You should be looking at this article regarding what documents you need for your GMC registration application before you’re leaving your country for PLAB 2 examination. Even if you’re looking at it after passing PLAB 2- firstly, congratulations! Secondly, let’s find out!

Back to business. Documents for GMC registration application.

To know about how to actually make the online application, look here, Online application for GMC registration. This post mainly discusses about the evidences/documents one may require to provide to support their registration application.

When do you actually need the ORIGINAL documents in the UK?

With the advent of GMC establishing EPIC verification and abolishing a separate ID check appointment to expedite the registration process, you might never need the ORIGINAL documents in the UK, if you’re taking the PLAB route. But, if you want to, I’d say it is a better idea. As some doctors reported that GMC may want you to mail those to them.

So, the documents for GMC registration need to be ready to send to GMC via email after you have:

  • Successfully passed the PLABs,
  • Applied for GMC registration online through GMC Online

Seems like a long time from now? Nope. Time flies. I guess now it’s time to talk about the elephants in the room- what papers?

Required documents for GMC registration

  • Your passport(s)
  • PMQ (MBBS or equivalent) certificate (must be already EPIC verified/sent for verification)
  • Evidence of your knowledge of English (IELTS/OET Test Report Form)
  • Documents regarding your internship
    • The Internship completion certificate
    • Letter from your medical regulatory board saying your internship was under provisional registration and was accepted
  • Evidence of fitness to practice
    • Certificate of Good standing from all the countries you’ve worked or hold registration.
    • Employer References- ONLY when-
      • Any periods of non-medical work completed in the last five years
      • Any periods of medical work for which you did not hold any registration in the last five years.

Certificate of good standing (CGS)

This is a certificate that is issued by the current medical regulatory board/council you are fully registered to. There should be an application process to obtain this from your medical council. It differs from one to another so it’s best you contact your own. Let’s have a look at how the Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council’s CGS looks:

Some other things regarding CGS:

  • You will need to send GMC a certificate of good standing from each medical regulatory authority you have been registered or licensed within the last five years, even if you have not worked there. It should:
    • cover all of your work in that country/state
    • confirm that you’re entitled to practice medicine in that country 
    • confirm that you’ve not been disqualified, suspended or prohibited from practicing medicine 
    • confirm that the regulatory authority is not aware of any matters that call into question your good standing.
  • If you are no longer registered or licensed with the regulatory authority, you may be issued with a certificate of past good standing. You can find out which medical authority to contact in CGS contact database.
  • Certificates of good standing are only valid for three months from the date that they are signed.

Letter of Approval for your Internship

This letter is basically paving your way to get FULL registration with a license to practice. You may not need to get it if your internship completion certificate mentions about holding a provisional registration. Also many say to wait up to see if GMC wants it.

Again, your medical council may not issue the letter like this, or may have their own format. This is just a clarification that your employment in medical capacity during your internship was monitored by an authority.

Most of the medical regulatory councils process CGS and this letter at the same time. Like CGS, it also has to be applied for to obtain.

Certificate of Completion of Internship/House job

Different medical colleges and universities and different formats of this certificate is available. GMC has some criteria:

  • The experience must have been undertaken in a resident medical capacity in posts that were approved for internship training.
  • The medical superintendent or consultant who supervised your internship training should sign the certificates.
  • The certificates should also confirm the dates of employment, the specialties undertaken and whether the posts were full or part-time, and that they were completed satisfactorily.”

Employer reference (GEN 1 Form)

As mentioned earlier, you will need to provide a GEN1 employer reference form for:

  • Any periods of non-medical work completed in the last five years
  • Any periods of medical work for which you did not hold any registration in the last five years.

GMC will determine this from the past professional experience section of your application. 

Remember, don’t feel reluctant to mention a professional experience, just because you don’t want to go through the hassle of getting the forms signed.  If you do that, you are technically violating core guidance of Good Medical Practice on honesty and integrity.  If found, you may be banned from applying for GMC registration.

Just these? No other documents for GMC registration?

Yes and no. These are the basics. Each of our cases is different, and GMC will email you a list of documents they need from you after you make your application through your GMC online account.

You will have to send them scanned copies of the documents as an attachment in an email or if GMC requests, via post. Upon receiving that they’ll let you know about further details within five working days.

An example by GMC

Following is an example of the different types of evidences a doctor may have to provide to support their GMC application.

When should I apply for the papers from my medical council?

If your medical council has the option to send to GMC directly by them, you shouldn’t be worried at all.

It will save you a lot of time, anxiety and round trip air tickets to the UK if you can arrange for someone to apply for these in your country when you are in the UK for your PLAB 2.

Why am I getting so particular about time? As this CGS is valid for are only valid for three months from the date that they are issued and must be valid on the date your application is approved.

Let me break it down further:

  • When those papers are applied for in your country, chances are they will be signed, ready, and dated around 3-4 days to a week from when they were applied (depending on the speed that papers move in your country’s council)
  • You are possibly going to the UK just before your course starts. You attend the course for ~ 2 weeks
  • Practice for your exam ~ 2-3 weeks
  • Your PLAB 2 day
  • Waiting for your result – 4 weeks

It can easily be 3-4 months from the day you land till you can make your GMC application. That makes the CGS more than 3 months old i.e. invalid on the date of your GMC application is approved. So, what now?

To circumvent this 3 months ultimatum and still getting everything done within the shortest possible time you can arrange for someone to apply for those papers while you are in the UK to delay the signed date so that it remains valid (you’ll have to go talk to your council prior to this and clarify with them about your situation)

If you’re a Bangladeshi doctor and wondering ways to obtain these documents and how to apply for them, here is a post that you may need: how to obtain papers from BM&DC for GMC registration : Part 2 (Bangladeshi Doctors).

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I have to collect experience certificate from every medical job that I held?

    No. Your certificate of good standing from your medical regulatory board will cover all the medical work done in that country.

  • Is teaching/research regarded as non-medical work?

    If your work did not involve seeing and treating patients medically, it is a non-medical work.

What to do If I have clinical gaps/breaks?

Please read this post, Breaks in Clinical Practice for further detailed guidance.

Finally, these required papers are basics and mostly applicable to fresh graduates with no to small gaps. If you are in the clinical setting for a long time or you have a considerable amount of gap then they WILL ask for more specific papers/evidence, which they’ll explain in their email.

At the end of the day, remember that honesty is the best policy! Be truthful in your application and establish an open channel of emailing and communication if you don’t understand anything. Don’t lose hope! GMC is not out to crush your dreams. The application handlers are very amicable and professional individuals and it’s their JOB to make the process easy for you.

Good luck!

226 thoughts on “Documents needed for GMC registration application”

  1. Hello Sir,
    I had 2 months of gap during my internship, I had taken that gap to prepare for an exam. I also did volunteer covid work in a public health department and have a letter of appreciation from them for that 2 month period. Will I still be needed to provide a GEN1 form or should I just mention that I took gap for studying and GMC will approve it?


