered with any medical regulatory board during my internship

Are you sure about that? If you are 100% sure then, that means your internship was not actually an “approved training post”, OR your country doesn’t have a medical regulatory authority.  You can look for your country here, CGS contact database.

In this case, you have three options basically:

1. As you were employed in medical capacity without any form of registration, GMC may ask you to you get a GEN1 Employer reference form signed for that period while processing your GMC registration application.
2. Maybe get registered in any country’s medical regulatory board and do the internship there is an acceptable pattern.
3. Apply for provisional GMC registration and give application for UKFPO foundation training a shot!

I had gaps in my internship/house job. Is it acceptable?

As long as you have an explanation for that gap, GMC has no reason to deny it, provided that you submit all the evidence that you were asked to provide. And foreshadowing like this is impossible for anyone, as every application is judged by GMC on individual merit, a third party can’t guarantee anything. So, don’t lose hope if anyone has told you that you won’t get GMC registration because of gaps. It’s not straightforward like that. For more information, check out our post on Breaks in Clinical Practice.

I want to know more…

Check here UKFPO Resource Bank to find detailed guidance in every step of the way.

I touched on as many topics and queries I could think of regarding the UKFPO, but feel free to ask any further questions you may have in the comments below.

Good luck!

186 thoughts on “Internship and Foundation Training by UKFPO for IMGs”

  1. Hello, Thank you for this amazing article.
    I would like to ask you a couple of questions.
    I completed my MBBCh at Lebanon, having done 1 extra year of Internship (also in Lebanon) of what i would like to think as a GMC approved internship. Now I’m in my first year of General Surgery residency (also in Lebanon), with no gaps in my CV. I have completed the OET, passed all bands, however failed to secure the 400 mark. My questions to you guys is, am I eligible for PLABS? Please note that I did my STEPS but not the CS, so I dont think I’m eligible for FULL GMC registration. Should I continue my residency in Lebanon and sit for MRCS or is there anyway to get a GMC registration and have my CREST form signed and apply for a CST1 position?

  2. Hi. Since some other subjects like community and Paediatrics are considered as Medicine, for me the total of Medicine exceeds 6 months while that of surgery remains 3 months. Will that be a problem? My internship duration was 12 months total

  3. Hi, I’m planning to start my Plab journey as soon as I graduate. My last year is an internship year and internship in my country lasts 12 months, but we have mostly medicine in our program (Internal medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, etc.) it’s more than 3 months and only 2 months of surgery (general surgery and gynaecology). It concerns me a lot that the surgery is less than 3 months. But we have an extra 1 month-long rotation that consists of optional mini rotations. I can select Ophthalmology + ENT + Orthopaedics/Physiotherapy for that 1 month (each lasts 1 or 2 weeks). My question is, do you think that it’s acceptable as “3 months of surgery” criteria for GMC?

  4. I have completed intership in my home country, however, the certificate of completition only states the rotations with their respective grade but NO start-finish dates of each of my rotations, only the start-finish date of the overall intership (1 year) should I be worried about it? Can I still apply for FY2?

    1. It should not be a problem as long you know and there is a record somewhere where you can collect those dates.

  5. Hello doctors, I want to thank you for your great efforts to write for us these articles to simplify our route, May God bless both of you <3
    I'm a non european medical student, who will graduate this year from Russia, and I was planning to apply for UKFPO 2022 or 2023 (FY1), and was wondering if during the process to complete all those exams, would'nt that time counts as a gap for GMC? starting with IELTS until getting the provisional registration.

    1. This gap is inevitable for non-UK medical graduates. You can keep your medical knowledge up-to-date by attending seminars or courses but it is not mandatory. And clinical gap is not a scary thing as long as you can explain a valid reason.

  6. Hello Dr. Ibreez, I completed my internship two years back and due to personal reasons I haven’t practised clinical medicine since then. Would i have to apply for UKFPO?

    1. If you had completed your internship following your graduation and it fulfills the criteria as mentioned above then you will be able to apply for full GMC registration. Gap afterwards does not make your internship void.

