GMC registration and a license to practice is the ultimate thing you need to work as a doctor in the UK. How to get GMC registration? There are different ways you can get GMC registration:

  1. Passing the PLAB Exams
  2. Obtaining any acceptable post-graduate qualification
  3. Sponsored by a GMC approved sponsor

We will discuss all of these routes with special attention to step by step guidance on how to apply for GMC registration online after passing PLAB 2.

Please note there is another way an International Medical Graduate (IMG) can obtain GMC registration, which is via taking registration exam of other countries, like USMLE, MCCQE and AMC. Please check this article – GMC Registration via USMLE, MCCQE, or AMC.

Passing the PLAB exams

This is by far the most taken route by International Medical graduates, especially junior doctors. If you want an overview of how to become a doctor in the UK via this PLAB route, please check this out, Planning your PLAB journey.

If you have just completed PLAB 2 and looking out for how the GMC registration process works, you’re in the right place. Congratulations, first! Your hard work and determination has paid off. Now let’s proceed.

How to apply for GMC registration

The steps of the whole application process is outlined below:

  1. Submit an application online from your GMC Online account.

    You would find it in the “My registration > My Applications” tab.

  2. Make the payment

    After successfully filling up the online part which is discussed below step-by-step, you would be able to make the payment.

  3. Getting an email from GMC asking for documents based on your online application

    GMC might want you to send the real documents via post as well.

  4. Sending GMC the documents they asked for via e-mail or via post

    Don't over send anything that was not asked for.

  5. Waiting for GMC's final approval of the application and invitation to book an ID check date

    If you are applying via the PLAB route, there is NO ID CHECK appointment. But if you are applying via PG degree, Sponsorship route- you will have to book and attend ID check in the UK.

  6. Attending an ID check (NOT for PLAB route)

    You can book an ID check from the “My appointments” tab in your GMC online account. Based on this ID check appointment you can even apply for a visitor visa if you don't have a visa to attend on that date.

  7. Getting the hard copy of GMC registration

    Even though the hard copy doesn't matter some might cherish that. GMC sends it to the address you provide during your ID check, You will be in the GMC online medical register, thus verifiable, on the very day your ID check is done. 

I hope you have already read about Evidences needed for GMC registration application, to get an idea on what documents you need to send after you make the application.

Steps of making the online application

It all starts from the root, your GMC online account. After having your results of PLAB 2 published there, you can submit an application right then.

  • Go to “My Registration” > “My Application”.
  • Continue with Application.
  • You’ll see “IMG2” pathway of applying after passing PLAB 2. Click Apply.
  • No to the EC right. (Yes, if it applies. Check here further for EC rights in GMC)
  • No for specialist / GP register. (you will be applying for these after you have sufficient training or CCT/CESR in the UK)
  • If you’ve completed an internship? Yes.
  • Then input your internship details. It’s better to divide into specialties here or as it shows in your internship completion certificate.
  • Then they check your name. Don’t overlook that NO to other names. It will take you to the next page after you confirm that the details aren’t different.
  • The next one, “Your Recent Professional Experience”, is pretty challenging and a lot of applicants have trouble filling the information correctly according to how the website wants it. In this section whenever anything that is marked required but not relevant, e.g hours of work during your vacation- you write “Not Applicable” or “N/A”. You can’t leave any required field blank.
  • Here’s how to tackle it:
    • Go back 5 years from the present date. Your first entry should start from that date. (Instead of choosing from the calendar every time, you can simply type the dates in dd/mm/yyyy format)
    • I was a medical student on that date. If that’s the case for you too then the first entry’s ending date is when you obtained your PMQ and you were studying there in your medical college as a medical student.
    • Be very thorough in stating everything you did over the last five years, even to the dates. Like if your last entry’s ending date was 12/07/2016, next entry’s starting date should be 13/07/2016.
    • You mention your internship here as one continuous year (if it was). No need to divide it into separate specialties (You can write the names of the specialties separated by commas)
    • You enter all your employment or attachment history.
    • Your last entry’s ending date should the date you selected in the beginning.