    1. If you mention doing a volunteer work which was non-medical during your internship, you will need GEN1 form for that. GMC generally does not accept any letter of appreciation or recommendation.

  2. If I hold a provisional registration and haven’t succed in securing any job, then my OET expires, do I have to repeat OET again for full registration?

    1. With GMC provisional registration you can only apply for UKFPO foundation training only. After completing F1 year successfully you obtain full GMC registration being within the programme.

      Now if you fail to get in UKFP, you have three years and 30 days total to finish an acceptable pattern of internship. So you can apply for UKFP next year (and another next year) – during these applications you will have to have valid OET as well.

      OR get your internship done in some other country (where you may need to have their own provisional registration) and if you take this route your will have to have another valid OET before you can apply for Full GMC registration.


      OET > PLAB (if applicable) > Provisional Registration > UKFP > Full GMC Reg.
      OET > PLAB (if applicable) > Provisional Registration > Failed UKFP > Try next year UKFP (need another valid OET) > UKFP > Full GMC Reg
      OET > PLAB (if applicable) > Provisional Registration > Failed UKFP > Try internship in non-UK country > Valid OET and PLAB 2 > Full GMC registration.

      Hope that helps.

  3. Saeem Arafat Hossain

    I’m still a little confused about the Gen1 form. In the GMC example, you showed that any work done in the medical capacity (of a particular country), it’s enough to provide the CGS of the regulatory body only and thus individual “medical” employers don’t have to sign the GEN1 form. Did I get it correct?

    Does that mean, that if someone worked say in Hospital X and Hospital Y in medical capacity and also Institute Z in a non-medical capacity in Bangladesh, then the CGS from BM&DC and a ZEN 1 form from Institute Z would suffice?

    Last question, if the job is an unpaid voluntary job in non-medical capacity, do we have to fill up ZEN1 form in that case too?

    Sorry for so many questions…

    May Allah bless you both for your tremendous efforts.

    1. You got it absolutely correct. Even if it was a voluntary job, if it wasn’t medical capacity, you need to get a GEN1 form signed stating that period.

        1. If that did not involve seeing and treating patients in a medical capacity then yes.

  4. I am self-employed for the past 15 years running my own private hospital and having doctors working me. How do l go about employers reference for GMC registration ?

    1. I will suggest contacting GMC regarding this matter. If you can provide a certificate of good standing from your medical regulatory board, I think that should suffice for your period of work as a medical practitioner.

  5. Sagar Sanjee Radhakrishna

    I have discontinued MD after 23 months of training in my home country, due to my personal reasons. Unfortunately, i wasnt aware of compulsory medical council registration in that county. Will GMC accept this kind of experience.

    1. Were you employed medically during that period? an MD could be entirely academic and not needed to be in medical capacity.
      If you were in medical capacity and did not have medical registration you will have to explain to GMC.

  6. First off,thank you for all the wonderful work you guys do.
    I have a particular situation and I’m hoping to get your advice and help.
    I am an IMG from India. I started my internship in March 2018. I took a break of about 10 months during internship to prepare for the USMLE exams. But due to personal reasons I wasn’t able to give the exam. Hence my internship completion date is January 2020. I have not had any clinical experience in between. How do I explain this?
    Also, I had moved to my native state, Kerala, in January 2020. I was registered in the Karnataka state medical council untill February 2020. I had applied for the new registration in Kerala in May 2020 but due to the pandemic my registration was delayed and I recieved it only this November 2020. I have not worked in between. Effectively having a gap of around 3 years since my Final Year exam which was in December 2017.I willl start work November 2020 (first clinical experience since graduation). Will this cumulative gap be a big hurdle towards my GMC registration? Am I still eligible for one? Since I don’t have any proof to show my break, I am concerned. Kindly reply.

  7. Thank you for showing us the way in the simplest manner.
    Just a correction: now it needs 3 copies of recent passport size photo of a individual to apply for full BM & DC registration.

  8. Jahnavi Esanakula

    Hi… I have lost my original MBBS degree certificate And university has issued a Duplicate in its Place… will that be a problem..??

    1. So the duplicate is your diploma now? If you can get another real one issued then I suggest you do that for future use.

  9. Good day. My name is Tolani Margaret. I had my internship from July 18th 2016- July 17th 2017. I had 3 months of pediatrics, 3 months of surgery. However I had a taster posting in radiotherapy that spanned for one month, which took 2 weeks out of 3 months of medicine and another 2 weeks out of 3 months of Obs& gynae. I want to ask will this be accepted since I only completed 10 weeks of medicine posting

  10. Odukomaiya Tolani

    My name is Tolani Margaret. I had my internship july 2016, completed 3 months if pediatrics, surgery, but I had a secondary posting radiotherapy that took 2weeks off my medicine posting and another 2 weeks off my obs&gynae. Is this going to be acceptable

    1. As the article clearly mentions, if you have a minimum total of 3 months in medicine and allied and 3 months surgery and allied in a 12 months internship period, it is accepted.

      1. So u mean to say even if I had only 10weeks of medicine instead of the 12 weeks, my pediatrics posting that I completed 12 weeks can compensate for it

  11. Hi, I am a Foreign Medical student from India, studying in China. It was mentioned that we need to produce a conduct certificate from the licensed country for GMC registration. Neither am I planning to write the Indian medical council exam nor the Chinese would give me license/registration after the course completion. I won’t have any work experience and would only have done 12 months of internship in China.
    Would I be required to get the CGS form from the Chinese medical council? If I am unable to get the CGS form, would a Conduct certificate from my university (GEN 2 Consultant form) is enough?Thank you, in advance.

  12. Adekanola Oyindamola

    Hello…Please, can I use my PMQ as evidence of English proficiency to get GMC registration for provisional license without IELTS or OET?

    1. I can see you have submitted the same question multiple times. This is not like Facebook, we have to approve a comment for it to appear in the thread.
      So to answer your question, if you want to use your PMQ as a English language evidence you will have fulfill the following things, which is very unlikely if you have graduated from a non-English speaking country.
      We may accept your primary medical qualification if it:

        is less than two years old when you apply for registration, and
        was taught and examined solely in English.

      You’ll need to email us a letter or certificate from your university or medical college that confirms:

        all of the course, including clinical activities, was taught and examined solely in English
        at least 75% of any course related clinical interaction, including personal contact with patients, their families and other healthcare professionals, was conducted in English i.e. without any translation support

      Read more here: GMC’s official guidance

  13. Mohammad Ar-Rafi Waseq Hossain

    Hello Dr Ibrahim
    Do we need to attach the Employer reference form along with all the other documents or request the employer to send it on our behalf?

