I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to start working on your UK visa for PLAB as early as possible and start gathering the important documents. Why? No matter how many instructions and guidelines you follow- your case will be unique. It won’t match with anybody else’s, and if you maintain your cool, you can do it all by yourself.

An overview

What are the documents that I need for UK visa for PLAB 2?

Now regarding supporting documents – it varies from person to person a LOT. Your case can be entirely different form the nest person. So an idea about what basic things are almost mandatory to provide to prove your case is crucial.

Two documents are absolutely necessary!

  • Your valid Passport.
  • The email confirmation of your PLAB 2.

And the followings if that applies in your case.

  • Your Cover letter
  • Letter of Support (from your financial guarantor)
  • Affidavit affirming the declaration of the financial sponsorship
  • Bank Statements (Yours and/or sponsors)
  • Solvency Certificate
  • Income/Salary Certificate (Yours and/or Sponsors)
  • Evidence of Home Address
  • Accommodation in the UK
  • Evidence of family members in your home country whilst you travel

Your Cover Letter

Officially this can be termed as “Information about your visit”. You already must have put a lot of information regarding your visit in the online part of the application. And, that is YOUR MAIN application. Your cover letter is an addition to support your application and elaborate a few things you seem necessary. Not an essay competition! But bear in mind if you had visa rejection before, spare no expense to explain all the points in your rejection letter in your cover letter.

Following few documents and discussed in detail in the UK Visa Financial Sponsorship Fiasco

Letter of Support (from your financial guarantor)

Please go to the above UK Visa Financial Sponsorship Fiasco article to find out more. If you yourself finance your trip in that case you will only need your:

  • Salary certificate,
  • Bank Statements (Minimum 6 months)

Affidavit affirming the declaration of the financial sponsorship

(This is done before a notary public) Most of the translation centers will be able to provide you the version/pattern of affidavit used in your country for this purpose. It is not mandatory to have an affidavit done.

Bank Statements (Yours and/or sponsors)

If you are employed but being sponsored for the visit, still you will have to show your bank statement to prove YOUR financial circumstances.

Solvency Certificate

Banks issue that against a bank account. (This is where your major liquid assets should be). Most of the banks will issue this along with the bank statements. But it is always ask the bank to ask of this specifically and add some wording which applies for your purpose. Have a look at the sample here.

Income/Salary Certificate (Yours and/or Sponsors)

See this sample to have an idea how it should look like.

Any other papers to prove financial sponsorship like deeds of the fixed assets, retirement papers and all are also necessary. (All NON-ENGLISH documents, even with a name seal in any other language, have to be translated and notarized)

Evidence of Home Address

Deeds or Nationality Certificate or Home utility bill where the address is written. If the document is not in English, it has to be translated and notarized.

Accommodation in the UK

Please read this article Finding your accommodation in the UK

Confirmation or invitation letter & Council tax and utility bill of the accommodation address is necessary to prove plan of your stay. If it’s a family that you’re staying with, you don’t need to worry about proving sponsorship and all. If s/he’s just providing accommodation (and your other family e.g. father/mother is your financial guarantor), a simple invitation letter stating your name, your passport no, duration and purpose of your stay is enough along with his/her contact details. The council tax and utility bill is just to prove that the address exists by their name. Here is a sample of a tenancy confirmation letter.

Evidence of family members in your home country whilst you travel

Passport copies or National ID copies of your family members. (if NIDs then translated and notarized)

The above mentioned documents are very necessary for UK visa for PLAB and are titled in the documents checklist.

Where do I find this “documents checklist”?

After you finish and submit your online application, choosing a date and visa application center, you’ll have two documents to download.

  1. Completed Online Application.
  2. Documents checklist.

So you won’t see this till you have all your papers ready. Because, in my opinion, it’s unwise to choose an appointment date before getting everything ready.

You can check out this post, what to do after PLAB 1, to get an overview on everything that’s ahead of you. And also, how to plan for PLAB 2 & course to get the whole planning after your PLAB 1 to go as smooth as possible.

The other documents for UK Visa for PLAB you are going to provide is to prove your cause which you are presenting in your cover letter.

My Cover Letter

This bears a lot of importance. This is actually you presenting your case to the entry clearance officer. I am putting my cover letter here, i will highly recommend to read through it which will tell you in detail how I presented my case what other documents I added.

