Clinical gaps or breaks in your practice, before, during, and after your internship is a concern for many, which is why we thought it important to discuss how you can approach them. This thing becomes a big issue even before you think about taking any steps towards getting GMC registration.

The whole discussion in this post is for non-UK non-EEA nationals with a non-European qualification. For example, a Bangladeshi national with a Bangladeshi medical degree. GMC has a very well laid out ‘Breaks in practice’ criteria on their website which is applicable only for EEA nationals (or exempt persons) with a non-European qualification. It is NOT for all IMGs.

What does a clinical gap or break mean?

We graduate from out medical schools, then we do an approved internship period to be trained as a doctor, then we get registered by local medical councils, and then we go on and practice as a doctor. Any period of time between or during any of the above steps – from graduation to internship, during internship or from internship to starting practicing as a doctor, can be termed as clinical gap.

Please remember, any time during or between this period you are doing any work in non-medical capacity is also a break in clinical practice.

What clinical gaps or breaks in your practice are approved?

During your internship

GMC asks for continuous medical practice of 12 months (minimum) for your internship to be approved. But as life happens, you may take leave- so five weeks of annual leave plus 20 additional days are still approved, if that reflects on your internship completion certificate.

Before and after your internship

There is no hard and fast rule for that. Clinical gaps or breaks around these periods can be due to the pursuit of medical-related education, training or experience, or contractual maternity/paternity leave etc. GMC will ask you to provide evidence to support your case and they will take it from there.

What evidences may you be asked to provide?

This is not a question any third party can definitely answer. Everyone’s case is different, and experience may vary from person to person. So, don’t prepare papers because you’ve heard from other individuals what they needed, and submit them along with your application if GMC has not asked for it from you.

So I would advise you to go through, Documents needed for GMC registration application and see what can be expected from you if you were doing any non-medical work or medical work without registration.

Also some other definite proofs like proof of electives, proof of taking exams, proof of doing any CPD activity, proof of doing volunteer medical work, etc and a personal statement can be asked from you. You should keep this prepared to save you time after you apply for registration.

Another advice I can give you is, follow the table you put up in your past professional experience in GMC registration online application. Go through it one by one and see if you could be asked to provide any proof.

You SHOULD keep that copy to yourself as well, as you won’t be able to go back and see what dates you mentioned in your application after you submit.

How long it may take to process my application?

GMC tries to process all the application within 3 months of submission, so if they want any paper from you, it will definitely come with a deadline to submit. If you can’t obtain that specific paper then you should ask GMC if anything alternative can be submitted. If there is no official email, ask whether it can be posted or faxed.

Communication and patience is the key. Whenever you email any question regarding your application, a reply from GMC can take 5 working days. If you can try calling them in anything you need to know quickly- they are out there to help you.

Even though there is a 3 months time limit, there has been cases where it took 6 months for a doctor to sort out everything and finally getting FULL GMC registration. So, again, communication and patience.

What if doing all these I get denied of FULL registration?

As I have stated earlier, no third party can say what proofs you will need to provide, and in the same way, no one can say whether your application will be accepted by GMC. I don’t want to come across as pessimistic, but at the same time I don’t want to give you inflated expectations.

Be truthful and adhere to Good Medical Practice.

If unfortunately, you do get denied of registration, GMC will guide you what you can do afterwards, and if you are still willing to pursue that path just follow their guidance.

Good Luck!

Need further explanation?

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151 thoughts on “The simple solution to explaining clinical gaps and breaks”

  1. I have done MBBS in dec 2005,result came in Feb 2006 and started internship from September 2006 till August 2007.will it be consider as a gap before starting internship but its not from my side my university run the program this way .

  2. Dr. Brendon barretto

    Hi ,
    I had a break of 9 months in internship due to the covid situation in my country and I couldn’t go due to health reasons .
    I got done with internship this year in February.
    I haven’t worked since then again due to covid
    Would that be considered a big gap during my registration process ?