  14. Thanks for the post Dr Ivan,
    I have a unique situation that I couldn’t really find much on and I’m interested if you came across cases like mine and have any insight. I have applied last week and am in the early stages still (haven’t heard much yet).
    Shortly after graduation (Feb 2017) but before my internship start (June 2017) I became pregnant (I was visiting my husband in the UK at this point for a few months). I stayed in the UK for my pregnancy (May 17 – Jan 18) and studied for IELTS/PLAB. I passed IELTS in July 18, PLAB 1 in Nov 18 and PLAB 2 in March 19. I then applied for an internship in my home country and started in July 19 (until July 20).
    I know GMC is very strict about gaps between graduation and internship of more than 2 years. Mine were entirely due to my pregnancy (which I had a hard time with and can be backed up by my GP in the UK). I studied as much as I could and did PLAB 1 and 2 rather than internship after child birth because the baby was too young (it’s not feasible for me to do an internship in my home country when the baby was only a few months old and needs care). For this reason alone I waited until I passed PLAB 2 and then immediately applied for internship which I completed recently without interruption.
    Essentially I have a 1.5 year gap due to pregnancy/child care before I took PLAB 1 & 2 in the UK and then moved to my home country with my child to do my internship for a year.
    I also read the following guidance for decision makers:
    It appears that under Pattern A this should be acceptable, but I don’t really know what they’ll say. GMC have forwarded me to the investigations (iandi) team which will probably get back to me this week or next week.
    Hoping you’ve come across cases like these. I do intend on appealing through a GMC solicitor should they refuse registration but in the meantime I’m going to start another year in my home country.

  15. I am an Indian pursuing MBBS in Dhaka,Bangladesh .Can I get my Certificate of Good Standing and full registration from BMDC

  16. Hi there.I hope you will be doing fine.
    I want to know that after I shift to U.K for attending Plab 2 courses and take the Plab 2 exam,do I need to stay there until I get a full registration by GMC?
    And also do I need to stay until I get a nonm training job in U.k after appearing in Plab 2?

    1. No. As GMC registration, job application and job interview all can be done online, you can technically leave the UK right after taking PLAB 2.

  17. Gokul Salim Narayanan

    Hello and thank you for the wonderful work that you do! I have a question about the registration bit. I did my MBBS in India and here, we have separate medical councils for each individual state. I studied in a state called Karnataka but since graduating, I moved back to my home state of Kerala. I held the registration of the former council for 2 years, while I was not practising medicine in my home town for personal reasons, after which I got my registration changed to my home state’s council. As of now I am only registered currently with my home state and have been working here (My first ever job). Do I still need to get a CGS from the medical council of the old state, despite having not worked there at all, and no longer having any registration status with them? Or will the current council’s CGS suffice? Thanks in advance!

    1. If that registration period with the old state falls within the last 5 years, you will have to provide a CGS from them as well, unfortunately. GMC clearly states – “We’ll need a certificate of good standing from all of the countries you’ve been registered with in that time (last five years), even if you haven’t been practising there.”

      1. Gokul Salim Narayanan

        Ah that’s a shame and a technical difficulty, but I suppose it’s unavoidable. Thank you so much for your prompt reply and for all the help you provide everyone! You two are Godsends 😀

  18. anilkumar vemula

    does you people help us doing our plab training , visa work, gmc registration and building cv

    1. is the help that you are already getting. Hundreds of articles already written and many videos already made in our RoadToUK YouTube Channel.
      It is all free for YOU to read and collect information regarding every step.

  19. Sehajpreet Kaur

    Hello, if the clinical gap is due to preparation for PLAB 2 and for taking the test . Will it be accepted by GMC?

  20. Hi, Dr Ibrahim.
    Hope you are doing well. I have a query and would be really grateful if you could help.
    I graduated in 2014 and started my internship after 4 months but without being provisionally registered. I completed it in 2015 and applied for full registration directly but in 2016. Will it cause a problem with GMC registration? Thank you

    1. If you weren’t provisionally registered at all during your internship, it might not be accepted as approved training post.

      1. I am already done with Plab 1 and 2 and waiting for good standing certificate to apply for registration. What are my options if my internship is not accepted as approved training post? Will my Plab 1 and plab 2 go waste?

  21. Thank you so much for the information . I did voluntary medical service in a rural area,which was totally unofficial and gence cannot provide any evidence for it.Gmc now asks for employer reference form for it…but i hav none….we did it as community service

  22. I’ll be travelling to the UK for my Plab 1 in March next year and am planning to complete both the steps if possible in those 6 months. Currently I’m working as a House Officer in the Department of Physiology, Government Medical College, Aurangabad. Apart from taking lectures, I work in the Reproductive Biology Unit of the department which performs semen analysis testing. My job responsibilities include counselling the patient when referred from Obstetrics & Gynaecology, regarding the period of abstinence required prior to the test, and working under an assigned senior faculty during the analysis and reporting. Does that count as non- medical? If so, is it better to get a GEN1 form filled by my department when I resign next month?

    1. How was the job advertised? It sounds medical in nature given what you’ve said, but it’s always a good idea to wait for GMC to ask for what they want and then provide the required forms.

      1. The job was advertised as House Officer / Junior Resident – 1 ( Service Appointment). Actually I’m based in Dubai, but I’ve done my MBBS from India, that’s why was asking whether I should get the GEN1 form filled just incase when I wind up all my paperwork in India next month before I leave.

  23. I once, practiced for just approximately 1 month in A&E of a local hospital under the supervision of the consultant in-charge because i didn’t, at that time, have the state medical council registration. I wasn’t allowed to prescribe medicines or treat patients but was mostly just collecting history, does that make me a Clinical Observer/Attache? If so do i need to get the Gen 1 form filled by the HR of that hospital.

  24. hi
    i want to ask there is a slight difference in my fathers name spellings
    i have it mOhammad on my degree & all documents & mUhammad on id & passport
    will it be problemetic in GMC registration or visa aplication for plab 2 ??

  25. Hi..Thanks for the great blog. Needed some help. I am applying for GMC through the sponsorship route. However GMC has asked me regarding how I was able to work in this state in India without holding registration there. Actually my registration is from a different state in India but my name is there in Indian Medical register. Registration with each state is kind of a grey area where there are no clear laws. I explained this to GMC but they have asked me for additional documents including a letter from the Medical council of the state where I was practicing without registration. I have arranged all the other documents but not the letter and I think the letter may be not possible. What can I do in this stage

    1. Unfortunately, if they have specifically asked for it, then possibly there will be no way out of this.
      If there is no clear law then what’s the trouble getting the letter?

  26. Ive completed my house job and postgraduate training from Pakistan ,so do I need good standing from cpsp (postgraduate body) aswell or just pmdc ?

  27. Nikolaos Giannakopoulos

    Hey guys i have done my PMQ in a EU university together with my intership 13 months in a 6year course but our original diploma is given to us at about middle of December .Do i need EPIC verify? if i start my paperwork on October before UK leaves EU will that affect my application? Thank you in advance you do great work here

    1. You can’t apply for GMC registration without EPIC verification. And unfortunately you can’t get your EPIC verification done without getting the original PMQ.