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  8. Luvlesh Ramsurn

    Hello, I am a 5th year medical student and a Mauritian citizen currently studying in Tbilisi Georgia . After graduating I wish to do an internship in UK ,do I need PLAB before entering UK ? And upon completing will I get registered by the medical council of UK or after doing PLAB??

  9. Hello doctor(s),
    In the article above it’s mentioned that, to start with FY1 through UKFPO language evidence requirements are 7.5 for IELTS and 400 for OET, but to meet eligibility for plab and gmc registration minimum grade of B is required in OET which is equivalent to score between 350-450. My query here is whether it should be minimum 400 for UKFPO irrespective of obtaining B…?

  10. My course will only end by november and gets the certificate by december or so. Is it possible for me to give the PLAB 1 without that?

    1. If you have passed you final medical exam and have a passed date, you can apply to sit for PLAB 1. You don’t need a diploma for that.

  11. Hello , i was wondering how would the pathway differ for someone who is an Indian National and did their MBBS from China and their clinical rotations from Nepal, i will however get the internship certificate from China only. Where should I apply for a CGS certificate? So far I am not registered in any medical council. If I get medical license in India, would my internship from Nepal count as equivalent to foundation year? I would really love some insight on this.

    1. You only get a CGS certificate from the country where you are fully registered to. And to get a internship counted it has to fulfill the criteria mentioned in the article.

  12. Mahendhar kumar

    Hello doctors you guys are doing a great job…my concern is that I want to apply for FY2 stand-alone for the year 2022. My internship starts in 2021 February and probably ends by February 2022. Can I apply for FY2 stand-alone for 2022 as the application starts by January 2022( I wouldn’t be having my internship certificate by then) ?

    1. You will have to obtain Full GMC registration prior to starting the post in August. So you can apply for that standalone post keeping in mind you have to have PLAB 2 cleared by April of the year you are applying, and have you GMC registration applied for by May at the latest.
      Have a read through this article as well – FY2 Standalone (LAT) for IMGs in the UK

  13. * I wrote this q before, but didn’t sure that it was submitted
    In my country medicine is 6 years, the last year is (clinical year) I attended 6 months of medicine and 6 months of surgery..after that, they gave me the M.D certificate. It was in 2018. Since graduation, I am a resident in general medicine until now (Just medicine, No surgery at all)..I took OET & PLAB1.
    Is that last year of my college consider an acceptable pattern of intership so I don’t need to go through FY???
    Or GMS consider only interships that after graduation???
    Thanks in advance

    1. Pandemic affected a lot of things but that will not just get you a free pass. GMC will assess whatever was done and make a decision based on that. It’s difficult for anybody else to make a comment on this.

  14. I’m Indian, will be graduating from Ukraine. After passing the PLAB’s can I get partial GMC registration and then apply for the foundation program ? (Without any kind of internship-freshly graduated)
    If yes, then what documents are needed.
    If no, then what is the way out to work.
    Thank you.

    1. The half the article is about how you can apply for UKFPO foundation programme (their internship) as an IMG. Have you not read it?

  15. Hi
    I read the UKFPO resource bank and it says that the letter of dean stating the completion of primary medical qualification should include the date of completion which should be before October 1st 2020. The problem is i will graduate by November this year.
    So my question is what should i do ? Try for UKFPO 2022 ? Or is there a way i could still do my foundation program in 2021 .
    You guys are doing a great job!!!
    Thank you

  16. Hi,
    Does this pattern of experience have to be in an internship post or can it be a postgrad fellowship post too?
    I got a hospital to grant me a 6 mo gen. surgery + 6 mo. gen. medicine post while being temporarily registered with the medical council of india. But the hospital is only accredited for fellowships, not internships.

  17. Hi , sorry for keeping it long . I’m an Indian, graduated from China . My internship was supposed to be 14 months long . But it was interrupted by the pandemic when we had just completed 11 months . We had to return to our home countries. Our University conducted , online case discussion classes for 3 months , called it ‘online internship’ and handed us our certificates . The internship certificate does not mention anything ‘online ‘ in it though . The required number of weeks in each department is met . 
    I’ve cleared , Indian licensing exam , but my state council is not accepting my internship , as I don’t have proof of 12 months stay in China . It seems that I may have to repeat one year internship in India . 
    1.Will GMC accept my internship in China ? I had completed 11 months normally + 3 months_online . 
    I read from another comment that one must be registered in a medical council to produce good standing certificate . 
    2.Should I join 1year internship programme in India and then get state council registration or directly get registered in a different state council within India which accepts my current internship ? Which option is on the safer side , considering gmc acceptance ? What do you suggest ?