This was my approach. Here you can see all other documents that I attached. Adding an IELTS is not mandatory here, but if you have a valid one you should add.

Wrapping up

So, after you have everything gathered, go to the completed online application page from the link from your email. Choose a date and time for the appointment at the visa application center.

And, yes, you’ve successfully finished all you could do. Now check out your final preparation regarding what happens at the visa application center here, UK Visa Guidance for PLAB 2: Final Preparation (Part 3).

Good Luck!

195 thoughts on “UK VISA for PLAB : Supporting Documents”

  1. How do i explain my ties to home?
    I just graduated so i don’t own property and I’m not married or have children, How do i convince the officer that i will return home?

    Thank you Ibrahim and Ibreez,

        1. I just stated clearly that my whole life is in my country and I am just visiting the UK for this exam. They are not out to get you if you don’t intend to do anything wrong.

  2. Thank you very much for your blog, its really helpful. Could you please tell how to prove the relationship with an uncle or aunt? I would like to make them as my financial sponsor. Thank you in advance!

    1. There is no documented proof. I think you have to just explain in your application how they are related to you and why are they willing to sponsor you.

  3. My mother’s surname in her NID and Bank accounts and in my passport and other all documents is different.Can she be my financial sponsor?

    1. Use your mother’s name as it appears in her passport. Her bank account and her passport/NID should match otherwise legally it is not her bank account or passport/NID.

      It does not matter what it is on your passport. That is not a proof that she is your mother. Many passports in the world does not have their parents name written on them.

  4. My mother is my sponsor. She’s proving her financial status with savings bonds worth 3 times my expense. But she dissolved one bond, equivalent to my expenses, and put the money in her account. This is just 20days prior to visa application. Is it a red flag?

  5. Do I need to translate and show my graduation certificate and internship?? If I translate my medical licence and send it , won’t it be enough to prove I am a practising physician ??
    My father will be my sponsor but has his own business so no letter from employer or steady income every month but his bank account should cover my expenses . I’d appreciate any help.

    1. Those documents are not mandatory for everyone. If you wish you can attach.
      A businessman can show tax return or trade license or show receipts of payments as a proof of income. How the balance in the bank was gathered has to be explained and justified.

      1. What if he has multiple accounts?Will I have to show all of them or just account for the one that has sufficient balance to sponsor my stay?

  6. Hi. I want to know that if my financial sponsor has multiple bank accounts (2-3), how would the affidavit , letter of support and bank statement would be different in that case ? thanks.

        1. Without a confirmed PLAB 2 date how will you put dates of travel and etc.?
          You can but it will be incomplete.

        2. hi Ibrahim, i have my exam on coming 5 th feb.When should i submit application and can we copy paste the template you gave for cover letter or it should be our own wording? thanks.

        3. You can take the theme of it and make your own from this. And you should not apply more than 3 months before your intended date of travel.

  7. I have an elective and i applied for the visitor visa, but sadly got denied due to unfathomable reasons. Nowhere in my cover letter or online application I have mentioned that I’m married. But in the refusal letter, they have stated that I am married with no children. I don’t have the right to appeal or review.
    And also i had submitted a detailed financial analysis of my father, who is my sponsor, since I am unemployed. He is a retired pensioner with good savings.
    The refusal letter stated that my father doesn’t have the ability and I am not a genuine visitor. I would greatly appreciate if you could guide me on how to re-apply further.

    1. The system of visa rejection is unjust and unfortunately, we all know about it and there is nothing much we can do other than re-applying. In your next cover letter, mention point by point of the refusal letter and say why you think you are a genuine visitor.

  8. Asalamualaikum, I wanted to ask you three things:
    1) Do i need to show my parents’ national ID proof which is Adhaar card for Indians or their passports?? And which is better?
    2) What do I need to show for proving my Home address? Will an electricity bill in my father’s name suffice?
    3) If my father is not sponsoring me, do i still need to provide the property papers for residential proof?
    Thank you both 🙂

    1. 1) Passports are better proof of ID.
      2) Yes. As already mentioned in the article.
      3) An utility bill is proving your address, why do you need property papers?

  9. so i have a question. i am just starting my plab journey and plan to finish it during my internship year. my husband will take out a loan and put it to my name to fund my plab journey including my uk visit for plab 2 which if all went according to plan will be a year from now, ill be working part time during my internship year and i have a sponsor available (husband’s uncle). my question is would that loan be considered money parking?? will i be obliged to explain origins of money in my bank account that is a year old?

