The day you appear in your PLAB 1 exam, I would suggest the next day you start working on your UK visa for PLAB 2. Why? No matter how much instructions and guidelines you follow- your case will be unique. It won’t match with anybody else’s, and if you maintain your cool you can do it all by yourself.

It will be a long discussion. So, I thought I will break it into parts. This part is only for the Online UK Visa Application for PLAB 2 part. Posts about other parts will follow subsequently.

An overview of the whole process

Do I need a Visa for PLAB 2?

First, check if you need a visa.

For taking the PLAB exams, the reason is “Work, Academic visit or Business” and surely the duration is less than 6 months.

What type of visa do I need?

Go here to be sure for yourself that what you need is a Standard Visitor Visa to appear in PLAB exams.

The UK Visa Application Process

The UK Visa Application for PLAB 2 has basically two parts:

  1. Online application for the required type of visa.
  2. Submission of supporting documents and providing biometric data (photo, fingerprints) in a visa application center.

Online Application for UK Visa

Now you continue with the Access UK platform and keep answering questions one after another. It would be prudent to save and continue later a lot i.e making an account there with your email. Don’t worry, nothing goes into submission till you finally see the declaration page at the end of your online application. The things you need to know BEFORE your online application: (I would suggest collect all the info in the list below as soon as you can)

  • Your name. Very Important.
  • Your passport details.
  • Your NID (any form of National ID) number (if you have it). Check this Wiki link, to understand which one is your country’s NID.
  • Your email ID.
  • Travel information/plan: The date you will arrive in UK and the date you will leave from UK. (The arrival date is more important. The itinerary in your cover letter should explain this elaborately. Please check my cover letter template in supporting documents for UK Visa post)
  • Choose business, including sports and entertainment as the main reason for your visit.
  • After answering No’s to “organized group”, “travelling with partner”, “visiting a company or getting paid for business activities”— you’ll see the main reason. Choose Take the PLAB or OSCE.

Many applicants write that they are going to “visit a company/organisation” stating their PLAB 2 course/academy. This is a mistake. These academies are not approved organisations to invite you to the UK. Your main purpose of visit – “Taking PLAB exam”, not to primarily visit a PLAB 2 academy.

  • In Give details, just write down your itinerary (the plan during your entire stay) from your cover letter in sentences.
  • Personal information: Your home address. Even though we moved to different addresses through out my life, I just put my age in how many days you lived here. And also I live with my family if you don’t own the house.
  • Parent details: Father’s and mother’s name, dates of birth. (Pro-tip: The last portion of the name only is the family name. ALWAYS. E.g. Khan Mohammad Chowdhury Sirajuddoula. Here, Given name: Khan Mohammad Chowdhury; Family name: Sirajuddoula. Another one— Something Harun-ur-Rashid. family name: Harun-ur-Rashid; Given name: Something.)
  • Employment: Depends on the gap between when you’re applying vs when you finished internship. If its three- four months- I would suggest you say you’re unemployed and you have no money of your own even if you’re locumming the hell out of every clinic. Avoids explanations. It’s not mandatory to be employed while you are applying for a UK visitor visa. It all depends of how transparently you are presenting your case, both you intention-to-visit wise and financial sponsorship wise.
  • But, if you are employed and sponsoring yourself, then I would strongly recommend you arrange for two papers from your employer. a) Salary Certificate b) No Objection Certificate. And your own bank account details with bank statements (for the last six months with explanation of big transaction, if any). (There’s a lot to discuss here but I will go on with what I did- unemployed and not a dime in my name)
  • How much money are you planning to spend on your visit? – tricky part. It depends on 2 things-a) The duration of your visit, b) How much liquid asset/ readily withdraw-able money you are showing.The more the duration, the more you have to spend. The more liquid assets you have, the more you can show that you plan to spend. More & more. I would suggest whatever you show you’re planning to spend, at least three times that amount should be in liquid assets. e.g. you said you will spend 2000 GBP for your visit. Your financial sponsor should at least show s/he has 6000 GBP as readily available money. Not a rule, I repeat, this is not a rule. It’s just what I did. This part is more explained in UK Visa Financial Sponsorship Fiasco.
  • Who’s paying if you don’t? I made my father my financial guarantor.
  • UK accommodation details. Most of the cases these addresses aren’t verified (that doesn’t mean that you’ll lie) – that means you don’t HAVE to stay there when you’re going to the UK. It’s just to see whether you planned it or not. It’s better if you figure out a place already. Here’s how to find an accommodation in the UK, when you have no family or friends to stay with.
  • Then other travel histories in UK or other countries. (If you have it you fill them)
  • Any visa refusals and all that stuff.
  • Other histories regarding whether you were involved in any crime against humanity and your support or membership to any terrorist organisations home and abroad.
  • Convictions and other penalties.
  • Any extra information. I kept it blank.
  • DONE!!