  3. Hello , I am an IMG from India studying in China . Had come back to India in the beginning 5th year 2nd semester in jan 2020 as it was vacations for us. But due to the COVID 19 travel restrictions imposed by China I haven’t been able to go back . The 2nd semester was held online and finished by July 2020 and the 2nd semester exams were held online on March 2021( exams delayed as they wanted to conduct offline exams but couldn’t due to travel ban). Now I have finished my 5 years and am waiting to go back to China to complete my internship as soon as they lift the travel ban. Will these gap pose a problem ? And also how do I explain my 5th year 2nd sem and start of internship gap ? Do I count it from July 2020 to March 2021(as I wrote the online exams in this month). And from March 2021 to so and so date . Will there be a problem while I get a GMC registration after I finish my plab exams? Also my university offers a pre graduation internship. Would help a lot of students if you replied . Thank you .

    1. You have asked this question several times in different places. I feel like I have answered this. Please refrain from doing that. We do this at our free time, putting the same query in multiple areas is a huge waste of our time and doesn’t get your answer any faster.

      1. I’m so sorry , I thought my question was not sent , as it went away when I refreshed the page. Did not mean to spam .

  4. Hi Dr Ibrahim, I have a few questions regarding provisional registration.

    I’ve graduated back in 2016. However I did not completed my house job, as I resigned and choose to focus on my kids during these five years.

    Do I have to provide the GEN1 form
    from my previous employer? or it doesn’t matter as I’m applying for provisional registration and ukfpo.

    Thank you for your time.

    1. If you did not complete a house job but if you mention (while submitting your GMC provisional registration application) that broken period of clinical work you did then – you will have to provide some evidence that you were registered to do so.

  5. I did MBBS with one year mandatory internship (6 months in medicine and 6 months in surgery) in 2007 from Karachi, Pakistan.I completed my two years mandatory training for MCPS in 2014 from Karachi specializing in Pulmonology. I cleared MCPS pulmonology in 2018 and have cleared MRCP(UK) Part I in February 2021. Currently i am waiting for MRCP part 2 written exam results. I have not been in practice since january 2014 due to family commitments.
    I have 2 queries?
    If, at this stage i try to take PLAB pathway ,will i be able to get full GMC registration and subsequently a job offer from UK with this long a career gap?
    Or else i should continue with MRCP pathway,again in that case will this career break be a hindrance in getting full GMC registration?
    P.S I reside in middle east and cant start work at this stage as they ask for recent clinical experience .

    1. Long breaks like this are not so much of a problem for GMC registration rather it may prove difficult for you to get a job initially. Please note that I said difficult, not impossible.

  6. Hello,
    I’m from India started my internship feb 2020 after which the university itself officially extended the internship by 1 month 7 days more given the Covid situation after which I took my 1st dose of covid vaccine and developed an allergic reaction to it for which I couldn’t complete my extensions in the month of April and by the end of April my grandmother got diagnosed with covid for which I had to be there and take care of her but unfortunately she succumbed to the disease and passed away on 14th of May after a period of 10 days I resumed my internship and completed it on 14th of June…will my internship be accepted?

  7. Hello, Ibrahim & Ibreez,
    I would like to thank you for all the great work you guys are doing. Its been very helpful and informative.
    My query regarding the clinical gap is, I have no clinical gaps before, during or after internship. I completed my internship without any gaps and worked at a hospital as Medical Officer for a year. After leaving the job, I have not done any clinical practice/ jobs for 3 years. Does this count as a clinical gap?


  8. Firstly,
    Thank you for this informative article.
    I have a question related to gaps but not in my medical school time. I have completed my medical school and internship without any gaps but I have a gap of nearly 5 years before my medical school so do GMC also considers the gaps before medical school? and will getting jobs after GMC registration be difficult for me as I am a late starter and have about 5 years of gap before medical school?
    Looking forward to your answer.
    Thank You.

      1. So sir, gaps in clinical experience after my mbbs are looked into rather than my gaps before medical school? I knew that isn’t relevant to my medical work but still I was worried that I took much time to get in medical school and so the GMC and hospitals will take it as a negative point and I would find it difficult to find a job.
        Thank you sir , for helping IMG’s like us in their journey.

        1. I work with an F1 doctor who is 8 years older than me. Because he studied pharmacy first, graduated and worked as a pharmacist for a few years and then decided to go to medical school and become a doctor. So it is not issue at all what you did before medical school.