Remember, don’t feel reluctant to mention a professional experience, just because you think it will be a hassle to gather evidence for that.  If you do that, you are technically violating the core guidance of Good Medical Practice on honesty and integrity.  If found, you may be banned from applying for GMC registration.

  • Next page is your “Registration and licensing history”. After you choose the country, the page will reload to give you the option to choose the medical regulatory authority of that country. You fill it up as it applies to your case.
  • Now starts their long interrogation about your “Fitness to Practice” and in most cases, I hope, all the answers are NO. I read through all the questions, and I suggest you do that too.
  • Finally, the declaration page appears. You check the box and proceed to payment.

I hope you already know how much you’ll have to pay. If you don’t, please check this page of GMC Fees.

You will receive a detailed email of which papers to send to GMC with elaborate instructions required to complete your further registration process upon confirmation of your payment.

Check this post to know further about evidences needed for GMC registration and how to obtain them.

Obtaining acceptable PG Qualification

Please look here, acceptable postgraduate qualification, to see if your post-graduate qualification is accepted by GMC, for you to apply for registration and license to practice without taking the PLAB exams.

If your degree is there, your next steps will be:

  • Getting the required score in IELTS/OET
  • Opening a GMC online account
    How to open GMC online account might help.
  • Verifying you PGQ and PMQ verified by EPIC.
    Have a look here for further instruction about the process. EPIC for GMC registration.
  • Making an online application from your GMC online account.
    Just as outlined above.
  • Waiting for approval of your application
  • Attending an ID check

Sponsored by a GMC approved sponsor

Few doctors who meet up the stringent criteria for being sponsored can get GMC registration by this pathway. Widely known is the Medical Training Initiative (MTI). Read the post for further information and guidance.

USMLE. MCCQE and AMC for GMC registration

It is new route of obtaining GMC registration for International Medical Graduates (IMGs). Please check this article for further detail – GMC Registration via USMLE, MCCQE, or AMC.

Wrapping up

To conclude, GMC will try to complete/close your application within three months. If you are stuck with any forms or evidences, the first place you can seek help is from themselves. If you call them, they are really helpful and ready to guide you in your application process every step of the way. And another big advice, honesty is the best policy! Do not lie or submit falsified documents. Maybe what you have “heard” or you are worried about is nothing to worry about at all. Ask them!

Congratulations again.

109 thoughts on “How to apply for GMC Registration”

  1. I have a question regarding the internship. what is the gap accepted between graduation and the internship? is it okay to do it after a year from graduation?

    1. You should do it immediately after graduation provided time required to get paperwork and registration sorted. But a significant gap may require you to explain further while you apply for GMC registration.

  2. Hello good day to you
    I am very worried at the moment and please guide me in this regard (a long and complex question pls bear with me)
    First of all I’m a medical student in china and I’m currently in my country pakistan, my degree is a 6 year program and requires pre graduation internship for the degree

    Now due to the pandemic i came back to my country and had to do internship here and that too unofficially because the gov doesn’t offer official documents for internship without the provisional license so I only get my internship documents signed by the ward supervisors only, so I’m working here that’s more like observe-ship and preparing for my final year exam. University accepts that internship giving the circumstances.

    Now the real question

    After i get my degree in July I’ll be handed my provisional license (for one year) to do my internship/housejob in pakistan as a house officer and then i can sit in the national licensing exam, this internship will be totally official and I’ll get all the documents that GMC requires, by the regulatory body of my country(PMC)

    How do i explain this to GMC in way that i don’t make a fool out of myself and would they accept my post graduation internship and would they question my pre graduation internship that i can’t officially prove. I need these answers before i even take my OET.
    Thank you ♥

  3. Thank you for all your efforts. I woul highly appreciate it if you can clarify some things. I am currently completing my internship at my home country, passed plab2, and planning to apply for fy2 standalone this January-February. It says that we should have gmc registration by May, but I will only finish my internship on June 31 so I plan to apply for gmc registration on July 1. Is it possible to start the standalone by August? How many days will it take for gmc to approve the gmc registration? Do you think I will have a problem if I don’t have the registration by May? Thank you very much in advance!

