Getting a UK visa for PLAB is a mammoth task for many International Medical Graduates (IMGs). It is very confusing sometimes regarding what financial sponsorship documents you have to gather and how should you present your case. Let’s try to break it down!


Let’s look at the IMMIGRATION RULES

Financial sponsorship documents in your UK Visa application is one of the core things to get straight. Before commencing, let’s have a look at a few paragraphs of Appendix V: Immigration rules for visitors:

V 4.2 The applicant must satisfy the decision-maker that they are a genuine visitor. This means that the applicant:
(e) must have sufficient funds to cover all reasonable costs in relation to their visit without working or accessing public funds. This includes the cost of the return or onward journey, any costs relating to dependants, and the cost of planned activities such as private medical treatment.

And also for people who may not have sufficient funds of their OWN:

V 4.3 A visitor’s travel, maintenance, and accommodation may be provided by a third party where the decision-maker is satisfied that they:
(a) have a genuine professional or personal relationship with the visitor; and
(b) are not, or will not be, in breach of UK immigration laws at the time of decision or the visitor’s entry to the UK; and
(c) can and will provide support to the visitor for the intended duration of their stay.


V 4.4 The third party may be asked to give an undertaking in writing to be responsible for the applicant’s maintenance and accommodation. In this case, paragraph 35 of Part 1 of these Rules applies also to Visitors. An applicant will normally be refused where, having been requested to do so, the applicant fails to provide a valid written undertaking from a third party to be responsible for their maintenance and accommodation for the period of any visit.

In plain English, a visitor, if a visitor can’t support own self, can have a financial sponsor and the sponsor will have to give an undertaking in writing that they will support the visitor financially. And on top of that, naturally, the sponsor will have to provide proof that they themselves have enough funds for maintenance of any costs that may arise for the visitor during the entire trip.

Who can be my financial sponsor?

To reiterate the rule – “a third party where the decision maker is satisfied that they have a genuine professional or personal relationship with the visitor”. Yes, the relationship with the third party is important. But, nowhere in the rules, it is stated that it has to be an immediate family, as parents or sibling. So, it can be anyone who you can prove that you have a professional or personal relationship. It can be a business even, not a person if you can prove you have a professional relationship with them. But, that being said,  it’s easier to prove that you have a personal relationship with your immediate family.

It’s always better if you, yourself can be your financial sponsor. But for you to become your own financial sponsor there are a few tick-boxes to fill.

What makes a financial sponsor suitable?

The sponsor should have the ability to prove that they are financially stable. I can’t emphasize enough on financially stable. It doesn’t mean the amount of money they have in the bank account, it is not only the amount of money they earn every month. It’s the proper balance among money in the bank, money spent and money earned. The whole nine yards!

To break it down:

  1. [Important] They have a stable income (from a job or pension or business)
  2. [Important] They have ‘enough liquid asset’ i.e readily withdraw-able cash in a bank / financial institution which is being maintained for at least 6 months.
  3. [Optional] They have other forms of assets (Land/ house/ car – fixed asset) to put more emphasis on their statement of being financially stable.

How much should the sponsor have in their account?

The burning question.

It depends on how much you’ve shown your total cost of the trip will be. Your cost of the trip again depends on how many days you are showing your visit will be.

The more days stay you state in your application, the more expenses you will have to show. The more expenses you show, the more you will have to have in your/your sponsor’s account.

In my opinion, your whole expense should not be more than 1/3rd of the liquid assets your sponsor has to show in their bank account. That being said,  the question remains- how do I calculate how much money I’ll need to show?

How can I calculate my cost of the trip?

Let me just show you my breakdown of the cost of the trip. I showed my stay of 30 days, and the cost of my trip was broken down as follows:

Airplane Ticket (round trip)800 GBP
Accommodation (for 30 days)500 GBP
Living Expenses (food, transportation and all)500 GBP
Others (emergency need)
(In my opinion, this addition gives a positive idea about how you plan your finances)
500 GBP
Total2300 GBP

Now I want to make some more points:

  1. It is highly discouraged by the UK Visa office to pay for a plane ticket or any accommodation before obtaining your visa, so logically these should go into your expected expenses during your stay in the UK.
  2. And if you haven’t paid your PLAB 2 course yet (i.e you will pay on arrival), I would suggest to not add that to your expenses. Ideally, you should’ve paid ahead of time as you’ve already booked a spot (as in the PLAB 2 exam itself). Some academies take cash, but you shouldn’t add as I said before, since it is expected that you’ve already paid for it.
  3. If you provide any provisional booking for your plane ticket or accommodation (e.g,, make sure the cost in the breakdown matches as it is in the booking.

You can just put your expected dates (as you’ve mentioned in your travel itinerary in your cover letter) in skiplagged to find out a reasonable price for air-tickets. You can round it up. And for accommodation, the cost is variable, and it depends on where you have shown you’re going to stay.

Just remember one golden rule, things should be similar as per the papers you’re submitting.

What financial sponsorship documents should I provide?

If you are self-sponsoring the trip

If you state in your visa application that you ARE EMPLOYED, you MUST explain your own financial circumstances with the following papers:

  1. Proof of regular income [Important]
  2. Bank Statement for the last 6 months [Important]

I can not emphasize enough how important this is to explain your own financial circumstances if you state that you are employed.

You still can add a third party as a sponsor if you are employed. It is very acceptable as your financial circumstances may reflect that you yourself are not capable of funding this trip, even though you are employed.

If you are NOT sponsoring the trip

If you are NOT EMPLOYED, you still can add your work experience certificates which mention your termination date, if you had worked before. If you are not earning anything now, your financial circumstances hardly matter. Be careful when putting this info in the online application. They should make sense.

What financial sponsorship documents should my sponsor provide?

Here also the uniqueness of every case makes it quite impossible to give one single guideline on financial sponsorship documents. But let’s talk generally what a sponsor should provide-

  1. [Important] Bank statement for the last 6 months (6 months isn’t mandatory but highly recommended)
  2. [Optional] Solvency Certificate
  3. [Important] Proof of regular income
  4. [Important] Letter of support
  5. [Optional] Affidavit declaring financial sponsorship
  6. [Optional] Papers related to proving fixed assets (If any is mentioned)

The rule to follow – always adds up what you’re stating, with official papers. Just because you mentioned and explained something in your cover letter/letter of support doesn’t mean anything, if any official paper doesn’t back it up.

Here, UK Visa Guidance: Supporting Documents, you will find my cover letter and see what other papers I attached with my visa application.

1. Bank Statement for the last 6 months

Most of the banks have their automated system of providing their customers with the bank statement. Previous 6 months statement is needed and as I have mentioned earlier, this should be the money that is readily withdraw-able i.e liquid asset. If the money is not in any conventional bank rather in any other type of financial institution, that can also be shown, as long as proper papers with accurate explanations are made. For example, savings can be in bonds/saving certificates. They are seen as readily withdraw-able cash at any moment, and thus a copy of the said bond/saving certificates along with a letter from the financial institution should serve the purpose too. And, importantly, any big transaction in the aforementioned account should be explained in the letter of support by the financial sponsor, which is discussed below.

2. Solvency Certificate

This is a letter issued by the bank or any financial institution stating explicitly how much money the account holder has, in which accounts, and how the institution thinks he is solvent enough to sponsor you for your UK trip. This letter comes along with the bank statement if you ask the bank officials about this. Here is an example.