  9. I graduated in 2018 September soon after which I worked for 3 months. After taking some time off for some personal reasons, I’ve been preparing for the national post graduate exams in India until recently I’ve had a change of mind to migrate. Would an observership in a private hospital in India be enough to mitigate the break in practice I have to acquire a gmc registration? If yes, is 6 months a good time? Are there any records I should be maintaining while on it that the GMC could ask for proof? (Eg.Log book)

    1. If the gap was due to self-directed studying for a PG exam why do you need to mitigate it? It’s not an unexplained gap.

  10. Hi doctor,

    I hope this finds you well. I am writing to inquire about the breaks in practice. My PMQ is classified as a relevant european qualification and I hold an indian passport. I graduated in 2019 and finished internship in 2020. Since then I have given PLAB, OET and now MRCP. My question is that I completed internship in June 2020 and have not had clinical practice since I was preparing for exams and the pandemic delayed the exams as well. Will this be an issue in obtaining full registration as its been 1 year since i completed the internship and 2 years since i graduated?

  11. sarper selimoglu

    First of all thanks for this website. It’s really a guideline for imgs. In my situation i’ve graduated a university in Turkey which is recognising by GMC in July 2020 and have started to work in a state hospitals emergency in september 2020.There is no gap in my internship year but during my internship i had attempt to a Erasmus internship programme for 1 month in my general surgery period. I heard that they dont want any Erasmus programe attendance in internship but i am working in emergency for 8 months and in my country half of the emergency internship counts surgery. Does my experience in emergency affect GMC registration?

    1. Sorry I haven’t quite understood your situation. Could you explain a bit further? You had a gap during your internship period?

  12. Julia robbins

    Hi. Want to thank you for your detailed blog post! Very informative and I learned a lot. So I have a weird problem. My internship certificate from my university says my internship is from 24th March 2018 to 24th March 2019. But in the middle I had to take a break of three months due to personal issues. That’s not written in the certificate. What do I do? And all it says is medicine from 24th March 2018 to 24th September 2018 and 25th September 2018 to 24th March 2019. The certificate doesn’t show the gap/ leave.

    1. Then you don’t have to say anything. If it’s not documented it never happened, unless it complicates the later dates.

  13. I completed my graduation on Jan 2020 and Passed my Foreign medical graduate exam in India on September 2020 and started internship in India on may 2021
    So tis is acceptable time period Btw graduation and internship joining for gmc registration?

    1. What were you doing between Jan 2020 till September 2020 and then from September 2020 till May 2021? You have to EXPLAIN every single day, not necessarily you have to be working every single day. A period can be vacation, travelling , self-directed studying etc.

      1. Hello , I’m an IMG in my final year(5) of med school who was studying in China, I came back to India during the normal vacation time in jan 2020 after which I was supposed to start my 5th year 2nd sem but have still not been able to go back to China due to the COVID travel restrictions by China . The 2nd semester however was held in form of online classes and I wrote my 2nd semester exams online in March 2021 ( they had delayed the exams as they originally were expecting a return by Sep 2020 which did not happen). And now I am currently stuck and waiting to go back to China to do my internship . Will this pose a problem with me getting a full GMC registration. Our uni offers a pre graduation internship.

        1. This all seems like unavoidable circumstances and I’m sure there will be no repercussions on you for things you could not control. You just have to really transparent and explain like you did here.

  14. Hi Ibreez,

    Big thanks for helping out IMGs who are struggling..

    i have few specific questions. i am in the UK on a dependant visa for the last 8 months , simultaneously preparing for MRCP. i have been in clinical practice for more than 60% of the time since my graduation in 2011. if I apply for GMC registration through sponsorship… will they reject it due to me being out of practice in the last 8 months? there was no way I could have worked.

    thanks in advance

    1. GMC registration via sponsorship has quite strict criteria around breaks in practice. If you don’t fulfill that they will advise you to take other routes to get GMC registered, like completing a PG qualification or PLAB exams.

  15. I am an overseas ophthalmologist and going to start MCh in Surgery at Kent, UK. I am not registered with GMC, so I will not get to to do any surgeries. MCh will last for one year. I have already passed FRCS part1 and part 2. Once, I pass part 3, I can apply for GMC registration. Will this MCh course be considered a gap in practice and hamper my chances of GMC registration? Currently, I am practicing overseas.

