223 thoughts on “How to book PLAB 1 and open a GMC Online Account”

  1. Hi doctors! I would just like to ask if it is possible to place future dates in the passed date when creating an account? I wish to book for a November 2021 attempt but I will get my PMQ in August 2021 (after finishing my pre-graduaiton internship). I wish to book now so I can be assured of a slot as early as now.

  2. Thank you so much for explaining every step in such a detailed manner. I am from the 13-14 batch,(with 4 professional exams) I am facing difficulties regarding the start date, finish date and passed date of the PMQ section. I had two queries.

    Our class started on 16 January 2014, lecture classes finished in April 2019, the final professional exam started on 1st of November and ended in Mid December of 2018 (4 years and 11 months more or less). We got our final professional examination results on 25/02/2019 (given in marks certificate/transcript), (internship started just 2 weeks after on 15/03/2019) and our DU certificate was issued on 26/08/2019(convocation) during our internship.
    – Should I change the start or finish date to make it 5 years?
    – Which should be the passed date? according to the transcript given by DU or the DU certificate given during convocation?
    Help is much appreciated. Thank you.

  3. Sir i have accidentally put my nid no instead of my passport no during gmc ac opening,i am unable to change it, plz help me, what should I do now?

  4. 1-Please correct me …passed date is the date I was awarded with the medical degree right ?? Or the day I got my final prof results? There is one year difference in them due to internship..

    2-Also I have been awarded with provisional degree but I do not have the final degree yet. So is it necessary to write the date of my final medical degree or the date in the provisional certificatewould do?

    Thanks for your help

  5. shariaretanvir akash

    My oet result is not publish yet. But plab1 dates is opening. Can i provide demo oet information to book a seat in plab1? And then afrer my oet results can i update my oet Information from gmc website?
    Will it cause any issue?

  6. I am MBBS.
    What to mention in the section ‘qualification’ ? There are only four options.
    1-Master physician
    2-Medico general
    4- Mdmch..
    Will it be Master Physician?

  7. Hi I have cleared OET recently…but before that I have an attempt of IELTS as well where I did not score the desired bands…
    So my question is that should I be mentioning about both the attempts or only the one I passed?


    My MBBS session is 2013-14
    class started 11 jan 2014
    final prof started 14 Nov 2018 the duration ofMBBS is not 5 years. is it a problm?

  9. Elakkiya Satheesh

    Hello! Firstly, thank you sooo much for your thorough guidance. I have a small query regarding my residential address. The residential address in my passport is different from the residential address in my College certificates and national id. Will that cause any problem for me while booking PLAB or in the future during GMC verification ? Thank you in advance!

  10. Can I open a GMC account while I am waiting for my OET results to come out?
    Also I am working away from my permanent address, so I should be mentioning my current address?

    1. Yes, you can. But if you don’t book soon enough there is a potential to get your account locked because of not using. Put the address that you would on any official form.

  11. Trisha Malesido

    Good day, doctor! I just wanna ask what kind of visa is needed for PLAB 2 in the UK? Is it okay to just have a visitor or working visa then apply for Tier 2 afterwards when i get a job offer? Thank you in advance!

  12. Abdur Rob Sobuz

    I have eye sight 6/9 visual aquity with -17.00D glass, there is a column of disability in gmc online account, should i mention it or not?
    I never use disability in anywhere before.

  13. Hello sir.
    Is there any way I can check if my PMQ awarded by my institution is listed with the GMC (it’s already listed with WDOMS) before I open an account and before uploading IELTS scores?
    Or do I have to take IELTS and have the acceptable scores ready before I can even open an account and check the acceptability of my PMQ with the GMC?

  14. Hello Doctor!
    I have an important question .
    I’ve finished 6 years of med school in Algeria(so finished all exams), and now I’m starting my internship.
    But in my country the diploma is given after the internship.
    So what can be accepted as a proof that I finished my studies ? Is it possible? so I can have a GMC account and book for Plab 1 .
    Thank you

  15. Just opened a GMC account following the above steps .Thank you for creating such a helpful blog vaiya and apu.
    For the people of Chittagong, while setting up an account, to find your awarding bodies in the gap of starting point write *
    University of Chittagong-your medical name.
    Easy to find out.
    That’s it.