    1. For your internship in China to be approved you also have to show it was a recognised training post. If you have a way to show that, then it might get approved if it meets all the other criteria as well.
      But in reality, that check by GMC won’t happen till you pass both PLABs and apply for registration. So, what will you do till then?
      If you have no issues with repeating internship in India and getting licensed in India as well (which I think is a good idea as it solidifies your internship acceptance), you should go along with that. Otherwise take PLABs and then find out whether GMC will accept your China internship or not and if not then join Indian internship.

    1. Just dean’s statement will not suffice to prove your English Language Proficiency. You will also have to supply your primary medical qualification has been undertaken solely in English, that all examinations undertaken were solely in English and that your primary medical qualification has included at least 75% of contact with patients in English.
      The last portion is difficult (almost impossible) to prove if you graduate from a non-English speaking country.

  18. Rikako Rikako

    I am worried about my internship is acceptable for GMC. My internship programme was 2 years and I did 2 months general surgery in the first year and 1 month obsterics and gynecology in the second year. This is because the programme did not allow the fist year doctor to do obsterics and gynecology training. Is my internship can be accepted? If it is not, what should I do?

    1. If your internship was more than 18 months (in your case it was 24 months), then during the entire period you at least have to have a total of 6 months of surgery and allied rotations and 6 months of medicine and allied MINIMUM. So, look at the entire internship and calculate the months that way, it doesn’t matter which year you did what – it’s the entire period is what will be counted.

  19. bhanavi mittal

    I have almost completed my MBBS from shanghai ,china. I should be getting my degree soon . should I be able to take the plab in November. and if so what are the documents I need from my university as I because of the ongoing pandemic I am not allowed to go back to the university and get my documents. also what happens after I clear plab 1 and 2? I hope to pursue residency in surgery , how do I go about that ?

    1. To book PLAB 1 you don’t need any documents. You jest need to have passed your final medical exam and open a GMC online account to book the exam. Read this article: How to book PLAB 1 and open a GMC Online Account
      After PLABs you apply for GMC registration with all the documents: Documents needed for GMC registration application
      After getting GMC registration you look for a job: Applying for jobs in the NHS: A step-by-step guide for IMGs
      For surgical training please look at this article: Surgical Training in the UK for International Doctors (IMGs)

  20. Thanks for the wonderful post.
    I want to know that after completing a GMC accepted pattern of housejob and getting full GMC registration,which post should we apply for?

  21. I am from india pursuing MBBS from china and from what I know the internship which we foreigners do is more like an observership that is why they don’t register us with the council. Lets say both the plabs are cleared but just like i mentioned the internship is not recognized, how to proceed in such a case where they also don’t let you enter the UKFPO program, both the plabs cost time, money, hard work and lot of mental energy. Surely all this cant go to waste.
    Also i love this website thanks for the support.

    1. Why won’t they let you enter UKFPO if you go through the competetive process and fare well? There is no bar anymore for international doctors.
      So, the options are either UKFPO or doing an accpetable internship anywhere else.

  22. Mounika Dodda

    Hello, Does GMC approves the 1year of continuous clinical practice in the final year of mbbs or consider the clinical practice after the graduation ?

    1. So you internship can be pre-graduation or post-graduation, but it has to be an approved training post. Clinical rotations while you are a student doesn’t count as internship.

  23. Sally Fareed

    Thank you for this useful article.
    I’ve just finished my first year in general internal medicine speciality..
    I’ve passed OET recently..
    Now I’m thinking about MRCP rather than Plabs, I really need your advice.. should I continue in the plabs’ road or switch to MRCP immediatelly?
    And is my one year in intership will be useful ?

  24. Dear Colleagues , my internship was as following :
    1) Pediatrics 3 months.
    2) Internal Medicine 6 months
    3) Surgery 4 months.
    Is my internship pattern accepted by GMC ?

