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  1. I already have FRCS in Ophthalmology from The Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow and FRCOphth from the Royal College of Ophthalmologists as my post graduate qualifications. My primary medical qualification of MBBS is from Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi, India and my MS in Ophthalmology from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, India. I am presently working as Professor (Additional) In Ophthalmology at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Rishikesh, India

    What all documents are required to be verified if I have to get my GMC registartion?

    1. You can apply for GMC registration on the basis of your FRCOphth from the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. So in this case you need that AND your PMQ from Lady Hardinge College to be EPIC verified.

  2. Akshay rahurkar

    Hi, I am in the process of credential verification..
    Which option do I need to select..
    MBBS diploma or Pg medical education credential??

  3. In the account details page of my gmc account,I accidentally entered the passed date wrong though the year is correct.Will that be a problem later on?

  4. Hello. Hope you are both well. Is it possible for me to apply for verification of my PMQ and APQ at different times(Since i am prepping for mrcs currently) on EPIC? If I am planning for applying for GMC registration via the APQ route, is verification of my PG degree not required at all?

  5. thank you for such good articles.
    I have passed plab1, but had done EPIC verification for USMLE in 2019, how do I send my EPIC verification to GMC?

  6. Hi doc
    I gave my final year exams in March 2016
    Got final year exam passed results in May 2016
    Did my internship between Aug 2016-Aug 2017
    Got my degree certificate in October 2017

    So my DATE OF COMPLETION would be March 2016 & DATE OF ISSUE OF MEDICAL DEGREE would be May 2016 right? Kindly reply pls. Thanks in advance

      1. Is the ‘Date of issue of medical degree’ the date in which our final year passed results came out or the date when we received the certificate (I received my certificate 1 year after my passed results came out. Did my internship after the passed results and before receiving the degree certificate).

  7. Hi guys. A question about requesting EPIC to send a report to the GMC after having my credentials verified if I may.
    I had done my ECFMG credentials verified last year for some other purpose. I sent an email to EPIC to have that transferred into my account and thankfully was able to do that. I had to complete my NotaryCAM ID verification and got that approved as well. Here’s where I’m facing a dilemma. I’m not entirely sure whether my EPIC verification report has been sent to GMC. I sent an email to EPIC and they didn’t give me a clear reply about whether I should pay 45$ to have my report sent to the GMC. I subsequently sent an email to GMC and they as well just said that they don’t have any access to EPIC reports unless I apply for GMC Registration.

    So, in my position, should I pay the 45$ and request EPIC to send the report to GMC just to be ahead of things? I’m still waiting for my PLAB 2 results at the moment so should I wait for my results first? If I do wait it out, and find out later I should request a report to be sent, generally speaking how long does that process for EPIC to send my report to the GMC?

    It’s a long question but I’d highly appreciate any responses!

    1. You will have to pay EPIC to send it to GMC and it is completely upto you whether you want to wait for results or not. We would not have any idea how long does it take, but my guess would be not many days as everything is already done electronically. But remember, once you send your EPIC report to GMC, it stays with them for a year – that means you have to apply for registration within that year (for your case it won’t be an issue as you have PLAB 2 already)! Good luck with your results!

      1. Thanks Ivan! I guess the best thing to do is pay for it in advance. Love your website and all the information you guys have arranged!

  8. Hi doc,
    I gave my final year exams in March 2016,
    Got final year passed results in May 2016
    Did my internship between August 2016-July 2017
    Got my degree certificate in October 2017
    So the DATE OF COMPLETION would be March 2016 & DATE OF ISSUE OF MEDICAL DEGREE would be May 2016 right?
    Kindly reply please

  9. Hi doc…once the whole epic verification is complete,do we have have option to NOT send the report rightaway to GMC since the report validity is for only 1 yr? Or once the report is ready they automatically send it GMC?

  10. Hi Dr Ibreez and Dr Ibrahim, thank you again for your post!

    Would we need to get our (1)internship certificate, (2) licence to practice, and (3)certificate of good standing verified through ECFMG?
    If not, does this mean that the ONLY document needing verification is our PMQ certificate, and others can be directly provided to GMC?

    Thank you for your help, as always!

  11. hello,
    is it possible to start EPIC verification before my instituition issues my degree? as i’m in my internship and my PMQ will be given to me only upon completion of my internship.

    1. If you read through the comments here you will find the answer by Dr Pooja. She contacted EPIC and GMC and shared here experience.
      I will add it in the FAQ soon.