Actually not done. Then comes the declaration page and it tells you to choose an appointment (date and time) with a visa application centre. Don’t choose as yet if you don’t have all the supporting documents ready. Just, save it there and a link will be sent to your email.

Here is the REDACTED COPY of my Online Visa Application. Hope this helps.

Submission of Supporting documents

Pleas check UK Visa for PLAB: Supporting documents for further details.

So your input to the online application should be done by now. Next step will be getting the documents ready.

Good Luck!

162 thoughts on “UK VISA for PLAB : Online VISA application”

  1. Hello I m currently unemployed as my contract ended in april 2021. I m married and my hubby is the bread earner. My salary has been handsome till nw n i own my own house costing 10 times of 6 month expense in uk. My mother lives with me n she has cash savings from her pension equal to 6 month uk expense n also hv property costing 3 to 4 times of the 6 month uk expense.
    I will hv plab 1 in nov 2021 n will be planning to book plab 2 for march or april 2022.
    Do I need to say I m unemployed but mother will sponser n show her property n my property which we own for many years as inherited frm late father n savings of my mother alongwith profs of her n my monthly income? Or we hv to deposit that cash saving into her bank as well? Any other doc fr financial statement ?

    1. In simple words, you need to explain your financial situation first. Are you employed or unemployed? If you are unemployed, how are you managing your expenses now? Your savings or somebody else is paying for it? So when you come to the UK, who will manage the expenses? If it is your savings, how did you gather that? If it is your mother, how did she gather that money? If your mother sponsors you, will she have enough to support herself while you have this visit?

      Think from this angle. It’s never about what is worth how many times of your expenses. It is always about the overall financial situation of you and your sponsor and clarity behind your explanation of where the money is coming from.

  2. Hello dr,
    Excuse me, my grandfather’s and family names spellings in my current passport are little different from my old one, is this another name to be mentioned in the application?

      1. Thank you so much dr.

        Another question please
        I’m on an unpaid leave from my work in my home country for about 2 years and now I’m a student in another country..
        Should I mention that I’m employed or student or both?

        1. As for visa application purpose, it is better to state both explaining that you are still employed and have a job to go back to.

  3. I have a few questions regarding plab 2 visa.

    1) As evidence of family can we only show the family members living in the home country?? My mother and siblings live in America and hold american passports whereas I and my father live in Pakistan and have pakistani passport. So can I just mention my father as evidence of family back home? is it important to mention my mother and siblings?

    2) My father is sponsoring my trip. Is 18 plus considered a dependent? All my siblings are 18 plus but they are dependent on my father financially. Is it necessary to mention them in my application because i feel like mentioning them will complicate my application because of them living in a different country and holding a different nationality.

    1. 1. If Pakistan is your home, then mention the family members you are leaving at home to come back to.
      2. If they are dependent on your father, then technically you should mention them when explaining your father’s financial situation because that’s very pertinent. But as you said, they don’t live with you guys and they are adults so it would not be unbelievable if you mention they are not dependent.

      1. Thank You for the quick response.

        Yes they are all adults so I am thinking of not mentioning them and my mother. But will it be considered withholding information?

        2) can i mention my grandmother as evidence of family back home as I live with her and my father

        1. As you are not leaving them back home so it’s not untrue. Yes, you can mention about your grandmother.

  4. Jazeela Mushtaq

    My exam is in September. I have a question regarding visa application.

    I have a long travel history. I have transited through UK and other countries multiple times in the last 10 years. Do I need to declare countries I have only transited through? I have never had a previous visa for the UK.

  5. Hello Ibrahim,
    I have a valid visa till April 2021. I have Plab 2 booking on 15th of May. I have come back to my home country now to apply for another visa. My plan is to arrive in UK in March 2nd week. Do I have to mention 2nd week of March as the arrival date? (I already have a valid visa on those days)

  6. Hi, I have a few questions about the visa application for PLAB 2.
    1. I studied out of my country of origin so the past 5 years I have been travelling at least 2x per year in and out of that country. Would I need to find those exact dates of entry and exit? It is also in my old passport so is it really necessary?
    2. Also, on this standard visa, are we allowed to do an unpaid clinical rotation in a UK hospital? It will be a shadowing, or an observership and nothing paid. I assume it would also have to be mentioned?
    3. What is the process if there are any change in dates after the visa is granted? For eg, PLAB 2 date changed so everything moves but it is still within the period of a valid visa.
    Thanks a lot!

