Now we are at the last part of what you’ll need to do for your UK visa. Just a few more things are left to be done and you’ll be set.

It will be a long discussion. So, I thought I will break it into parts. This part is only for the final preparation for UK VISA Application. Please note that this post portrays exclusively the experiences in Bangladesh (experiences may vary in visa application centers in other countries). Posts about other parts are here:

So, by now you have gathered all the documents you need to provide and have chosen appointment date and time at the visa application center.


An overview of UK Visa application

What are you expecting?

Let me remind you again of the papers that need to be with you before you submit your application. I arranged the documents in the following order:

  1. Printed pdf of the completed online application.
    Find the REDACTED COPY of my application here.
  2. Printed pdf of the documents checklist. Find the REDACTED COPY of my documents checklist here.
  3. Email confirmation of your PLAB 2 booking.
  4. Your cover letter.
  5. All papers regarding MONEY.
    • Letter of support
    • Affidavit of Sponsorship (if you have it)
    • Solvency Certificate
    • Bank Statements
    • Income Certificate / Employment certificate
    • All other papers you deemed necessary to prove your cause as stated in the letter of support.
  6. Evidence of home address.
    • A Nationality Certificate, OR
    • Home Utility Bill,
  7. Accommodation in the UK.
    • Letter of invitation, OR
    • Hotel Booking
    • Utility bill and Council Tax bill of the address you’ll be staying at.
  8. Evidence of family members whilst you travel.
    • Passport Copies of your family members, OR
    • National ID copies, translated and notarized.
  9. Your own National ID copy, translated and notarized.
  10. The email confirming your passing in PLAB 1 and GMC reference no. details.
  11. Copy of Your Primary Medical qualification certificate.
    (I did not provide the real ones, rather an attested photocopy)
  12. Copy of your Internship/House job Completion Certificate.
  13. Certification from your employer, be it a voluntary or paid job.
  14. No Objection Certificate from your employer.
  15. Booking confirmation of your PLAB 2 Course.
  16. Copy of your IELTS test report form. (optional)
  17. ANY OTHER PAPERS, which might be different from my case to you, like marriage certificate, etc.

[ I didn’t have the 13-14. But if it is applicable for you it adds here.]

If you’re wondering about how I ended up with all these documents, have a look here, Supporting documents for UK Visa for PLAB 2.

Now back to the question.

What are you expecting at the visa application center?

Visa Application Center (VAC)

You must have booked an appointment already from the online application portal. Show up at the visa application center 5-10 minutes prior to your chosen time. The front desk may want to see an appointment page (which is the documents checklist) and upon verification, they will let you in.

I can’t emphasize enough how necessary it is to check your own visa application center’s website before you attend this appointment. They update their services, make changes to it all the time. And most importantly, it differs from country to country in most of the cases.

Find your country’s visa application center’s website is your answer to everything. They obviously have a collection and here it is- Find a visa application centre.

Do I submit my real documents?

A very frequently asked question. The short answer, No.

  • If your country has started with the upload-it-yourself process while you were applying online, then it’s easier. You can do it yourself.
  • If your VAC has the scanning process, then you need to take those with you. But remember to UNLAMINATE if any document is laminated. Otherwise, an attested copy is enough for paper submission.

What happens in VFS Bangladesh?

All documents submitted by the UK visa customers are scanned at the Visa Application Centre and sent electronically to UKVI. This process applies to all visa categories. This process allows customers to retain their supporting documents during the application process. Apart from the passport, all supporting documents will, where possible, be handed back at the Visa Application Centre after they have been scanned. Photocopies can be submitted, but they must be clear and legible.

In order to avoid delays in the Visa Application Centre customers must follow the instructions below:

  • All documents must be A4 size.
  • Any documents which are smaller or larger than A4 size must be photocopied onto A4 sized paper. This includes the pages of any previous passports.
  • All documents must be free from any staples, clips or pins before they are submitted.
  • Torn, crumpled or heavily creased documents cannot be scanned and therefore must be photocopied onto A4 sized paper before they are submitted.
  • Documents should not be laminated

If you applied through Access UK you can upload your documents yourself, or bring your original supporting documents and use our Document Scanning Assistance service at the Visa Application Centre.

If you applied through Visa4uk, bring your original supporting documents and you can use our Document Scanning Assistance Service at the Visa Application Centre.