  16. Hi
    While setting an online gmc account I wrongly entered my awarding body name as there was another similar name. Now I want to amend it but there is no option available.
    I emailed gmc with reference no, my degree and a link that state my awarding body is in the list of world directories of medical schools as a proof..
    Now I am waiting for their response.
    Is there any hope?? Will I be able to book PLAB 1 for May 2021??

  17. Hello
    Pls i have 2 questions:
    1) on my certificate, the graduation date written is 27th July and it was issued on 5th August, do i use the graduation date for both passed date and finished date?
    2) i’ve not started internship yet but i want to try my luck with UK foundation program(UKFP), is it possible to update my details with GMC after completing my internship if UKFP doesn’t work? and how do i go about that?
    (I know after successful completion of PLAB 1&2, i can apply for provisional license for UKFP, can i apply for full registration license after internship incase i don’t end up doing UKFP?)

    1. 1. Graduation date will be your passed date. Finished date could be the last day you had attended college before the finals.
      2. If you can’t get into UKFPO Foundation Programme and complete acceptable pattern of internship elsewhere, you can again apply for FULL GMC registration. You can have provisional GMC registration for a maximum of three years and 30 days (1,125 days). If you complete F1 equivalent somewhere else during this time you can apply for FULL GMC registration.

  18. Hello,
    This is regarding passed date of PMQ. In India we will be awarded PMQ certificate after internship, so the date mentioned in certificate is March 2019. But I have entered my final year result published date feb 2018, as it was mentioned as passed date. I realized now that might cause a problem during registration because of unmatched dates. Do you know How to change it? There is no option to amend it. Please guide me if you know anything about this.
    Thank you.

    1. There is no need to change it. While making the registration application after you pass PLAB 2 you can make this change and there will be no issues around it, as both are correct from different point of views.

  19. assalamu alaikum wrwb, first of all thank you for a well written post but unfortunately I couldn’t get the catch of few things and would be of great help if you could clarify. I am about to begin my internship and have just the transcript of my finals, as u mentioned I can still open a GMC account but I dint get the part about the duration of lectures etc more particulars about my PMQ are these questionnaire of GMC if so how to approach it since I don’t have a clear record to prove things of this sort.
    thank you once again 🙂

  20. Hello. I entered the wrong “PMQ Passed date” and emailed GMC regarding this. This is the response I got:
    “Thank you for your email regarding your PMQ details.
    The dates of your PMQ can be amended by your application adviser when you come to make an application for registration. You do not need to do anything further at this time.”
    Now, I have just passed my OET. My question is, would there be any issue in me booking my PLABs? Or do I make another account?

    1. DO NOT make another account. They clearly said you don’t need to do anything till you submit your application – why are you worrying?

  21. Hi Dr , initially while creating gmc account at pmq portion , i was not able find my university due to that poor search engine and i have send an email regarding this to gmc, that my awarding body is not listed in the aforesaid section. But later on i was able to find it after reading your experience. So i have sent another email to gmc informing them, that i was able find my university in their list. Now my question, do i need call and inform them directly, will it be a problem that “i have sent an email early about not finding my university in their list even though i found it later. Please give your opinion regarding this.

    1. If you have found it, make an ID. No problem. As you have informed them via email already that you found it – that is enough!

  22. My passport as well as other official documents donot have surname.So what to fill in the surname column as it is compulsory .

      1. What if i had already applied before going through this webpage. Is there any way to remove my surname and use my first name to address me ?
        BY the way, thank you for all the posts put up on this website. It has been really helpful.

  23. Md Zazib Alam Adnan

    If i book plab one by someone’s card and if i have to cancell the exam then where the refund will come?

  24. I would like to know about the dates that we need to enter while applying for gmc account. Is it compulsory to add exact date ,and in my certificate there only date of issue of certificate ( can we consider it as passed date)

    1. The necessary dates have already been discussed in the article and the guidance about the passe date is already there

  25. Mushfiquzzaman Dipto

    How can I set up the account with just the single name ‘Mushfiquzzaman’? They haven’t clarified about it in the ‘Help with names’ section as well.