    1. No this will not hamper your GMC registration. You have a clear explanation of what you were doing this period.

  16. I have a gap of 1.5years post my internship. If I were to join a clinical job now in my home country now(untill I qualify my Plab 1 &2)what clinical posts are recommended or accepted by the GMC ?

  17. During my house job i had to take a break of two months due to mental health issues, can i still apply for PLAB? Or will this be a problem?

  18. Hi ,
    I had completed my graduation in Pakistan and then did 06 months internship in Paediatrics medicine after that I took 08 months break due to my new born baby. Later on I did 06 months internship in ophthalmology. And then continued with my postgraduation training for 4 yrs. I am about to give plab. I hope I won’t have any problems with my internship pattern and rotation. Do you think a birth certificate would be enough for proof or I should start collecting other documents as well from Pakistan as I am already in UK now on dependant visa. Thank you for the detailed info in this article

    1. GMC might want you to get some other specific forms to get filled which will only be available to you when you have submitted your application. So before that, there is nothing much you can do.

  19. I am from india. I graduated in 2012 from Russia after that I came back to India. I had to clear foreign medical graduate examination before enrolled in internship and eventually to get registered in india.
    So, I passed foreign medical graduate examination in Dec-2014 in second attempt and did internship from 2015 to 2016 without a single day gap.
    So the gap is of 3 years from graduation to start of internship.
    My question is can I explain this gap? with what evidence? I have the passing result of the exam but not of failed one.
    After the completion of internship, I have not took even a single day off from my practice till today as a Medical Officer.

    1. You just have to state what where you doing. Trying to take FMG exam and failed and that’s why you had to wait till next year. Just state what happened.

  20. Hello sir,
    I am a radiologist in my country.i finished my MBBS with 12 months internship in 2011. Then i was preparing for MD entrance examinations . I joined radiology residency in 2015 and I finished my residency training in 2019. The period between 2011 and 2015 i have no experience of house jobs.
    Now i want to move to the UK. But i want to start from the lower steps like doing a house job or FY2 or something like that. If i take plab and oet and meet the requirements , how difficult will it be for me to get full GMC registration ?
    HOw difficult it will be for me to get a house officer job ?
    Please help me with these queries.
    Thank you.

    1. If you pass the required exams, GMC registration will not be difficult. You will have to provide relevant documents for registration and it will be processed.

      There is no general measure of difficulty to get registration or getting a job. Different people with different capabilities fare differently.

  21. Sukhmandeep singh

    I am MBBS graduate from India. I passout from my medical  college in 2019 and completed my 1 year compulsory rotatory internship in March 2020. After completing my internship  I was preparing for indian  PG examination but due to COVID 19 , exams has been postponed twice .My interest is to pursue my career in UK. I have not joined any job .Can you please guide me that if I have clinical gap of 1.5 year , can I give plab and get a full GMC registration ?

      1. Aparna PRASAD

        Also one more doubt Ibreez Mam – During my 12 months internship i have gaps bcz of sudden covid lockdown. During my medicine posting when i got few days off i visited my parents and during that lockdown was imposed. So my medicine posting got interrupted for 25 days and hence delayed. Is that something which will lead to my unacceptance of gmc registration.?

  22. Dr. Salman Yousuf

    Hi, Thanks for this elaborated article. I have a question.

    It has been 2 months since I finished my house job/Internship, I have not been able to get a job anywhere in govt or private sector, still do not expect much about getting one… I’m planning to start my own private practice at a clinic… How do you think this affects my chances of getting registration or Job in UK?? And how can I explain this to GMC, I mean what proof will I need?

    Thanking in anticipation!

  23. Hello!

    I have a 4 month gap during my internship as I was doing student exchanges (medical) abroad. Does this affect my chance of getting GMC registration?

    My Internship Completion Certificate does not mention this as a gap but merely states that I did Internship from October ’19 to Feb ’20.

    1. Your certificate states you had done only 5 months of internship? What other proof is there for the rest of it?

      1. My bad! It states “Oct ’19 to Feb ’21”

        I have letters of selection from the organisation responsible for my exchange.

        1. Then it should be absolutely fine. Just remember to put those dates correctly when you mention them in the past professional application of GMC registration application.

  24. Hello, i am doing job in a Garments factory as a Medical officer for 5 years.other than that, i have no hospital job experience.will it affect to get a clinical job in UK? Or,should i switch to hospital job?