You can download a PDF copy of this here.

DISCLAIMER: The above template of a solvency certificate is what my financial institution agreed to follow. For different banks, they have their own template and they may not be willing to follow exactly what it is here. It’s alright. As long as they are providing a “Solvency Certificate” or a “Certificate of Investment”, that serves the purpose. Make sure the paper has the following things:

  1. Logo of the Bank / Institution
  2. Contact details of the Bank / Institution
  3. Official Memo no with the date the certificate is being issued
  4. Account holder’s name
  5. Date of opening of the account(s) (Since when it was active)
  6. Amount of money in the account(s)
  7. Signature and details of the authorized individual.

3. Proof of regular income

This can simply be an income certificate in the official letterhead. Or, again, a letter from the bank ascertaining monthly flow in an account from a source like pension, business, investment or anything that brings money into the account regularly. Or if it is evident in the bank statement, there’s no need of letter from the bank, but the income certificate from the source, in that case, will be required.

The income tax return will also serve the purpose of proving regular income if the monthly/yearly income is mentioned there. This is useful if the monthly income is irregular like in a business. Bottom line, any official paper which demonstrates the monthly flow of money under the name of the sponsor, will do.

Note that, the amount of regular income shown should reflect the circumstances of the sponsor’s and his dependents. For example, if someone earns £50 per month and runs a family of 5 people and says they are capable of giving you £3000 for your visit- it doesn’t sound believable without further explanation of their previous employment and how they have accumulated their savings. And these explanations of circumstances should be explained in the letter of support.

4. Financial Sponsorship Letter

This letter is basically your sponsor discussing their circumstances to the entry clearance officer regarding the financial base they have, and how they can provide you with the sponsorship for your UK visit. Most of the explanations about money should be here to make your cover letter less cluttered. Here is my father’s letter of support –

My Sponsor’s (Father) Letter of Financial Support

Entry Clearance Officer
UK Visas & immigration

Re: Letter of support for my son, —–Full Name—-, DOB –/–/—-.

Dear Sir/Madam,I, —SPONSOR’S NAME—, am a —–occupation—–. My son, —-YOU—- is intending to sit in PLAB Part 2 examination in Manchester, UK on —–PLAB 2 DATE—–. I will be his financial guarantor for his visit to the UK for this purpose. His details are as below:

NameDate of BirthPassport NoVisa Application Reference No
   (You will get this after completion of your visa application online)

Here my dad explained his sources of regular income and the number and relations to the dependents on him. (In my case it was dad, mom, and me)

Type of IncomeBank/ Financial InstitutionAccount/ Registration NoTotal Income per year (in BDT)Total Income per year (in GBP)
Total Regular Income per year=  

Here my dad explained his sources (e.g. savings) of his liquid assets (deposit in a bank/ saving certificates).

Type of DepositBank / Financial institutionAccount/ Registration No.DateAmount in BDTAmount in GBP
Total Liquid Assets=  

Please note that I can withdraw this amount any time I want as per the bank rules. A Solvency Certificate with the details of the account is issued from the bank and attached for your consideration.
I also own the following land assets. The translated copies of the record of rights/deeds of the land assets marking the type and amount of land is attached to the application. The present market value of the land assets in the locality is added for your kind perusal.

LocationPlot no.Type of landAmount of land (Deci)Present market value in BDTin GBP
Total Fixed Assets=  

I have already paid the booking fee of —Yours—- PLAB Part 2 examination along with the course fee for PLAB 2 preparatory course in —-Your course’s name and address—. For his visit to UK, he intends on spending a total 2300 GBP (I showed my duration of stay for 30 days) which includes:

Plane Ticket800 GBP
Accommodation500 GBP
Living Expenses500 GBP
Others500 GBP
Total=2300 GBP

I am capable and willing to provide my son, —Your name—-, financially for his UK trip. I have attached the following documents for your consideration.

1. Affidavit of Financial Sponsorship to my son.
2. Solvency Certificate.
3. Income Certificate.
4. Translated copy of the deeds / record of rights of the land assets that I own.

Thanking you,



P.S. All BDT to GBP conversions were taken from the rate in on DATE [1 BDT= 0.0___ GBP].

Please note that the conversions are to be done from the Make sure wherever in your application you talk about any amount of money, you don’t forget to convert that to GBP according to the current rate in that mentioned website.

5. Affidavit of financial sponsorship

Having an affidavit signed in the presence of a notary is NOT mandatory. But some are of the opinion that it solidifies your application, even though there is no documented proof.

The abridged version of the letter of support, excluding the explanations of the transactions and other circumstances, including the number of assets and their values, written in legal stamp papers, signed in the presence of an advocate will serve the purpose. Remember to take 1 copy passport-sized photos of you and your sponsor’s for the affidavit.

A fixed asset can be so many things- land, house, car, jewelry, etc. There are professional evaluation services who can evaluate the asset for you and give you the proper documentation to prove how much it is worth. These can then be attached with your visa application. Or if you present other documents like deeds/record of rights of land assets, the price will be mentioned there or you can put an estimated value in the affidavit as it will be signed in the presence of an advocate, thus making it legal.

And all the documents you are submitting, if any of it is NOT in ENGLISH (even a single seal, NOT logo), you have to translate and notarize it. These translation centers will be able to provide you with the affidavit of financial sponsorship too according to the pattern of your country’s own.

Common ERRORS & FAQs

Final Thoughts

In the end, the basic thing is to prove to the entry clearance officer that you have access to enough funds for your trip to the UK for the time you have mentioned in your application. And all the papers you have added accounts for the claims that you made in your cover letter or throughout your application. Despite this long discussion, if you have any queries, there is always a helping community in social media. ASK AROUND. You will definitely find someone who was in your shoes and can give you proper guidance.

Good luck!

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  1. Thankyou so much for this valuable post.
    My question is i’m Currently working in a hospital, I have paid for my PLAB2 test and will be paying for my ticket and academy too so I will have very less amount left by the time I apply for VISA. I will mention my father as my financial sponsor and will show his savings certificate but the amount in them is 2 times the amount I will be needing for My trip which according to the information mentioned above is less. Should I just explain this that everything including plab2 test, academy, accomodation is already paid by me and my father will support me for further expenditure or should my father take loan from somewhere and increase the amount in his savings. Please help My confusion as we also don’t have enough fixed assets to show.

    1. You should not have paid accommodation even before getting the visa. But 2 times is not a bad amount if your father and you can both show a source of regular income.

  2. Hello doctors,

    I had a question regarding bank statements for the UK PLAB visa application. I have two jobs which together pay around $1800 (I also have statements for both salaries), and I’ve put around $900 on my bank account consistently monthly for around a year.

    Do you think it’s a good idea to sponser myself or should I apply saying I’m unemployed with an external sponser with a stable bank account?

    I’ve heard a lot of Iraqis get denied their visas because of (origin of funds). I’d appreciate your recommendations.

    The money doesn’t go directly from the workplace to my bank, and I take it monthly and deposit it by cash, that’s how it works in iraq, will that be a problem?

    1. If you think you have enough funds, it is always a good idea to self-sponsor. For self-cash deposits you also have to provide some sort of payslips you received from your job when you collected the cash payments.

  3. Thanks for the helpful blog.
    I’d like to ask if you had added your dad’s bank statement as a supporting document or just the solvency certificate from the bank. Will the solvency certificate be sufficient for the officer to approve the visa?