      1. I think it’s fine, but I was asking ,it could be better? or it’s 100% compatible with GMC pattern? because I didn’t do Gynecology or other minors in Internship. Thank you for your reply anyway

        1. It meets the criteria, it can’t be ‘better’. It either meets the criteria or it doesn’t.

  25. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am a fresh graduate doctor and I have completed my MBBS program. i have some queries …
    1. is it necessary to have exact 365 days of house-job / internship after mbbs?
    2. is 52-week (364 days) house-job / internship also acceptable ?
    and will there be any problem during GMC registration after PLAB exams if I have 52 weeks (364 days) of house-job / internship training instead of exact 365 days?
    3. my house-job / internship need to be completed from same PMQ body or it can be done from any hospital or medical college which is not affiliated with my medical college / PMQ body?
    Please urgently help me clarifying those questions. Thank you

    1. 1. According to GMC it has to be 12 months. I haven’t come across with anyone who felt scrutiny over a day or a week. You are allowed to have 5 weeks of annual leave in that 12 months period anyway, so I wouldn’t worry much about a day.
      2. Internship and PMQ body may be different, as long as the internship is regulated by a medical regulatory board, thus an approved training post, rather than clinical attachments.

  26. Thanks alot for your posts. They have been more than helpful. I have a question please.
    I finished medical school in November 2015 and could only start my internship around May of 2017 which is close to 2 years after finishing school. The 1 year pattern of internship is an acceptable one from what i have seen above. But is the almost 2 year gap between finishing med skul and beginning internship acceptable? To what extent could it determine whether or not I get a GMC registration if all other factors are fulfilled. Thank you

  27. hello i’m from India and did my medicine in china with internship (3m medicine+3m surger with 1m elective in surgery and medicine each). I still didn’t register in India. So if i pass Plab1&2 do i have to do foundation training or my internship is acceptable? please clarify. Is it necessary for me to register in my home country and do internship over there?

    1. If your internship is of an accepted pattern as discussed in the article, you won’t need to redo it in your home country.

      1. Hi Ibrahim ,
        I am in the same boat.
        I am from India , will complete my PMQ and internship from China with an MBBS degree . The program is in English and my university is listed under the World Directory of Medical schools website.
        My option to get into the UK system would be to clear my OET , PLABs and apply for my full registration with GMC.My internship pattern is similar to the one stated on the GMC website.
        I am not registered in China as the medical registration for foreigners who study in China and wants to register in China requires the candidate to pass the Chinese medical council exam in the Chinese language which requires a very High Proficiency in Chinese, which I do not have (so that is out of the picture)
        My hurdle is , as I skim through the GMC website , it asks me to provide a Good Standing Certificate from a medical council I am registered with, irrespective if I have worked there or not. Since I am not yet registered with any council , how do I go about this?
        Would you know if a Good character certificate from the university would suffice? Know anyone who has met with a similar situation?
        Kindly assist.
        PS – you guys are doing an amazing job. Thank you for all this and truly appreciate your hard work. You guys are rockstars!

        1. If you are not registered with any medical council at all – you can’t produce any good standing certificate. In that case GMC might want some forms to be signed off by your supervising consultants during your internship. The process is very individualised and it’s difficult for a third party like us to comment.

        2. I am also from india pursuing MBBS from china and from what I know the internship which we foreigners do is more like an observership that is why they don’t register us with the council, I was wondering if a candidate passes both the PLABs and gets provisional registration what can be done next if they don’t let you do the UKFPO programme.

        3. Nobody prevents you from UKFPO programme. You either can get in or you can’t, it’s a competitive process.

  28. I graduated and did one year internship before my graduation and it’s accoring to GMC pattern…. I’m not registered with any medical council in any country… so if I pass plab 1 & 2 and apply for GMC registration will I will get fill registration?