  12. hey thankyou for these guidence actually i wanted to ask that i have done o levels and my name on my o level certificate O1 certificate is different and on O2 its different. i wanted to know will epic or gmc will make and objection on this while on all other educational documents name are same but there is a slight spelling change in only O1 certificate of o levels. should i apply for rectification of name or its acceptable as written. please guide.

    1. I don’t think your higher secondary or secondary level education will ever be checked in the whole process. You have graduated from medical school which wouldn’t have been possible without So, no worries.

      1. Thankyou so much sir for your guidance, is there any previous case like this you have heard of? Any student had the same issue like this and didnt face any problem actually rectification will take 2-3 months so sir i am not taking any chance and thinking to make it correct as soon as possible?

        1. I haven’t heard of anyone’s pre-medical educational qualifications were ever checked. Always follow that name according to your passport.

  13. Hello There!
    My school has given me online internship as part of the pre-graduate internship. Will this become an issue for my PMQ during EPIC?
    Thank you.

    1. If your college has awarded the diploma based on that online internship, then it should not be any trouble for EPIC verification.

      1. According to the criteria for acceptable overseas medical qualification, it is stated:
        ‘It must have been awarded after a programme of study, comprising at least 5,500 hours over a minimum period of years, depending on circumstances.’
        Hence, for GMC, will my online internship as a pre-graduate internship be a problem/or be rejected due to this criteria?
        Also, I do not have clerkships as part of my medical degree because my University does not provide clerkships as part of the programme of study, will that become an issue later on too?

        1. So your online internship contains hours of education too, doesn’t it? If the circumstances were extraneous because of COVID-19 I am sure you will have a scope of explaining. And have you checked whether your degree is accepted by WDOMS?

  14. Hi, i want to clarify this right here – ” Please note that ECFMG verification will not expire but the final EPIC report sent to GMC stays there for one year only. So, if you have not applied for GMC registration within one year of sending the EPIC report to GMC, you will have to resend it, which will cost you 45 USD. ”
    can i verify my PMQ via EPIC and not send it to GMC right away? does it work automatically that EPIC will send the verification authentication to GMC or the organization of choice automatically? or i can just get the verification done and send it to GMC whenever i wish without paying 45$

  15. Hello. I am a student from India. I have done my Medical education in 2 different colleges. My first and second year from a college not part of WDOMS on the other hand, Third, fourth year and internship from a college that is listed in the WDOMS. Will I have to notify the information of both colleges during EPIC or GMC registration?
    (P. S I shall be obtaining degree completion certificate from the second college)

    1. If your second college is awarding the degree then you don’t need to mention anything else. You are a graduate from the awarding college and that’s it.

      1. But it asks the date of start to the university. Obviously the first years of the university were done at the non-awarding one. What do we do with that?

        1. You mention the start date as it is, but at the end of the day, the awarding institution is where the verification will be sent.

  16. Gokul Salim Narayanan

    Hello again! I just wanted to clarify a query regarding the NotaryCam proceedings to verify my EIF form. Am I supposed to print out the form, sign it on paper and then hold it up to the camera during verification time? Or am I expected to have a digital signature done? Or should I download it, print it, sign it, and then scan it again to make it digital? Thanks in advance!

  17. Hi, can u please help me with 2 things
    1) date of completion (attendance)is the date of passing final year exam or date of completion of internship (as medical degree was awarded after completing internship)
    2) issue of medical degree is the date of final year exam result or date when I actually got the certificate? (I know this question has been repeated many times, but I found different answers and hence asking again for final confirmation)

    1. The date of completion is the date when your educational years finished. It should be before you passed. The date you passed is when you got your passed results.


    I need to know that , i have passed mrcs A but yet to appear in part b , however, i got my PMQ verified , but i havent sent a report to gmc [ as it appears on my account ]should i wait till mrcs part b and after my gmc registration , or shoud i sent a report now?

  19. Hi there. I already had my credentials verified by ECFMG before and I have transfered them to my new EPIC account. I was able to email them and they did it promptly.
    However, my account shows this message – You do not have a valid EPIC Identification Form (EIF) on file. You must have a valid EIF to upload credentials and request EPIC reports. For more information, visit the My Identity Documents tab.
    Is it necessary to verify my identity or am I good for now?

    1. You need to have a EIF form. By having previous ECFMG you just skip the later primary source verification part of your degree. But your verification as you hasn’t been done.

        1. Tbh compared to the cash you have to spill for going to other countries, UK is much better. But, I get you!

  20. GMC can be informed about my EPIC verification way before I actually start applying for Registration right ? There is no specified validity period right ?