    1. I think it is quite late for me to answer this question. For future reference of others who will be reading it, if you are eligible at that point to apply – it’s ALWAYS better to apply. If things don’t pan out in the future, cest la vie.

  4. Hi guys. Under the section titled ‘ Your Recent Professional Experience’, it’s mentioned to start from the date my PMQ was awarded. Here’s my dilemma, I got my MBBS certificate on October 2018 but my internship started from Dec 2017 in Bangladesh. Shouldn’t the internship count as professional experience? If I start from Oct 2018, I won’t be able to mention the internship period. So from which date should I start?

  5. Hello RtUK to team, great work.. much appreciated.
    I am appearing for my Plab2 in next few days. Hoping to pass and results should be out in 3-4 weeks. So I will apply for GMC registration towards the end of Jan 2021. Do we know how long is it taking these days for getting the registration applications approved?
    I mean best case scenario and on average how long does it take?

    Also for the last ten years, after I moved to Canada, I was not practicing (didnt have a license). Could that be an issue during my registration process.
    Thanks again ..

    1. The registration process from the day of submitting application till I got granted took me 5 days only. So, if everything is alright, it should not take more than two weeks if there is no give and take of further evidence after your initial submission.

  6. Hey actually I wanna know if my University is not recognized by gmc website but on net it’s showing that ur University is recognized . Can u tell me now what to do???

  7. Hi thanks for the amazing advice on this website.
    I have worked in Ireland as a senior house officer for 1 year but did not do a recognised internship as the GMC requires, will I be able to get full registration on my work from Ireland?
    I qualified from Romania and there is no internship and im non EU.

    1. Without an approved pattern of internship or foundation training, according to the GMC guideline you can only apply for Provisional Registration.
      Do you have a total of 2 years of clinical work experience after graduation? – if yes, then probably you can try for FULL registration.

  8. Mohd. Mosharraf Hossain Khandaker

    Hi, I am applying for the GMC registration. I have been working in MOH Oman since 2012. In the recent professional experience, do I have to include details of each annual leave that I had in the past 5 years? Another issue is I have worked in several hospitals during this period but all under the ministry of health and in the same post or designation, do I need to mention those separately? Thanks in advance.

    1. Annual leaves are not gaps in your employment, they are part of the job. So no, leaves aren’t to be mentioned separately. If you are working at the same level in different hospitals CONTINUOUSLY then I don’t see the necessity of dividing that up.
      But if you had official transfers and each new hospital had a joining date then It is better to divide each period for clarity

  9. Thank you for the informative post. I am just a bit confused about the ID check part. Perhaps I read wrong but it said PLAB route does not require an ID check? But I also saw some people are doing PLAB and scheduled their ID checks around the same time as their PLAB 2 so I am confused. Could you please clarify this for me? Thank you.

  10. Hello Thank you for clarifying all the details, I have one question, well after my internship I was working for a year under a clinic as a registered GP with my local council but I had not transferred ownership to my clinic hence they did not give me an experience certificate on leaving, should I mention it since I have no paper proof of my work there?or how do I go about this?
    Thank YOU.

      1. the thing is the Certificate of good standing here only says the duration of license registration and the fact that the person has no complaints against her but doesn’tt state the medical work experience, is that enough?

        1. Yes. That’s all GMC need to know about your medical experience. GMC will not give you jobs. For job application, you might need references to prove your experience, not experience certificates.

  11. Mustafa Nissar Bankur

    Hi guys. Thank you for this useful blog. I did both a pre-graduation internship in the country i was studying and a post-graduation internship in the country i am currently working. Should i mention both of them when i register? Also after i graduated i had a gap of 7 months before i started my post graduation internship. This 7 months wait is because i had to wait for the new internship intake. After that i started my 18 months post graduate internships and i have been working as a GP for the past 2 years.
    The 7 months gap is my only major gap. How can i account for it? I did not do any job in this 7 months. Is it going to be a hurdle for my registration. thank you for your help and dedication guys

  12. Mohammed Chowdhury

    Ths blog is a life saver . Lots of prayers for the team of roadtouk. After completing my internship i did a masters degree in medicine for 3 years will that be included in my employment history? Even if its not in the last 5 years? Or we should only give employmwmt history of last 5 years. Its been 6 years since i did the masters degree

  13. Hi. Regarding my last 5 years work experience … one of those years i worked in 2 different organizations was full time medical officer in a hospital and the other was for regular school health camps. So when i present my letters..there is 6 months of overlapping work in 2 different places. Will that be an issue?