  28. jason calderon

    Hi, thanks for the guideline, i’m mexican and i want to apply for the PLAB, firts i have to apply fot my registration on GMC, i have read the guideline “before you apply” my school its in the WDOMS. hope you people can help me, what’s a Certificate of good standing (CGS) (This is a certificate that is issued by the current medical regulatory board/council you are fully registered to) ? here in Mexico, medical school takes between 4-5 years plus 2 years of internship and “social service” practical training. The Secretary of Education issues a “cedula” which authorizes the individual to practice general medicine upon the completion of the social service requirement and having been certified by the educational institution, There is a national registry of doctors at the Directorate of Professions of the Secretariat of Public Education (Direccion General de Profesiones de la Secretaria de Educacion Publica, SEP) of doctors who have graduated from medical schools in Mexico. In addition, there is a registry of doctors in the state of Quintana roo (cancún ) in the Directorate of Professions of the State (Direccion de Profesiones del Estado) this document is the CGS?. thanks for the help.

    1. For Mexico you need to contact Secretaria de Educacion Publica to issue you a Certificate of Good Standing.
      This is paper you can not already have.
      It needs to be issued by the mentioned authority in your country not more than three months ago before your GMC registration application.

      1. jason calderon

        is the El Reconocimiento de Validez Oficial de Estudios (RVOE=CGS) (It’s the act of the educational authority by virtue of which it is determined to incorporate a study plan and programs that a private individual imparts, or intends to impart, to the national education system).? thanks for the help.

      2. jason calderon

        thanks you for answering, i look for it in the database of GCM , and CGS is the same as El Reconocimiento de Validez Oficial de Estudios (RVOE). Another question The Secretary of Education issues a “Titulo” that proves that u finished medicine is that the primary medical qualification or is the “cedula”? thankkkks for the help.

      3. jason calderon

        thank you for answering,, CGS its the same as: “El Reconocimiento de Validez Oficial de Estudios (RVOE)” ? another question: whats primary medical qualification? here in mexico when we finish collage they give us a “title” that proves u r “dr, lawyer” etc. thanks for the help

  29. Hi. I’m in a bit of a strange situation and I’m hoping you can provide some help.
    I initially completed my medical schooling in India in 2014, after which I began my internship period. After 6 months, I did 2 months of elective postings in the US followed by a prolonged 2 year break during which I worked at a private hospital. After that period, I returned to my internship and completed my remaining 6 months.
    During my application for full registration, I provided the GMC with a letter of no objection from my college (as well as acceptance letters from the US colleges I attended and a reference letter from my employer during those 2 years) when they asked me to explain the gap. Yesterday, I received an email stating that “it is likely that the Registrar will not be satisfied that an applicant has the experience necessary” and offering two options: Withdraw my application and reapply later or withdraw and reapply for provisional registration instead.
    Has anyone been through a similar situation or have any ideas on what to do next?
    Thanks in advance for the help.

    1. We have discussed this further in our live chat.
      Just for future reference for the readers:
      You CAN NOT work somewhere else before finishing your internship. Because legally you need a registration to work in a medical capacity and how could you have obtained that registration without finishing your internship? That’s one thing. Another thing is that the internship is best kept a continuous 12 months.

  30. i am from Pakistan and the regulatory body here PM&DC issues a Good standing certificate that’s valid for 6 months, is it ok if i apply for it now provided my exam is going to be at end of october and i will fly to UK in sept?? is the 3 months point you raised in your post valid for your regulatory council or does GMC accepts GSC issued only within the last 3 months ??
    i will highly appreciate the response

    1. GMC only accepts good standing certificate issued within the last three months. You have to make arrangements back at home to get that done after your PLAB 2 exams.

      1. also since the post said that you dont need to go for id check for GMC registration only and the application can be submitted online and also the documents can be sent by mail or scanned as GMC asks, then what’s the purpose of getting GSC made from back home when i am there in uk? i am asking that do we need to do anythign regarding GMC registration when we are in UK or can it all be managed from home when i am back?

        1. The PLAB 2 results are out within a month of your exam. If you have everything prepared beforehand, you can apply for GMC registration the day you get the result which quickens your process of getting into a job.

  31. Mohammed Chowdhury

    Salam Dr it will ve highly appreciated if you can answer my query my situation is long. I completed my mbbs in 2010 from china and then did 1 year internship from November 2010-November 2011 in Bangladesh. I have full bmdc registration as well as CGS but no letter stating about provisional registration. On september 2011 i was awarded a chinese government scholarship for doing post graduation in internal medicine (3 years) but at that time i was still doing internship so i joined in november for the postgraduation in china after completing my internship. Now in all my postgraduate qualifications the time period says september-2011 to July 2014 as the course was in september session but i joined in november due to internship issues. will that be a problem? ( to be mention first few months are mainly taught basic chinese language skills). So this is my first query. My second query since 2014 i am working as a medial faculty for a university and teaching internal medicine to students which also includes patient interaction so will this be considered as or it will be considered as break in practice?
    Thank you brother

    1. Mention the dates according to what the papers say. If there is an overlap of dates adjust according to what you actually did and explain that way.
      What was your post? If it was a lecturer/Ast. professor/Professor post – then it’s mainly academic and non-medical (as you didn’t actively treat patients by your job description). If you were at the same time registrar/junior consultant/consultant of the hospital then it makes it a clinical/medical post.

      1. Mohammed Chowdhury

        thank you so much for the reply. Please can you tell me what do you mean by adjust? explain them thats it?

        1. While you apply for GMC reg online, you have to put date to date experiences of your last five years. It doesn’t take overlapping dates. So remember to keep your internship 12 months and start the following things after that date. Read more here: How to apply for GMC Registration

        2. Mohammed Chowdhury

          If i start the following things after the date and if doesnt match with my credentials then? Suppose for my case my credentials says my masters degree is from September 2011 to june 2014 however i joined in November 2011 after finishing my 12 months internship. So if during application if i write November 2011 wnt they ask why it doesnt match with the date in credentials? Sorry for troubling you brother. May Allah give u more success

        3. Mohammed Chowdhury

          If i start the following thing after the date it wont match with the dates on my credentials? Suppose in my case my masters degree says duration from Septemper 2011-June 2014, however i joined in november 2011 after completing internship. So wont they ask me why my information during application doesnt match with my credentials? Also the Gen1 form do we need to send them or the employer? If employer can they fill amd send scan copy via email?
          May Allah Bless You

        4. Mohammed Chowdhury

          Thank u so much for answering my queries with patience. Lots of prayers and blessings fornu

      1. I graduated in 2013 and did internship until 2014..i worked as a medical ofcr upto 2015 and came to the uk and living here since 2016 due to i worked around 4 years in a gp surgery and my manager is not happy to provide any that case can I ask other doctors in the gp to give me reference?or gmc will only allow employers reference?can i give other evidence that i worked there like copy of my smart card or some of my consulations (without pts info ofcourse ) and my cpd hours?