  4. That’s an excellent post! Thank you so much. I want to ask one question though. I work under my mother. She is the senior consultant and I am the junior consultant at our private hospital. She pays me a monthly salary. I pay my taxes on time. Will showing your parent as your employer work? Will my case be self dependant or I will have to show myself as dependant on my parent?? I am really confused. Kindly please shed some light on this.

    1. Show the private hospital as your employer to show your regular income and your mother can be a signatory as an EMPLOYER not as your MOTHER. And separately she can show her assets and income to support you as your MOTHER.

  5. Thank you for clearing so many doubts. Still i need to ask something.
    My Father have done a fixed deposit in a bank withdrawing a good amount of money from another bank.

    What kind of document will be needed in this case?

    The source of liquid asset was from selling a land (got the payment by seperate transaction).
    Shall i show that documents?

  6. Hey doctor, Ibreez and Ibrahim … Wonderful post ,for showing fixed assets like land and property can we show the paper of yearly tax payment which include my father’s name.

  7. Thank you for your precise writing. I want my mom as my sponsor. She is a housewife but she has some FDRs. Three of her FDRs has recently added. My father was a govt teacher and deceased in 2002. Are there any issues regarding recent FRDs and my mom has no source of income except my father’s pension?

  8. A biig thanks for clarifying so nicely. My maternal uncl is living in UK. Will it save my cost if i stay with them? And will it help me in any more way?

  9. Hi Sir, Thanks a lot for your efforts to clarify the process. I find this visa issue a little bit complicated. I will finish my Internship in 28 February 2021, so I am not employed yet, but I will take my residency in June 2021, but the money I earn won’t be enough for the Plab2 trip. My father will sponsor my trip. The problem is that he doesn’t save money in banks. He will retire in April 2021, when he will take an appropriate amount of money as a reward for finishing his working years -this is the money I am depending on for the trip- and this money will be added to a newly opened bank account in April 2021. so I don’t know what is the best thing to do. I am planning to take the exam in August 2021. So should I postpone the exam till six months after the account is opened? -knowing that I would like to travel as soon as possible- I would be grateful for your advice sir. Thanks a lot for your help. I am from Egypt so if anyone can help in advising me or reviewing my papers I would be grateful.

    1. It’s difficult to answer personalized situations like this. All I can suggest is, the main bank account that you show has to be six months old, there has to be a regular source of income and enough amount explained with sources of that money.

  10. Hello again. I am unemployed but my family collectively will help get me to working in the UK. My one brother will be my main financial sponsor for PLAB 2 but my other brother paid for my course. Would I need to add both brothers financial information and related documentation or just the main sponsors? Especially in the Letter of Support where you added your father paid for the exam and the course. Thanks.

  11. Hi Dr Ivan, i am employed for 7 yrs and took a break now for about 6 months for exam preparation.
    Should i show the documents related to my leave while submitting the bank statement?

  12. Hi. I’m from India. I’m newly employed in a hospital since last month. My previous hospital salary is not in my bank account. The salary was received by cash and I saved them in the form of fixed deposits. Now, as I worked only for a month only the new salary is available as a balance in my account. I’m having my mother as my sponsor. Her salary is low and her account balance is the same as my Uk expenses. I’m providing fixed deposits of my mother which is 3 times that of my UK expenses. My question is, is it okay if the bank account has less amount? As I’m stating that I’m employed and my previous employment has no proof, do I need to mention that in a cover letter? please clarify. Thank you

    1. You have to clarify where the money came from in the bank accounts you are showing. Your previous employments, if they have significant contribution in the present bank account, how would you explain that money without talking about that employment?

  13. I am planning for a duration of 3 months for plab 2 plus clinical attachment. I am currently not employed. I have 3000 gbp ( which was gifted to me by my parents and grandparents a long time back), plus I will get 1000gbp from my internship days( received it a year later due to a horrid government ).
    One of my uncles is ready to sponsor me for the trip. Assuming I will still be unemployed at the time of submitting for visa, is it wise to show my bank statements along with my sponsors’?

    1. Just because you are unemployed at the time of the visa application does not mean you could not have been employed previously. If you show your bank statements proper explanations have to be given as well from where that money came from.

  14. I am planning to take plab 2 in may 2021.
    For that i will have to apply for visa in February 2021. I planned that My mother in law will be my financial sponsor.
    My husband got visa in December 2020 for his plab 2 ( his plab 2 is in march2021) by showing his mother ( my mother in law) as sponsor, his visa start from January 2021.
    My question is will there be any problem if same person will sponsor after 2 month for me ????

  15. What is a professional relationship in terms of sponsering visa for plab 2 ?

    If i am working in a hospital
    My HOD from same hospital agrees to sponser my trip for plab 2 visa

    Now is it fullfiling the criteria of sponser with professional relation ?

    1. There were cases I have seen hospital could sponsor the visit not a person. A hospital’s reason can be it’s an exam for his to be trained in the UK later on, but what will be HOD’s reason to sponsor you?

  16. Very informative post
    My farher is my sponser ,he is farmer and his earnings are seasonal , 6 monthly
    And mostly in cash
    His bank account is old but not in use from a long period

    Now if my father sells his crops and deposit money in that account , for my trip , and documents of that sale ( slip from buyer ) can be attached to explain that transaction
    Will it be fund parking ?

  17. I want to show my mother’s pension money as my financial sponsorship, but if the pension money is deposited in her account within less than 6 months of my visa application, will it be a problem?

  18. Hi. Thanks for the informative posts! For PLAB 2 visa, I plan to be sponsored by my brother. Even though I am unemployed, I have some savings in my account which I acquired from my parents, grandparents and my scholarship. Would I have to explain that in detail? Some of the abovementioned was deposited as a big lump sum from my father so I might not be able to show the true origin of the money. Please advise how I can go about this. I will appreciate it very much.

  19. Thank you Ivan bhai for this excellent post. I have a query that I need to ask.

    I will show my father’s (retired govt. officer) saving certificate as my financial support. I will provide with Solvency certificate, pension certificate, LOS and affidavit of sponsorship.
    As he receives money directly from the saving certificates, there is no bank account maintained. So in my case, will these documents suffice? Do I need to show any bank statement?

    1. You should make a certificate stating how much he earns from those saving certificates monthly (there should be receipts) and get it signed by the authorized body who is signing the solvency certificate as a proof of regular income.

  20. Hello ivan.. Im planning to buk PLAB 2 on jan 19. My Father is my financial sponsor and he is financially stable earning 6 lakhs per year through business and has income tax certificate. He has irregular inflow and outflow in his bank account. For my trip he is gonna sell a property.
    1. Will that come under fund parking??
    2. Do i need to show the documents regarding the property that is to be sold?

    1. 3. While explaining the transactions, shuld i explain each and every transaction or just mention business? Although i will be providing the business related documents.

    2. It’s difficult for me to say what the visa officer will see it as. If someone has to sell properties to fund a visit, are they financially sufficient? The question remains. But a proper explanation can answer that question along with all related paperwork.

  21. Syeda Sadia Muaziz

    How much money do I have to have in my personal account for visa application ?
    Do I need to show my assets in my personal acocunt? Or can I just use my sponser’s acccount ? IF I intend on staying for three months in the UK. How much money shoulkd I have in my persnal account and how much should my sponsers have

  22. My mom wants to sponsor me but she is working in Kuwait and the proof of income which is salary certificate is in Arabic.I am going to apply from India.Do I have to translate it?