      1. Thank you so much for the reply.. but i understand that we do have to mention the details of all our work in the last 5 years so would the dates overlapping be a problem then ?

        1. I think the online form doesn’t take overlapping date input. So it should follow one after another.

        2. Ok..i think then it should not be a problem. Thank you so much for the help .. really appreciate it

  14. Nazmul Hasan

    Thanks for a very helpful post.
    I have a query regarding Registration and Licensing history section-
    I do not have any details of my provisional license ( with which I did my internship and return it immediately after internship to obtain full registration) I only have my main registration certificate with me.
    – what shall I write on the registration number section ? My main registration number or provisional registration number?
    – which date should I write on start date of registration section? Main or provisional?
    – which date should I write on finish date of registration section?

    1. Ibrahim Ivan

      That is only for your FULL registration/ the registrations that you hold. Your provisional registration was provisional – you don’t have it now, do you?


    first of all this is immensely helpful… thanks a ton
    could you please elaborate on these forms they ask to get filled by the employers?
    also if im in the UK at this time, how do i get my employers to fill these forms?
    i assumed that my experience letter from the hospital would be evidence of working there……is it something else?
    thanks in advance

    1. Ibrahim Ivan

      If you do non-medical work in the last five years then an employer reference form (GEN1) has to be filled by your employer. You can easily send them via email and after filling it they should be sending GMC via email as well.

  16. Thank you for your post.
    I have a gap of around 5 years, and I’ve written USMLE step 2ck exam in 2015. After that, I had a long gap. I was out of clinical practice. I had a baby. And I got back to preparing for PLAB in 2018. Passed in the first attempt itself.
    So how do I fill up the experience column while applying for GMC registration?
    Kindly help
    Thanks a lot!

    1. The way you just did.
      start date – end date – USMLE
      start date – end date – family reasons
      start date – end date – Prep for PLAB 2
      start date – end date – vacation and travelling

  17. Hello fellow admins!
    so we know that we will be done with our ID Check on the day of Plab 2 exam. Do we have to go in person AGAIN and get our original documents verified at the GMC centre?
    secondly, do you think it is wise to stay in UK until we get done with the entire registration process?

    1. No you don’t anymore, GMC has you mail in the originals. It’s a good idea to stay if you can to ensure the delivery and safe return of these papers and of course attend job interviews.

  18. I found my med school on the world directory of medical schools, but it is not on gmc’s approved list. what should I do? Should I contact the GMC? thank you in advanced

        1. GMC doesn’t have a list publicly which states the medical universities that are accepted without a doubt. The list that you are seeing is “THEY MAY ACCEPT” and there is another public list, “THEY DON’T ACCEPT”.
          Try and make a GMC online account, while doing that you will be asked to find your medical college from a list in the form. If you can find it there then your medical degree is accepted without a doubt.
          Look here, How to open a GMC Online Account.

  19. Hi there,
    Thanks a lot for this very helpful blog.I have some queries,please help me sort them out,
    1.I have just started my PLAB journey(IELTS) and I am in UK now,I graduated in May 2014 and remained unemployed till july 2015(gap1** in that duration I was writing examinations to get registration with the local council),from july 2015 to july 2016 I completed my house job,from 2016 to FEB 2017 ~gap 2**I was unemployed again as I was preparing for post graduate exam and passed it out,from 2017 march till 2018 sep I was employed but after sep 2018 onwards ~gap 3** I am in UK and unemployed but I am preparing for IELTS *SO IF I GET THROUGH PLABs by next year then it would be almost 6 years since my graduation in which I would have 3 long gaps,in these gaps I was solely preparing for some exams though,Would tge GMC accept these long gaps for registration?
    2.I did my internship from a non gov hospital like it was a private hospital but authorised for housejob purpose by local council,Is this acceptable?