      1. Mushfiquzzaman Dipto

        Thank you for your prompt response. Passport contains:- “Surname: Mushfiquzzaman” and “Given Name: Blank”.
        I have contacted GMC regarding this (story of my life) problem. They have recommended “Please put a full stop or a dash in the surname box and the system should let you go to the next stage”.
        It worked and I have set up the account.

        1. Thanks for putting it here. I am sure others with the same problem will get helped from here.

  26. while booking my plab 1 test ,i had some confusion regarding the dates like end date , date of medical degree issued .Regardless of it , i booked my plab1 , passed it and appeared in plab 2 as well . Now , while doing epic verification , i realized because of the confusion i had , i might have messed up with the dates ; so is there any way where i can see the dates i filled in and correct it ??? will it be a serious issue for me in near future ??

    1. When you apply for GMC registration, you can correct it all. If you want to correct it now contact GMC from within your GMC online account. It’s not an issue at all till you obtain GMC registration.

  27. Valentin Butnari

    If I have a recognition of my pmq in romania and cgs can I apply directly to gmc registration without giving plab exam ?

  28. After opening GMC account to take PLAB exam, if I can clear PACES earlier before clearing PLAB2, is it a problem to apply for registration showing MRCP?

    1. There is no different GMC account for PLAB or anything. So if you are qualified to apply for GMC registration with MRCP, you can apply for it anytime, doesn’t matter when you have taken PLAB or wil be taking PLAB or not.

  29. Maemoona Abdul Jabbar

    Do I need to have a passport for the GMC online account ?
    Also, is it necessary to have the degree in hand for the verification purposes or the registration certificate and the provisional degree provided by the college are enough? Because our University degree gets officially awarded later, in paper, I mean. I hope the questions make sense; and a huge thank you to you for being such a great help!

    1. You definitely need a passport for doing everything. You needed a passport to take IELTS or OET- why opening a GMC Online account without completing any of those?
      Unfortunately many have tried before, you can’t complete EPIC verification without your decorative diploma awarded by your institution.

  30. Hello, my name on OET result card is Muhammad Usman Ashraf Chaudhary as per my current passport. However, it is Hafiz Muhammad Usman Ashraf on my degree and other certificates. I contacted OET and now they won’t change my name. I have to book for PLAB 1. What should I do now? Should I register myself with the name on my OET result card and my passport for now and after giving PLAB 1 ask GMC to change my name to Hafiz Muhammad Usman Ashraf by providing them new passport with the changed name so there won’t be any problem in the verification of my documents? Also, is it going to affect my OET results in future?
    Need your response. Thankyou

    1. So if your passport has the wrong name, for now you have to go along with it or change your passport first and do the rest. As for OET, it won’t be a problem.

  31. Salaam, just wanted to ask regarding one of the questions.
    “Is your primary medical qualification acceptable for the purposes of registration in the country that awarded your qualification?”
    It’s a yes or a no with details.
    I have completed my MBBS course and have received my degree but I still have to do an internship in my country and sit an exam before I can officially start working.
    Please advise. Thanks in advance


    can anybody explain me when do i need to do the GMC registration? before PLAB 1 or after finishing both plab 1&2 ? EPIC account setup and all medical qualifications should be verified before PLAB 1. right?

  33. I have registered for July 20. But there are some errors in my passport. So I have to renew this one. Would that be a problem if I sit in plab 1 with my renewed passport? Thanks in advancr

    1. Yes, you can take PLAB 1 during your internship, as long as it doesn’t create a gap. I took leave during my internship and appeared in PLAB 1.

  34. thank you for all u r posts …….i have recently set my gmc online account but while mentioning the dates i messed up …..is there any way i can correct them now plz help …

  35. Hi and thanks for your kind support 🙂
    I have a question. My IELTS results will be declared just a few days before the closing date of PLAB. Now I want to know after entering the IELTS results does it take time for verification or you can immediately proceed to book the test?

  36. Hi
    First of all thank you for all your help. You guys are amazing!
    My PMQ college is listed in the WDOMS but is not listed in the GMC list. I wrote to them and they said that they have forwarded it to the concerned team and they will contact me in due course. I am worried as i haven’t received anything from them since a week. Is there anything else i can do from my end? or should I just wait for their message?
    Thank you.