        1. Any of your superiors from the job can fill up that employer reference form if they are OK with it.


    hi. i have finished my graduation from China along with internship (8 months in China + 4 months in Nepal). and then i had to do additional 1 year internship in Bangladesh (home country) to get permanent registration. which one will they count as my house work or internship? will there be any problem because of i split that 1st internship and did it in two different countries (china + nepal)?

  33. Hello Ivan,
    My friend who is a Nepali and has been registered in Nepal medical council had completed MBBS and internship in Bangladesh. During the 1 year period of his internship he had been to Nepal for 27 days to sit for nepal medical council licensing exam. Later, he compensated for the 27 days of internship period after his formal date of internship completion. The problem is he was granted for the provisional license for internship only for 1 year and the additional 1 month he worked as an intern(compensating his leave) was after the expiry of his provisional date. So what supporting documents do you suggest we need to provide to Gmc in this case?

  34. In the GMC registration, what are the requirements of internship with regard to the various departmental postings such as Medicine, Surgery etc.? How much time in each department do they need as minimum requirement?

  35. Hello .. Thank a ton for the blog . its been 1 year since i’ve completed internship . I have passed plab1 and applied for visa .in the meantime I only did some part time clinic jobs without any contract or fixed salary .
    now , will that be a problem for gmc registration .
    another thing , what they ask as an evidence of practice? an experience certificate from professor ?or also appointment letter , salary slips etc are needed ..
    it would be very kind of you to help me .. thank you ..

    1. If you had worked in the medical capacity, as mentioned in the post, you will only need a certificate of good standing form the country’s medical council. Nothing else is needed for your medical work.


    Hello there, I’ve seen a few websites developed to help medical staff with their registration journey with the GMC. But, your site is something else. I found it massively helpful. Thank you.
    I’m a Turkish Neurologist who had 5 years experience as a consultant in Turkey between 2009 and 2014. Because of my husband’s job we have been living in the UK since 2014 and I only did 7 month clinical attachment in the UK. So, there is literally 5 years gap which is potentially a huge barrier in CESR route if I take it. On the other hand I don’t fancy PLAB route as I would like to continue with Neurology. So, would it be helpful if I compensate the gap with having an extra education or a course related to my specialisation such as EMG. Does GMC would be satisfied with such kind of further education to qualify me as a consultant here in the UK?
    Best regards, Hulya

    1. Hello, Thanks for saying so.
      It’s difficult to give an opinion regarding what GMC might see fit for your CESR application. An academic course related to your specialty might strengthen your case but as I have told no one say surely say. My apologies that I wasn’t of big help.

  37. Neil Olsen Dean

    Thank you for these details. My situation is quite complex. Firstly, I have pre graduation intenship from Ukraine which I am now been made to know isnt accepted anymore for registration. Please can anyone tell me if that is true? Secondly I took plab 2 3 times making me spend over a year gap. Will this gap be a problem? Thanks in advance

    1. GMC still accepts pre-graduate internship.
      As you have reasonable explanation for the gap, that won’t be a problem.

  38. Hi All, Some of the scanced images on this websites are not showing on any browser, is it only for me or for everyone?

  39. Gregor Krstevski

    Do clinical attachments/observership rotations (in US hospitals, or in home country outside EU/EEA) that are not paid and are done after completion of internship count towards the ‘60% of last 5 years practicing’?

        1. Then this rule does not apply to you.
          “This criteria applies to applicants for full or provisional registration with a break in practice in the last 5 years, who are EEA nationals (or exempt persons) with a non-European qualification.
          The criteria does not apply to UK applicants, international medical graduates or EEA nationals (or exempt persons) with a European qualification.”

        2. Gregor Krstevski

          I see. Thank you for pointing that out. I was unaware of it. This may seem redundant, but in that case, why does the GMC check experience, if it is not interested in the amount of time you have been active/inactive? Is it only to check for good standing (regulatory authority, employers, etc.)?

        3. Exactly. They check back the last five years as a default as there are other ways than PLAB you can get registered where your active clinical experience comes into play.

  40. Irina Popovici

    Hi! I am planning to apply for Foundation Programme as I haven’t completed an internship in my home country (it doesn’t provide any). So, I didn’t hold provisional or full registration – as I ‘ve graduated recently. Do I still need to provide Good Standing Certificate?
    thank you

    1. I don’t think that applies to you. When you apply for “provisional GMC registration” GMC will send you a list of documents that you will need to provide.

  41. Hi, I have a question regarding the intership. I graduated on 2016 with a pre-graduation internship (3months general medicine, 3months surgery, 3 months obstetrics and 3 months paediatrics). My internship wasn’t the last year because they asks us to perform a research study as requisite for graduation and they give you around a year to finish. I was reading in the GMC page that pregraduate internship it’s fine, nevertheless they mention the following -We will consider programmes that started but did not finish before the final year of study (or finished before the final year because of national service)-
    I graduate 3 years ago, after that I worked for a year as a resident in my country, studied MPH for a year in the UK and I have been working in Emergency since I came back.
    Is the internship fine?? Or can it cause me trouble??
    Thanks for any insight you can give me ??

    1. What happened has already happened. You can’t go back and change it. If it was according to the GMC requirement you registration application will be approved. If not, you will have to follow what they suggest. I’m sorry I wasn’t that helpful maybe, but what else can be done?

      1. Aww sorry I think I explained wrong. I have not send it, it has not been rejected but, while starting my process to apply I read about this point (which is in the intership requisits page). My pre-graduate intership finished 7 months before graduation due to the research project we have to present (I didnt took the whole year they let us have). So for what I understand, it will be fine (GMC says: We will consider programmes that started but did not finish before the final year of study) because it started before the last year but did not finished before but the last. I just wanted to know if my interpretation is correct.
        Thank you, I appreciate the answer 🙂

  42. Hello Dr. Thank you so much for all your valuable help.
    Wanted to ask regarding the certificate of Good Standing that I am an Indian and I did my MBBS from China. I have passed PLAB 1 and going for PLAB 2. Right now I am not registered with any boards. So, where should i apply to get my certificate of Good standing? I did my internship in China from the college i graduated from.

    1. The answer is in the post:
      “I’m not fully registered with any medical council!
      Fret not. If you completed your internship/house job under provisional registration of any medical regulatory council- i.e. you held provisional registration with any medical council ever in your life- you won’t have to worry about full registration. You will have to inform GMC about your situation of not being fully registered with any medical council, thus you can’t come up with a CGS- they’ll understand, they’re not out there to tear your dream apart.
      But, they’ll still want a letter – an official letter from your medical council stating that you held provisional registration but you aren’t fully registered with them.”
      If you never even had a provisional registration that means you have not completed any approved internship, thus, not eligible for FULL GMC registration.