    1. At the end of the day, GMC makes the final decision about accepting internship, but it is very important to be patient and provide the documents GMC asks for. And yes if your hospital was authorized by local council, it is accepted.

      1. I’ve found my med school on the world directory of medical schools, but it is not on the list of gmc’ approved list. What should I do? Should I contact the GMC?

        1. Have you tried opening a GMC online account? How did you know it’s not on the GMC’s approved list?

      2. I am concerned about long gaps,have you seen someone with long gaps got accepted by GMC for full registration?

        1. Each case is different and no one can tell you exactly what to expect outside of GMC, but whatever your situation, be honest and provide all the documents that GMC asks for.

  20. Neil Olsen Dean

    Thanks for your help. I moved over to the UK without completing my house job because I intended to use my pre graduation intenship to register for GMC. But now that I m ready to register I hear some people say GMC wont accept pre graduation intenship from my country of graduation- Ukraine. I really dont know exactly what to do about this at this point. Please can someone help me with advice. Thank you.

  21. Saeef Ali Haque

    I will apply for the gmc registration in a few days but I wanted to clarify some doubts I had in my mind. I graduated from a medical college in Bangladesh in 2015. Now, as per rules here our final MBBS examinations were held in January and we obtained the results by March. We started the internship from 01/06/2015. Now, my final medical diploma states that I passed MBBS on January 2015, but the date of issue is written as Feb’2017. My questions are –
    1)When should I mention my PMQ passing date?
    2) If i mention the passing date in January 2015, then how should I explain the time from January 2015 to June 2015(the date when my internship began) ?
    3) 1 year following my internship period, from June 2016 – June 2017 I was unemployed because of many reasons, the prime being the loss of my father. How should I explain this gap?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. 1) Your PMQ passing date you can put as your result publishing date.
      2) Till internship beginning, you can put that as vacation.
      3) Break it down to preparation for IELTS. Preparation for PLAB 1, Coming to UK for taking PLAB 2. Preparing for PLAB 2. You can say all the study that you did over this period was self-directed.
      Loss of family certainly is a big emotional stress, but that is not what you would want to put in Past Professional Experience. If you were not employed, state what you were doing, e.g. preparation or vacation.

  22. thank you for your blog it is very insightful. A quick question for registration with your medical body, do you will that out if you were only given provisional registration?

    1. If you have a reason for it, GMC will want an explanation. It’s upto them to accept or deny your application, a third party can only speculate.

  23. Hello, in the section for recent professional experience new things have been added like “specialty”, “employment type”, and “hours of clinical practise per week” how do we answer those for example when we were in medical school.

    1. Those questions were there before too.
      While medical school, employment type and hours of clinical practice should be “Not Applicable”, isn’t it?
      Specialty you can write the departments/subjects you were studying during that time.

  24. Hi thank you for sharing this blog it’s really helpful. I have a doubt as regards to the ID check- I understand that now it’s conducted on the day of the PLAB2 exam – as such what are the documents we need for the check that day and is there any procedure (as it’s the day of exam) thanks!

    1. Your PLAB 2 booking confirmation will state what documents to bring. It’s the ID document (Passport) and PLAB 2 booking confirmation. Even before when there was a separate GMC ID Check, there was a PLAB 2 ID check which was conducted on the day on the exam prior to the exam starting. Nothing has changed from then, they just took out the extra ID check later on.

  25. Hi,
    I have been working as a lecturer in Physiology in a medical college for the past couple of years.Do i need an employer reference? If yes, is it from the principal?
    Thanks alot in advance

    1. Lecturer is a non-medical work and you might need to provide one. Wait for GMC to ask you for it. And yes, if the principal is the head of administration of the medical college, then he will have to sign it.

  26. It has been 6 Years since i got my Primary Medical Qualification.How Much fees should i pay for my GMC application – discounted 200 GBP or normal fee of 390 GBP?

  27. No I meant, Can i go ahead with the online application process and start sending all the necessary documents required by GMC? While awaiting my MRCP Provisional degree certificate?

  28. Can I book for ID check while awaiting my MRCP provisional degree..? Or should I wait for it, do an ECFMG VERIFICATION and then book an ID check.?

