That title must have really caught your eye, am I right? In 6 months, how can one possibly begin to think that it is feasible to have dates both PLAB 1 and 2 exams, and that too while being in the UK on a single visit?

Let me first get the disclaimers out of the way:

  • You don’t have to do this. You can take as much as you’d like to complete the PLABs, it’s not a race. As far as GMC has mentioned, PLAB will be replaced in by UKMLA.
  • A lot of luck, planning, and financing are required in order to pull this off without a hitch.
  • If you are unable to clear your PLAB 1 in the first attempt, this entire plan will be impossible.
  • There is always a chance that you will not be able to find a PLAB 2 date within a good time margin between your results from PLAB 1 and booking PLAB 2.
  • At the end of the day, do what works best for you and never feel pressurized because ‘everyone else is doing it’ or ‘it will never work’. It’s your life, it’s your decision.

Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

Step 1 : Preparation

How prepared are you to get FULL GMC registration with a license to practice? Some questions to be asked before you embark on a long journey to the UK to appear in both PLABs.

These plannings and preparations will make your road smoother.

Step 2 : Booking PLAB 1

PLAB 1 dates are available in March, June, September and November. The only way you can check available PLAB 1 dates is on your GMC Online account. And you can’t book PLAB 1 if you have not completed the following:

  • Passed your final medical exam
  • Required score in IELTS/OET.

Without a valid score in IELTS/OET you can’t even check available PLAB 1 dates.

Step 3: UK Visa Application for PLAB 1

Online Visa Application

This is done exactly the same way as if you were to apply for this visa for PLAB 2. The subtype, information to provide- all of it is the same. By following the Online Application for the UK visa for PLAB that has already been outlined before, you’ll be fine.

The visa is “Standard Visitor Visa” and the reason is “Business…” and the main reason is to “Take the PLAB Exam“.

Supporting Documents

Now regarding supporting documents, here too much is the same as for the PLAB 2 visa, but the differences are:

  1. Cover letter explanation
  2. Length of the trip can be shown shorter as you’re not attending any course BEFORE the exam. (That way your cost of the trip can also reduce a lot)

The rest you can follow verbatim from the supporting documents for PLAB visa post. Afterwards, you can proceed onward for the final preparations for your PLAB visa.

Here is a redacted copy of a cover letter by one of our dearest friends, Dr. Afzal Abubakker, who managed not only the both PLABs, but also GMC registration, and land an NHS job in the 6 month period.

To, Entry Clearance Officer British High Commission,
Respected Sir/Madam,
Subject: Cover Letter requesting to grant Standard Visitor Visa (Business Visit for PLAB examination)
I, Dr. [Name] bearing the [Nationality] passport number [Number] (Visa Application Reference Number: [Number]), is applying for the Standard Business Visitor PLAB Visa for PLAB Part 1 examination. I plan on taking my PLAB Part 1 examination on [PLAB 1 Date] at London, UK.

I am a fully qualified MBBS doctor registered with the [Your Medical Council] (Registration no: [Number]) hence having a license to practice Medicine in [Country] (I have attached the registration certificate and MBBS degree certificate for your kind reference). I am currently working as a [Job title] in [Hospital]. I have a reference number under General Medical Council (GMC) UK, as a candidate to appear for the PLAB examination. My GMC Reference Number is [Number]. I have also attached documentary evidence for this.

My Reason for applying for the Visa: I am applying for the above mentioned Visa in order to appear for the PLAB Part 1 examination. I have already booked the PLAB Part 1 examination on [Date] at London, UK. It is part 1 of the licensing exam for International Medical Graduates who wish to practice medicine in the UK.

PLAB Part 1 Examination Confirmation: I have booked my PLAB Part 1 examination for [date]. The fee (230 GBP) for this exam has already been paid. I have also attached a confirmation from the General Medical Council (GMC) in UK for my exam invitation. The General Medical Council of UK has invited me at Royal Horticultural Halls and conference centre, 80 Vincent square, London, UK at 10.00am in order to appear for the exam.

No Objection from my Employer: [If applicable] Make sure the No Objection Certificate mentions the reason for your leave is to go to the UK for the PLAB exam.