    1. 1. You have to show your travel history in the last 10 years. You can ballpark the months and years only if it was regular travel and that too for education.
      2. Yes, you are allowed to. But I would say keep it simple. Apply for PLAB as the main focus.
      3. If it is within the valid visa period nothing needs to be done.

  7. Rampreet Kaur Brar

    Sir actually I have given my ielts . I am ready to give my plab 1 . But before that I wanted to ask about a query…. actually it is a query about my name . On my all documents my first name has been used but on my passport my name along with my surname has been used …. can it create a problem in the future?

  8. Thanks for this post. I have booked for PLAB1 in Manchester for August 2021. When should I commence visa application?

  9. Hello, I am a Bangladeshi doctor working in Maldives. Here no British high commission office is running currently. May I apply UK VISA for PLAB 2 from Srilanka or India VFS centre? In Maldives, any British citizen’s matters are handled by colombo office. I want to take priority service due to job nature, priority services are closed in Bangladesh. But it is available in those two countries .

  10. Dr. Mohammad Ali

    Hello dear,

    Regarding answering the question of PLAB 2 Visa Application:
    1. Will you be visiting a company or an organization in the UK ? – Here, should I answer GMC, and other relevant info.
    2. Travel history: if i visited a country more than once, should I put out all visits to the same one ?
    3. Have you ever worked for any of the following types of organisation? Armed or Governemet >> How to answer it.

    Thanks alot

  11. Hi. Dr Ibrahim .. Much confusion here.
    1.Amount your sponsor going to pay towards your visit? = our costs or sponsor’s whole fund?
    2.Do you have any income or savings? ( I am unemployed, But have funds in account, I have sponsor as well? What should my personal affidavit state in this case?
    3. My sponsor has multiple accounts? what shoudl letter of support look like, shoudl i mention his bank details there or just attaching bank statements would do?
    4. Total amount of money I spend each month? how much should the range be in GBP?

    1. 1. The amount they are sponsoring in your cost. If they are sponsoring your full visit, then your full estimated cost.
      2. If you are unemployed and say you have savings, you will have to proof how those savings were accrued. Like prev employment proofs, payslips, etc
      3. Make a table of separate bank accounts in rows and show a total in one column, and definitely add those statements with that letter of support.
      4. Whatever you spend in a month. There is no good or bad. Be truthful.


    I need to visit UK for my MRCS part b exam in feb 2021, is there any difference in the process and how much time will it take.
    Thank you


        Thank you … more query , what if i have correspondence adrress different from permanant adress, where i correctly work, do i need to provide that

  13. Greetings,
    I’m applying for a standard visitor visa for PLAB 2. My wife is a dual citizen (British and other nationality), but she has different last names on her passports (on one family name, on the other her grandfather). We are not married in the UK and only married in my home country, and her name on our marriage certificate is different from her name in the UK (last names are different). My question is, should I mention that she is a dual citizen? I thought it would help mention that she’s a british citizen. But I also thought maybe it’s better to avoid the confusion and not mention at all her british passport, but I was afraid this would be regarded as withholding information (which honestly I don’t want to withhold), just don’t want to complicate it.
    What do you recommend?

    1. Marriage in other countries does not have to remarry in the UK. As long it is legally valid in another country, it is legally valid in the UK.
      If there is a way you can get an affidavit saying the named person in the marriage certificate is the same person in the British passport, and submit that, your issues will hopefully be solved.

      1. Thank you for your response dear. For the standard visitor visa do I need to send in my marriage certificate in the documents, or can I simply say my wife is a british citizen, we live together in my country where we got married here, and here’s her passport?

        1. Your visit visa (I guess for PLAB) does not warrant to explain your marital details as long as your wife is not living in the UK. If you are travelling together for the visit make sure you are abundantly clear on your circumstances and motive for visit.

        2. Thank you dear. I am going for PLAB 2. I already passed PLAB 1 and will be travelling alone. She doesn’t live in the UK currently. Figured it’s less of an over complication to not send in my marriage certificate since it’s not in the required documents, and I’m not applying for a spouse Visa.
          Thank you very much for the help you provide on this portal. You’ve put my mind at ease.

        3. Good luck on your journey. We appreciate your kind words. Please share roadtouk with friends and colleagues.

  14. My passport shows my father’s name as Humayun Rashid. But on his NID, its Humayun Rashid Haroon.
    What should be written in the visa application? Will this discrepancy create any problem?

    1. There is no point asking the same question in multiple articles. Your question has already been answered in multiple places.