    1. Hello, we are so happy to hear we’ve been of help 🙂
      Yes unfortunately the best option here is to wait it out. It is nearing the holiday season, so there may be a delay in response time, but they are always very good about getting back to you. Good luck!

  37. If i had a break in my studies and transferred to another medical college and session was 2006-7,and pass date 2013.the total duration is?can you pls let me know how many years should i write?
    Thank you

    1. How long was the course that you finished? Like in some countries PMQ is 4 years and some countries like Bangladesh MBBS is 5 years. It doesn’t mean how long did you take. It’s the duration of the course you were in.

  38. Md Ismail Hossain

    Dear Sir,
    I have two questions
    1. Do I need to pay for setting up GMC online account, if so, how much does it cost?
    2. Do I need to put an IELTS score during setting up GMC online account or I’ll have to do that when I book for PLAB 1?
    Thanks in advance.

  39. Dear Sir
    I had a valid Licence to work in USA (passed USMLE all parts and got licence) , Do i still need to have an ILETS/OET examination to register for GMC ??
    Please help me
    Thank you in advance

  40. I am trying to book for Plab 1, but in the payment gateway it shows 230 GBP but my credit card is in USD.
    Will I be able to make the payment using my USD credit card? Is the USD automatically adjusted to GBP? Please help.

  41. Ma’am you say that overseas booking for plab 1 is closed but , i logged in yesterday and my gmc account shows that dates for march 2019 are out and still up for booking … is this correct ?

  42. Hi. I am in need of some information. I am a IMG and graduated and finished my internship. I want to write the upcoming PLAB 1 exam. I set up a GMC account and put my IELTS results. I had my verified Final Medical Diploma sent to GMC. Would I be able to register for the PLAB 1 exam or would I need more documents to be sent from my EPIC account? I went to my Tests on my account but I am not sure if my Medical Diploma was accepted by GMC yet. Help please. Thanks.

    1. Hello. First of all congrats on completing IELTS! You don’t need EPIC verification in order to book PLAB 1, but it’s great you’ve already completed it. You can go ahead and book PLAB 1 as you have obtained the required marks in IELTS. Keep in mind that the overseas booking for PLAB 1 is now closed, so you will need to book in the UK. Good luck!

  43. actually, the duration of my course is 4.5 years + 1 year internship, but due to results delay, the course was extended by 5 more months such that its now 4 years and 10 months + 1 year internship. so what do i write the programme of study as ? i am so sorry for troubling you so much

  44. yes ma’am ! you are right. i got an email with the reference number. thank u sooo much… however, i have one more doubt, if my study duration is 4.5 years + 1 year internship period, what should i write total course duartion as???

        1. Shivani Goyal

          There was some technical error.so sorry for that and thank u for the guidance. ?

  45. i was trying to register for the gmc online account, but once i reached the second page on ethnicity details, an error occurred and the web page just closed down. then i went back and tried to start th eprocess all over again , but it says that an account exists with my details and id…. but i havent finished the whole registration process and i cant go back to where i left off… what do i do ? can u please help me ??? will i not be able to take the plab exam ??? i am so worried

    1. Hello, check your email. You should definitely have some sort of email verification from when you set up the account initially. Just find it and enter those details in order to continue. If you are still not able to do so, contact GMC and they will help you resolve the issue.

  46. Sir, if the stipulations are rotations and not whether graduation is before or after internship and if I have provisional registration with the medical council in my country of study and internship, then with just this much eligibility can I apply for plab1 now itself or should I wait to complete internship and all my rotations before giving plab 1 ?

  47. can u please clarify if this is acceptable pattern of internship, as far as duration of each department goes?
    general medicine – 10 weeks
    general surgery – 5 weeks
    orthopaedics – 2 weeks
    anesthesiology – 1 week
    neurosurgery – 1 week
    urology – 1 week
    ob/gyn – 10 weeks
    emergency room – 2 weeks
    community medicine – 8 weeks
    pediatrics – 4 weeks
    family planning – 2 weeks
    ophthalmology – 1 week
    ent – 1 week
    psychiatry – 1 week
    cardiology – 1 week
    kindly help me understand if this adds upto required duration as per gmc requirements? because everywhere else i asked were not very helpful and i am really desperate now.
    thanking you in advance

  48. Hello, I have finished my final mbbs exam, and we have been awarded a provisional registration by the medical council in my country of study and i have started my internship as well.. so i wanted to know if this comes under pre-graduate or post-graduation internship? Could u please clarify.. we will be awaded the final degree and permanent registration number once internship is done.