My Personal financial status: [If applicable] If you’re employed then explain your income and savings here.

My Family circumstances: Introduce and explain the circumstances (e.g. their job) of your family members here.

Financial Support for my UK visit (Sponsorship): If you have a sponsor for your visit you can simply mention that here and also state that you have added a letter of support from your sponsor which will explain the cost of the trip.

Accommodation during my UK trip: Provide a plan. It can be booking of a hotel or a place where you will actually stay.

My Itinerary for the UK Trip: [Mention dates and provide explanation where necessary]
Day 1 – Will reach at the [Airport]
Day 2 until Day 4 – Settle down at the accommodation and last minute preparation.
Day 5- PLAB 1 exam
Day 6 – Rest for a day. Maybe roam in London.
Day 7- Return back home from the [Airport].

I would like to reassure you that I am going to leave the UK after the end of my visit as I am a resident of [country]. I would like to come back and stay with my family and [explain your circumstances e.g. job or property etc] (You can show here 5 days approach too. It’s up to you)

Summary of My Visa Application: I am an honest person and a law-abiding citizen. I am well aware of the consequences of doing anything illegal and hereby solemnly affirm that I shall abide by the rules and regulations set by the Government of the United Kingdom. I have genuine invitation from the General Medical Council, UK to attend the PLAB 1 Examination, and hence am genuinely seeking entry into the UK as a visitor. You can confirm my registration details with the GMC, UK and my exam invitation from the General Medical Council by calling them at +44 161 923 6602 or emailing them at or I also confirm that I will return from the UK within the specified time frame and I shall not overstay my visit.

Documents Enclosed:
Current Valid Passport
Confirmation letter for PLAB 1 from GMC
Old Passport
Accommodation Invitation Documents: Booking confirmation from a Hotel, OR Letter of invitation from my family friend in UK Letter for confirmation of accommodation from the Inviter
Passport of my Inviter
Council Tax Statement of my Inviter
My Employment Documents
My Bank Account Documents
Sponsorship Documents
Proof of Home Address
MBBS Degree Certificate
Medical Council Registration Certificat
IELTS certificate
UKMLA documentary evidence

Hopefully the aforementioned documents will be sufficient enough for the processing of the visa. I would be highly grateful to you if you grant me visa clearance and make a success story out of my life. If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them. Thanking you! Have a nice day!

Sincerely, (Signature)
P.S. All INR to GBP conversions in my cover letter were done by taking rates from on 25/July/2017 (83.77 INR= 1 GBP).

To know about proving financial sponsorship, have a look at Financial Sponsorship Fiasco.

Step 4: Attending a PLAB 2 Course

After you are done with your PLAB 1, you have 1 month or so wait for the results. Half of it you can spend roaming the country (if you can budget for it), and the other half attending a PLAB 2 course.

There are several PLAB 2 courses in the UK. Ask your colleagues, friends, or look for recommendations in the social media – any which way, decide on a course and attend. Learn the methods and keep practicing till your PLAB 1 results come out. Or check out how to plan for a PLAB 2 course so that you stay ready.

Step 5: Booking PLAB 2

As I have mentioned in the disclaimer at the beginning, the whole plan depends a lot on your PLAB 1 results and availability of PLAB 2 dates. Unfortunately if you fail, I would say take it sportingly and go back and attempt for PLAB 1 the next time. And if you pass, celebrate it later – book your PLAB 2 first.

This can also be a hitch as you may not find available dates that close. But, as you’ve already attended a course and practicing on the materials one should assume you are already prepared to take PLAB 2 in a week. So, PLAB 1 results out > Passed > Book PLAB 2. Keep in mind that failing PLAB 2 will also throw a wrench in your plan. It will be nearly impossible to manage another date within your visa.

Please see your options if you fail in What to do if you fail PLAB 1.

Step 6: Additional Steps

The target was to appear in both PLABs in one stay. After that being achieved, if you can afford to stay further and your visa still permits, you can start thinking about your GMC registration and NHS job application after your PLAB 2.

Please have a look here to find out more about what to do after PLAB 2.