    1. If you are not registered with any medical council then you can’t show any medical experience and it will be up to GMC’s discretion really what documentation that they will want for your provisional registration for the internship

      1. thank you so much brother for ur reply. so u mean if i provide them provisional registration for the internship certificate, i can get full registration with GMC? as i heard u dont need to be registered with any medical council to get full GMC registration. can you please help me clear this? im little worried and need some advice and suggestions. thank you

        1. You don’t need full registration with other bodies. GMC might want to have a proof of your provisional registration while doing internship and that’s it

  29. Hello, I wanted to know if there is any difference between Fy2 standalone programme and Fy2 LAT programme. And do both give Crest once you’ve completed them.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. They are the same thing. And you got to get the CREST signed liaising with your Educational Supervisor. No one gives anything to you.

    1. chandrika dasgupta

      yes, have read this.,sister.
      Infact my enquiry was what’s the procedure if I want to do the internship in uk.
      I am graduated from Bangladesh. In this article here, discussion was about after doing internahip in home country.

  30. Tunmike Adetona

    Hi, what are the ways i can secure a right to work visa, in order to be exempt from the RMLT for ukfp application? Thanks

  31. Hello. I’m stuck in an ugly situation. After all the hard work and completing my PLAB exams, I’ve been blockaded at registration as my Internship doesn’t meet the criteria.
    Basically, I am a graduate from Budapest, Hungary (EU) in 2012, been working in Ireland past 6 years in Medicine. Currently, working as a Registrar. Looking back to my internship certificate, the weeks add up to 43 week which is insufficient hence rejected. But that’s what all graduates do in Hungary in terms of length of internship :S
    Instead, they asked for 2 yr post graduate experience (as per GMC criteria) but I’ve been working in Medicine only since graduation therefore I don’t have surgical experience so that is useless too.
    I’m soo lost now, I had big hopes to move to UK and I don’t think its possible now. Any tips/ suggestions/ help would be greatly appreciated.
    They said I can apply for provisional registration and try to make up by doing FY or LAT. I’m not keen to do FY but LAT I’m not sure what that entails or how long to do it for GMC to accept that.

    1. I am not quite sure How we can guide you at this point.
      Do you have right to work in the UK, or are you an EEA national?

  32. Sharon Fernandes

    Im an EU national with Non EU medical qualifications. I have completed one year of internship also. After my GMC full registration do i apply for Foundation year 2 programme or FY2 standalone programme or a non training job in nhs? what is my next step after GMC registration?

    1. To get into any non-Training job initially and then apply for core level training in your desired speciality

  33. How many IMGs are in UKFPO? Is it true that there are enough working places only for their own graduates? Do you have any statistical data about IMGs in UKFPO? thank you for your answer.

  34. Ajay Krishnan

    Hi, I have
    2 month medicine
    2 month surgery
    2 month community medicine (PSM)
    2 month Obs & gyn
    1 month pediatrics
    1 month ortho
    15 days each of Ent, psychiatry, casuality, ophthalmology and dermatology
    Am I eligible?

  35. Thank you for the valuable information.
    I have graduated more than 2 years now. can I do fy1 abroad for 12 months or get work experience for 24 months and reapply for full registration?

    1. If you don’t have registration anywhere – it would take you one year of internship somewhere to get registered first anyway. You can try after that. Or work two more years being full registered and try for GMC registration again.

      1. Can I hold provisional registration in the UK and work in another country for two year and then apply for full uk registration ?
        I have done pre graduate internship
        your response is appreciated

        1. In some countries, your medical degree also depends on the successful completion of your internship. Those are called pre-graduate internship. You graduate after finishing the internship.

  36. Mohsin Muhammad Shams Ur Rehman

    If I pass plab at any time of the year,then can I start my foundation training right after that? Or is it like FY1 training starts only once in a year and I can only join at that time?

        1. Yes, it starts from a specific date and the entire timeframe is available in the UKFPO resource bank

  37. Hello there,
    I have two questions:
    1) my internship was 12 MO, 2 gen medicine, 2 pediatrics, 2 gen surgery, 2 OB/GYN, 1 accident and emergency, 1 anesthesiology, 1 clinical oncology and 1 dermatology
    I heard that ob/GYN counts within surgery…is that correct?
    If not, this would mean I have to apply for UKFPO, correct?…brings me to the second question
    2) english language requirement: I already passed ielts with 8 overall and at least 7 in every domain.(7 in writing and 7.5 and 8 in the rest).. Now, if I will apply for FY 2 program…do I still need thr requirements of 7.5 in each domain, or this is only needed.if I will apply for ukfpo,?