  15. Guys I have a doubt
    My visa expires today
    I have to apply for a new visa.
    Should I mention in the covering letter what all did I do in this last stay ..
    Because I attempted both plab 1 and 2 in the same visa and failed plab2
    Should I explain in detail
    Thank you

    1. You do need to explain you previous stay in the related online application field, but no need to go into that detail in your cover letter. Focus on your future trip more than the previous one.

      1. So is it necessary for me to attach previous plab2 results or exam letter.and attach my letter of clinical attachment which I did for 1 month post plab.

      2. So is it not necessary for me to attach my old plab2 results and letter from clinical attachment.
        Please let me know
        Thank you

        1. If you think it is necessary, is is. Your visa application is yours, isn’t it?
          UKVI doesn’t have a ruling that you have to explain every day of your last visit.

  16. What if I am recently employed and it’s been less than a month that I have been working? Will I need to show my bank statements?

  17. Hi, thank you for the post. I have family in the UK. Should I put visiting family or to attend plab as my reason for the visit? Which is better? Also will the visa be issued depending on our duration of stay or is it 6 months for everyone?

  18. Reshma Abraham

    i am planning on taking my PLAB 1 in UK. I’ll still be needing a Visitor’s Visa itself i believe.
    But do i need to repeat this procedure all over again when i apply for PLAB 2 as I will be returning back home as soon as I am done with PLAB 1

  19. I had planned to do a clinical attachment for 4 weeks in June and then complete my plab 2 exam in October..since I heard the mention of studying in an academy is leading to rejection I had stated self study after clinical attachment until my exam in October. My Visa had been rejected on the grounds (appendix V 4.2 – V4.10) specifically V4.2 (a) and V4.2 (c)
    I had mentioned the main purpose to take plab 2 and that I am staying for 5 months . My reason I mentioned was I am planning to attend a clinical attachment get acclimatized to the people society of UK, self study till the exam. My clinical attachment application is still under process so I couldn’t provide proof. And since they had mentioned that they weren’t sure whether I will leave UK shld I send them proof of booked return tickets.
    Due to the above reasoning I had given the main purpose changed in the hindsight from taking plab 2 to attending CA and since no proof of CA was given it got rejected too.
    I would like suggestion on how to convince that th CA is imporant for my prep.
    Is this possible – What if I say I am staying for 2 months..but since the observership is in June and the plab 2 is in oct…will they then provide a 6 month Visa with multiple entry ??…and if given can I stay completely for 5 months or shld I actually do multiple entry into uk

    1. If you have got multiple rejection, the best possible approach would be seeking help from professionals if you are not sure how to proceed.

  20. Zakaria Allaf

    What are the dates fo Plab2 exam, and when can I apply for it, like can I apply 3 or 4 months before the exam

  21. Hi,
    Regarding my name , in my passport I don’t have anything mentioned under ‘surname’. However, I am unable to leave that space as blank. What should i enter in that ? A dot or a dash or something to indicate that space as empty in my passport ?

  22. David Damain

    Thanks a lot for this . I’d be finishing house job ending of July /early August. I want to apply for UK visa before the end of housejob. Hence I’d be able to get a letter from my hospital stating ” I’m a house officer that wants to take the PLAB 2 in October , and that the needed help be provided by the ECO etc”
    I plan on taking plab2 in October. Byt this time I’d clearly be done with housejob and likely unemployed .
    Do I have to state when I’m finishing housejob or just not mention anything about when I’m finishing since I’d get a letter from my hospital for my visa ?application.
    Thank youuu .

    1. Even if you are unemployed while you are travelling, it is not an issue as long as you can show your/your sponsor’s proper funds. The letter from the hospital should logically mention when you are finishing as this is NOT a job/employment, per se.

  23. what if someone’s mother is deceased , what will they write in the ‘mother ‘ section of online visa application? will they still fill it whole?

    1. I always say no query is invalid or obtuse.
      Only one mother can give birth to you, and after her death, her name doesn’t stop to exist. Alive or dead, your parent’s name should not change or be a gap in your life. They are out there watching over you.