  23. My mother got his pension money 1 month ago that is added to her bank account.Can i show that money as it is her pension money?

  24. In bangladesh retired pepole typically earn monthly from property rent only.In that case how can I show evidence of monthly income?

    1. There is no receipt while collecting rent? Renting contracts can be made to prove there the person is a landlord. The house ownership documents can also be supplied.

      1. we collect cash here from the tenants and the contracts are verbal only.You probably know thats the usual way here.If for example we have a 5 storied residencial building consisting of 10 flats where 9 are to let and 1 for our residence.we obviously have documents of the land but not some sort of house ownership or renting documents.

  25. Thanks a lot for this informative post. l am from Africa but studied and currently having currently having my internship in Asia. My elder sister works with the NHS as a nurse. Can she serve as my sponsor?

    1. Yes, showing parents’ passport or ID is the easiest way to show evidence of family back home when you are travelling.

      1. My dad’s passport has a spelling mistake in it. His name is spelt humanyun instead of humayun. So for that can i show an affidavit that its an error or will that be rejected?

        1. My passport and other documents show his name as Humayun Rashid.
          And his current passport has the same name but with a spelling error “humanyun” . If i get it corrected, his name will change to Humayun Rashid Haroon, not matching with my docs and passport. But that will also be a problem too . Right?
          Please tell me the best solution to this problem ?

        2. First of all your passport is not a proof of your father’s name. Many passports in the world doesn’t have their father’s name on it.
          Just follow everywhere what his passport says, minor spelling mistake won’t be a big issue.

  26. Dear Ibrahim Ivan, thank you for your guidance. I have got such a question. If a sponsor’s monthly income is very small, as little as £250 monthly, for example, but their are more money on their account, taken from some other deposit/savings, will it be well enough for a PLAB2 visa?

    1. Then the question is how did they get that deposit/savings? Is it their entire life’s savings? That means then you have to show they had been working for a long time to amass that amount. For example, my father was in a govt service and then he retired. So I showed his pension papers which states when he started his service which explains the saving he had over that period.
      Bottom line is, whatever money you show you have, you also have to provide a reasonable explanation how that was earned.

      1. Thank you for your response. One more question. May I have TWO sponsors for this very purpose then or should it be just one person?

  27. Hello there, Thanks a lot for such an informative blog!! would you please clearly one thing..My elder sister( married & having 2 children) wants to be my financial sponsor. She has been working as a banker for 8 years & has been saving some of her salary money in another account not in the salary account. bt its not sufficient to sponsor me. so if we manage to lend around 10 lacs & deposit it in her account and after that if she regularly deposit her salary(35000tk) & withdraw some of it showing her expense for living per month for around 10-12 months more then will it be any problem for my visa?
    Need some suggestion please..

    1. As long as the debit into the account can be explained and the sponsor has a steady income coming from a job, it should be okay. It may not be good idea to show that money was borrowed for your visit, rather showing it some other way is a better idea.

      1. very much grateful vaia for your reply..! you are like an idol for me. May Allah bless you & also pray for me so that I can fulfil my dream as well..

  28. Hello Sir,
    Thank u for your informative post.
    I would like to ask you 2 questions.
    1.Regarding evidence of home address,my census is in different cities with my father,who will be my sponsor
    In my many documents , my address was in 2 different cities.Do I have to submit both census of my father and mine? Is it okay our censuses are in different cities?Is it okay that my address is not the same in my official documents ?
    2. Regarding bank statement, it was happened to withdraw a large amount of money( nearly all)last month . We are depositing reasonable amount of money regularly from this month on to fulfill the amount.But there was a huge transaction history in my 6 months bank statement. Will it be a weak point for validating financially solvent even if I prove that the transaction was to buy something?

    1. 1. Please go with what your real address is, and provide proof of that. It is not a problem if your sponsors address is different.
      2. Provide sufficient proof to support what the transaction was and present other financial documents accordingly as mentioned in the article.

  29. Falguni Gupta

    my cousin living in australia will sponsor me. in that case,do I need the main copy of documents needed for sponsorship? or scanned documents will be enough?
    thank u

    1. Scanned is enough. As the documents itself will not be sent anywhere, they will scan these in the visa application center.

  30. Apoorav Mahajan

    what is the minimum bank balance to be shown in the bank account of the sponsor ?
    is it necessary that the cost of your plab 2 journey be only 10% of your bank account?

  31. I graduated in March 2018, did my house job from may 2018 to April 2019. Since then I’ve been unemployed. I spent that time planning my IELTS and PLAB. Everything was going as planned except that now because of the pandemic the PLAB 2 that I was planning to give in July 2020 got postponed to September (as of now). I have no idea what to do for this duration and i’m worried that being unemployed for so long will hinder my visa application process. I’m an Indian national (from occupied kashmir) who did her MBBS from Lahore, Pakistan.My family has been living in the UAE for the last 25 years. But I can’t work in the UAE without having 2 years of work experience. Neither can I work in kashmir because of the recent political situation. Even in Pakistan, it is not easy to get a job being the holder of an INDIAN passport. I feel really helpless because I want to work somewhere but the situation is just not in my favor. Will this whole scenario make it difficult for me to get a UK visa for PLAB 2? Also can you please suggest what I can do as a graduate doctor with just house job experience in the meantime to improve my CV? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

    1. You can get UK visa being unemployed as well, if you can show proper ties back and good financial sponsorship. Being employed is not mandatory for UK visit visa.

  32. Hi Ivan! Thank you so much for such an outstanding guidence. Your blogs are really helpful.
    I would like to ask if i am being paid by my employer through a bank cheque then, are photocopies of the cheques showing my employer’s/institution name be sufficient to prove the source of my regular income?
    Do i still need an income certificate from my employer/institution in such a case?

  33. Mohamed Yazid Larroum

    Thanks a million for all the advice you’re giving us, may Allah rewards you!
    Please, is it a good idea to put the money in a euro currency saving bank account! So basically transfer a certain amount each month on it? From home currency account which my salary goes into!
    And if it’s yes, do I have to provide bank statement for both or just the saving bank account?
    Thanks in advance

    1. You’re welcome. Please do share the articles if you find them useful.
      It actually DOES NOT matter in which currency the money is in – the source of the money obtained is more important to clarify.

  34. Vaia recently my father broke our savings certificate and converted it to liquid asset for payment of PLAB 2 & coaching centre and transferred it to my mothers account.Now he is transferring the money from my mothers account to his own account.Will it create a problem in case of stability??(as you said the account needs to be stable for at least 6 months) He is retired and the only monthly income source is the savings certificate.How will i explain these changes to the Visa office????

  35. Our family property is under the name of my grandmother. And can i provide the property ownership paper and evalutaion paper under the name of my grandmother . ?? I have my father as my sponsor but property is under my grand mothers name.

        1. Then showing that asset doesn’t help your father’s financial standpoint. “Fixed” assets are not something mandatory to show. If you can prove that your sponsor has enough funds to support you and they have a regular income, that should suffice

  36. Hi
    I have sufficient amount in my bank for past few months after selling a land property which my parents bought in my name and I will be mentioning all the documents proving it. Though I’m also employed currently, my salary is not sound enough. and right now its difficult for me to have other sponsorship letter,, will there be any problem if I be my own sponsor with this???