  21. I am a MBBS without a medical license to practise anywhere. Will this work for EPIC registration? Would it be fine if I just submit my MBBS certificate/diploma or would they need me to furnish a license copy or registration number too?

  22. Hi, i have a issue regarding my name in the passport and all my other certificates. My name is written like this “AYON DEBNATH’ on my passport and IELTS certificate. As you can see there is no space between Debnath. However, on other certificates(Medical, school/college) certificates, there’s a space between Deb and nath (–> AYON DEB NATH). What documentation i have to provide during verification to prove that both of these name belong to me?
    Any help would be really appreciated.

  23. hi , I am struggling to understand this “The photo and passport will appear on the EPIC Identification Form (EIF), which the physician must have certified by an acceptable official (NotaryCam) and then mailed to ECFMG. The ECFMG will email links of NotaryCam once they have the EIF ready to get certified. The physician must have a certified EIF on file with ECFMG in order to use EPIC.”
    Dos this mean that the pic and passport i have to submit first needs to be certified by the “notary cam” somewhere in my country ?
    Or does it mean that i send my pics to ECFMG and they then provide link to verify ?

    1. They will provide NotaryCam link and you will have contact them via a video calling service with your passport at hand.

  24. Hi Guys, Great work with this Blog.. really helps lot of people.
    And I had a question about the credentials already verified for USMLE. I sat for USMLE in 2005 and didn’t Pass. Plans changed and then I didn’t attempt USMLE again. Now for GMC registration I opened the EPIC account but when I contacted them to use the already verified credentials (that I did for USMLE), they came back saying that they are unable to find my verified credentials in the record! So my questions:
    1. Are they missing something and I should insist on checking the record again (I already wrote an email to ECMFG on this)? Or
    2. Since I didn’t complete my USMLE cycle within seven years so my earlier validations has kind of expired. Or
    3. There is some other expiry or some other issues involved here?
    Thanks for your help on this.
    Dr. Far.

    1. Ibrahim Ivan

      Did you provide your ECFMG/USMLE/EICS ID while opening an EPIC account? If yes and they said they can’t find any verified credential then something must be missing. You can definitely ask ECFMG again what happened to that verification that was done.
      As far I know the primary source verification doesn’t expire.

      1. Thanks for your reply..
        Yes when I opened my EPIC account I provided them my USMLE ID. After EIF was all completed I wrote to EPIC about my earlier verifications of PMQ (which was done for USMLE in 2005), and they came back telling me that they couldn’t find a record. Also they told me if I need further investigation, I should reach out to ECFMG directly. I have written an email to ECFMG couple of days ago – hoping they will come back with some positive answer.
        But good to know that verified credentials don’t expire; that was my main worry.
        I doubt that they would have let me sit for USMLE without verifying my PMQ, so I am pretty sure it was verified and they should have it in their record.
        Thanks again!

  25. Thanks for the article. Quite informative. A small doubt, if someone’s college name doesn’t appear in the ‘list of Medical schools’ when one enters PMQ details , instead asks for manual entry of the proper address and name, is that a troublesome issue? Does it have the same big process like getting PMQ enlisted in GMC list of colleges.

    1. Ibrahim Ivan

      I don’t think so as they will be verifying that in the process of doing the whole thing anyway.

  26. Hi ..I have already verified my primary medical degree certificate by ecfmg. But I recently lost the original degree . I have applied for the duplicate. For GMC registration now I have to again verify this duplicate degree certificate or the original degree verification can b used? Please suggest .

  27. Hi there, I have done mbbs as well as MD from India and I have passed Plab 1 and will sit for plab 2 in March. Should I get both of my degrees verified or just the MBBS degree? I know my MD is not recognised in UK but just in case. Thanks.

    1. It is clearly mentioned in the article what document you need to verify via EPIC for your GMC registration if you take the PLAB route. If your heart says to verify other documents as well, it’s your money and it’s your time.

  28. when establishing an epic account, the form asks for degree issue date, is that the date of passing the final exam? or the date the degree was signed and dispatched to me (many months after actually passing)?

  29. hello. i have applied for ecfmg but but my passport/photo is repeatedly getting rejected. i have followed all the criteria mentioned.kindly help

  30. Please do u have any information on what document I can upload as my PMQ certificate had been destroyed in a house fire incidence!

  31. Hello sir, the last letter of my father’s name is different on my passport and my medical degree. You have mentioned that they will request documentation to validate my name as it appears on my credential. My full name on passport is Ragunath Duraipandi but my full name on my medical degree is Ragunath Duraipandy. Could you please tell me the steps that I should follow for the same? And will I have an issue with GMC registration because of this issue? Thanks in advance.