    1. 1) Yes, it’s counted as surgery.
      2) When you say FY2 program, do you mean a standalone? In that case, you need 7.5 in each module and 7.5 overall. For non training posts, the marks you have are sufficient.

      1. Thank you for replying, firstly.
        Second: what is “standalone” ,
        As I understand if I pass plab and get my gmc registration, I can apply for jobs starting FY2 level, is that correct?
        Also, I heard that if I spent 3 months in a non-training post in the UK, that enables me to apply for training jobs without the ielts requirement?, do you have any idea about that too??

        1. IELTS requirement for training post can easily be circumvented by supplying a consultant’s report of your English Language Proficiency. Three months is for getting your Certificate of readiness to enter specialty training (CREST) form signed.
          For understanding standalone (LAT) posts please read: Specialty Training in the UK

  38. Hello , I need further detail about FY2 standlone jobs ,, Which is the better option among non-training jobs and FY2 standlone or training jobs for IMGs ?? Guide me please

    1. Better in what sense?
      If your ultimate goal is to become a consultant, getting into training should be your priority. FY2 standalone job vs non-training FY2 have one big difference. If you are in standalone post that means you possibly will have a Deanery sponsored visa which will make you eligible to apply for both round 1 and 2 that year. With trust-sponsored Tier 2 visa you can only apply in round 2.

      1. Sorry for an incomplete question,, I specifically want to know does taking up an FY2 standalone job as the first job recommended or is it better to start with a non-training job because I heard that taking up a training job as the first job would be quite overwhelming for IMGs. So,, It would be much appreciated if you can shed some light upon this , Thanks in advance

        1. Well, standalone FY2 jobs are not “training” in a sense that will be overwhelming, if you had completed internship back in home country. Taking up Core training or Speciality Training directly can prove to be overwhelming w/o any prior UK experience.

  39. salam , thanks Tabreez for all, but i didnt understund if i can have a internship at clinik previte hospital not public??

    1. Yes. If you hadn’t done any GMC acceptable pattern of internship, you would first have to clear IELTS then PLAB to apply for GMC provisional registration. With that in hand you can apply for UKFPO Foundation training. Remember that the IELTS requirement for PLAB, GMC registration is different than UKFPO.
      For PLAB, GMC reg – IELTS 7.5 overall (Minimum 7.0 is all modules separately)
      For UKFPO Foundation training – IELTS 7.5 overall (Minimum 7.5 in all modules separately)

    1. My question back to you, why would you wanna still apply when it’s not needed at all.
      And no, you can’t apply if you have an GMC accepted internship done.

  40. I’ll be finishing my internship on March 2020 and application for FY2 lat positions will end on February, can i apply before finishing my internship, or would i have to wait for the following year

    1. I think you know that FY2 LAT positions aren’t mandatory to start with when you start working in the UK. And there is little room to think they are superior than the non-training job at the same level or even CT1 level. So I wouldn’t pressure myself to get into a FY2 LAT after I get FULL Registration.

  41. hi every one my internship pattern is (3 month general medicine) (09 month neonatal medicine) and (06 month general surgery) is this pattern is fine?

  42. Hello. I have completed 1 year of internship from India recognised by the State Medical Council.
    My internship included 2 months general medicine, 1 month paediatrics, 15 days Psychiatry, 15 days Emergency Medicine, 2 months Community Medicine, & in surgery: 2 months general surgery, 1 month orthopaedics & 2 months OBG.
    Do I have to take the foundation course? If not then what are the steps I have to follow further?

  43. I want to know if this internship is acceptable for FULL GMC REGISTRATION :
    1. I have completed an internship undertaken immediately immediately following my graduation in GCC country Qatar
    2. My internship was of 12 months continuous medical practice in an approved training post in a public hospital ( 3 months Medicine, 3 months Surgery, 2 months OBS/GYNE and 2 months Pediatrics and 2 months electives).
    but I wasn’t registered with any medical regulatory board during my internship
    Do this pattern OK for full registration ?
    From which training level should I apply to enter a training program
    Thank you

    1. 1. Okay.
      2. Good.
      You said it’s an approved training post. Approved by who?
      All the medical training that happens in a country is likely to be regulated by some authority. You need to prove to GMC that your house job was accepted and approved by that authority.
      If you have completed internship, you should start as a non-trainee doctor to gain UK experience and later on start from the beginning of any specialty. Further knowledge here, specialty training (or residency) in the UK.