  37. Thank you for the informative post. I am currently unemployed but I have rental income. Can I write in my application that part of my trip will be self-sponsored and the rest will be sponsored by my father?

  38. Assalamualaikum. I have a question regarding the financial sponsorship.My father is retired and there is no other earning member in my family.We have a saving certificate of 15 lacs(BDT) and our family mainly runs on the interest gained from that saving certificate.We also have an apartment and gain the house-rent. But there is no continuous source of income as i’ve recently completed internship and haven’t got a permanent job in any private hospital.I am just doing replace duty.So i wanna know if those will be enough for getting the visa?Or do i need to show someone else as my sponsor?Thank you

    1. Walaikumus salam.
      The answer to your question is well discussed in the post already.
      Why aren’t you presenting the interest from the saving certificates as a continuous source? The house-rents are also regular sources of income. Formulate proper papers for those and present those as regular income because those ARE your family’s regular income.

      1. Vai my main query is that in the post u told to make the whole financial condition “believable”.So i want to know if only the saving certificate money gonna make the situation believable??

        1. You have to present the situation with enough proofs that make it believable. If that is your true condition, then that should be presented in a believable manner.
          What is the source of the saving certificate? If the person is retired, attach retirement paperwork as well. If the house from which you get rent, attach the record of rights of that house as well.

  39. Greeting RoadToUK team, thank u for guiding us.
    I have a query regarding my financial support. My case is a bit different and the given article doesn’t cover it fully. I am unemployed for the past 8 months that is why my father, who is in the UAE, is sponsoring me for my PLAB 2 exam. But my problem is that, lately my father has almost emptied his bank account to buy some property. Fortunately my mom’s account has enough funds to support me, however the source of the fund is father’s income(which my father had transferred over the period). So, could you pls guide me on who should I mention as my sponsor, my father(who is earning but has no enough funds) or my mother(who’s account has money but doesn’t have job/business)?
    With regards,
    Dr Bhuwan

  40. muezza hurairah

    thank you so much for the guidance,
    my mother had a fixed deposit that matured in february, and we saved it again as a fixed deposit in a another bank, which is a new account, 3 monthly fixed deposit scheme,
    i dont have any pictures of the previous FD , only a pay order from the old bank to the new bank……
    I have included source of income, etc, …….. should i show the pay order ? or the old (2013 FD copy? it is in Bangla)

    1. Any non-English document should be translated to English if submitted. I would advise providing necessary documents to make it abundantly clear that the fund is being there for a long while, nothing recent. It needs to be explained briefly in the letter of support as well.

  41. muezza hurairah

    Vaiya, from the Post office they told me me to type out the letter and take it to them…… does that mean, i can just modify this Solvency cert, and take it to them?

    1. Yes. I made this from scratch following the guidelines by UKVI how a statement from a financial institution should look like.

  42. Thanks for the post, my father has 3 bank accounts, should i have all three accounts’ bank statements?
    Also, i have made some withdrawls from my account, about 20k PKR for some personal expenses. Do i need to show evidence for this as well as i don’t have the receipts for my expenses!

    1. It’s better to show whichever bank account(s) are more stable in cash inflow and outflow.
      That is not necessary.

  43. I am employed but according to some issues the hospital cant give my salary by a bank account but i take my salary cash . can i mention that i am employed with cash salary without a bank statement ? knowing that i am going to depend on my father as he is my sponsor and i am going to mention his bank statement . My second q , my father last month received a big financial reward from his job , Does that going to negatively affect the application ?

    1. It has to mentioned explicitly that you get your salary in cash from your employer in a form of income certificate or anything of that sort. And explain how your financial circumstances are in terms of your salary and also do you still require your father’s help in your finances and all. In short, MUST explain, your financial circumstances.
      If it is from the job he can state that in his letter of support.

  44. bernadette faundo

    Hello! What if I plan to do a tour after PLAB1, around Netherlands and France, should I still add that to my expense list here or is that for the Shengen visa? Thank you!

  45. hi dr.ivan and thank you for such a detailed article.i have a few queries and i would be grateful if you could help me clear them up.
    1.i am married and currently staying in a different country than my home country.would i be able to get a visa by staying here? father is my sponser as hes a businessman but he doesnt has any regular prof of income.what documents should serve the purpose for this?
    he has a steady bank account with multiple transactions but they are not fixed like with a fixed salary?
    3.if my father cant be my sponser can my paternal uncle be my sponser?
    hes currently resides in the UK and is a consultant there and also is a national over there.will that be ok?
    waiting for your reply and thanking you in advance.

    1. 1. If you are legally there you can apply from the that country for a visit visa.
      2. As explained in the post above, tax return documents can be helpful in this case.
      3. Yes. That will be fine as well.

  46. Hi,you have mentioned everything clearly.but I want to know something as it’s a most important issue.i want to show my father as my sponsor who is currently retired and his all money is deposited in one bank from their he used to get money 3 I will show this fixed deposit???will I have to transfer money in my own account or what I am not understanding it?? If you make it clear that what will be the pathway if someone want to show their retired father fixed deposit how they will proceed it will be very helpful for most of us.
    Thanks a lot

    1. I am quoting from the above post-
      ” If the money is not in any conventional bank rather in any other type of financial institution, that can also be shown, as long as proper papers with accurate explanations are made. For example, savings can be in bonds/saving certificates. They are seen as readily withdraw-able cash at any moment, and thus a copy of the said bond/saving certificates along with a letter from the financial institution should serve the purpose too.”
      What is not clear here in regards to your query?

  47. I am in a job for five months and they pay my salary in cash . They do not pay through bank account. They provided me salary certificate plus pay slips of five months.
    They also provided me leave letter for UK visit. So, while applying Visa for plab 2 ;
    1) should I include I am Employed and show them salary certificate and pay slips only as a proof without bank statement?
    Or they need my bank statement also?
    2) OR Should i mention I am Unemployed as because i haven’t any bank statement of my salary received.
    Note : I have someone sponsoring me.

    1. Bank statement is an important document. Evidences that they pay you is not enough to say that you now have it.

      1. Thank you for the reply.
        So in this case , would it be better if I mention Unemployed in visa application?
        What is your suggestion?

  48. if i apply for the uk visa through a financial guarantor, can i i apply for a long term visa of 2 years?
    or does it have to to be the short term of 6 months?

    1. Visit Visa depends on the reason to visit. Why would you need a 2 years visa for a 1 day PLAB exam?
      6 months is the lowest amount they give.

      1. I want to write the exam and come back to my country and write the entrance exam here and then go back to uk to get gmc registration.

        1. If you take PLABs and pass both of it, you don’t need to come back to UK to get GMC registration. Everything is online.

        2. Oh! I was under the impression that I’d have to be present in person for the final registration process, a meeting of sorts.

        3. That was the case before. Now PLAB 2 takers don’t have to do it for GMC registration.

      2. i would like to attempt the plab 2 exam now come back write entrance examination in my country and then revisit uk for registration purpose.

  49. For plab 2 visa can I attach printout of bank E statements , or should these E statements needs to be signed and stamped by the bank.

  50. Hi Dr. Ivan,
    I wrote in my cover letter that I have 2 sponsors, when it come to the application filling asking how much money my sponsor would spend.. Should I divide the amount of money that I’ll spend between them or write the whole amount in each sponsor’s details??
    I’d appreciate your help.