    1. Has GMC given you a green signal that your application is approved and you can book an ID check now?
      If not, then you don’t book one.
      You only book an ID check, when GMC has approved your application for registration.

  29. I Have completed my MRCP and will be registering in GMC with my MRCP degree. For The question Specialist/GP register question, Should i answer Yes or No?

  30. Hi,thanks to Ibrahim Ivan and Ibreez A for solving all of our queries.I have one question.
    I am booking appointment for ID check for GMC reg.In case if I cannot arrange my visa before that can I cancel my booking before 2/3 days.

  31. Name Details:
    Is the name supplied below different to the name stated on your medical degree certificate? Yes No
    I have a query related to the above Name details. After marriage My surname has changed and GMC account has current Surname. So what should I select and what ll be happened? if different surname on medical degree certificate and old documents. But I have changed name certificate from my university and marriage certificate. further Ecfmg Epic id verification has new surname.

    1. For your case I assume you are getting registered with your NEW surname (which is the supplied name). And if the name stated in your medical degree certificate (the latest one) has your OLD surname. So, it is different, isn’t it? Then state accordingly and follow along.
      If you have gotten a new certificate with changed name, it is not different anymore.

  32. HI
    .How should I send the documents?
    Include your name and GMC number clearly in your email (you received your GMC number when you set up your GMC Online account)

    1. Yes, GMC reference number is your GMC number for life.
      And you send them documents after they want specific documents from you.

  33. Dear Dr. Ibrahim, Thank you for this amazing blog….with it’s help, I now stand at the brink of an ID check.

    1) I have seen many posts which said people were asked to bring many documents for ID check. I have been asked to get the originals of only my passport and internship certificate. Is that really all that i need to take and would be asked for or should I keep everything just to be safe?
    2)Also, do they ask for IELTS certificate again at ID Check? My Ielts was valid during approval but expires before ID check. would that be a problem?

    Kindly help.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you for your kind words. We are glad that our blog helped you.
      1. If that’s what GMC asked of you, why are you worried? GMC decides the case of registration individually, so it’s highly unlikely yours will match with another person.
      Read the email “You can come for a ID check” from GMC thoroughly and do accordingly.
      2. Again, if GMC didn’t ask for it, you don’t need to take it with you.
      Good Luck.

  34. Q1: Does post graduate internship count as a valid full role clinical experience?

    I graduated Jan 2016 and will be applying for full GMC registration in September 2018. A total of 33 months after I graduated.
    In these 33 months, I did a 12 month Internship(House Job) , and a 1 month locum as a medical officer.
    I also gave USMLE Step2 CK and CS and Step3 and did multiple Clinical Observerships for a total 3 month duration in this period. Also in this period I Gave IELTs, Plab1 and Plab2 exam.
    I had to travel a lot too, to the USA,UK and Pakistan.

    Now my questions are :

    Q2: Where do i stand in terms of Clinical Gaps?
    Q3: How much proof/evidence would I have to provide ?

    I didnt match thats why going for the UK path.
    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you !

    1. 1) Yes.
      2) GMC may ask you to provide documentation related to the observerships, but ultimately it is up to them what papers they will need filled.
      3) Typically they give you forms to submit to the relevant parties to complete.

  35. Thank you for your efforts,
    Regarding “employer details”‘, one of my friends typed address & fax number of the hospital (which has never had any official e mails), and then discovered that the fax was not working when GMC asked him for GEN 1.
    That’s why I’m asking: during online application for GMC registration, is it necessary to write email, fax, address or just name & address of the hospital would be enough?
    I think if he had written only name and address of the hospital, he would not have been in that dilemma.
    Thank you

    1. You should know beforehand if you need to provide any GEN1 form. It doesn’t matter what you put in the details while doing online application for GMC reg, if the nature of your work demands a GEN1 form, you should provide while you send them the primary documents via email.

  36. Hey. I worked in a medical college for 3 months, and as per college policy, they dont issue experience certificate for those who work for less than 6 months. Now I have the employment card with me that states my date of joining. Should i mention those 3 months experience in ‘recent professional experience’ even though i dont have the experience certificate? Or just skip it and mention it as vacation and travelling?