  24. Bess you for all the valuable info you provided and continue to do so.
    Given the application is submitted online, Is where one chooses to provide biometrics mandatorily the same as stamp and issuence of visa, after it’s approved of course?
    Or is it flexible and optional; meaning one can provide biometric in one office and stamp issuence of it in another?
    Regarding employment-
    I had worked in a few places in the field of medicine with gaps, what would your advice on what to present and how be in regards?
    I had also worked in teaching with a Cambridge world wide approved qualification, I hold references of job description and payment. should I present it as to explain my source of wealth or would that be a negative and do more harm.
    Would asking my current boss for two letters, employment reference letter with job description, duties, duration of employent and salary as one. The other, stating time of approved absence leave for PLAB 2 exam, provide more clarity and transparancy or all in one letter is sufficient??
    As for financial support,
    I can only provide a bank statement exhibiting monthly salary and transaction( with no bank letter as bank don’t issue any) without stipend or salary certificate. Would that be an issue? What can I provide to compensate for that?!
    To add, bank statement and my sponsor will be in local currency not in global currency- USD, EURO, sterling.
    Is that an issue?!
    If I went and opened an account and deposited an amount in USD, would that help better?!?
    Could you explain what solvency certificate is as I don’t think there’s such thing here but with more info on its objective and purpose I can try to see what is similarly offered here.
    Would a saving account in gold not in fiat support and strengthen file further, noting that gold can be reimbursed upon request in fiat and utilized via debit card or transfers.
    If one owns a land/car and in their name, how can it be presented in file & will it support further.
    The home address as all addresses here are vague and with no zip-postal code, would that be an issue ?? Furthermore, with Barely any bills to pay except electricity bill every 6 months. How can one provide proof of current address with no bills noting that the villa I live in is my fathers posession.
    Finally, on the side of my nationality, I recently got approved for Permenant residenence in Canada, however i have yet to make a landing, hence no Actual PR card and only COPR- confirmation of permanent resident for now.
    Does that have the same weight or the actual PR card is surplus.
    Appreciate and grateful for your support.

    1. They do biometric when you submit the documents. They keep your passport and when it’s ready you will have to come back and collect it. (This is the case for standard application)
      Regarding employment, put more emphasis on what you’re doing right now. Are you taking leave? how much do you earn? etc.
      Local currency is not an issue as long as you convert them to GBP in your cover letter according to the forex rate in
      Having gold or car can be valuated and presented as fixed asset to strengthen your application. But majority emphasis should be given on your readily available liquid asset.
      Address as it is mentioned in the official paper would do.
      About canadian nationality, if you don’t have any card, can you officially proof that your are a canadian resident with that COPR? If yes, mention that in the online application.
      I think this post will help understand more about finances: UK Visa Financial Sponsorship Fiasco

  25. Hey,
    I have a doubt regarding the address to be mentioned in the online visa application. My permanent address, current address of residence and address mentioned in the passport are all different. I have left from the address mentioned in my passport. Is it alright if I give my current address details or it has to be the one mentioned in the passport itself ?
    Thank you for your time and this highly comprehensive post.

      1. Thanks. Also in the question which mentions ‘ visit to any organization in UK( including academic institutions)’ should we mention as “Yes” and mention the academy we are planning to join?

  26. Gregor Krstevski

    I am a holder of a Canadian passport. It is my understanding that for taking the PLAB exams (visitor status) I will likely not require a visa. Is there any other benefit in this whole process (for example getting tier 2 skilled worker visa) in holding a Canadian passport? Thank you for all your hard work and for compiling all this very important information while presenting it in an easily understandable manner.

  27. Hi guys many thanks for this blog again.
    I have this question regarding my employment status, my plab 2 exam is in May and I am applying for my visa by March 15th,my job at home is ending on 31st March.I am confused whether I should wait till March end to get my term extended to stay employed and then apply for visa or should I just go ahead now? Would really appreciate your response

    1. You can go ahead now and why do you need to mention the length of your contract? Just get an employment certificate stating what you do and how much you get paid.

  28. Hello
    I am from afghanistan & i’v done my mbbs in a private university in kabul which is registered in WFME presently i am doing my internship in delhi india. I am concerned about 2 things firstly i see most of the people who are takings plab are from india, pakistan, bangladesh i want to know can an afghani student also take plab if yes how and where? Secondly, i ‘ve heard that its very dificult or almost impossile for an afghan to get a UK visa in order to visit UK for any purpose.

    1. Any national can take PLAB as long as they have a approved Primary Medical Qualification. Your medical college needs to be listed here, World Directory of medical Schools.
      As for visa, if you have a solid reason to visit and proper explanation of your circumstances, there is no reason why they would discriminate you. That kind of discrimination is not moral and not legal.

  29. I have 2 sponsor, my father & mother and I have done one affidavit where they both included details of their asset and bank balance to sponsor me. My question is do I need 2 separate letter of support from each sponsor or I can use one letter of support just like my affidavit where I can give details of both my parents solid & liquid assets?

        1. Dr Ibrahim, i have mentioned my sponsor’s multiple accounts in one letter of support with only bank names only? should I write bank details in words as well? for affidavit i have stated that he has ample funds? is that right approach? thanks.

    1. Not mandatory. But it can be shown to prove regular income, if other sources like salary certificate, payslips are not attainable or applicable (for businessmen etc).