Summary of the plan

  • Book your PLAB 1 date.
  • Book a PLAB 2 coaching course as soon as you can, preferably within a few days of taking your PLAB 1 exam.
  • Take PLAB 1.
  • As soon as your PLAB 1 results are released, book a PLAB 2 exam date. You can expect it to be 2-3 months later.
  • Keep an eye out for date swaps which you may find more suitable for yourself, but don’t forget that there is a cancellation fee which is incurred when you swap.
  • Take PLAB 2.
  • While you await your results, find out what you can do regarding the online application for GMC registration.

Step 6 (bonus): GMC Registration & Job applications

GMC making the PLAB 2 as the ID check and abolishing a separate ID check makes life a lot easier in this plan. If all your evidences needed to support your GMC registration application is ready, you can make the application for GMC registration and potentially start applying for jobs in the NHS.

Details about Online application for GMC registration can be found here. Also if you are interested you can also have a look at How to apply for jobs in the NHS.

Things that can throw off your plan

Not being successful in your attempt in PLAB 1

If you are taking the June PLAB 1 in the UK, the next one would be in September, which is 3-4 months away. You may need to rebook, which would make PLAB 2 on the same visa impossible.

Not finding a PLAB 2 date within your visa period

After March and November PLAB 1 exams, people book PLAB 2 dates months and months in advance and that’s what at any point of time it is difficult to guarantee that you will get a PLAB 2 date within the next 4-5 months time.

Not being successful in your PLAB 2 attempt

If once you attempt for PLAB 2 and couldn’t pass, it might not be possible to get another PLAB 2 date within your visa period. So, you might want to reflect on What to do if you fail PLAB 2 and try again.

Other general reasons which can get you a rejection in your visit visa application

Visa rejection always puts you off your plan. Most of the rejection are related to financial issues. Please have a look at UK Visa Financial sponsorship fiasco to know the dos and dont’s in your visa application.

I’m sure you’re realizing now what I meant earlier when I said this plan requires a lot of luck and near perfect planning. You must be meticulous in your approach and secure in your finances to make certain you don’t miss a trick and you are able to pull this off without a hitch.

Good luck!

116 thoughts on “PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 dates in six months : A tried and tested plan”

  1. ”If you haven’t graduated yet, we will need confirmation you have passed your final examinations and have met all other requirements to be eligible for the qualification.”
    it says like this on the gmc website. i have passed my final medical exams and i am on currently doing my internship, but the issue date for my pmq will be after my internship is done, so what is it that i have to provide to confirm that i have passed my final exams but have not graduated yet , in order to take the plab exam during my internship? please reply , thanks in advance.

      1. Would that pose a problem later in gmc registration because the issue date on the medical diploma does not match the the date provided on the gmc online account?

        1. The issue date in medical diploma may indicate the issue date for the diploma itself not necessarily when you passed your final medical exam. The date your final medical exam pass results were published will always be the same date why will there will be a confusion?

      1. Mujtaba Ahmadi

        Hello dear Dr !
        How many times does plab 1 happens outside of UK ?!
        Which months specially in India?
        Thanks in advance

        1. Before COVID pandemic, usually the dates were in March and September of a year. Now a days, they open dates when British council of that country can arrange for one, nothing is fixed. So, you have to get eligible to book first as soon as possible.

  2. Hi can you advise regarding the continuous practice rule for gmc it a must even if v r preparing for exam?
    I am.a surgeon from India, my husband s currently in uk..I wish to join him but since I’m not having gmc I can’t work..I plan to give my mrcs exams. Will there be a problem for my registration even if I clear exam as I will have break in practice of more than 5 weeks? Please advice

  3. karen castelino

    Hi, i like your posts they are very informative.
    so here is my story. i finished my graduation in 2010 and completed my Post grad in a non clinical subject. i have been working for 6 yrs in my specialised subject and also teaching. since the duration is long since my PMQ is taking a non training job acceptable? or should i do a FY2 stand-alone. stand alone applications start in jan. i am worried i wont be able to give PLAB 1 by then as in India from my understanding its in march and November.
    thanks in advance