  43. I have completed my mbbs degree and internship 2years ago. I wish to do md pathology in uk. After I have passed plab 2 can I directly apply for histopathology or Do I need to get a nontraining job first? Also is directly doing mrcp better than plab? What is difference between mrcp and mrcpath? Do I later have to answer mrcp or directly answer frcpath? Before getting into histopathology do I have to complete all steps of mrcp?

  44. If the GMC or the ECFMG do not ask for medical school transcripts at any point, then how does the GMC determine a transfer student? And does the GMC have certain regulations and criteria for transfer students?

    1. Even if you are a transfer student you will still have a final medical diploma, won’t you? And you can only receive that if your transfer was accepted by the receiving institute. If the diploma is from the second institute (who accepted your transfer), and that institute is a GMC accepted institution, then it’s all accepted.
      You can still ask GMC to clarify your situation. Call or email them asking what you want to know.

    2. Hi Jonathan

      Did you find any information regarding the GMC’s stance on transfer students?
      If a student transfers from Uni A to Uni B and completes their course there and is awarded a PMQ, does the gmc question the fact that the student transferred? (Assuming Uni B is an acceptable uni to the Gmc)

    1. If you had completed an acceptable pattern of internship after graduation, you won’t have to think about getting into foundation training by UKFPO when you get Full registration by GMC after passing PLAB.
      If you hadn’t complete any internship and wish to get into Foundation Programme by UKFPO, then you need clear PLAB first in order to obtain provisional GMC registration, and then proceed for UKFPO. More explained here, Internship and UKFPO.

  45. Thank you so much, Doctor Ibrahim for the meticulous care for helping us. Your blog does help me a lot. There is still one thing I would like to know. Is the GMC registration process the only place where the Certificate of Good Standing is needed? Will it come in need when we apply jobs? Thank you.

    1. Yes, the jobs will ask you to provide some sort of good standing certificate, that’s one of the checks. But they are not particular about being 3 months old like GMC is. You can technically use the one you used for GMC registration.

  46. hello…
    If I am working as an honarary MO, then do we need performance certificate for good standing certificate of bmdc? as its not really employment, or is it?

    1. But you were working medically, didn’t you? I think they might want it. As they even wanted my Internship completion certificate.

  47. Thanks so much for all this valuable information. Please, are you aware that GMC said there will be no ID check from October. So, in that case, how does this affect our preparation for registration while waiting for our Plab 2 result.

    1. You still have to submit the same papers for your online GMC registration application. The only difference is that now when you appear for the PLAB 2 exam, the ID check you do there will suffice. At that time, you will only need to bring your passport, unless GMC has asked for anything else.

  48. I have Epic account with full verification of my MBBS degree , shall i send my internship certificate to be verified by EPIC or it will be verified by GMC separately ?

  49. Hi. I am going to apply for gmc registration soon. However, I have three gaps between my housejob. The first gap is of 1 year, second and third gaps are 1 and a half months each. Reason for gap is due to health issues.
    Does the gmc consider this? If yes, which documents are required as proof?

    1. If it is health issues GMC might want to see appropriate documentation to prove that period of time. What GMC may ask you to show, it’s almost impossible for a third party to say/suggest. GMC always makes it very clear what do they need after you apply for FULL registration.

  50. Hi. I am going to apply for gmc registration soon but have 3 gaps in my internship. First gap of one year, second and third gap of 1 and a half months each. Reason for gap is due to health issues. Does the gmc consider this? If yes, which documents do I need to provide as proof?

    1. If it is health issues GMC might want to see appropriate documentation to prove that period of time. What GMC may ask you to show, it’s almost impossible for a third party to say/suggest. GMC always makes it very clear what do they need after you apply for FULL registration.

  51. Thank you so much IBRAHIM, I know there is no chance to get in Ophthalmology speciality training or is very low, but indeed nothing I can do now it is too late since I am in the last year of my Master degree. anyhow, I see hope, may Allah make it easy.
    Thank you again, and please keep doing this wonderful guiding

  52. Hello Hashi,
    Felt like your questions were answered either in our Facebook message or in the other groups. That’s why probably the delay. But, nevertheless, my apology for that.
    1. It is for GMC to decide. After you send them your proof of internship, if they want further documentation, they will ask and they are generally very thorough with what they need to approve your application.
    2. Experience always helps. And yes, this experience might play a role getting into a non-training job in the related specialty. But please remember to always check whether it’s feasible to pursue a specialty in the UK, because an IMG may not be always able to take up training posts in all the specialties. Further information here,
    Good luck.

  53. This might come off as a very late reply, but somehow your this comment got overlooked and I want to thank you for your kind words. I hope you got your registration sorted out by now and happily working in the UK.

  54. Recently I have read most of your posts and are highly informative and helpful, great work thank you so much.
    I have two questions I hope you could guide me.

    I am currently in my third year of Master’s of Ophthalmology at a Chinese university and I would like to move to the UK after i finish the program. but back to my internship year, I was not registered in any medical regulatory authority other than my medical school which I’ve been supervised by the consultants of the affiliated hospitals of the university – and to my knowledge this applies to all Chinese medical schools- so my questions are:
    1. Could the letter from my medical school be the Letter of Approval for my Internship when I will register for the GMC?
    2. Since I have two years of experience after my internship and a three years of Master’s degree with training, would that help me when I’m applying non-training jobs? and core training jobs?

    I am appreciating your guidance.

  55. Hey Najiya. I’m in a similar situation as you. How did everything work out for you? Its pretty scary thinking that they might not give registration.

  56. I wanted to ask. I graduated in 2014 and completed my internship in 2015. I have also gotten my full registration certificate and license since then and have been working as a medical officer. But I have an 8month gap in my CV for personal reasons. Do I need to account for that gap?

    1. When filling up past professional experience in online GMC application, you can not drop a single date.
      So, yeah you have to mention what you did in those 8 months. It can be anything. Just be truthful.

  57. Therefor is it okay even if my PMQ is from China and my internship certificate with provisional registration is from India .

  58. hi , i am currently studying in china however my university has the option of doing internship in my homecountry india. So will it be possible for me to get registration if i got my internship cerficate in india even though i completed the rest of my course in china . It is compulsory to complete intership in the university you enrolled in.
    thank you.

  59. Thank you for your great effort,
    My graduation was long time ago, year 2001, I attended my internship in my medicine school hospital for 12 months from March 2001 to Feb 2002, I got my full license to practice in March 2002. since that, I have been working as doctor without any gaps.
    I sat Plab2 on May 31st, 2018 & I’ve just passed.
    My 2 questions; Do I still need to prove provisional license during my internship 17 years ago? And the 2nd question, Do you think they will have doubts about my experience declared in my application and will ask me to prove my last 5 years experience because I GRADUATED LONG TIME AGO?
    Thank you

    1. First of all congratulations on passing PLAB 2 and taking a step at your career at this far from your graduation. This is surely commendable and I wish you success.
      Secondly, I would suggest you apply with your internship certificate as is. IF GMC wants to have a proof of provisional registration, then you will have to provide. Some doctors said they didn’t need a separate proof for provisional registration.
      Again, first apply with all the things they specified. IF they want it you have to provide. I haven’t heard of anyone who had to prove their clinical experience while being fully registered on the land. So there you go.
      Good Luck.