  25. Hi . I have graduated in 1993. I worked for a couple of years and took a very long break of 28 years to take care of my special needs child. I have given plab and passed in 2016. but I could not get full registration due to the gap in my internship. I was given provisional registration. I have to do fy1 in order to get back to my medical career. I am 54 years and I want to know if I am too old to get back to medicine. are there any other career options where I can use my medical knowledge. thank you

    1. Age is not a barrier. If you want to be a registered doctor in the UK that is the path. If you want to pursue alternate career paths like being a dietician, physiotherapists you will have to get an additional university degree and different registration to work.

  26. Hello I’m from nepal,but I graduated in 2014 from Bangladesh but after 9 mnths of internship I fell sick and had a gap of of 9 mnths in between so I completed my internship in 2016,do I have a chance for gmc registration? Thank u in advance

  27. I have about 4 months gap in my internship in 2016 due to a car accident, unfortunately I didn’t keep any papers related to the accident except for my damaged car pics, and after I have completed my internship, I am working without any vacations for 4 years . Will I have any problems regarding GMC registration ? My internship certificate shows that I have started in April 2016 and finished in August 2017 without mentioning of the gap.

    1. If you have to show anything, GMC will ask exactly what they want of you. They won’t be unreasonable in what they ask of you.

  28. Hello . Thankyou so much for what ypu guys are doing ..
    I just want to know the difference in medical and non medical work or experience?
    Teaching in medical college and doing job in any public health sector is non medical or medical experience?

      1. Hello Dr. Ibrahim!

        I know this is an old comment, but I am gathering information about different things that count as “medical practice”.

        I wanted to ask how can a job in Public health be proven as medical capacity?

        1. Your decision and actions affects health of public. I think there is a gray area here which will be determined by the nature of your public health job.

  29. I have a 14 day gap between obtaining my provisional registration and the start of my internship.will this cause a problem?please give me your valuable opinion.

      1. What can be done in this regard?I already surrendered my provisional registration where it was written that the registration was valid for one year from the day of the starting of internship, but it’s not mentioned in the bmdc internship validation letter. I asked to mention it in the letter but they denied to change their format.what can I do now?I am really worried.

        1. You just have to submit and wait and see what GMC has to say regarding this. You can not go back in time and change anything, you tried and could not change the letter, so there is nothing much other than waiting for GMC’s verdict. Chances are nothing will happen. Chances are you will be asked to provide a few more forms. So, it’s best to wait and see.

        2. thank you for your kind reply to my long text.Should I submit the internship validation form along with the internship certificate or wait until gmc asks for it?

  30. Well i have a 5 year gap after working for 5 years as a GP. Birth of my second child and being a devoted housewife lead to the gap. Returning back to this profession and eagerly waiting. Could i apply for GMC?

  31. Hello!
    First off, let me thank you on behalf of all IMGs for all your efforts and guiding articles. You’ve been of tremendous help!
    My inquiry is regarding a gap of about 12 -14 months following graduation and before starting internship.
    Let me explain further. I finished my primary medical qualification in 2019 and since then I have not worked in any medical capacity whatsoever. Mind you that, where I live, graduates are not granted a license to practice till AFTER finishing internship.
    One of the reasons I postponed my internship is that I felt the need to take time off from medicine, especially after a rigorous and draining 6-year period of undergraduate study during which I lived alone in a country other than that where my family have been living. Additionally, I wanted complete freedom and time to devote to the study of USMLE exams, which till this point I have not taken due to the ongoing pandemic and harsh economic climate we’re all living in. Another important reason behind this decision was to avoid conscription. I, unfortunately, happen to live in a country where all able-bodied males are obliged to do 1-3 years of military service. Needless to say that, more often than not, those years are spent doing menial and mundane jobs not even remotely related to medicine.
    I plan on starting my internship next March and will finish it on February 2022.
    Now, given my current circumstance, do you believe this situation would be detrimental when I apply to GMC registration in the future?
    I am well aware that GMC treats each application on a case by case basis but I wanted to know your opinions given your rich experience in helping other IMGs.
    My apologies for this lengthy comment.
    Thank you again for your valuable time, and effort.
    Best Regards!