    1. GMC these days opens days in June September at overseas centers as well. And you can take PLAB 1 beforehand at your own time and then when application for standalone opens apply then and take PLAB 2 after your standalone interview. And no, FY2 Standalone and a non-training job won’t be anything fundamentally different. So any will work for you. Please watch this video:

  4. Andony Paolo Caraza Barrera

    Hi, I’m from Peru, I have a question: Which part of the UK would I be able to sit the PLAB 1 exam? I was looking for the location of the place where I would have to sit the PLAB 1 exam in UK on GMC’s website, yet I did not find any information about it. Thank you beforehand 🙂

      1. Andony Paolo Caraza Barrera

        Nice to meet you too, doc 🙂 Ohh nice, that seems great to me. As to the PLAB 2, the only place to sit the exam is in Manchester, right? O maybe I could sit the PLAB 2 in London as well?
        PS: I have been reading your blogs and your Fb Fanpage since a while ago and the Info that you give to us is amazing, I really thank you for that 🙂 I hope to have the opportunity to know you guys in person someday 😀 a hug bro!

        1. PLAB 2 only happens in Manchester, yes.
          Thanks so much for saying so. Sure, someday! 🙂

  5. My PLAB 1 in March got cancelled because of COVID. I am now giving the exam in June in India. How does it work to Travel to UK immediately after giving my PLAB 1 and before my PLAB 1 results? will i face issues when applying for the visa as i wouldnt have technically booked my PLAB 2 as yet.

        1. That’s not a valid reason to travel, as these academies are not approved educational organisations to invite you to the UK.

  6. Mushfiquzzaman Dipto

    Now in Bangladesh we have four slots (March, June, September & November), so what could be the explanation to “Why do I want to give PLAB 1 exam in the UK” question in the cover letter? Should I write that there isn’t any vacancy ( which is true) and then add the “UKMLA part” and “to give PLAB-1 asap part”?

  7. Mushfiquzzaman Dipto

    I intend to give PLAB-1 in 25th June in UK. So I will also apply for MRCP Part-2 there. Will it be necessary to mention about MRCP-2 in my cover letter?

  8. Hello there, this might be answered before but I would like to sit for PLAB1 in march in Dubai, UAE. But it seems like it is not available anymore. IN general, is there a possibility that extra seats might be available in the near future. Or there is no use of waiting.
    Thank you.

    1. If GMC feels that there needs to be an increase in seats (people have emailed asking for it in the past), then seats may increase. Also, there is a chance people may cancel their exam date, making it available again.

  9. Hello
    Is it mandatory to get visa for plab2 for all nationals? My country (Japan) is not on the list of visa nationals in the UK.

    1. If you can enter the UK for visit without a visa on the basis of your nationality, you won’t need any separate visa for PLAB exams.

  10. As March 2020 seats are all booked in Bangladesh & India, will they consider Visa application for PLAB 1 in UK in March 2020, though seats are available in some countries I won’t like to visit.

  11. I have multiple entry visa for 6months….
    I took plab1 in June and came back
    Now I’m going back in the month of September….
    Do I have to inform someone?
    Or just board the flight
    And wat should I tell in the immigration section
    Thank you

    1. Take proof of the reason for your travel with you. Why are you visiting? if for PLAB 2- then you would need to show PLAB 2 booking confirmation

  12. Hello Doctor
    I’m going to apply for Visa to appear plab 1 in November. I was going to apply in July but due to some personal reasons i couldn’t do it. So now I have booked for Nov exam in London as seats in India are already booked way before last date. I am hoping to appear both parts in one go. So I have this doubt that
    1) I’m planning to stay in a hotel till plab1 exam then
    2) move to an Airbnb room for my extended stay, so do i have to mention both places in my cover letter.
    3) if not , won’t it create any problem on my next visit
    4)I’m working right now so,I’ll get noc from my hospital but after getting Visa I’ll have to resign as I can’t take leave of so many days. So , is that going to create any problem at immigration counter in UK.
    Kindly answer my queries

  13. Arunima Singhal

    I have a question. If I get UK visa for Plab 1 and if I don’t qualify and 6 months visa expires, can I apply for the visa again for the same exam plab 1 or plab2?