  51. which is better, sponsor with a bank statement of proper current balance and low monthly income. or a sponsor with a high monthly income but a lesser current balance (due to recent big withdrawal)??

  52. Dermatologist123

    Hello Dr Ivan,
    After printing the bank statement, solvency certificate and transaction , my father ( the sponsor) took out all the money he had for another purpose. Will they check with bank about his bank balance ?
    Am I in trouble ?

    1. If you hadn’t gotten the visa, you might be in trouble as the visa officer might want to verify whether there is enough fund in the bank accounts mentioned in your application.

  53. Thanks for your nice write up.i have a father is a retired person.his money is in FDR form in one bank.from there he used to take interest 3 my question is will i be able to show that fdr money and my father as my sponsor???
    Thanks in advance

    1. If you get proper documentation attesting that the FDR can be withdrawn and used as a readily available money then yes that can be used as a proof of liquid asset.

  54. Bhargav Raut

    Thank you for the great article, Sir. Your blog has been truly helpful. I wanted to ask a question, My sponsorer will be transferring her PF(Provident funds) to her savings account to show the required amount of money I will be showing in her account. Is that okay? Or will that too be seen as a red flag ? Thanking you 🙂

    1. Ibrahim Ivan

      Can provident fund be not shown directly? why transfer it can be withdrawn directly like that?

  55. Charitha Dilshan

    Dear Sir,
    Thankyou for the valuable posts. My question is
    On how to prove my fathers (my sponsor) stability as he does not use his bank account regulary for deposition of earnings from his businesses because they are mostly cash-in-hand transactions (real estate/hotel services/notary), therefore what other documents that can be shown in this sitution?

  56. As regards to the Affidavit of sponsorship, Is it mandatory to be signed by a Notary??
    Is it fine to write it and just signed by the sponsor?

    1. Ibrahim Ivan

      An affidavit is an affidavit. Instead of that you can make a letter of sponsorship in a plain letter and get it signed by them.

  57. Mohammed Mohsen

    does the letter of support need to be authorized from any official, or just written and signed by my sponsor ?

  58. Hi there,
    I had a query regarding the bank statement . I have read that we need to explain if we have any major transaction coming into our account just before the visa interview date . I have transferred a big amount around 2 months ago to my relative’s account . Does an outgoing transaction need explaination as well ? If yes, do we need to provide supporting documents for the same .
    Note: My relative needed the amount for his own visa purpose to pursue his higher studies abroad.
    Thanks in advance

    1. No supporting documents is necessary for outgoing transfers. Like as you mentioned, it was borrowed by your family member, can be mentioned.

      1. Bhargav Raut

        How do you explain the transaction in such cases, just mention that it was lent to a family member in your cover letter?

        1. Ibrahim Ivan

          Yes. Or in your letter of sponsorship, a specific paragraph titled “transactions explained” can be added and your sponsor can explain there.

  59. Hello,Thanks alot for clearing many doubts.I have few questions to ask to you. For my Uk visa I want to show my father as my sponsor as I am unemployed now.He is a retired government engineer and getting his pension regularly.I want to show my father’s and mother’s joint account along with fixed deposit in my name done by my father 3 years back.I am also going to show property(flat,land with my sisters) I have got from my father.My main questions are –
    Can I show fixed deposits (one in my name done by my father,another my father’s) as my finance along with a joint savings account of my parents ?I saw in a post in facebook that fixed deposits can’t be showed as visa finance.
    Is there will be any problem to show my father as my sponsor as he is a retired officer?
    Can I state that I am unemployed for study purpose?
    Please kindly reply when you get time.
    Thank You.

    1. I showed savings certificates (sonchoy potro) myself. Also many I know has also showed fixed deposits. But get a letter from the bank similar to solvency certificate stating how much money in fixed deposits you have. It is better to show only your father’s, not the one with your’s name as you did not earn any of it – it complicates your financial position. You have no job, you have no money – that is simple.
      My father was retired too.
      I showed I was unemployed too.

  60. Tanvir Faisal Rakin

    Thnx a lot father would be my sponsor insha-ALLAH..he is a professor in Chittagong University…u knw like the other govt people,my father got a provident fund..would it be counted as liquid asset ??

    1. If it is shown properly with authorised signatures in an official headed paper, it can be shown. It should explain that your father can withdraw this amount anytime.

  61. Hello Dr Ibrahim.
    May Allah reward you and your team for helping people with their queries and for creating this knowledgable blog.
    I have booked for 2019 March plab 1 in my current country of residence, U.A.E . My sister’s wedding is in the U.K in June 2019 . My U.K visa application will
    depend upon my March Plab 1 result .
    A- If InshaAallah i clear this March and get Plab 2 dates around June/July / August,
    B- If God forbid im unable to clear PLAB 1 in March then while I’ll be in the U.K for the wedding I’ll sit for the U.K June Plab 1 exam.
    1a}}. Will it be too late for visitors visa application for the wedding (in June) and June Plab, if i wait till March Plab 1 results and apply the visa in mid April?
    If mid April is not too late for me to apply the visa then
    1b}}.should i wait to apply for my daughter ( she is 5 yrs old ) and husband’s visa too with me in April or should i apply for them earlier?
    2}}.Should i mention both reasons for the visit to the U.K in my applicaion, and should anyone be mentioned first as preference?
    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards.

    1. If you are going to attend a wedding then apply for your full family’s visa together and don’t complicate matter by mentioning PLAB in June.

  62. Sir
    I had taken hand loan of 5 lak for a different purpose from my professor to my account, but I have proper financial aid (father and mother’s account) and l am showing them as my sponsor . I can explain or get a letter from my professor for the fund transfer . Will it affect my standard visitor Visa ,,, will it amount to fund parking

    1. If you are employed your financial situation needs to be explained too. There is no set way of explaining loans. Be as transparent as possible.

      1. So I need not show my account details for standard visitor Visa , because my mom and dad are sponsoring me. Is it possible not to attach my bank account details as I am unemployed.
        Please let me know weather I can simply show my dad and mom’s details and not showing my account statement as I don’t depend on myself.
        Thank you

        1. I repeat, “If you are employed your financial situation needs to be explained too.”
          If you are not employed, your financial matters doesn’t come into play.

  63. Dr Ivan,
    I don’t have my father, but my brother and brother in law is employed. Will i be able to show both of them as my sponsors. If so, my brother in law is employed in the US. Whether it is ok to show his account as sponsor account. And, is there any problem if i put a gross amount in to my account and my brothers account, 2-3 months before the exam with proper evidence of selling a land.

    1. There is no problem showing a US account as long as the account has regular cash flow. And big deposits are better avoided but if you can explain it should be alright

      1. Dr Ivan
        Thanks for the information you provided and sorry to disturb you again. I’m planning to show my brother in law as my sponsor. But, one of my senior, who’s working now in UK said that it’s not good to show my brother in law’s account as he is not blood related to me. But, you said that, I can show his account (US Account). Will you please tell me whether i can show his account alone as sponsor and whether i can transfer funds from his account to my account also? is there any chance that my visa will get rejected because of this?

        1. People we have helped in that past,
          1. Had shown overseas account.
          2. Had shown not-direct blood relatives like uncle, father-in-law etc as financial sponsors.
          And got their visa.
          It’s all about how you present your case.
          Transferring money may put your application at risk as the source of the money may not appear clear.