    1. Thanks for your kind words. We’re glad that so many are getting helped by our website and endeavour.
      I understand you case and you rightly said as GMC deals it with case by case basis it really is not possible for a third party like me to suggest anything. In mnay cases where there was a gap during internship or before internship GMC had asked applicants to fill GEN1 forms, but do not do it pre-emptively. Wait for GMC’s guidance and go forward with that. Good luck.

  32. I did my graduation and internship in India 2010. But later then I moved to UK in 2011 and tried a couple of times to do Ielts and dint get through in some section each time . I haven’t done any sort of clinical practice since then as I’m in UK and it requires gmc registration and due to family circumstances.
    Will doing a oet/ielts and plab again will gain my registration or will they reject my registration due to the gap
    On the alternate side I’m planning to go to India and do a post graduation degree there will that suffice my gap

    1. If you complete PLAB you will just have to explain your gaps and what were you doing. I have heard people getting GMC registration with 10 year gaps as well. It’s very individual case by case basis.

  33. I graduated from university and finished my 12 months internship at September 2018 , and i have a 2 years gap , however im willing to do start a master degree in the uk in September 2020 and completing the plab pathways, is there any chance to be accepted at the GMC??

    1. As mentioned in the article, if you can explain your gaps, there is small chance that GMC will have any problem with that.

  34. i

    What are the criteria for non UK EEA nationals with European qualifications who have a break in practice after graduation? I can’t find this information anywhere.

      1. I’m not sure I understand your answer. I’m a European national and I got my degree in Europe. The GMC website states that I’m excluded from the break in practice criteria written in this post. Can you please clarify?

        1. From your first comment I thought you are a non-UK non-EEA national.
          Yes, the breaks in practice doesn’t apply to a European doctor with a european qualification.

        2. I hope you don’t mind me jumping on this comment, but I have a question that is similar and I can’t find the criteria that would apply to my case- I am a now-UK citizen with an EU primary medical qualification (was classified as an IMG when I graduated), with a break in practice of over 5 years. Would I be able to voluntarily take PLAB 1 and 2? I have already cleared the IELTS in anticipation and have been preparing for the PLABs. I am guessing that ideally, someone in my situation would be exempt from taking the PLAB exam but I would never dream of applying to practice without sufficient revision first. I am hoping to squeeze in a clinical attachment/observership before applying for GMC registration as well if positions are available. Any idea if that would be a viable option?
          Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you also for your extremely useful website, it has already been of immense help to me!

        3. You’re welcome. But thank you for your kind words.
          When you open a GMC online account, taking into all the information provided, if they find you are not supposed to take PLAB – how will you even book an exam? It has to be available for you to book. So, taking clinical attachements or even sitting for your first parts of membership exam will sharpen your academic and clinical skills again.
          Good luck!

  35. I am old graduate with 15+ years of experience, But I am out of practice in the last 4 years due to moving to Canada. I am doing non-medical jobs and finished one year diploma in Clinical Research
    What are my chances in obtaining GMC registration if I pursued the PLAB pathway

    1. GMC registraiton should not be a problem but getting a job might prove to be difficult without doing clinical attachments and observerships in the UK.

  36. I graduated from university and finished my internship at 2011 , then do medical practice till may 2015
    then stopped for children care for 5 years during this period I took mrcp part 1 and part 2 and failed In paces due to lake clinical experience
    now I’m preparing myself for oet
    I’m in uk now with my husband on dependent visa
    is their any chance to work after finish oet before paces and at which position

    1. You will have to take PLAB or clear PACES in order to obtain GMC registration. After obtaining GMC registration, you have to look for non-training jobs at junior/mid level and then progress your career in to a training job gaining experience and making yourself eligible for it

  37. Hello, I had read all the questions and answers. I am working as Assistant Professor in Medical University. But we have only teaching facility, no medical practice. I am preparing for MRCP. How do they access my teaching job as assistant professor when I apply with MRCP diploma?

    1. Also, I had done three year full-time medical residency in India. Does it count as career gap or continuing medical practice?