    1. You can apply for visit visa as long as you can show a reason to visit. If you rebook PLAB 1 in the UK, showing that confirmation you can apply for visit visa again.

  14. I Have a question about the visa. according to your sample cover letter, would it be ok not to mention about the plab2 and plab2 courses in my cover letter. thanks and advance!!

    1. How can you predict about taking PLAB 2 when you haven’t yet taken PLAB 1 yet? So, if you are going to take PLAB 1, make it all about it – talking about PLAB 2 and courses complicate your reason for the visit, isn’t it?

      1. But after clearing plab 1 ,if we stay for plab 2 without mentioning it in cover will we explain it to Visa officers while applying for tier 2 visa

        1. Circumstances changed while you were staying there. You can retrospectively say that but can’t guess them in future


    I was planning to appear for PLAB 1 on 27th June at Manchester. However, i cannot find the slot on GMC site. How to proceed?

    1. It may be that all the seats for June are now filled in Manchester. You can try and see if there are any seats in London, or just plan for September.

  16. Hi guys,
    I have got 6months multi entry visit visa.
    1)In my itinerary i have explained 8 days of stay in UK. Now i wish to stay there for another 15 days ,i have got sufficient money. Where am i supposed to tell them about my extension.
    Will it affect my next visit visa if i don’t come back as per my itinerary.
    2)if i want to go to uk 2 nd time within this 6 month, wer am i supposed to inform them about the cause of my visit
    Would be happy if someone guide me on these two points

    1. If you have six months visa, you can stay as long as you are not very near to staying the full six months. My itinerary was for 14 days, I had to stay for 4 months for GMC registration and job internviews. No problem afterwards whatsover.
      There should be a reason to visit. Job interview/ tourism / family – etc.

      1. Thank you
        Didn’t it affect ur next visa application, as u stayed there for long duration inspite of mentioning 14 days

        1. Nope. As the visa was for 6 months multiple entry, by law you can stay 6 months and enter multiple times.


    I am applying for my UK visa for Plab 1 exam and when asked what I would do in the UK under visit – business (academic) visa, I have 4 options of research, teaching, clinical practice, and formal exchange. Please what option should I go for?

  18. Hi Drs, Another Question on GMC registration. I recently graduated from China and have no medical licenses. I have worked as a physician assistant/medical interpretor without proper credentials in a private clinic. I did this hoping to develop clinically and to have less gap on my CV since graduation. Lately I learn GMC takes this serious. GMC sees this unethical for one working in clinical care without proper credentials. HOw can I thus paint my picture/CV on GMC and NHS? mention marketing role instead or just being completely honest and explain my rationale?
    With thanks, T

    1. You can always tell the truth and explain why you didn’t need medical license to do the work that you did in a private clinic. Maybe you were not treating a patient directly, maybe you were under direct supervision of another registered doctor, maybe you were observing a clinical scenerio to further your experience. If that’s the case, GMC would want a employer reference form signed and you would be alright.

  19. Hi Drs Ajaz and Ivan, I have been a devoted fan to your ROADTOUK, my OCD led me to proofread your punctuations so that I don’t miss anything salient:) Again, Thank God for you.
    I appreciate your support and encouragement. Could you please clarify on the three questions below:
    1. Has the GMC ID check step been ABOLISHed, I read your older posts that outlined the ID check step upon GMC registration. So i.e., I can leave UK after sitting plab2 and start NHS/GMC registration whilst waiting for plab2 pass?
    2. I have left work to devote to plab preparations. As per plans, I will have a long gap when I am ready to apply for NHS jobs end 2019. Given the nature of fly in and out for the plabs, I don’t see it is feasible to get a job this year. Would this gap in employment history hinder me on NHS applications? How can I spend 2019 wisely then?
    3. I plan to get into standalone FY1 on my full GMC registration, to acclimazise to NHS. any comments on the competitiveness of the standalone program in general?
    Many thanks, T

    1. Thank you for reading back to our old posts. If anything you find a mistake or with a query do not hesitate to contact us.
      1. Yes, GMC ID check is abolishded for those who are registering via the PLAB route. You can leave UK right after your PLAB 2.
      2. You can start your job anytime of the year. September to November is arguably the best time for getting into non-training jobs, as the trusts desperately try to fill the gaps of the trainees who started in August.
      3. If you had completed internship elsewhere, I would highly discourage you to take any FY1 post. Go for any FY2 or CT1 level non training post straight away, acclimatisation shouldn’t be difficult if your communication is good.