  49. Adyasha Mohapatra

    Hello i am adyasha from india i finished my mbbs undergraduate now i want to practice abroad through plab… Plzzz kidnly guide methruogh.. How to appear and the processes

  50. Hi Ibrahim,
    Also am I able to do an approved Internship in the UK??
    Please let me know of any I can apply to which would be approved by GMC for Full registration.
    thanks again,

  51. Thank you Ibrahim!
    Just one more question:
    I am planning to go to Gerogia / Armenia – University Hospitals to complete 1 year internship – hopefully that should help me get back into hospital environment.
    1.Would the Internship be approved by GMC?
    and if so, as you say I can apply for Full registration –
    2. and do I still need to complete the PLAB? or do I go straight for FY2 post either direct or Locum and would this be easier?
    Thanks again for your prompt advice!

    1. 1. Having an approved form of internship will enable you to apply for FULL GMC registration post PLAB exams. Otherwise you can only apply for provisional and if accepted, then apply for UKFPO Foundation program (which is internship for UK medical graduates). You have to do PLAB is you are an intl medical graduate.
      2. About internship and UKFPO and as such please go through this post:

  52. Hi, I need some advice. I graduated from Non EU country, but British Citizen.
    1. I have completed O Level English – is this acceptable instead of doing the IELTS?
    2. I graduated in 1999 – MD – but never perused internship -and I want to complete one – any advice where I can do this which would be recognisable in the UK by GMC – and or can I apply for FY!? (lapse was due to parents being ill /and worked to pay off heavy educational debts).
    3. Or can I just study for PLAB courses etc as offered by some agents and complete rather than attending Internship?
    4. Can I still apply for GMC registration (would be Provisional) after this long lapse?
    5. Is there any way I can do FY1 / or alternative in the UK being a foreign Graduate – even though worked in the NHS – admin clerical for over 10 years as Senior Manager.
    Hope this is not a complicated case!
    I would sincerely appreciate any advice going forward.

    1. Hello Nirmin,
      1. No, for GMC registration only IELTS/OET works, if you are a international medical graduate.
      2. If you want to pursue internship, you can try it where you got your medical degree from in the first place. Then again, you being a british citizen you can try for FY1 ubder UKFPO too after getting PLAB exams done and obtaining provisional registration.
      3. It’s up to you whether you want to ensure you have internship done and apply for FULL GMC registration, or pass PLABs apply for provisional GMC registration and then try for foundation programme.
      4. If you are taking the PLAB route, you are already proving to GMC that you are academically and clinically competent. Whether gap matters or not, it;s totally up to GMC.
      5. The only way to know is to go for it. You’re steps will be like any other IMGs with long clinical gap. Gather more info from here, https://roadtouk.com/2018/08/06/planning-plab-journey/
      Good Luck!

  53. HELLO

    1. You will have to follow the “Find your route” to finally find it, as described in the post above.
      Please read carefully and follow the instructions.

  54. I passed and received my Provisional MBBS certificate & Transcript in July 2018, but my Final Degree is supposed to be given to us by the end of September 2018, when it will be too late to apply for PLAB 1 for November 2018.

    My final degree is supposed to have the graduation date of September 2018 on it, but if i wait for it to be issued i will miss the date of application. Should i use the date of issuance of the Transcript/Provisional MBBS certificate to apply for PLAB 1? if it’s rejected would that lead to my GMC account being banned or something?

    1. You can use your provisional MBBS to apply for PLAB 1. When you book, you aren’t asked to provide any documents regarding your MBBS degree, so it will not be an issue later on.

  55. Mohamed Elhaddad

    Thank you for your help,i have an another question….when i get my OET Can i register in PLAB1 in the uk and apply for uk visa to do PLAB1 ?

  56. Mohamed Elhaddad

    Am Libyan plastic surgeon and i applied for OET on july and i got three B’s and one D.
    And i want to apply for it again in october,so can i register for PLAB 1 in november because the last registration date for it is on 20-9-2018 before i get my OET grades
    Wich am pretty confident i will pass!
    Thats all because that i dont want to wait till the next PLAB 1 wich is on March 2019.