    1. GMC doesn’t need to see any experience certificate ever.
      If you were not employed in medical capacity, then you had to be fully registered during those 3 months.

  37. Hello,
    I made mistakes in my application. I mentioned my clinical attachment periods as “emoplyed in medical capacity” and submitted it.
    Technically, I wasn’t really observing and I did not have a license, I was doing work like an intern since it was after my internship and I thought I was supposed to click medical capacity. I got confused.
    I just emailed the IMG email explaining this . Will I get into trouble for this?
    Thank you

    1. You can have career breaks for studying for exams. It’s impossible for a third person to predict exactly what paperwork GMC requires of you as your case, along with all other who have career breaks are unique to themselves. Uniques in terms of reason, unique in terms of duration.
      So the best approach is to be transparent.

  38. Thank you.. I was preparing for pg entrance exam in India… This is the only reason for me to take a gap… What kind of paperwork is required to be completed by my employer(s)..please guide..

      1. I have experience certificate of working for 2 1/2 years after MBBS later 3 years gap and now 1 year experience certificate of working in a private hospital… Is it enough..??

        1. I think I have answered this question in another comment. Rest assured, people with longer gaps has obtained GMC registration. So, Good luck!

      2. Thanks for the info.
        I sent all my documents via email in 2 PDF files. One file for employer references and the other file for the rest of required documents. Would that be a problem? GMC in same document request email did mention posting originals what I believe was only certificate of good standing and referee letters and IELTS. I am not sure if I got this right but it seems like that was the only originals they wanted while other documents were to be sent via email. I messaged them to clarify but it’s been 2 weeks and no reply

        1. Wait for them to reply or you can always call and ask to talk to someone regarding your application.

      3. Do employers post back the forms to GMC or email it to GMC. What if employers emailed the signed forms back to applicant, can applicant forward these forms to GMC.

  39. Hello sir assalamualekum… I’m planning to give my PLAB exams and get registered in GMC.. I have two queries..
    1)I completed my MBBS with internship in 2012 from India following which I worked as a medical officer in India for 2 1/2 years… After that I took a leave from my practice for 3years as I was preparing for Post graduation entrance in India.. (which I couldn’t get) now again I started to work as medical officer… Im planning to give PLAB 1in Nov 2018..will the 3year gap in my practice cause any issues for me during GMC registration after PLAB 2??
    2)I have a condition called grey matter heterotropia bcoz of Wich i have simple to complex partial seizures for Wich I’m on seizures are under control..will this health issue cause any problems for me during GMC registration after PLAB 2??
    Pls clear my queries..
    Thanking you

    1. Walaikum assalaam. GMC may ask you to explain what you were doing during that time and may ask you to have your employer(s) complete some paperwork. It may delay your registration a little, but so long as you’re prompt and completely transparent in your details, you should be fine. And no your health issue should cause you no problems during your PLAB 2 or with GMC registration.

  40. Hi..i have a question
    1.i will leave uk after attending my do i need to again visit uk for my id check appointment? ielts has expired but it expired after i attempted the exam and before the result of plab 1 came out?what is its credibility?

  41. I have got job offer from NHS hospital as anesthesia specialist. They asked me to register in GMC
    Please show me the way to register on line to get license from GMC .

    1. Can you please explain your situation a little more?
      Have you completed post-graduate qualifications on Aneathesia? Have you taken IELTS and got the required score for GMC registration?
      I can guide you better if I know a bit more.

  42. Thanks for the detailed layout!
    Could you please answer the following –
    1.) Can one do the exact above procedure after giving Plab2 but awaiting results?
    2.) Say I book my GMC I’d check date 4-5 weeks after my Plab2 exam date is this a feasible choice?
    3.) Do I have to make payment for this and will I lose money if I try to swap or change my GMC if check date?

    1. 1. No. Online registration for GMC registration can not be done without passing PLAB 2.
      2. It all depends on-
      Your Visa
      Your papers for GMC registration
      Your IELTS validity
      Your accommodation in the UK
      If everything above is fine, you should book the earliest possible time for ID check.
      3. No ID check booking costs nothing, neither it’s cancellation.

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