  60. Hi, I have a question about the gmc registration. So when I did my internship I took a vacation for a month during Ramadan and went back to my home country. So I missed a month in a minor ward. When I got back I had another minor ward for a month so I took 2 shifts and completed the month I missed during that period as well. My internship certificate does not show any gap. The consultant has signed for the month that I missed even though I didn’t do the ward during that month. So when I apply for gmc registration do they take a look at your passport? Will this be an issue for me?

    1. This will not cause you any issue whatsoever. So long as your documentation shows no gaps and everything is well accounted for, you should not face any problems.

  61. Hi, I graduated from a medical University in Bulgaria in the month of March(2018), however I am back to my country (Nigeria). My CGS from the Bulgarian medical council would have expired before it’s needed. and i am not registered to medical council in Nigeria. Do you have any advice on how to go about this?

    1. Are you full registered under the Bulgarian Medical Council?
      If yes, then you’d need to collect another CGS when you apply for GMC registration.
      If No, that means you aren’t full registered as a doctor anywhere, your option is to contact to GMC regarding this, they sort this out on individual basis.

  62. Hello, your patience in answering every question that comes your way is amazing:) Kudos to you! By the way really detailed blog you’ve got here.
    I would like to ask about the FI/F2 year. if one didn’t do internship but rather a 6 year medical program, is it possible that GMC will accept them? In that case GMC will provide them with provisional license to do F1 and F2, am I right? If am correct they dont need to provide any Internship proof?
    thanks in anticipation:)”

  63. Thanks its taken nearly a two months wait and i have every single paper and experience possible … been at my wits end thinking what next of my career and life every single day just because i couldn’t finish my internship within 24 months of primary medical qualification… i provided everything they asked for and all were filled and by all my consultants themselves commending me . Thanks your reply has been very reassuring as i couldn’t find a single person who claimed a similar situation.

  64. they have forwarded my application to the registrar still waiting on a decision but i was wondering if the not whiten 2 years of PMQ has worked out for other people.

    1. Are you asking your internship being not within 2 years of PMQ?
      Yes, providing all the consultant forms and other required papers, I have seen people getting GMC FULL registration with this issue just fine.

  65. Thank you Dr Ibrahim.
    Just another quick question, about foundation competencies form.
    It is mentioned that, “Consultants are only eligible to sign this certificate if they have worked with you for a minimum continuous period of three months whole-time equivalent wholly within the 3.5 years prior to the advertised post start date for which you are applying.”
    But my internship period was in 2012 to 2014 (for 2 years), which is clearly more than 4 years ago. In this case, whom shall i ask for the signature? My current consultant or during the internship period?
    Thank you!

  66. Hi Dr Ibrahim!
    I have a question regarding the certificate of good standing. Do we need to present the certificate itself during the ID check or the good standing certificate can be sent directly via our country’s medical council to GMC instead?

    1. Hello Dr Lynda,
      Both ways it is acceptable.
      Some medical councils do not have that opportunity to directly send it to GMC so some doctors have no other way but to present with the physical one.
      But 3 months validity applies in both cases.

  67. Hey
    Just a question about the difference between research medical capacity and non medical post. I was doing research at a hospital but not working in a clinical capacity at the hospital. So would that make it a non-medical post?
    Thanks a lot!

    1. If it didn’t involve interaction with patients, I would say it’s a non-medical job. You can always drop an email to GMC.

  68. hello
    I have a quick question , i did not complete my internship whiten 2 years of my PMQ as i was taking my USMLEs among other personal issues i have proof for . I was made to fill out gen 2 forms by all my consultants including internship . Will i get full registration considering there were no gaps in my internship when i did start it and the gen 2 forms are fully completed and i was employed at two hospitals 3 and 6 months each after internship. Or is my career doomed ?

    1. What’s the verdict by GMC after you’ve submitted the GEN 2 forms? Has GMC declined your application?

  69. I have a very detailed question.
    I finished my Medical Degree and half of my internship in my home country. I was able to get registered in the national medical council and get the letter of good standing along with my certificate of internship (4 months only)
    Then I travelled to a near by country where I completed (8 months) my internship period there. However, I wasn’t registered there in the medical council because registration is only fesible for residents, post graduate students or doctors who are citezens of that country. As I’m none other those, I can only be granted a certificate of internship upon completion stating my name, graduate school name, period and months and department I did my internship in, and that I didn’t violate any regulations and was in good conduct and behaviour.
    Now is that enough for registration? Or do I need another letter of approval of internship from the second country. Knowing that I did all of my internship teaching university hospitals.
    Please help.

    1. For those 8 months of internship where you did not hold any kind of registration, you may have to get Consultant Form signed by your supervising consultants and sent to GMC by them while GMC process your application.
      If you were couldn’t be registered because of that reason, your consultant in the second country may state that in the form.
      Here is the form:
      Remember you don’t need to get it signed now. Only when GMC asks you to do it.

  70. Salam Dr Ibrahim! i have a question regarding registration. I graduated as MBBS students from China in January 2012 and i did my Internship of 52 week before graduation in the affiliated hospital of the university according to requirement to get MBBS degree. Soon after graduation i got a scholarship from Chinese government to do my Master Degree in Surgery for 3 years and i started my Master degree from September 2012 till July 2015. Just before graduating i got a teaching job as a teacher in the same University in China and since September 2015 till today 2018 (3 years) i’m teaching in that university. now i’m planning to appear in PLAB exam. I WANTED TO KNOW WHAT KIND OF REGISTRATION I WILL GET if i pass my PLABs and this kind of gaps and circumstances? i’m really worried and one from my friend s=suggested me this blog to ask you. i will be very thankful to you for this help. looking forward for reply

    1. Was your internship of 52 weeks was done in medical capacity and under provisional registration of the local medical council?

  71. Hi Dr Ibrahim! Thank you for the precise information and help with this blog. I wanted to ask regarding my internship. I passed my final mbbs exams(from India) in Dec 2010. Started my internship( delay due to a miscarriage and a complicated pregnancy) in mid April 2012 till march2013( with some minor gaps when my infant fell ill). I completed my internship including the gaps on March 2014 ( break from April2013- February2014 due 2nd pregnancy). Will I need to provide any evidences for this break in internship or explaining in detail would be sufficient? My Plab2 results is due on 11/04/2018 and have booked for ID check on 30/04/2018( inshaAllah!). Thank you in advance?