  64. Hello sir, thank you for the valuable information. I would like to clarify about the readily available money for my trip that i need to show. My father is my sponsor and he has the sufficient amount of money that i am intending to show, however it is just maintained for one and a half month as one of his bonds matured and he got the fund in the account. So, will it cause a problem if it is not maintained for 6 months?

    1. If the account is less than 6 months old, then the question of funds parking comes into play as it is not seemed as “financially stable” to have an account less than 6 months old.
      If there is a large deposit in an old bank account, if you can explain where the deposit came from with proper documentary evidence, it should be fine.


    Hello. Can someone tell me is it reasonable if i sponsor myself for the plab2 since i currently have a stable job ?and regarding the papers to submit do i give papers related to my permanent address??
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. If you have a stable job and enough saving as liquid asset you surely can sponsor yourself. And what do you mean by papers related to permanent address?


        I live in Dhaka and work here as well. So when they ask for proof of accommodation
        Is it enough to show an electricity bill?? Although the house i live is my relative’s. And now the electricity bill is paid against a recharge card. So what can i do in this case? Thank you so much for your help 🙂

        1. If the electricity bill doesn’t come under your name of your sponsor’s/immediately family (e.g parents that you live with) then it’s not proving that you live there, is it? So, it’s better you find other proofs like nationality or commissioner certificate stating your address from your local administration.


          I am sorry to bug you again. Just a small clarification. I have my home land deed papers and electricity bill of my house under my dad’s name. But thats the address in Chittagong. That will suffice right ? Then i can notarize those documents as well as show my father’s passport copy .Will this be a better option ?

        3. If you are showing your address as that of the address in chittagong – that’s your proof of home address, right? Dad’s name is not a problem, you must have answered that you live with your family.


          Alright. I get it . Thank you so much. I shall give that as my home address then. Its ok isn’t it ?? Electricity bill should also be notarized??

  66. Hi
    I previously took a loan for personal reasons,the loan takes monthly deductions from my salary.With my previous job the deductions left me with hardly enough sums but am employed in a different hospital and being twice what I was previously receiving, but its been less than 6 months.
    In both circumstances salary was paid into the same bank account.
    What are my chances of getting my visa,if I should use my bank statement. I have enough money now because of the second job?

    1. No one can say for sure “what are your chances of getting a visa”, as everyone’s case is completely different and it is judged by UKVI on individual merit. If you can back up the source of the money in your bank account with proper salary/income certificate(s) from your employment, it should be alright.

  67. Dear Ivan,
    Well, i’m in a bit of a binding situation here. I firstly opted to show my father ( a lawyer) as my sponsor, but his account (the main one) has stayed idle with huge transactions dating back 1-1.5yrs back. Recently, he acquired a lumpsum amount from selling property ( which was registered in my mother’s name). Since he works as a private lawyer and is hard to show regular amounts ( which he takes cash-in-hand), I decided to switch to my uncle.
    Heres where it got just too complicated.
    My uncle has had huge transactions coming in and going out of his accounts on a regular basis ( share market, real estate), and has had lumpsum amount deposited just a few days back ( urrghhh!!) . Well, he has a good job and earns regularly and has maintained good transactions throughout. Would it suffice if he could back the huge amount deposited ” a week prior to applying for a visa” with relevant papers in his Letter of Sponsorship or should I get a Chartered Accountant to affirm the transactions were genuine?
    I intend to apply for a visa 2-3 days later.. So, i sincerely hope you read this LOONGGG post and give a good answer to my questions.

    1. Huge transactions are not a problem as long as you can explain where are they coming from. The explanation of transactions in letter of support backed by necessary documentary evidence (if needed) should be alright. As long as your sponsor has a regular source of income and has enough money as liquid asset it shouldn’t be a problem.
      Even the income is cash-in-hand, yearly income tax certificate should summarise everything and thta could be presented as a proof of regular income. But, yeah whatever way and papers you feel comfortable and easier for you and your sponsor to explain, go for it.

  68. Hi there,very informative blog and posts.Thanks both of you!I have a query of mine regarding mentioning this property in visa application which my grandparents and parents have recently gifted do I justify buying it since currently I myself can’t afford to buy it.Is it justified to tell that this was a gift or would that sound suspicious? Thanks again!

    1. Hello, we are always happy to help! It’s better you not show that property, especially if it’s not essential to your proving finances.

      1. Thanks for your prompt response!I wanted to attach this property for showing strong home ties.If I show this property as a gifted one,do I need to prove the finances that went into buying this?

        1. While you could show it as a tie, it would not be as strong as if you were to simply mention the family you are leaving behind (and intend to return to). The idea of a gift of property will raise a question regardless of finances.

  69. Dear Ivan, I’ve booked PLAB 2 on 06/06/2019, and I’ve been planning to stay in the UK from 10/04/19 to 08/06/19. I’ve savings of around 6400 GBP(as Sonchoypotro) and my wife has about 4600 GBP savings as Sonchoypotro. Can I sponsor myself with this amount of money and add my wife as a second sponsor?
    Another question, does Home address mean present address?
    Thank you.

    1. As mentioned in the post, it doesn’t matter how much you have in bank account, it matters how you obtained that. if there is a goog explanation then it should be enough to prove that you are financially stable and help you getting the visa.
      Home address is your official address.

  70. Hello Ivan. Thanks for all the helpful information. If I state in my visa application that I’ll be spending 1 month in the UK,does it mean I can’t stay more than that duration in any circumstances? I also read in other places that mentioning that you’ll attend an academy usually leads to visa rejection, what would you advise on that?

  71. Good day doctor, thank you so much for this post. I am being paid in cash and i deposit the money in my account, however, I don’t spend from it thereafter. Can i still use this account and explain that my parents give me money for upkeep or is this equivalent to fund parking?. Thank you

    1. Good day to you too.
      Well, I wouldn’t say that is funds parking if that is persistently going on for over 6 months. If you can provide documentation as such that you get paid in cash and you deposit that yourself in the bank- then it should be ok. If you say that you take money from parents then it also demands explanation of their financial condition. So if you explain everything fine with proper documentation- your case is certainly presentable.

  72. My father is financing my trip and I have his 6 months bank statement to show them, however I am working as well, so do I have to show my bank statements of 6 months? Can I show a bank state of 3 months instead? Is the 6 months necessary?

  73. Will this letter and copy of certificates be sufficient to convince visa officers. My father is no longer earning now. my father is being provided with sufficent funds by the bank for sustainance.

    1. For a stable financial sponsor:
      1. They have a stable income (from a job or pension or business), proved by documentary evidence.
      2. They have ‘enough liquid asset’ i.e readily withdraw-able cash in a bank / financial institution which is being maintained for at least 6 months and the source of that money can be explained.
      3. [Optional] They have other form of assets (Land/ house/ car – fixed asset) to put more emphasis on their statement of being financially stable.
      If you are unable to work it out yourself and in very doubt about what papers to add, you should seek professional help who deals with visa applications in your area.