    1. The best possible solution for this is to get your degree certificate corrected if you can and maintain your name spelling everywhere according to your passport.

  32. Ajay Krishnan

    Hi, will the verification details be sent to my college or the university under which my college is?

    1. Depends on how your medical college and university functions. Most of the time it goes to college. But I have heard that for some it has gone to university as well. EPIC will tell you where it has been sent.

  33. Hello, can you tell me about my PMQ , which is verified by physician apply Canada.. Do I need to send it for verification by EPIC? Thank you

  34. Are you required to contact GMC once a verified report has been sent to them by EPIC?The thing is, I’m yet to take the Plab 2. I just wanted to complete this EPIC verification to prevent future delays when I want to apply for full registration. Is this okay?

  35. hello ! so i graduated from SZMC , a medical college that is under the umbrella of a university in Pakistan named UHS(university of health sciences). now i uploaded my mbbs degree or certificate for verification by ecfmg and they have sent it to UHS for verification, not to my medical college
    now my question is , do i need to get it verified only by the university and then send it back to ecfmg or do i need to get it verified from my medical college’s principal as well ???
    please help !
    p.s. the mbbs degree that we are issued is actually from the university and not out college

      1. thanks !
        and do you know if there is any time limit within which we have to send it back to ecfmg, after getting it verified from where ecfmg has sent it??
        i have emailed them but there has been no response

        1. As quickly as you can. Verification will happen whenever they receive the appropriate documents.

  36. Hi,
    The college where I did my MBBS is mentioned in the WDOMS and was there in the options when I registered for GMC and IELTS. However I do not see it in the options when I am trying to make an EPIC account . Is this a problem ?
    There is an option of adding the information of my college. But does this mean that my application wont be accepted ? Looking forward to your response.

    1. If it’s in the WDOMS list, it should be in the EPIC list as well. Maybe try searching with less names for e.g instead of searching the full college name try using parts of it and then see what happens. Try emailing EPIC about it. And see what happens.

  37. Mostafa Sherif

    The worst service ever
    My MRCP took 16 days from the EPIC to send for verification in the Royal College
    They don’t have clear timelines and in the same time they don’t respond to any complaints
    I wonder why the GMC is using them

    1. I am hearing a lot of complaints recently regarding EPIC’s service. Maybe you should complain to GMC as well.

  38. Hello , if i choose electronic communication for medical diploma verification instead of choosing courier service ;
    What is the thing it Should be done by college administration?
    1) Should they only reply to there Email verifying it ? Or
    2) They should print my medical diploma certificate and put college seal plus principal’s signature then scan and again email them?

    1. I don’t think ECFMG receives email. Your college has to print the documents and get appropriately authorized send the paper documents via post.

  39. Termizi Bin Shafie

    Hi dear,
    What should I do when Im applying for EPIC if my nationality on my degree and my current passport are different.
    *I changed my nationality after I obtained my MBBS degree
    please help

  40. What is the procedure by which my college can verify my PMQ online? I have already submitted all my documents to EPIC.

  41. My college has sent the verification documents of my PMQ to the EPIC via ordinary post. But its been 1 month now and EPIC has not received it till now. Maybe it is lost in transit. What should be done next?
    I have heard that the medical college can verify it. What is the procedure for it?
    Please help. Thanks in advance.

    1. If ECFMG has not received it, I don’t think the process will go any further. What of you try resending the documents with a trackable service?

  42. In the Medical School info part, regarding Degree issued date, should I type in the date mentioned in the MBBS certificate or the results published date?
    PS: University of Dhaka

    1. As per the results date as that is the day you were awarded the degree (technically). The date on your certificate is the date of issue of the certificate, not the degree.

  43. shahriar raja

    Hello, I am from Bangladesh and tried to open an EPIC account. But my medical license authority (BMDC) did not show up in the search result and I have to do it manually. What should I write in the address portion? Should I include my registration number or only the address of the BMDC authority?

    1. Ibrahim Ivan

      BMDC should be there. Many doctors before you have already done this. Maybe ask in the related facebook groups.

  44. i only have provisional certificate for mbbs . should i put this for verification or i need to obtain main certificate ?

    1. If yours is not awarded yet and there is no way you can get one, you should go ahead with the provisional one. They primary sourec verify it anyway. Still you can drop an email to EPIC and get sure of that.

  45. How to begin the epic process? Whom to send the certificate?Only degree certificate to verify or work experience certificate too if have any..