    1. You will possibly need consultant reference from your supervising consultants for your entire duration of the internship. I don’t think for you booking the date 30/04/2018 is a good idea, as I don’t think all your consultants will reply this shortly with their forms signed.
      Here is the form
      This form will have to be sent to GMC Investigation team (the email ID GMC will send you) by your consultant from their official email. (If they don’t have official email, you need to inform GMC then they can arrange for fax or post).
      If you provide all the papers as GMC needs it, then they will give you the green signal for your ID check. If by 30/04/2018 not everything is approved, this date will be automatically cancelled.
      I would say try and contact your consultants during your internship, so that when GMC asks of you, you can promptly communicate with them and get the forms done.

    2. Hi Shams,
      I realize this is a very old post, did you ever get your full GMC registration accepted? I’m in a similar situation that I had completed my internship 3 years after graduation due to pregnancy.

  72. can u please tell if anyone had gap for 9 months gap in internshp training n he completed his internship 4 months after his due date of his roster date n got bmdc full registration, then is it problm for getting gmc registration?

    1. What does the internship completion certificate say? Did the person extend their provisional registration to complete the internship?

  73. Hi , your blog is like a PLABOPEDIA?!!
    It’s amazing how beautifully u explain everything!
    Good bless your efforts.
    I had the following doubt and it would be great if you can clarify it:
    Is the certificate of internship approval needed if I have got the internship completion certificate?
    Also I’m working as a tutor of a pre clinical subject so do I have to get an employee’s reference?
    I’m bit confused!
    Thank you
    Take care

    1. Thanks a lot for the title and kind words. 🙂
      If your internship completion certificate doesn’t mention about being provisionally registered, you need to get that that letter from your medical council.
      As for employer reference, GMC says:
      “If there are any periods during the last five years in which you have not been registered or licensed with a medical regulatory authority, but have been working in either a medical or non-medical capacity, you must provide a reference from each employer.”
      So this teaching is a non-medical capacity job, but aren’t you registered? So you won’t need anything to proof this or provide anything.
      GMC doesn’t care what you do after you are full registered in your country as your medical council is giving them the Certificate of Good Standing for that.

  74. Hey! Thanks so much for such a great blog. Just wanted to clarify after giving plab 2 we return to our home country, And then we have to fly down again for gmc ID check? And incase the visa expires before id check date apply for that again?

    1. Glad you like the blog! You have the choice to stay in the UK until your ID check if it permits, return on your original visa if it is still valid, or just apply for a new visa (this time the type would be ‘business- other’.

      1. i hope it may be due to comment being old but has GMC not abolished the ID check if you are taking the PLAB route and the id check done on PLAB2 exam date is enough, this is as i have gathered from different posts on your blog, please correct me if i am wrong

        1. Yes, the comment is one year old. It’s amazing for how long we are doing this. 🙂
          You are right. No separate GMC ID check for PLAB route.

        2. yes really really appreciate your efforts for this blog !! so so so helpful ! Only God can reward you for this amazing effort

  75. They do not reply yet and likely to be not reply. I need to be sure before starting the journey. I’ve heard that it is impossible to find a FY1 posts for IMG even non-traning posts.

  76. I got a general medicine certificate from a 6 year program at a university of medicine in Vietnam. This program includes learning theory in classes and practicing in public hospitals as a practitioner under consultant doctors. Learning theory and practicing in hospitals consecutive ( I mean sometime we practice in the hospitals in the morning and learn theory at the university’s class in the afternoon, or sometime we practice in the hospitals after finish learning theory at univerity’s class ). After graduate, I’ve been working in a private hospitals in Emergency department.
    I need to know if this 6 year program is accepted as the ” acceptable pattern of internship ” ? and Can I get a full registration with GMC after pass PLAB1&2 and IELTS or they just give me a provisional registration?

    1. This practicing you have mentioned, was there ever a time you were doing this that you had already completed your medical degree and were registered with your country’s medical regulatory board?

      1. In my country, this 6 year program is a compulsory, after finish you need to work in a private or public hospital at least 18 month ( just in a department, not rotate ) to be accepted for registration with my country medical regulation board, then you can work independent (not under any consultant doctor ), and you need for more 4 years to get a specialist degree ( it is not compulsory ).
        I registered with my country medical regulatory board as an internist 2 years ago.

  77. Assalamualaikum Ibrahim!
    Thank you a TON for all your efforts! May Allah S.W.T bless you always Always! Ameen!
    Sorry Brother to bother you, but I have a query regarding the latest news of Registration from June 2018. From June 2018, we need to have our verification done by the ECFMG by opening an EPIC account..
    My exam is on the April 20th and the results come out after 4 weeks..Is there a possibility that I would not need to go through this ECFMG process? The reason why I’m reluctant is that my college charges 50,000 INR to verify the documents sent by the ECFMG..and if possible, I would like to avoid that.
    Once again, thank you so much!
    Waiting for your reply,

    1. I am glad it was of help and may Allah give you good returns for your kind words too.
      Yes, the date you have for exam is good. If you book the GMC ID check date the day you are done with your PLAB 2, 20th April- Hopefully you will get a date on May, 2018.
      Imo, do not book the earliest possible date. Keep a good margin- so that, by chance, GMC requires more papers you can still provide before your ID check date.
      Good luck.

      1. I’ll just clarify it once again so that I don’t disturb you anymore :p
        April 20: PLAB 2
        April 20: Book the appointnent for ID Check, hopefull in late May.
        Wait 4 weeks for the results.
        So basically, I have a week- 10 days margin after the result, to apply for registration and to appear for the ID check (which hopefully I’ll be able to get) and that would be possible right?
        JazakAllah khair once again!

  78. thanks again brother , when u said Two years of Foundation Training Programme (F1/F2) , in those two years i get paid or not ? cuz i dont have so much money to live 2 years

  79. Hi I have a question I was registered with the medical council of my home country do I still need get letter from them that I was registered apart from good standing certificate thanks

    1. Apart from certificate of good standing, if you were provisionally registered during your internship with your medical council, you need a letter from your council stating that.
      That letter is more related to your internship than your registration.

  80. Hi, Thanks for the nice guideline. I have a query regarding the MBBS certificate. I have graduated from Sylhet M A G Osmani Medical college ,Sylhet and Only have my provisional certificate as there have not been any convocation in SUST. So should I need the main certificate or only the provisional one would suffice?

    1. Hello.
      For final GMC registration after passing PLAB 2, they require your full certificate. But, if your university is still yet to provide that, you can simply email GMC about it and they do consider with only the provisional one.

      1. Thank you for your nice guideline. I have a question.Is full certificate is needed for
        PLAB 1??.I have provisional certificate with BMDC full registration.

        1. No certificate is needed for PLAB 1, you just need to fill up your information in your GMC online account. You will need the certificates / diploma after you pass all the PLABs and apply for GMC registration. As if for some reason (no convocation) your university did not provide you with the main certificate, you can apply for GMC reg with your provisional one too.
          But remember, if you are applying for GMC registration after 11th June, 2018 – you will have to get your final medical diploma verified by EPIC. And i think you will need to get your main certificate for that, provisional won’t suffice.
          To know about EPIC:

          And to know about how to get your main certificate in Bangladesh:

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