    2. Greetings Doctor. First of all let me thank you for providing help to me & everybody else to make their UK dream true. I am preparing for MRCP and I have few concern about medical practice career break. After graduation from medical school, I was working as doctor, so no breaks. then, I had done full-time three year medical residency in Microbiology in India. Does it consider as break or continue medical practice? After this residency, I was working as senior resident in Microbiology. Again diagnostic Microbiology lab & infectious diseases, Patient interaction and diagnostics. Does this consider as break or continuous? Currently, I am working as Assistant professor in Medical university. This is teaching only position, no medical care facility. How does this stands when I apply for GMC registration with MRCP completion?

    3. Your clinical experience is not mandatory to appear and get MRCP. But for PACES it is recommended that you get clinical experience.

      1. Thank you very much for your prompt reply Dr. Ivan. I can completely understand that. I will definitely get clinical experience and then apply for PACES.

  38. Hi I have a gap of 30 days during my internship and the reason was that I first completed 6 months of my house job in Gynae then I joined paeds but after working one week there i realized I was not enjoying working there so I had to take a transfer letter for other department. Almost after 30 days I started my house job in Dermatology (3 months) then Internal Medicine (3 month). I recently passed plab 1 and about to start Plab 2 preparation. Can you please guide me how can I explain this gap Of my house job to GMC while applying for registration. Thanks.

      1. No nothing on house job certificates but obviously dates showing the gaps. Thanks for your reply.

        1. Ibrahim Ivan

          Ultimately the decision is up to GMC’s Hands. Explain as you have explained here.

  39. I graduated in 2014. After that I did my internship until 2015 November. I worked for research from November 2016 till March 2017. I was preparing for USMLE and I had some family problems. How can I justify my gap I will be writing my plab this year hopefully

  40. Hi, thank you for the article. I had missed 20days of my internship out of 365 days due to an accident and my college is happy to give me completion as the reason was on medical grounds. By saying that it it should reflect in the internship, do you mean that i should repeat those 20 days or it just needs to be documented.

  41. Thank you for this informative article…
    My situation is, I have no gap between my graduation and start of the internship,
    And there is no gap during my internship either…
    After internship I took a break of around 3 months, after that I started working as a duty doctor in a local clinic (which is non-training job)… what evidence do I need to provide for my clinical practice??
    And another thing is I intend to apply for a GMC registration without a license to practice as I still need to pass OET exam… so will they want to know about clinical breaks again when I complete my evidence of English knowledge & before granting me a license to practice…?

    1. The break you have taken is nothing to be concerned about at all. You can explain it as is appropriate when you outline your timeline for GMC. If GMC asks you to provide any evidence, they will tell you exactly what they need. You cannot apply for GMC registration without a valid IELTS or OET. If you previously had a valid registration with license to practice and are looking to reinstate that license, that procedure is different.

      1. Thanks for the reply…
        my route is slightly different than most others..
        Nationality: ITALIAN (EEA)
        MBBS/PMQ: Bangladesh (NON-EEA)
        Internship: Complete, Outside UK
        I contacted with GMC & they said I can apply for GMC registration once my EPIC verification is complete… if I can produce my Evidence of English knowledge before the ID check, they will grant me a full registration with a license to practice… but if not, they will only grant me a registration without license and the portion of the fee related to license will be refunded… I will have to make a separate application once my OET/IELTS is done.

        If you have time, I would highly appreciate it if you kindly read it… this pathway is totally new for me.. as I don’t know anybody who has same scenario and don’t know their success stories…
        Among this guidelines I can understand most of the part except for the page called “Evidence of your practice in an EEA member state”… (which I don’t have, as I only hold registration and license of Bangladesh [BMDC] )
        it states that “If you have not been working as a doctor in the EEA member state that recognised your medical qualification, you‘ll need to provide details of your pre-graduate or postgraduate internship.”… which is not so clear to me…

  42. Krishna Indu Mohan

    Thankyou so much for the article. I finished my internship in March 2019 and in June 2019 i joined as a tutor in dept of biochemistry in one of the medical college in India. Now i have cleared sep PLAB1 . The place i worked will not provide me with experience certificate since its just been 5 months and i need one year of practice in the same hospital to get experience certificate. so when I am doing my GMC registration , what document can i provide so as a proof that i worked in that institution and did not have clinical break?
    thanking you in advance

    1. You don’t need any experience certificate for any sort of work. For all your medical work, your certificate of good standing from your medical council, and for your non-medical work GEN 1 form signed by the authority. GMC doesn’t require any LOR, experience certificate or anything as such.
      For GEN 1 form. please read this article, Documents needed for GMC registration application

  43. I completed my internship last year November and from thence I started preparing for ielts and Plab. I wrote ielts January of this year and Plab in March. I’m yet to write Plab 2 exam due to some personal restraints. The thing is, since completion of internship till now I haven’t been in clinical practice but from time to time I take CME that MEDSCAPE offer via my mail whereby after completion , I’m offered a certificate for the CME points issued. Do I need to reflect this when applying for registration even in this clinical gap?