  46. hey,
    it is mentioned on the GMC website that we need to send our PMQ to GMC to check if the qualification is acceptable. once they confirm that its acceptable, then we need to begin the EPIC process to get our PMQ independently verified. this is what i have understood so far.
    am i correct?
    if yes, then on what email address are we required to send our PMQ to check if its an acceptable qualification?
    if no, then is the EPIC account the first step of this whole process?

    1. “As part of your application you’ll need to send us a copy of your primary medical qualification.”
      You send them the copy of the PMQ via the email they ask you for that after you make your application online.

  47. Hello! I have a query. As far as i have understood we have to get our PMQ certified via epic which is done via electronic mailing system. What if our university doesn’t offer this facility? What we are gona do in that case? Kindly help!

  48. Hello I have completed my mbbs from China and then completed internship there..then I came my country nepal became resistered and have 2 years house job experience I am thinking of giving plab may be on November now..after clearing plab I will be working as what in uk? And when and how to start with postgraduation there?? And for now do I need to apply something to my medical school China for any documents verification Or can directly do through gmc?

  49. Same Situation Here.I have completed my MRCP. I will be attending the ceremony only on july 2019, so do i have to wait till that time for EGFMG???

  50. Hello sir,
    This is just to help those with similar doubts :
    I contacted EPIC regarding with provisional degree is enough or whether we need final medical diploma. They asked me to confirm with GMC regarding this.
    GMC informed me that it is the Final medical diploma that needs to be verified by EPIC.
    So i hope this is helpful for others who are unsure

    1. That is so kind of you to share.
      But I just had a question, what if a doctor is passed and qualified but the university just wont give the final medical diploma before the awarding ceremony happens. In that case will they have to wait until that ceremony?

  51. Also, sir , can you please kindly clarify once again,
    Can we use Provisional Registration Certificate while registering for EPIC or do we need original MBBS pass certificate ?
    Because, early on in this chat stream you mentioned provisional certificate wont do, but later you told me provisional certificate is enough. So I am confused sir. I am currently doing internship and have only this provisional certificate issued by my college.
    Kindly clarify
    Thank you

    1. Have you emailed EPIC about this?
      There is no clear instruction whether the provisional certificate will or wont be accepted for verification of your degree. Argument can be given from both sides on the basis of logic. The only institution can clarify is EPIC themselves.

  52. “Indicate whether you are currently a medical school student or graduate.”
    If you are in the process of completing the requirements to be eligible for the final medical diploma, you should indicate you are a “Student”.
    If you have completed the requirements to be eligible for the final medical diploma, you should indicate you are a “Graduate”, regardless of whether your final medical diploma has been issued.
    sir, what do we choose for this if we are currently doing our internship ???

  53. hello i need one thing to know. i hav near about 8 months gap in my internship. i hv complted gynae & obs rotation for 12 weeks & then i hav gap for 8 months. then i completed medicine for 19 weeks & surgery for 19 weeks. so can i get gmc registration or this gap will hamper? and one more thing i want to know. i hav completed my mbbs with internship in 2016. for gmc registration do we need to continue medical job in a hospital or no job is needed, thank u

    1. Hello,
      The gap in your internship will be asked from you to explain as to why it was taken. And for the OBGGYN rotation, I assume you have started that immediately after MBBS. So, that’s a good thing.
      A satisfactory explanation for your gap with documentary proof as and if GMC wants it, will suffice hopefully.

  54. sir, the college i am studying in now falls under a different university . so when epic does primary source verification, will it contact the college or the university the college comes under?

  55. hello doctor
    I did my PLAB 2 on 4th of october and did the ID check on the same day ( new policy by GMC started on 2nd october ) anyway now I am waiting for my diploma to be verified by EPIC , my question is should I proceed with applying for full GMC registration or wait till I am done with the whole EPIC process ?
    I have read online that I can start applying for jobs after plab 2.. is that still possible with my current situation ??

    1. When you apply for the jobs, you can’t state in the application that you’ve applied for GMC registration until you’ve completed EPIC, so I would suggest first completing all the formalities associated with applying and then apply for jobs.

  56. Sir, i have a few more doubts about the whole EPIC process :
    1. I am currently doing my internship, and the final medical diploma will be given to us only after we finish internship, so how do I go about the whole EPIC process if i cannot upload my medical diploma yet ? I only have my final exam marksheet and a Provisional Certficate of having completed MBBS issued by my college. Will this be enough ?
    2. I am having difficulty understanding a few terminologies here :
    a) What does licensure history mean ?
    b) What exactly is NotaryCam ?
    c) What does Having a Valid EIF “on file” mean?
    If you could kindly take time and clear these doubts, I shall be very grateful..
    Thanking you in advance for all your troubles.