  74. Dr Ivan can you please help me.i am not employed right now, since i am preparing for plab exams. And i dont have sufficient balance in account. However my father will be my sponsor who is retired for the last 8 years. He has no pension but he has saved enough money to convince visa officers for my trip with proofs of savings. He has a non conventional bank. Theres no activity in his account, since he is no longer earning. I wanted to know that how can he prove that his savings are from his job. He has always been self employed.So pay slips and contracts are out of the question. He is a retired doctor, and he used to save money from private setup. He has never sold any property. Can you please advise

  75. Hi Ivan, first of all i am really grateful for your detailed blog. I have A query, i hope you can sort it out for me. I am going to apply for visitor visa for the purpose of plab 2 exams. My father is going to be my sponsor, since i am unemployed and dont have sufficent funds in my bank. My father has savings certificate in a bank named national savings in pakistan. So i wanted to know that in addition to photcopies of these certificates, what should be mentioned in the bank letter ? Thanks for supporting.

  76. Her0esdressinblack

    is the proof of home address a must, all of our bills contain are issued in the name of the owner not to the home address , also the land deed only contains the registration number not the direct address of my house, can I simply explain this in the cover letter ?

    1. Evidence of home address is a very important document. It can be your utility bill, tenancy agreement, or even certification from local government that YOU stay in that address.

  77. Heey. Your article is Godsend. thank you for making things clearer!
    I have a confusing situation I hope you can help me with. My father is my financial sponsor for the trip to the UK. The currency of the bank account he is giving me USD. It is the income he earned as locum doctor in Saudi Arabia. The income was originally in Saudi Riyal and there is no connection paper between the money he was paid and the money in the bank. I am attaching a translated copy of his contract with the hospital. Will that be enough? Can the ECO raise an objection to that even though the amount is substantial?

    1. Glad that you found our post helpful.
      If the contract with the hospital mentions the pay, payment method and the duration of the work- it can pay the part of income certificate and that way can be termed as a source of the money in the bank.
      It is advisable for the bank to put the statement in exactly at what currency the money in the bank is. You can later convert that into GBP (for the sake of comparison and understanding of the ECO) from the rate in Oanda.

  78. Hello. Firstly thank you for the great article and help. I have booked my PLAB 2 for Dec 4 2018 and my Hamed’s course from 8-22 november. I want to apply for Visa by End of August. My funds by then will be 5300 GBP- I calculated and it is sufficient for a 30 day visit. I also will be working till november, and my leave too will be paid. Should I mention all this in my cover letter too- that my funds will be increased by travel time (i.e. I shall have 9000 gbp approximately while travelling)- or are the funds until when you apply for the Visa only that matter? Because I read somewhere that you need to have insane amount of money in your bank while traveling and Im confused now.

    1. Hello, glad to hear this post has been helpful. Funds shown should ideally be 2-3x what you are stating you will spend in that duration. If you are able to show that £5,300 will be sufficient in regards to covering your cost and then some, you have nothing to worry about.

  79. Hello, thankyou for clearing alot of doubts, really appreciate that
    Could you please tell me if i can extend my visitor visa, if yes, then what is the process??

    1. A well-explained letter of support why s/he is sponsoring you. Along with other paper mentioned in the post above.
      As you’ve read the post already, you know how difficult it would be to show professional ot personal relationship with dad’s friend. So if you could get somebody else it would increase your chances.

  80. Hey if i show my dad’s company as my sponsor and give the company’s bank statements and solvency, do i still need to provide company details like trade license/tax returns and all that?

    1. I think so.
      How is the company earning money? Trade license.
      And is the company earning money regularly? Tax returns.

  81. Hi I need to clarify something, I am being sponsored entirely by a company. One of the directors of the company is my Aunts husband who is very close to our family which is why I am receiving the sponsorship. I want to know, do i need to show proof of relationship? or just an affidavit from him is enough? I will be attaching 2 affidavits – one from him and another from the company as well as two sponsorship letters and a bank solvency certificate.

    1. Ibrahim Ivan

      Proof of relationship in your case is difficult to obtain. But I would say getting a well-explained letter of support from your aunt’s husband should suffice.

  82. Hey!
    Thank you for clearing up a lot of doubts, I have a question:
    1. you mentioned in your blogpost that if my financial sponsor is a UK national, they need to fill out the sponsorship form instead of getting an affidavit: my uncle is a UK national who is sponsoring me. Should he send me this filled out form via courier so that I can attach it to my visa form to submit it? Or should he submit it directly to the Home Office within the UK?
    2. If he submits it directly to the Home Office in the UK, what should I attach to my visa form to show the visa officer that my uncle is officially willing to sponsor me?
    3. even though my uncle is the one sponsoring me, should I be attaching my own bank statements? mine are completely empty and I do not have any income since I left my job in January.

    1. Ibrahim Ivan

      1. That undertaking form is NOT MANDATORY like as an affidavit is NOT MANDATORY. Just remember to write a detailed letter of support with proper documentation and evidences.
      He can fill it up his portion, sign it and scan it to you so that you can submit that with your visa application.
      2. No he doesn’t need to submit that anywhere.
      3. If you have mentioned you’re employed, your own financial circumstances including bank statements need to be added with your application.

  83. Rumi Mubashwir

    hi Evan…thank you for all these valuable info….I would like to know one thing though….is it imperative to include documents of land besides liquid assets?or I can submit the letter without that info?thanks in advance…

    1. It’s not “imperative” at all. If your liquid assets are sufficient then that should do the work. Fixed assets are only to show a strong financial position.

  84. Can a close family friend who is a UK citizen be a sponsor? What documents would be needed from him to strengthen the visa application process?

  85. Thanks for the nice post . I want to know something. I was working in a hospital for 1 yr and nine months. i didn’t withdraw maximum money from my salary account. now i’m working another hospital for 2 months. what should i do ?? should i put my previous salary money in a fixed deposit??? it’s around £4000. or let it be as it is ??

    1. It can stay in your account as savings from previous job. There is no problem with that. If that money is there for a long time, I would say don’t move it.

      1. i intend to go next year inshallah. one more ques plz . is there any bank list where should i deposit the money which is recognised by home office?? are all bd banks statements are same ??

        1. As visit visa isn’t done on points based system like Student or Work visa, there is no restriction on financial institution, I suppose. As I have done the visa with the bank which is not listed here which was updated last in 2014.

      2. Dear Dr Ivan
        Iam unemployed and I have a bank accound but my father who is a doctor in a fixed job and also will be my sponsor put money in my account regularly with fixed amount every month, is that ok??

        1. It’s okay. You can give explanation that that money is provided by your father for your expenses. You spend from that account, right?
          Were you ever employed?

        2. Nope never
          Thanx for ur prompt answer
          Other questions
          Should I withdraw money to show that the account is active?
          And I have 4000 dollars in the account , is that enough amount ?
          Thank you sir

  86. Thank you, Ivan, for your informative posts. I like to know one more thing. I intend to present two guarantor. One is my father who is the main one, and other is my wife as a reserve one. Is this okay? If it is then should I send two separate Affidavit or a single affidavit declaring both are my financial guarantor, is sufficient.
    Thank you.

    1. Affidavit is better done separately. But in my opinion why would you need two sponsors? It’s better if you can keep it less complicated.

  87. What if ur sponsor is not related to you at all by profession nor biologically but a close family friend?
    How would u prove the sponsorship is credible?
    This is because I was refused visa on this criteria even though I provided all the documents u listed above.

    1. Other than the family friend signing an affidavit, I don’t think there’s any other way. Maybe you could’ve explained a bit further in your cover letter as to how he’s important and why he’s funding you.
      If you did that already, then I think the only thing you can do is to rethink your application and maybe get help from professionals.

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