    1. Hello.
      If you don’t get your English language exam results BEFORE the last day of booking, unfortunately you won’t be able to book.
      Unlike IELTS with OET booking PLAB 1 is not an instant process. You have to send GMC the OET results with your GMC reference number, and then when they approve then and update your GMC online account, then you can book PLAB 1.
      So you surely need to get the OET results at a least a week or two before the last day of booking to be on the safe side.

  57. Hello… I’m on my way to PLAB but I wanna confirm about registration, I have secured my degree in 2012 and worked for 11/2 year under government set up and after 1 year gap again I worked in private institution for 6 month that’s all.. since then I’m not in practice but preparing for Plab and Mrcp so is this going to be problem during registration pls confirm

    1. No, if you pass PLABs you are proving your academic and clinical knowledge at the same time. So, clinical gap doesn’t matter in getting GMC registration.

  58. Ivan…i have mistakenly given my title Miss instead of Mrs.(may be during scrolling, I didn’t notice that time) in my account..i mailed for correction…feeling worried…

    1. Hello, it’s not an issue. Even if it isn’t corrected now, at the time of your GMC registration, you can fix it.

  59. Jannatul Ferdaus

    Sir, the institution;which has awarded me the PMQ, is not listed in World Directory Of Medical School.So, can I open a GMC account without that? Can I still book for PLAB 1?

    1. If your institution is not listed, I would advise yoou to search again using all possible keywords. As sometimes for spelling differences it doesn’t show up.
      Once you become certain that it’s NOT in the WDOMS at all, then you need to contact GMC first as you won’t be able to open a GMC account. GMC will provide you with necessary paperwork which have to be filled and submitted to GMC and then once they assess and verify your institution and degree, only then you can open a GMC online account and book PLAB 1.

  60. Sir.
    I’m in odd batch by the way
    Wat am I supposed to give my finish date ,is it the date of my regular batch or my own batch

  61. I just renewed my passport but my passport in GMC account is old number
    And also, I didn’t put my middle name in my account
    I am a bit concerned if that would be an issue when I book the PLAB 1 exam.
    Please suggest me what I should do.

    1. You should put your name as it appears in your passport. This is an universal rule as the passport is your ultimate ID document.
      See if there is an option to change your name in the GMC online account if not then call GMC and they will be able to change it. I would say you match it with your passport before you sit for PLAB 1.
      As for the number, your renewed passport should have the old passports number in it. I would have carried both everywhere just to avoid confusion.

  62. I am still a med. student last year .I will finish my exams in december 2018 and my results will be in feb. 2019.but not having PMQ then .can i book for plab test in march without my PMQ certificate?

    1. If your results are out, you have the primary medical qualification. What you meant was the Diploma, the certificate. No, you don’t need the certificate to apply for PLAB. You don’t need to upload any documents even. you only need your PMQ awarding date, which in most cases around the world is the results published day.

  63. Dr. Tehmina Kamran

    Hi, but I study in UK university for 2 years, and I think after this I have exemption from IELTS. But I need to give only PLAB exam to get GMC registration?.??? I am not sure or I don’t know how I know about it.

    1. No it depends on where you had your PMQ from. If it is from a non-English speaking country and you don’t have other rights like EC rights, you are not exempt from IELTS/OET to obtain GMC registration .

  64. Dr.Tehmina Kamran

    I would like to know that I am UK resident, but my PMQ is non EU country. I have recently completed my masters degree from UK university. Do I need to sit in IELTS to get GMC registration or only need to sit in PLAB exam.

  65. Thanks a lot for amazing yet simple explanation.i have another ques regarding my qualification.actually i was admitted in one medical school but after my 1st professional examination i had to migrate in another medical school and graduated from there.will it be a problem or just fine?

    1. No, GMC will only ask for your Primary Medical Qualification. If your second medical college has already accepted your 1st professional and awarded you the PMQ from them, then it is done.

      1. when do we require tier 2 visa ..? can i apply it before clearing plab 1 if I have passed IELTS UKVI or I can apply it after clearing plab 2..

        1. Tier 2 is your work visa that you will apply for after securing a job and a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS). You cannot apply for it before obtaining GMC registration, which will require your completing the PLABs first.