    1. 1. You can upload that provisional certificate, as it will be primary source verified, you don’t necessarily need the main certificate.
      a) If you are doing internship you haven’t been licensed with any medical regulatory bodies like state medical council, GMC, AMC etc yet.
      b) It’s an online Notary service that NEED to be used to identify yourself. It’s a notary via webcam. They see you and attest.
      c) Until and unless you have validated your identity via NotaryCam i.e your EIF will not be valid.

  57. Hello, i have a ecfmg id number.. i havent really used the account or added any details in it yet ..
    1. should i still create an epic account ?
    2. also i heard that setting up an ecfmg account costs around $75, but when i created the account i didnt pay any money, so does that mean that the account has not been set up right ?

    thank you in advance for you kind reply

    1. Hello,
      If your current ECFMG account doesn’t have any verified credentials (medical degree) in it already then it doesn’t hold any value, does it? And for GMC you will have to open a EPIC account and upload the credentials to start the verification process. Uploading credentials and sending them to verify is when it costs money.

  58. I just want to tell you that the ECFMG accepted the letter of confirmation instead of the original certificate provided that you upload it through the specialist qualification

  59. Hello everyone! I graduated last August but I only received a temporary diploma our final diploma is only delivered after one year meanwhile i’m preparing for IELTS and want to start my EPIC, what can I do ? I can’t wait till next year.Do they accept the temporary diploma?
    Ps: I asked for the final diploma in my college but they requested a written justification from where can I get it?

    1. You can email info@ecfmgepic.org asking whether they will accept provisional certificate for verification. If they don’t, then you can state that e-mail to your college authorities explaining your situation.

  60. Is that original certificate issued only after submitting an application for a membership or an equivalent email recieved on a day results are announced can also be forwarded for Epic verification?

  61. Hi , does anyone have any idea whether the EPIC would accept the confirmation letter of mrcs to be verified rather than the original certificate as i haven’t received the original one yet ??
    Thanks in advance

  62. Hello,
    I have applied for gmc process through postgrad qualification route and its underway… at the same time i have been offered a job in nhs hospital…can the hospital apply for COS letter before the whole gmc gets done? and if yes then can i apply for tier 2 visa and land in uk and go for gmc biometrics first and then start my job?
    thank you

    1. Hello, no without GMC registration your job application cannot proceed unless you’re application has already been accepted and only your ID check is pending.
      If only your ID check remains, you can apply for your TIER 2, complete the ID check, and start your job.

  63. Shumaila Nouman

    I have my ecfmg number..Is opened my account for..five year go..so tell me what to do can I use same ID numbnu

  64. Hello, In all my certificates i have, my name is Krishnakumar R but in my passport it is Krishnakumar Radhakrishnan. Basically my initials are expanded. Will this be an issue for epic verification or gmc registration?

    1. did you mail the gmc and epic and what did you have to do. would be really grateful if you could give an insight into this

  65. I’m planning to register with the gmc by postgraduate qualification, but I will finish the mrcs exam late, can I do epic verification using my primary medical qualification and do gmc registration until I finish the mrcs exam then do epic verification of mrcs? As I have heard that mrcs verification takes less time and by doing that I can choose the date of id check much more early.

    1. If you intend on registering with your PGQ, you need to complete MRCS, clear IELTS/OET, then do EPIC for your PMQ and PGQ, and then apply for GMC registration.

  66. What if a student did his mbbs diploma(in india this is the verifying document)from 2 medical colleges in the same state because the first one got shut down and is currently inoperative. The MBBS diploma will be of the new college but the new college will verify for the time the student was in that college. So for the rest period (which the student did in the previous college) ,can the university under which the college was affiliated attach a document along with,stating about the previous college?

    1. If the diploma (the certificate) states only the later medical college, then verification of the diploma from them is enough. Point that, the EPIC verification is NOT of your educational institutions rather it’s a verification of the DIPLOMA.
      I would still suggest contacting with EPIC about this matter.

  67. Hi there,
    I am Muntasir faisel. Today I have started the process of GMC registration. Its really complicated and dubious. I can uderstand to complete all the options of GMC registration would take huge time.I have two queries to you. Firstly, I am proceeding for GMC registration through Accredited Post-Graduation Qualifications Pathway. Whether both of my Primary Medical Certificate and Post-graduate Certificate would be testified by ECMGH or only the post-graduate certificate.