You will not be able to submit further documents once your application has been submitted at the visa application centre.

This must be done before reaching the submission counter at the application center.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any supporting documents are submitted in the required format. Failure to do so is likely to result in delays at the Visa Application Centre.

Payment for the Visa

So, the employee behind the counter will give you two receipts to pay money in the bank. Don’t sweat, there’s a bank booth right there inside. I was charged 9790 BDT for my visa and adding the charges of the center it added up to near about 11000 BDT. You go back to the counter and the employee will instruct you to sign at the bottom of the documents checklist page.

Now s/he will want a photocopy of your passport front page. Thanks to me, you have it! Staple their receipt and they will hand it over to you and tell you to wait for your biometric data collection.

You wait again. They call you by name and tell you to go to provide your biometric data. They will take your fingerprints and your photo. This is the photo that will be printed in your visa.

After you’re done giving your biometric data, the employee will politely tell you to leave the premises.
Do you leave? No, you create havoc and demand your VISA right then!!
Smh. Not a good idea.

Remember to relax after visa application

There are so many of us who are like:

“I heard back from them too early. I am worried my visa is rejected.”
“It’s been more than 15 days, I still haven’t heard from them. I am worried my visa is rejected.”

My answer to them:

“Worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you anywhere.”

English Proverb

They say the wait time for standard services is 15 days, but it may take less than that or longer. So don’t fret, keep the faith, and you’ll get that message saying your visa has been processed eventually.

Wrapping up

To be fair, you won’t know whether it was accepted or rejected. You will only find out after you receive the package, come outside the application center premises, open it, frantically look for your passport, flip through it, and voilà! You have your VISA. Be sure to check and recheck the dates again right then and there.

Good luck to everyone!

70 thoughts on “UK VISA for PLAB : Final Preparation”

  1. I am an Indian and working as GP in Dubai. Which should I give as my residential address? Dubai or Indian? I am applying from Dubai. If there is any problem when there is no national ID?

    1. Your residential address is where your residence is. Where mail can reach you and which you can officially prove that that is your address.

  2. First of all thank you because your blog has helped me in many ways. I have successfully booked my plab 2 date. Currently i’m gathering all the necessary documents for my visa application. I m planning to book an airbnb accommodation in Manchester for 2 months. So do i have to book it before my visa interview ? and what should i mention in the visa application about this ?

      1. Dr Ibrahim, I read on the uk gov website that they advise against submitting hotel bookings, should we still attach them with the documents?

        1. Provisional hotel booking are submissible as plan. It is discouraged to make final booking and pay for your stay even before getting a visa.

  3. Thank you so much for the guidance.
    I have a little more doubt
    1)When submitting proof of address or national ID or any documents, if the proof/ID has both English & another regional language – do we still need to translate & notarize it ?
    2) When submitting photocopies of any ID/document do we need to get it attested ?

  4. Hello Ivan Vai,
    I’m from Bangladesh. Passed PLAB-1 and now planning for UK VISA. I’ve 3 queries. Your valuable opinion would be highly appreciated.
    1. Signature Issue: I used bengali signature in my passport. Therefore, i continued it throughout my whole procedure till now (i.e: OET, PLAB-1). Do I use it in my VISA application or need to change ?
    2. Father’s name: My Father’s name is “Sunity Kumar Mandal” (both in passport and NID). However, during my SSC it was mistaken as “Sunity Kumar”. Therefore, I maintained it in all my doccuments and certificates as this name to avoid hazards (also NID & passport). What should I do during my VISA ?
    3. Is it mandatory to show Sponsor’s income tax return ? (my Mother will be my sponsor)
    Eagerly waiting for your valuable opinion.

  5. Dr ibrahim.. i want to know that regarding financial docs, how much latest they should be? like I should get them the day i submit application, so they remain within 30 days time limit when i get an appointment. As appointment could take 2 weeks as well. is this right approach?

  6. Hello. Pls I would like to ask, if I explain in my itinerary that I would be spending just 18 days (14days academy+ exam) and a 6 months visa was given. Can I stay longer than the 17 days I told them??

  7. Actually i got visa for plab2 and i gave two attempts. Unfortunately i failed both. Now i want to apply again and m unemployed right now and I overstayed in uk according to my last visa application. Will that be a problem or not

    1. Did you overstay than the period mentioned in your visa sticker? if not there is nothing to worry about.

  8. I have done my Ophthalmology from Mumbai, India. Can you please let me know what qualifications are accepted by GMC to work in NHS ? What is the IELTS score needed ?