  30. thanks alot for such a thoroughly informative post.
    Im a Syrian medical student and still live in Syria now. My question is that …do you know or hear about if any Syrian student entered thr UK in 2018???
    If Syrian are allowed to get into UK or not?? Please l need a sure answer. I’m afraid of losing my registration for plab2 if i didn’t got the Visa. what is your advise for me?

    1. Glad to help 🙂 There is no blanket ban on Syrians entering the UK. You can go ahead and apply for the visa properly and proceed with your GMC registration.

  31. Hi
    Thanks for providing these informative posts.
    I’m planning to take plab 1 in June’19. When to ideally apply for visa , so that both plab 1 and 2 can get covered in same visa.

  32. Hello sir ,, Am planning to take the PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 exam in one go. So,, what should I mention in the purpose of the visit ?? Another question is whether I can make multiple trips in this 6 month visa ?

  33. Hi Dr. Ibrahim,
    I am recently graduated. I got my registration in my home country just a few days back. I took PLAB 1 in NOV and waiting for results. Is it advisable to get employed now just for the sake of PLAB 2 visa? If i stay unemployed will there be any problem with my GMC registraton because of the gap?

  34. Good evening
    When filling up address in the form, it has been recommended to use the one given in passport. In my case, that is Bangladesh. However, I have been living in the Middle East all my life. KSA since birth and then UAE for the past 6 years.
    I am confused as to what to choose to write since they ask further questions about how long I have lived there and ownership status as well. Should I choose KSA or UAE? Or Bangladesh?

    1. If you have the right to stay where you are staying, you can always use that address.
      If you are applying for UK visa from the middle East, giving your address in Bangladesh doesn’t make sense.
      As mentioned in the subsequent posts, you will have to attach evidence of the home address. So think about that too.

  35. good afternoon sir , i’m asking which is better for visa ? travelling alone or with husband who is also willing to do plab 2

    1. Apply for visa separately. Having a companion for a one day exam doesn’t sound of a valid reason to visit.

  36. Hi Dr Ibrahim! I have 2 questions:
    1. My father transfered me some money to my account so in the online visa application should i say that he is supporting? (Money is now in my account)
    2. If i have money in my account and want to use that for plab but i also want my dad to support me, what should i say in the online application?

    1. Hello,
      The transfer of the money just complicated the entire process. It often amounts to rejection probing a suspicion of funds parking.
      As mentioned in this post:
      You should have kept the money in the sponsors account.
      Now, its safe for you to mention in the online application that someone else is paying, and mention the amount that was transferred. And also attach both the bank statements to prove that.

  37. tasnuva fernweh

    Hello, thank you for the clear explanations……….. I have another question, If I pass Plab 2 (i just started preparing for PLAB 1 yesterday), will i be able to get dependent visa for my parents?

    1. No, unfortunately, on Tier 2 visa (work visa), dependents can only be spouse or <18 year old children.
      Parents can visit you on visit visa, but they can't be on a dependent visa.

  38. dreamzunltd2003

    Hi Dr Ibrahim,
    I want to travel to the UK for PLAB-1 in September along with my wife. How can I apply for my wife’s visa. Currently, I am in Saudi and I can leave my wife alone for 2 weeks here. Therefore, we both have to travel to UK. My bank balance is more than 5000 pounds. Also, I would be staying at my brother’s, who is a British citizen. However, I am the one who is going to sponsor the trip.
    Thank you in advance.

  39. Thank you in advance
    I want to write Plab 1 in September in UK so should I provide a reason for taking the exam in UK and not waiting 8 weeks until November?
    My reason is that I am ready and don’t want to waste time. What is your advice?
    Another question is: I am married, employed and have enough money to support myself but most people told me to make my father the sponsor. what is your opinion ?

  40. I applied for a Standard Visitor visa for tourism as the main reason while I actually wanted to examine the plab 2 exam and didnt get it due to my unemployment even though my dad has a good bank account statement and he was sponsoring me. Are the plab visa easier to take due to the reason that you will be there rather than just tourism. And Is it better that I have a friend in the UK or just mention a hotel as residence ? Can anyone help I am kind of exasperate here and my exam will expire on NOV 2019. Thanks in advance

    1. PLAB visa isn’t any different kind of visa. It’s all under the same type of “Standard Visitor Visa.”
      Friend in the UK or staying at a planned accommodation – both works. It’s all about how you present your case.
      Being unemployed shouldn’t be a reason for a refusal if you had explained your circumstances well along with the sponsor. All our visa related posts in the blog is geared to help people, you can give all of them a read.

  41. Hello just want to know
    If taking an education loan for plab exams and specially for applying visitor visa is recommended or not??
    If yes , then please tell me the process for that or if anyone u know who did the same. Kindly help

    1. Taking a loan for applying for visitor visa is not recommended at all. That doesn’t make your financial status strong.