  20. Hello
    I am from india who has done her mbbs from china last year ie: in 2018. i got the required IELTS. score this month but i have not yet cleared the license exam of my country, will there be any problem for applying visa for PLAB 1 exam iin june.

  21. Hello! Is it possible if one stays in uk for a week , as mentioned in the post, come back and apply for plab 2 during the same visa? I mean can a person do multiple entries in the same visa period?

    1. Most of the time visit visas are multiple entry visa. So, yeah you can come back and forth in UK within that 6 months period.

        1. Every time you cross the UK border, you will asked about your purpose. It’s a default things they ask. Say what are you going to do and that’s it. What is there to hide?

  22. I want to take plab 1 in June.. so I want my visa to start from June only.. do I have to specify it in my application, as I want to complete both plab 1 and 2 in same visa period

    1. If you’re staying in your application that you wish to attend an exam in June, then the likelihood of getting the visa earlier than that is less.

  23. Hi
    Thank you for such an informative post.
    I’m from India and I’m currently doing my internship which will be completed in February. I want to appear for Plan 1 in June. Do I have to show that I worked somewhere from Feb to Jun ? Or is it ok if I am unemployed? I want to sit at home and study.
    Does this period of unemployment cause problem with the visa process?

      1. Thank you for your prompt response. 🙂
        While applying for the visitor Visa, should we also have the flight tickets apart from the exam invite?

  24. Hello thank u so much for the detailed plog .
    I have 2 questions :
    1-I am a resident in my home country but unfortunatelly we are not paid its the other way around we pay the medical board to train us. So I do have a job but no salary or bank account but I have a solid sponsor.How do I explain this in the application that I am employed without income??What shoul I put in the question about my salary?
    2-Is the letter of support from sponsor and prove of relationship enough??Do I have to submitt the affidavit???
    Thanks in advance

  25. hello sir,i am from Bangladesh.i cleared my ielts on 21 Dec,this year and i booked for plab1in uk,march,2019.
    I haven’t applied for visa yet as my documents are not ready. How long it may take for visa approval?? If i submit my necessary documents after 20th january,2019 when i’ll get my visa confirmation??i’m afraid of being late.


    hi, im from inida i shall be giving my ielts in feb2019.i would like to give both my plab 1 and 2 n the uk in june n septrmber sessions , is it possible to do so? if yes how and when do i apply for the visa


    Hello. I jusr cleared Plab1 exam and i have booked for plab 2 in the month of may 2019. I am a bit confused regarding the visa processing as i shall be sponsoring myself. Regarding the documents of house i live here in Bangladesh i am in a dilemma. I have a house in chittagong but i live with my aunty and work in Dhaka. So what should i do in this scenario ?

  28. and i just graduated i have not applied for my countrys license exam i don’t have any registration number, i decided to do plab instead so i can’t show that document , will that be a problem while applying for visa?

    1. Visa application shouldn’t be a problem as long as you have a valid reason and explained your financial circumstances well.
      But remember thar it’s better to be registered in your own (or any) country before you apply for GMC registration

  29. hey i have a question…i am planning to give plab 1 in the uk in june 2019, is there an option of multiple entry when you get a uk visa? because i am planning to give plab 1 and go back to my country, and evn if i dont get multiple entries the next time when i apply for a uk visa again for plab 2 will it be a problem?

  30. if we follow this plan and pass plab 1 in the June attempt and then stay in UK for plab 2 course/ for the September exam, then we will be unemployed /not practicing for about 2-3 months ,does it have a negative impact on our CV.
    btw thanks for this wonderful blog.

    1. No it does not. Time set out for educational purposes and in order to clear exams are taken into consideration.
      Thanks for liking our blog!

    1. No. If you get GMC registered via GMC approved sponsor, you won’t need to take PLAB. But, you will have to have required score in IELTS/OET.