  66. Hi, sir please make me clear that is it possible for IMGs to appear for plab1 in june or september attempets in uk?or they can only appear in their own country test centres

  67. Hi. At what stage do you upload the supporting documents such as copies of medical degree, Medical council registration in home country and good standing certificate?
    I have already done primary verification with ECFMG-EICS. So, I only need to provide them my reference number from ECFMG??
    I qualified in 2011 and registered in medical council by 2012 in India and stopped working end of 2013 as I relocated with family. Will the long gap of no work affect my eligibility to apply for PLAB?

    1. You email those documents after you pass PLAB 2 and apply for GMC registration. Once your payment is confirmed, GMC will send you an email asking required papers based on your online application.
      About EICS, you can find information here-
      The gap in your professional experience won’t affect your eligibility for PLABs. But as I have mentioned, after PLABs when applying for GMC registration, you will have to explain your past professional experience in detail along with gaps and all. IF GMC asks for further explanations, you will have to provide accordingly. This is how to approach for online application for GMC registration-
      Hope I answered your queries.

  68. Thank you for this blog! Do I need to pass the licensure exam (after 1 year internship) for doctors in my country in order to have a Certificate of Good Standing? Is that necessary or the diploma will suffice? Thank you.

    1. No medical council will give you certificate of good standing if you are not registered with them. If you have to pass a licensure exam in your country to get registered, you will have to do that in order to apply for registration and eventually certificate of good standing.

  69. What information exactly do I need from IELTS? Is the online result enough to apply for PLAB1? If the Ielts date is Feb1 and the closing date of registration for plab 1 is march 15, is it possible to make it? I will have recieved online results by 14th Feb.

  70. I finished my graduation 7 years ago.. Can I apply for Plab now? I am working in my native .. Will that be problem if I try to get into training post..
    Seems 2018, they released plab 1 dates only for March. In Nov no test overseas. Can I take plab 1 without taking IETLS and pass it later before plab 2?

    1. Yes, you can. There is no time limit in that regard.
      No, you’re working back home will not be a problem for you when you later try to get into a training post.
      November dates will be provided as the month approaches, it is still rather early.
      No, you must take IELTS before you can sit for PLAB 1.

  71. I tried to open an account 3 times today. Each time after finishing, I received a message that the account is created but unfortunately there was problem. When I tried to login, another message told me the account was BLOCKED!!! What may the problem be?

    1. Why did you try three times?
      If it said it was created first time, and showed it was blocked- you should’ve called the number, or emailed them to unblock it. Sometimes the automated system is not clear about all your info and needs an operator to clear it up.
      When the BLOCKED message comes, there is contact info there. Contact them, they will verify and unblock it.

  72. Initially thank you very much for the all beneficial information. Secondly, I have a question about the part of ‘Registered Adress Information’. I graduated from medical school last summer and i’m not working anywhere. These days i’m preparing for Plab at home. I have no adress to register on the form. If i leave the part blank, would it be inappropriate?
    Thank you for your help

    1. You can leave any part blank where the is NO red asterisk i.e not required!
      I’m sure the address is a required field. You can not leave that portion BLANK. However, organization name, department or county is not required and you can leave that blank if if doesn’t apply.
      You can edit this address later on, when ever you need it. It’s better to give your home address if you are at home now.

  73. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I spent like 2 hours trying to find the page from where I could create my account WITHOUT a GMC reference number and never found it. I kept going through all the pages over and over again. But this was very simple and very well explained. Thank you

  74. I am applying as a doctor outside the EU. I am waiting for my IELTS results. I’m jut not sure about the documents I have to provide them when applying for Plab 1. Could you please guide me on that?

  75. It would be of great help if you give some information how to get a card for paying all these online fees. Which bank, what are costs and the procedure to obtain a card for all online transactions.
    Thanks a lot for your blogs!

    1. Are you talking about credit cards? It varies from banks to banks, country to country a lot. But the cards that are accepted are – Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro.
      N.B. From abroad you can use ONLY “credit card”. The “Debit cards” of those companies has to be from UK to make the payment.
      And, it can be absolutely anyone’s. They just need to login to your GMC account, and in the my tests tab, they can proceed to the payment.

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