  42. Thank u for your prompt reply brother.But I dnt intend to stay in the UK for the whole time, rather I will be coming back after giving part 1 and then go back for plab2 when I get suitable date. My real concern is that since Im applying in june, will they be issuing my visa from july till december? Cause in that case there is a slight chnce that I may nt get Plab2 dates by then and therefore will have to reapply fr visa again.On the other hand,if they issue my visa from aug-january there is a great chance that i might be able to clear both parts of Plab with a single visa in sha ALLAH. ANY ADVICE?

    1. Typically visas are issued right before your intended date of travel, but this may vary depending on where you apply from. It may be best to ask others who’ve applied from the same place what happened for them.

  43. I want to sit for the plab 1 in September. I will be applying for the visa in a week’s time in sha ALLAH. I intend to arrive in the UK in the last week of August. Should I menton anywhere in the cover letter regarding my need to have a multiple entry six months visa from August till end of January to be able to clear both PLAB 1 & 2?? Or will they normally provide me with six months visa from August?

    1. The short term visit visa is always 6 months multiple entry visa these days.
      So if you are applying for PLAB 1, you don’t say that you are going to stay for your PLAB 2 and all, cause that causes explaining your stay further thus you need to SHOW more funds available to you for that extended stay.
      You can safely say you are going to stay for a week or so, covering your PLAB 1 date, and still get 6 months visa and thus stay for whole six months.
      It’s not technically lying, as the reason, taking PLAB test still holds true.
      Please give this a read:

  44. Many thanks dear Dr Ibrahim for your reply.
    I went through your posts regarding finanial support then I reassessed my brother bank statements according to the rules you mentioned.
    I found the situation is as follow:
    * The banks statement to which salary is reflected shows monthly regular deposit (equal to 800 GBP) with irregular withdrawals, sometimes large.
    * The banks statement where he deposits savings shows
    – Opening balance : 1500 USD.
    – 3 irregular deposits in the last 6 months:
    first in January ==> deposit in national currency and in USD (sum of both is larger than his salary)
    Second in April==> 50% of his salary
    Third in June ==> 75% of his salary
    So,I need your advice if this will raise questions to ECO or will go smoothly?
    -Do I have to explain the opening balance also?
    -Can I explain that the first large deposit came from cash savings from cash salary from his previous job (which is the fact)?
    -Will they ask why you deposit in USD not in national currency.

    1. If the person held jobs before, the opening balance need not be explained as the account opening date must be older than 6 months, right?
      Use the bank account which has the greater amount of money in it, and explain the inflow of the money in it.
      Remember to add income certificates/payslips to explain the sources from which the money was earned.
      A well written letter of support should explain everything.
      They have no option to ask you anything. You apply, they either accept or reject.

  45. Thanks very much for your helpful blog.
    I will apply to do ID check.
    I was planning to use my mother financial support but the unfortunately she applied recently for herself to attend a medical conference and get a refusal. This occurred due to lack of experience. She didn’t provide enough documents to prove her bank account and her ties.
    Now I am fearing from using her sponsorship.
    If I used my brother support instead, do her previous refusal -being my mother- remain affecting me..
    His financial condition is as following:
    -His current job since 1/2018
    -Monthly salary is 800 GBP.
    -Monthly salary is reflected to a bank account opened 2 years ago.
    -He has another Bank account for savings, he deposit part of his salary in it every month.
    -The savings in the second bank account is about 3000 USD .
    Do he have to get HR leters from previous employers in addition to his current employer to
    prove savings.
    Thanks very much

    1. First of all, Your mother’s rejection will not affect you.
      Secondly, with all you stated about your brother’s financial circumstances, it looks okay for a sponsor.
      I would advise you to read up this too,
      As for HR letters from previous employment is not necessary. But recent employments, income certificate/payslips are necessary to prove regular income.
      Please read the linked post, financial sponsorship is further explained there.

  46. Hi I am applying for a UK visa for plab. I have written the cover and all my details.However,at the start of the letter I am a bit confused as to what address should we be forwarding the letter to.
    Entry clearance officer
    British High Commission
    Address : ?????????? (THIS IS THE ONE I AM CONFUSED ABOUT)
    Should I mention the address of the visa office in my country(Bangladesh) or do we need to provide some other address?

    1. It doesn’t matter. As it won’t be posted rather will be scanned and put forward to UKVI electronically.
      So you can just omit that part altogether.

  47. Hi, I am currently in UK and would like to take PLAB in November 2018 or January 2019, my student visa will expire on Decemebr 8, How can I apply for PLAB 1 visa from UK, if you could guide me, solicitor wants £1200, is it that tough to get visa for PLAB 1?