      1. My internship in Qatar is in Governmental University Hospital under Supreme Council Health SCH.
        Can I ask one of our Consultant ( Worked in UK and have a GMC registration ) to sign for me the Alternative Certificate of Completion of internship to be able to get a FULL registration with GMC and get into a training post.
        The fact that I do not have a License from the body I worked in SCH will not affect my registration?
        Thank you

        1. GMC doesn’t take your foundation competencies into account. They do account whether you were into an approved training post and they have their own specific forms to fill up by your supervising consultants when GMC assess your Full GMC registration application.
          Nothing can be totally assumed by a third party until and unless you APPLY for GMC registration.

    1. You mean “right to work”. Right to practice sounds more like license to practice, which is given by GMC with your full registration.
      Right to work is having the residency status in the UK & having no restriction to work in the UK. Like being on a spouse visa etc. You can read more here, Right to Work

  44. Good morning
    If you have completed house-job/internship, thus obtained FULL GMC registration after passing PLABs, getting an F1 job is unnecessary.
    If you haven’t completed an internship/house job, it is highly recommended you get it from anywhere else than UK (if you don’t have right to work in the UK otherwise, e.g. spouse visa of a settled/ UK citizen) and then apply for GMC registration.
    If you have right to work in the UK, and you had no internship done. Then you can opt for provisional GMC reg after PLABs and get into UKFPO foundation training.

  45. Hi, it’s nice of you guys helping other doctors here. Well, here goes my questions as well:
    I have completed acceptable form of internship, but have 1 year gap after that. I intend to go through plab route for SHO position. Will that be a problem for securing a SHO spot?
    Can I get a letter from the institution for english proficiency if I want to work as SHO?
    Can you give me a typical example of working hours for a SHO vs. registrar/ST3 doc (I understand it’s generally more than the intended time on contract)
    Would you provide any challenges faced while working in the UK?

  46. hi, its always great to read your web,God bless u ppl for showing us tha path
    i want to ask what is non-UK medical school IMGs, only these hav to fill in the eligibility form?
    ielts criteria of scoring 7.5 individually is for every IMG or for eligibility form fillers?
    FY2 is also by UKFPO & is similarly much difficult as mentioned above wid 0% granted spots?

    1. Hello, glad to be of help. You only need apply for UKFPO if you have not completed an acceptable pattern of internship. If you have, you can apply for non-training FY2 posts that do not need to meet the requirements of the UKFPO.

  47. I wish to know what category I fall into and what job I am eligible for. I completed a 1year internship in my country which includes 3months each in surgery, medicine, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology. I have full registration with license to practice in Nigeria. do I still have to go through the foundation year 2 program in the UK?

  48. I really appreciate your detailed website, almost all the question i had have been cleared, except for one. I have graduated in mar2015 and then completed my internship dec2016. I have 2 gap in my intership of 3.5 months and 5 months, but i have completed 12months. Will this be an issue for GMC registration?

    1. Hello, it’s great to know the website’s been of use to you. GMC may ask for reasoning behind these gaps and may even need paperwork to back it up, which could lead to your hearing a response from them later than usual.

  49. Ghulam abbas qazi

    I have completed my house job of 12 months total which was 6 month in peds medicine and 6 month in dermatology. No experience in is not accordance to GMC criteria now what should i do?should i do h job again in surgery?

    1. You could apply for UKFPO, though it is quite competitive, or you could ask GMC if you were to repeat an internship, if it would be accepted so long as the second time around all the acceptable criteria were met.

  50. Hi,

    Heads up to all non-EEA IMG applying for UKFPO:

    The success rate for IMG granted a place as of the last 4 years is 0%. Basically any IMG applying through elibility office will have to provide their right to work by March, otherwise their application will be withdrawn.