    1. The rulkes might have changed and they have made that option unavailable.
      Do you have the option to upload your documents yourself?
      If you don’t then you would have to seek help help in the visa application center to submit your supporting documents.

  9. Hello .. I hope u are doing great.
    My visa got refused today .
    Here is the no.1 reason they provided “You state you wish to visit the UK 2months 5 days to attend Plab test whilst I acknowledge the itinerary you have provided , you are required to demonstrate you meet immigration rules each time you apply .On this occasion you have not demonstrated this ”
    Please let me know What can I do to demonstrate that on my next application ..
    My itinerary was similar to your with no activities other than preparatory course , self preparation, attending exam..
    Thank you ..

    1. I am sorry your question seems very incomplete.
      1. What have you not demonstrated?
      2. Have you explained your finances well?
      From your stated query here I have no idea why your visa got refused.
      Each application is unique. And they are judged on individual merit as well. What works for one MAY NOT work for others.

  10. hello .. i have submitted my application . it’s been 20 days .
    The Vfs centre returned my printed pdf of completed online application form when on the day of submission . They did not send that along other documents .
    is that normal for everyone or a mistake ?

    1. Maybe they have it online with them. My VFS has a scanning system now, they return all the documents.

  11. Hello Dr.Ivan.I want to know some infomations.
    From whom should I get my PMQ attested and certified my notorized papers?Is it compulsary to attach NID copy?My mother’s surname is missing from my NID but it is present in all other documents.Will that be an issue?

    1. Any notary officer will do. All translation agencies have notaries. And in Bangladesh you don’t have to take copies anymore as they have scanning system. Please read: UK Visa Final Preparation
      Mother’s name is not a problem.

  12. khoshnuma ador

    I have got 3 siblings and 2 of them are dependent on my father. do i need to provide their passports photocopy? and is it necessary to provide my elder sibling’s passport copy who isn’t dependent on my father ?

    1. If you live with your siblings along with your parents, you can add their copy as evidence of the family member.

        1. Then it’s not necessary. You can add your father and mother in law’s ID as evidence

  13. Hello ..Thank you for your helpful post ..
    In point 11 you mentioned attested photocopy . I want to know by whom should the mbbs certificate be attested ?

    1. It’s not the certificate being attested – it’s the photocopy. Any photocopy needs to be attested that it is the copy of an original. It varies from country to country who can attest a document. By default, any notary officer should be able to do it.
      If your VAC scans your documents – you can take the originals with you – no need for photocopies.

  14. Zakaria Allaf

    Hi, thank you for your effort
    I am planing to take plab1 in UK in september, and plab2 later in march or april 2020.
    Is it easy to get uk visa for the plab1, and what type of visa should I apply for if I am going to take part 2 after 7 months.
    Also do I need IELTS for visa purposes
    If you can help me, please

    1. It’s neither easy not difficult. The PLAB 1 visa process is not very different from PLAB 2 visa, as it is the same- visit visa. Please have a look here – PLAB 1 visa.
      You don’t need IELST for visa

      1. Zakaria Allaf

        Good, I am planing to take the OET
        Because I read once that I should have an IELTS score >4.5 for uk visa application.
        For example If I take plab1 in uk, after 6 months can I apply for visa agian for plab2?

      2. Zakaria Allaf

        Good, I am planning to take OET.
        Because I heard once that an IELTS >4.5 score is required for visa application.
        If take the plab1 in September, then after 7 months it is possible to get another uk visa for taking plab2 , right?
        Thanks again.

        1. It depends on how long you stay in the UK with your initial visa. You cannot be in the UK for more than 6 months in 1 year.

  15. hello . thank u so much for the info .. in point no.6 (evidence of home address) u mentioned the certificate of nationality . how can i obtain that . in Bangladesh municipality provides a ‘prottoyon potro’ .. are they same ?

    1. Yes. “Jatiyota Prottoyon potro” – where it is mentioned that where you are and what is your address.

        1. If it is in Bengali – yes. Anything not in english has to be translated and notarized.


    Hey. Regarding the personal affidavit,how do i get it if i wish to sponsor myself ?? Consult the place where they translate and notarize papers ?TIA 🙂

    1. Affidavit in general is not a mandatory document. If you are sponsoring yourself, explain your financial circumstances well in your cover letter and attach necessary documentary evidence like income/salary certificate, employment certificates, bank statements etc.