    1. If you have a student visa expiring, if I’m not wrong, you can’t extend that and also you can’t apply for visitor visa while in the UK.
      You have to leave the UK before your student visa expires and apply from your country of origin for a standard visitor visa for PLAB.
      And getting a visa for PLAB 1 isn’t complicated at all.
      This might help:

  48. Is there a problem if plab1 is done on a visit visa without mentioning that on the visa application and if plab2 is also done on the same visit visa as it is multiple entry. Does GMC need a separete visa for plab2?

    1. Not at all. If you have any legal ways to remain in the UK, you can take the PLAB exams.
      But as the visa requires a valid reason for you to be there and if you don’t have a visa but you require one for PLAB, it is better to book and mention that you are going to take PLAB exam.

  49. Thank you so much for your reply.
    So if you have taken a visit visa for some other reason but havent mentioned it in your visa application that you are going to sit for plab also, that is legal right..cause i decided at the last minute to go for plab while applying for another reason and submitted the application without mentioning that i will be appearing for plab also ,because it just simply slipped from my mind while submitting the appliaction and i dont want to to do anything which is not legal. cause even the plab fee is not even worth it.

    1. Yes, I repeat, if you can be legally remain in the UK for any other reason, you can take PLAB exams.

  50. If i get to manage an accommodation that is provided by the academy i am intending to attend… then will i have to submit the council tax bill and utility bill of that address??

  51. Is internship certificate and BMDC(Bangladesh Medical and dental council) registration is mandatory for visa for plab 2??? since my internship will not be ending by the date i apply… will it be a issue?

    1. If I’m not mistaken it clearly says in the post that there are only TWO mandatory papers, your passport & your PLAB 2 booking. All others are supporting, to prove your words/case.
      If you hadn’t completed internship while you are applying for visa, then how can you produce your internship completion certificate? You can’t.
      So you will have to prove that you are still an intern in other ways. Like a official order of your hospital which mandates that you can be an intern from this date to this date. OR a letter from the director from the hospital would also serve the purpose.

  52. Mamdouh Elrakhawy

    Iam employed but in vacation from work 6 months ago , but I have a a good bank account because I worked for 2 years in saudi arabia
    what should I choose employed or not and should i get a certificate from my work saying that Iam in vacation rt now
    thank u so much

    1. If you are on vacation, you are technically still employed. Yes, if your work gives you the latter stating when did you start job at what position and also since when and how long we will be on vacation that seals the deal

  53. Hi, when you mention your previous travel history – I traveled for my MBBS to Pakistan so every vacation I would come home. So do I break up each visit to Pakistan or can I just say I traveled to and fro for 5 years to Pakistan for study?

  54. I have to apply for VISA for PLAB1. Is the procedure, supporting documents list same as for PLAB2, which is mentioned here.

    1. No a person holding Canadian Passport can visit the UK without a Visa for maximum duration of 6 months.

  55. Even if you are in another country with work or student visa you can apply for UK Visa from there. But it are a visitor there, you can’t.

  56. One can apply from a country where he /she is working, hold a work permit/resident card. Applying from country of passport does not make sense.

    1. Yes, you are right. Even if you are in another country with work or student visa you can apply for UK Visa from there. But it are a visitor there, you can’t.
      Thank you for notifying that. I will edit and convey the information.

  57. I am Egyptian doctor working and living in KSA where I am applying for the visa … do I have to write KSA as a country that I have visited or not ?
    What about national ID?
    Is it my Egyptian national ID or KSA resident ID ??

      1. Ma’am i have a question. My current(correspondence) address and the permanent address on my passport are different. And the question that follows after the home address question is ‘How long have you lived at this address?” Is this duration asked for the permanent address or the correspondence address ? The thing is my permanent address is in village where i have rarely stayed per say. My home is in another city and my current (correspondence) address is again a different city {this is where i work as a medical officer}.
        How should i put it in my online application. Please bear with me 🙁

        1. Your passport is not a proof of your address. Put your home address wherever your home is and state how many years you have lived there.

      2. Ma’am i have a question. My current(correspondence) address and the permanent address on my passport are different. And the question that follows after the home address question is ‘How long have you lived at this address?” Is this duration asked for the permanent address or the correspondence address ? The thing is my permanent address is in village where i have rarely stayed per say. My home is in another city and my current (correspondence) address is again a different city {this is where i work as a medical officer}.
        How should i put it in my online application. Please bear with me ?

  58. Thanks a lot for such a thoroughly informative post.
    I have a question. Do I have to submit job experience and salary certificates for previous jobs that I had for the visa application?

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