    1. Hello,
      It is not that complicated when you get the hang of it. The fear “what if I put this wrong” is the problem. Trust me, if you put something wrong in the online application you can always just give a call and change it with their help.
      As for your question, quoting from the post above:
      “If you are taking the accepted PG qualification route: In this case BOTH your PMQ and the PG qualification needs to be EPIC verified. That means in this case, your cost will go up a bit to get the whole process done.”
      So, yes.
      If your credentials aren’t EPIC verified yet, and you make the payment for GMC registration, remember you will have 3 months time to get them EPIC verified and proceed on with your application process.
      Even though it is for the PLAB route, this post might help is some aspects of online registration,

  68. when i entered my epic id i got this message ” Your qualification has either not been sent for verification, or the qualification you have submitted to ECFMG is not a final medical diploma. You cannot apply until it has been sent. Please contact ECFMG at info@ecfmgepic.org.” . Although i have verified my final medical diploma.

    1. Ensure that what you’ve submitted is what they are asking for by following the link regarding what needs to be sent in. Different countries have different names for the degrees, which can occasionally cause confusion. If still there is an issue, it is in your best interest to email ecfmg and see what they say.

  69. Hello thank you for the information for people that Already finished speciality in my case OBGYN i would need to upload (medical diploma, internship validation document and specialist diploma)? Anything else ??? Thanks

    1. Are you planning to apply for GMC registration through PLAB route? or GMC acceptable PG qualifications?

  70. thank you really for your great efforts.
    i have a question i want to apply through MTI route but i still didn`t finish my master degree (expected to complete it around october) and since epic will need GMC account first …. can i make make the GMC account using my MBBCH now and then update it later????

    1. EPIC is not needed to open a GMC Online account. EPIC is needed when you apply for “GMC registration”. If you are going to apply through the MTI route, whenever you receive the sponsorship certificate for GMC registration, open a GMC Online account and apply for registration through an approved sponsor route.
      Meanwhile, you can keep you EPIC verification done as it will be needed after/while you apply for GMC registration.
      Here is how to open a GMC Online account:
      Here is more about MTI:

  71. hey, i am from Bangladesh. while registering an EPIC account when they ask for ‘Date medical degree was issued’ do i give the result publication date or the date of issue at the bottom of my DU MBBS certificate?

  72. Yes my college is recognized by WDOMS. But according to the link you gave all colleges will need to be approved by a liason of the ecfmg from 2023. its not needed now.
    so is there any need for my college’s registration right now ?

  73. My college is relatively new and no one from my college has gotten an ecfmg registration before. Do i need to get my college registered with them at first as well ? please guide.. Thank You

  74. I’m in my internship how can I apply for epic
    Do I need my original certificate or provisional is enough ?
    Thank u

    1. You can apply for EPIC by the procedure explained above. Whether provisional certificate will work or not, it’s better if you email EPIC about it.

  75. Thank you Dr for the thorough explanation above.
    Please does Primary medical qualification mean my original MB;BS certificate issued by my university OR the license issued by the medical body in my country to practice medicine?
    Please clarify.
    Thank you.

  76. Dr. Fatema Mohammad Alam

    As-salamu-alikum…..Ibrahim and Ibreez A ……thanks for all the important information………my question is …Will an acceptable official (NotaryCam) contact the physician for the EPIC Identification Form (EIF) certification?……….. If not ….what is the procedure for certification of the EPIC Identification form? i mean does the physician have to arrange for this him/herself , if so what is the procedure…and my other question is can a physician update the ECFMG as he goes through his medical career and gain more qualifications and degrees? thankz

    1. Yes, once you upload it to NotaryCam, they will want to video chat with you by any means. So far people has been contacted through Skype even on their phone. There will be clear instructions to follow there.
      No, the physician doesn’t need to update on every qualification. For GMC registration, you need to verify your PMQ once and for all.

  77. Hi..I will be applying before 28 June, but I want to use this service, as I have my credentials already verified by the ECFMG and I don’t want GMC to send the PMQ for verification to the medical school and wait forever for their response. Has anyone used it already for GMC registration?

    1. The post, if I’m not mistaken, discusses about what to do if you are already verified by ECFMG. And doctors will need it when they apply for GMC registration after 11 june 2018. So I don’t think anybody has needed to use it yet.

    2. If you’re credentials have already been verified by the ECFMG, you won’t need to have it verified again. Simply enter your existing EPIC ID number in your GMC application.