    1. No. It’s only logical to have some gaps when you are planning to move to another country and preparing for exams. Gaps following internship prior to your PLAB 2 exam was never a concern and we have no idea why these concerns are spread to the doctors.

  44. I finished my graduation and internship in 2011 and have been working thereafter, with a 4 month gap in the last 5 years and 24 days gap in the last 1 year. What should I tell GMC about this 24 day gap , as I was actually working but was not formally employed. I mean that this 24 day gap was because I switched contracts within the same hospital from a trainee to a non trainee job. However , I camnot provide anu documentary evidence for the same. Please help.

    1. If it was medical work and you were fully registered by your local authority to do so, then GMC won’t want to see each employment certificate to the dates. So you can put it as continuous working if you were actually working

  45. Shamima nasrin Brishty

    I finished my internship at 2016.after that i was involved in clinical practice for about 6 months.than for some familial reasons I was moved to Canada with my husband at,until now I didn’t have any medical practice & will be also because without PR & licence exam there is no scope for getting involve in clinical practice.I will have to stay more for about 4 the mean time I want to complete my mrcp.plz suggests me how can I fulfill my clinical gap?will it affects to get my GMC registration?

    1. Why is there a necessity to “fulfill” your clinical gap? If there was a reason, you can only explain that. Otherwise, if possible get into clinical attachment or observer-ship, attend seminar, do online courses etc

      1. Shamima nasrin Brishty

        Thank you so much for your reply.i can do only online course here otherwise observership is not possible here due to lack of PR status.i tried to get only reason for clinical gap is my husband’s study here & I am bound to stay with him for some personal issues. Can I explain this to GMC?

  46. I graduated in this April and I’ll be appearing plab 1 in next March as all seats got booked in my country India. There will be an invitable gap of 1 yr. So I’m planning to work as a medical officer in a local clinic. And I’m afraid they dont have official website nor email. Will there be any problem during application. What should I do for that?

    1. Ashitha Peter

      Sorry actually there is an email id but no website. Will there be any preference between worked at a hospital as Resident Medical Officer and worked as a medical officer in a local clinic while applying for a job in NHS?

    2. You would have to get a certificate of good standing from your medical council for your medical work, not from the hospital

  47. Hi, thanks for this article 🙂 I graduated in 2015 and since then I didn’t have any medical practice. However, I undertook postgraduate studies in biomedical sciences and get my master degree in 2018. After that, I started a PhD in neurosciences but I want to move to UK and practise as a doctor there. Do you think that my postgraduate studies will help me get GMC registration despite the break?

  48. After completing my internship I took a year to prepare for plab and after giving plab 2 it is almost 14 month gap can I show I took a year to prepare for plab and ielts and what evidence can I give for this

    1. If it was self-directed preparation then you can not show any evidence. If you went and joined any course, you can show course booking.

      1. What about subscription to plabable will thay be accepted ? Or is it counted as self-directed preparation for plab 1

  49. Ukamaka Okonkwo

    Hi, thatnks for the information you share. They are really helpful. I graduated in 2017 and I have a 2years gap. I have not done my internship yet. I just passed plab1. What do I do? Is my Uk dream crushed? TIA

    1. You can still try finishing an internship and then taking PLAB 2. PLAB 1 is valid for two years. As it’s mentioned whether GMC accepts it or not no one can say

  50. Dr.yasamin.mir

    I graduated from university and finished my 18 months internship at 2016 ,then based on some personal and familial reasons I didn’t have clinical practice for about a year i mean till 2017 ,and then from 2017 till now I’ve been working in an emergency department of a hospital as a doctor . do you think that gap will cause me any problem in the path of getting gmc full registration?

    1. As discussed in the post above, life happens and GMC will understand it if you show reasons when asked.

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