    I just confirmed this with UKFPO staff through email. For reference:

    If someone knows any lucky non-EEA IMG who happened to be placed for foundation programme, please direct us to them (via blogs etc)

    1. Hello, thanks for mentioning this point. There have been some non-UK/EEA IMGs who have managed a seat recently as they’ve been on dependent visas when they applied, ergo they had the right to work. Aside from those cases, however, I am not aware of anyone else managing it.

      1. Thanks Mo for the headsup. I was diligently preping the Eligibility forms whilst liasing with my school.
        Dr IBREEZ, can I conclude it is not feasible to go ahead with UKFP for non-EEA/UK resident IMGs?
        what about the standalone LAT? I am confused about it.
        LAT = UKFP standalone F1 or F2 year, correct?
        so LAT is not feasible as well? nor is standalone FP?
        appreciate your insights

        1. You are right.
          LAT = standalone FY1/FY2 training posts.
          Some IMGs do get into them, then again, you will have to have “right to work” in some other way first. Also higher band in IELTS.

        2. Hi, I am curious as to why it is deemed impossible to obtain the right to work by March through the home office even if applying early?

        3. The “right to work” comes with certain visa status.
          If you require a work (tier 2) visa to start UKFPO training – that means you DO NOT have right to work otherwise. It doesn’t matter when you apply.
          Think of applicants who are UK, EEA nationals or settled visa holders (ILR, spouse visa etc) – they don’t require a visa to start UKFPO training because they already have the “right to work” in the UK.

  51. Hi Docs,

    Given the different systems across languages, policies and culture, I am concerned if the form will be questioned by GMC. Since I am still residing in my medical school, I like to work with my school to complete the GEN 2 form.

    any tips on completing the GEN 2 consultant form to make sure it is ok by GMC?

    I note you have detailed proforma/templates for UK visa applications, any available templates for the GEN 2?

    With thanks, T

    1. Hello,
      I can understand your concern regarding the form, but rest assured it need not be filled or be a concern of yours until or unless GMC ask for it

  52. hi thanks for all the knowledge you guys sharing. i am a general practitioner for two years in my non english asian country. does that help me to skip UKPFO? even if my school’s internship is only ten months long?

    1. Hello, if your internship does not fulfill he criteria set out by the GMC, it unfortunately will not be accepted. That being said, you can always email GMC to confirm.

  53. Why is it so hard to get into UKFPO for non-EEA IMG? What does it depend on? I just don’t want to waste the whole year because of this)

    1. Priority is given to UK and EEA residents. Only after they have been allocated are IMGs assigned posts.

  54. Is a internship duration from 25th June 2016 to 24th June 2017 (1day less than a year) is acceptable by the GMC??

  55. I have completed my 12 months internship form my home country, sequence is 4 months paediatric medicine 2 months general medicine
    3 months general surgery including 1 month in accident and emergency, 1 and a half month plastic surgery and 1 and a half mnth cardiac surgery . Is this an acceptable pattern for GMC registration ? i will be greatful if you clear my confusion

  56. Thanks form your response. I really appreciate it.
    In that case, does he/she begins from FY1 or FY2?

  57. Please what about an IMG who had ten months of internship but passed PLAB1 and PLAB2, does he still needs to go through the foundation programme?

    1. If the internship completed does not fulfill GMC’s stipulation, the only option is to enter the UKFPO.

  58. Ielts is stressing me out and has expired all my energy, i wasted three years to get a7,5 but never succeed. Would the OET tset be acceptable for the foundation programme ?

    1. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been unable to attain the required marks for UKFPO, but unfortunately they do not accept OET as a valid form of English proficiency.

  59. Hey, hope you’re doing great.
    I am currently doing my residency in internal medicine. My internship in my college is 10 months duration. 2 months for surgery and 2.5 for internal medicine. Do I have to go through the foundation training? I’m PGY-2, so these 2 years won’t count and I would have to go through foundation training?
    Your assistance is much appreciated.

  60. Is there a time of the year during which we can apply for f2 LAT POST ? And in case we get it will it be for a complete one year or will it be just as long as the vacancy is available?

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