    1. “The physician submits a request to establish an EPIC Account, which includes basic biographic information, details about his/her medical education and licensure history (if applicable), a recent photo, and a scanned image of the photograph page of his/her passport. The photo and passport will appear on the EPIC Identification Form (EIF), which the physician must have certified by an acceptable official (NotaryCam) and then mailed to ECFMG. ”

  78. If the college one is studying gets shut down, and the student got shifted to another college in the city, should that person write the plab exam? My friends are writing USMLE inspite of being from the same college. I am very confused about this. Can u please guide. Thanks in advance!.

  79. Thank you for your beautiful weblog!
    some changes have been made to the name of the university I have graduated from, previously it was called “Kabul Medical University” which is written on my diploma and transcripts, now it has been changed to “Kabul University of Medical Sciences” which is different than what it used to be and appear on my PMQ certificates . How can I handle this problem when having the documents verified.

    1. It is exists in the world directory of medical schools with its former name “Kabul Medical University Faculty of Medicine”. and labeled as currently operational.

  80. What if I apply for registration before 11 June and don’t get an ID check date before that ,would I still have to go through EPIC?

    1. No, as you have applied before 11 June and EPIC only applies to those applying for GMC registration from 11 June onwards.

  81. Sir I did mbbs and internship from India.. My Medical College is not in the world directory of medical school nor in the overseas medical qualifications which GMC do not accept and may accept… How Do I know if I’m eligible for GMC and PLAB sir

    1. Have you checked the spelling of your college before you entered it in the directory or left the city option blank?

  82. Hello sir.. I’m taking IELTS coaching and planning to give my PLAB 1 in November 2018..can I apply for GMC registration before June 11 2018 to avoid all the hassle with EPIC..? pls guide me.. Thank you.. Regards..!!!

    1. As PLAB 2 results take 1 month to be released, you will not be able to do GMC registration before June 11 and avoid EPIC.

  83. Kindly make verification for Pharmacist diploma, we would be gratitude. A lot of Pharmacists waiting this step, in addition the financial benefits for ECFMG.

  84. I am planning to take plab 1 in november and i already have a gmc reference number. Can i take the exam without the whole epic process now ? Or am i supposed to have completed epic process before i register for plab 1 ?

    1. EPIC is required for your GMC registration. You don’t need to do it before PLAB 1, but it would be ideal to start the process after at least booking PLAB 2 as it can take some time.

  85. Thank you for this informative blog. If I may ask, if i have submitted my documents to gmc but scheduled to do ID check after June 11th 2018, will i affected by this new rule?

    1. You will be affected by this rule only if you’ve done your registration on or after June 11th. If you’ve already submitted documents and paid the fee, you will not have to worry about EPIC.

  86. Dr. Osada Suraweera

    I have opened an EPIC account first and verified.No GMC account yet.What are the credentials do you suggest me to upload to EPIC.I am eagerly waiting to upload credentials to EPIC ? Thank you

  87. Hi Ibrahim, I’ve been following your posts for quite sometime now and appreciate every detailed update that you incorporate on your blog! It really is a booster ? I wanted to clarify if you knew whether this verification is independent of our GMC account? Like we don’t need this verification for appearing for the PLAB 1 is what I intend to ask…

    1. I’m glad the blog has been of help to you, Ibrahim and I hope to aid many more in this way 🙂
      To answer your question, this verification is independent of your GMC account. You do not need it in order to sit for PLAB 1.

      1. Right, I see. But better I get the verification done now, right?Because I’m planning to take the PLAB 1 in November and my credentials would anyway need to be verified for registration. Plus there’s no expiry once it’s verified ?

        1. Yes, there is no harm in doing it now, but you’ll need a GMC account in case you don’t already have one.

        2. Yes, that’s right. But for the verification I’ll need the EPIC account first right? Or do I need to create the GMC account first? Because I only plan to take the IELTS in August …

        3. EPIC will ask for a GMC reference number to check against when they’re doing the verification. Its not an issue if you have a GMC account this early.

  88. Thank you so much for this. My exam is on May 2. 4 weeks after would be early June. Can I apply for registration before that and beat the deadline?How would this be possible? Does GMC want me to apply only or submit my application before June 11. Thank you

    1. If your results come out before 11 June, and you pay your registration before that day, then you will not have to worry about EPIC.

  89. Sir Ibrahim Ivan, thank you for your amazing post.
    I’m wondering if I can use my certificate of graduation as primary medical qulaification because I got lost my medical diploma, and the school does not issue another copy by their policy.
    Would it be okay?

    1. I wouldn’t say first priority. But I would’ve done it, as you never know how much time your college is going to take to reply, and also as EPIC will never time out. So, yes.

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