  17. Hello
    I’m medical student at my last year but I’m from Syria and in syria there is no embassy , unfortunately the embassy in the neighbor countries don’t give the syrian people any vesa
    Any suggestions could help please
    really appreciate your response

        1. The best course of action for you will be to contact UKVI via email and ask what can you do regarding your situation.


    What about the LONG TERM SATANDARD VISITOR VISA for 2 yrs? I guess ill have to give the PLAB 1 in the UK as all centres in my home country-India- are i was hoping to get a 2yr long visa that will allow more flexibility in my plans.

  19. Oh my god. Your blog is a godsend. I followed it to the T and just finished my Visa application in VFS center. It took over 1.5 hours and they did not request any originals except passport from me. I have requested for November Visa- and since I submitted my passport I was just filled with anxiety; read your “Worrying” quote and started laughing.
    Hoping the 15 days pass fast!

  20. Hello Ivan.thanks for this informative blog.pls will it be worrisome not to put ur family passports or i.d cards as ur evidence of family members in ur home country…esp if u are married to someone outside your country but however stay with ur parents in the country

    1. Thank you.
      Evidence of family members in your country is an important thing to show as it works as a tie back where you’re applying from.
      It’s to your benefit.

  21. Christian Linares

    How soon before my PLAB 2 exam date can I propose to enter the UK? In addition to sitting PLAB 2 in late November, I am also required to sit the UKFPO Clinical Assessments OSCE in late October, and I will need to take revision courses in London for each exam. Whilst I can book PLAB 2 now, I cannot book Clinical Assessments until late August, once my eligibility has been confirmed. In order to ensure that I have leave to remain in time for Clinical Assessments, can I go ahead and apply for a PLAB Visa with my PLAB 2 booking confirmation, or should I wait until I have also booked Clinical Assessments? I’m worried that waiting until late August might not give me enough time to make the revision course in early October.

    1. There is no measure like that.
      But think logically. For example, if you are applying for an exam in 25 November and state that you want to go to the UK on 2 October. A logical question arises, why two months early for a one day exam?
      You can apply to be in the UK from 2 Oct for a 25 Nov PLAB 2 exam, if you have documented proof of what you will be doing in those almost two months time.

  22. hello ivan
    just want to know what is this appendix ii in bar code separator and what documents are required under it??

    1. If it doesn’t specify on it’s own, you can always ask the officials at the visa application centre

  23. Hello
    Is it necessary to show depandants in letter of support from sponser?? If yes, then in letter just mentioning the name is sufficient or do i need to provide other documents?

    1. Ideally your sponsor should mention about his/her dependents. Just mentioning about them is okay.
      It can be explained in your cover letter under your family circumstances, as well as in the letter of sponsorship.

  24. Thankyou for your guidance. Could you please explain this bar code thing, didn’t get it. When i bring all supportive documents to VAC , then what is bar code going to do. Kindly help

    1. This is the case in Bangladesh now. The supporting documents are scanned in the VAC, and given back to you.
      Be sure to check the requirements and system for your country’s VAC.

  25. Hey, as evidence of family members, i am providing my parent’s passport photocopies of the front page. do i need to give the entire passport photocopy and does it need to be attested? I have 3 siblings as well and do i need to give their copies too?

    1. The first page sounds fine. And if you have mentioned your siblings in your application, I think you should.

  26. Thank you very much Dr. Ibrahim. your post has really helped me a lot to fill up my online application. I have 2 passport. I have to photocopy each and every page of both pasports? each and every page should be photocopied seperately?or 2 pages per a4 size paper?

    1. I think you will need to copy the one which will have the visa on it i.e. the valid one. And yes two passport pages in one A4 is should be fine (I did it like that) remember to put them in portrait not landscape.

  27. For how long is the plab visa valid??
    Do we have to mention about the ID check after the plab 2 results are out??Because i intend to stay there till the id check is done rather than travelling to and fro.
    Thanks alot for the detailed blog.I really appreciate it all.

    1. They most of the time issue the visa for 6 months. if you show your duration of the trip that long, your cost of the trip will go up too. If you can manage that, that’s okay.
      But if you come here and stay for the whole six months it’s alright too.

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