  31. Hello, I want to know how soon can I get plab 2 date after passing plab 1? Is it possible to get it in a week or so after passing 1?
    Please reply as soon as possible.
    Thankyou ?

    1. Hello, it truly depends on your luck, but within a week is nearly impossible. You’d be more likely to find a date within 2-3 months of your results.

  32. hello sir,
    i am from bangladesh.but now i am living in uk as a dependent by dependent visa.i want to appear in plab 1 on next march. So, for appearing in plab 1,do i need to change my visa type?i am very much confused with that question .

    1. Hello, as you are already in the UK on a visa, you do not need to change anything to appear for PLAB. You can take PLAB on your current visa.

  33. Its a wonderful guide .
    i have a question –
    I m planning to attempt plab 1 on september and join plab 2 course after the attempt.
    what shall i write in my itinerary?
    or i just mention 7 days stay and after i receive my visa,i overstay?

    1. Just follow the outline given in the post ad mention only your September exam. You would not be overstaying as you will have a valid 6 month visa. So long as you do not stay longer than that you will be fine.

  34. Gayasuddin khan

    I have got a standard visit which is valid for 6 months, i did not mention plab 1 exam in my visa application, i applied for visit visa. I am now planning to give my plab 1 exam in September, will there be a problem in the future, like when i apply for plab 2 visa, as i had not mentioned in my earlier visa application?

    1. Hello, no it should not cause you any problems, although it is always best to be truthful in your application. If you are appearing in the September attempt, you can always work to clear PLAB 2 within the expiry of the same visa and then not worry about having to apply again.

  35. Thank you for this clear guide. I was wondering if it’s hard to get a visa to UK if i’m not currently employed. is it necessary to provide evidence of current employment? what are the chances of my application being refused if i don’t provide such evidence?

    1. Employment is not 100% mandatory for application of visa. If you have a sponsor and all financial circumstances are well explained, visa is not a problem.

  36. “Moreover PLAB exam is being replaced by a new assessment exam which has been given a working title of United Kingdom Medical Licensing Assessment (UKMLA). I have attached documentary evidence for this.”
    Can you please tell me what is this documentary evidence?
    Thank you.

  37. Thank you for your prompt feedback IBREEZ A. Our source of monthly income is totally dependent on house rents we acquire from 2 Flats we own in the city.In the case that my mother acts as my financial sponsor,are bank statements and FDR made in banks enough to prove that she can provide my finances??
    2) Do I need to provide an income certificate for my mother?? she has no income and our only source is via house rents…so How do u suggest we show that??

    1. You should provide rent agreements mentioning the monthly rents or money receipts for the rent taken each month.

  38. Thank you IBREEZ A. Yes this is a course for plab 1 as far as I have heard from some friends.I have some more questions like
    1) Will I be needing my MBBS degree certificate and BMDC registration certificate while applying for Plab 1?
    2)Do I need to book my seat for the sept plab 1 exam before I acquire my UK visa? I mean do I need to show proof that I have already booked my plab seat at the time of visa application?
    3)Can I stay in the UK an extra week after giving the exam just to stay and do some sight seeing with my friend?
    4) I will be putting my father-in-law as my financial sponsor,is that alright?

  39. Sir,
    1)I am a doctor from Bangladesh.I plan to appear for plab in September but should I mention plab 1 as the main reason for visiting the UK in my cover letter?
    2)I intend to undergo samson course and mocks in the UK,therefore will need to reside in London for more than 20days…should I mention this in my cover letter too?
    3) I have a friend who lives in the UK and I will visit him for a week if I am granted a Visa…in that case could I show his place as my accomodation?

  40. Sir
    I’m a doctor from India.I plan to appear for plab on june but i’m really confused with the visa.i heard it quite difficult to get a plab visa.Can i apply for a tourist visa without mentioning my intension of writing plab.please reply.

    1. The PLAB visa is a subset of the Standard Visitor visa, as is the tourist visa. What makes you think getting the PLAB visa is difficult?

  41. I am from India. I want to book PLAB 1 in June. I have got required band in lELTS. Bt to apply for Visa for PLAB 1, do I need to give IELTS UKVI?
    Thanks in advance

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