    1. First of all, you can’t finish PLAB 2 during your internship. If you are working as an intern full-time how will you be working part-time during that time? If you are a part-time intern then it may not be accepted an internship to GMC. I hope you see the issue here.
      Secondly, with your work history and income per month will it be explainable that large accumulation in your account already?
      Like when I said my father has this much money in his account, I also attached his retirement papers (which suggests he worked his whole life and amassed this much money). But working for a year that too part-time, does it sound believable?
      You can easily show unemployed and financially supported by a sponsor if you are only finishing internship and in reality you are actually financially not independent. When you tell the truth, it’s much easier to explain your circumstances. Check this article: UK VISA for PLAB: Financial Sponsorship Documents.

      1. thanks alot for your response and i do see your point. would it be okay if i explain that i have taken out a loan to support my trip to the uk and have a relative sponsor me as well??,, im kinda confused to be honest and i dont know the best way to approach this.. i mean we are financially independent me and my husband but its a pay check to pay check situation, he has a stable job we have a car but there are no liquid assets and hence the loan. i can have a financially stable sponsor but he will not be actually paying for anything
        and to clarify more, the part time job is more of a freelance thing with flexible hours, and i wont be taking my plab 2 exams till after the internship year because i wouldnt be able to get time off anyway

        1. The sponsor doesn’t have to transfer the money to your account, they just have to show their liquid asset and their financial standing and take an undertaking (by writing) that they will financially help you. You should be transparent in your circumstances – if it is pay check to pay check, then show that – and emphasis on that that is the reason you are going to a sponsor who will help you out financially.
          Yes, in reality you may be taking a loan out but in a visa application that doesn’t work in your favor for visiting another country.
          If you’re still unsure please message us privately on Facebook Messenger

  10. Gokul Salim Narayanan

    Hello, I would like to know if and how rigorously the visa application centers or immigration services in the UK will follow our immigration process once the visa has been approved? For instance, if I mention I will arrive in September to give PLAB 2 in October, and then leave the UK 4 days later, will it be a problem if I don’t stick to the timeline I have mentioned in my application/cover letter?
    Can I arrive later/earlier?
    Can I stay for longer/less time than I had mentioned in my application, as long as my visa doesn’t expire?
    Is there any means for them to check if I actually stayed for the exact duration I mentioned and will it land me in trouble if I did stay for a different duration?
    Sorry for the multiple questions, but I’d really appreciate answers to my specific queries! Thanks in advance!

    1. Once the visa is approved, you just have to follow the general plan but you do not have to exactly follow the plan you shared at your application. Plans can change with circumstances and time, that’s natural. But, obviously you will just have to follow by the visa rules like no work during visit visa etc.

  11. Maninderjeet Singh

    I’ve passed my MD in Pathology In 2018 from india .
    What should i do to enter uk medical system ?
    what exams i’ve to appear for same ?
    Someone Kindly guide me !

  12. Assalamualaikum .Is “property tie” vital in case of Visit Visa??I have shown family and Professional tie,but is it a must-to-do to attach some sort of property tie??

  13. As the regular income is very low for my father, he is paying through the savings money.. do i need to submit documents regarding the source of savings??

  14. Address proof that i submit, Can that be any of the recent land registration documents bearing the present address?? Orelse it shuld only be the house registration document??

  15. Hi,
    Will there be any issue with visa if we mention about the preparatory class before the exam in our cover letter? I heard the academy won’t have the invitation authority and that will cause visa problem. Can you please clear this?
    Thank you!

  16. Hey doctor, thanks a lot for this amazing work you are doing for the doctors community…i have a doubt regarding invitation letter…one of my senior is working in NHS on work visa…with whom i will be staying in Manchester..can i get my invitation letter from him and fill his current address(where he is staying)?? He stays at a rented flat. Please clarify

  17. Hey doctor, thanks a lot for this amazing work you are doing for the doctors community…i have a doubt regarding invitation letter…one of my senior is working in NHS on work visa…with whom i will be staying in Manchester..can i get my invitation letter from him and fill his current address (where he is staying)?? He stays at a rented flat. Please clarify

    1. If he doesn’t have any restriction for you to stay there, then by all means he can send you an invitation to stay with him.

  18. A question about flight and hotel bookings. The official UK Gov site mentions that you don’t need to submit hotel or flight bookings to get your visa. However I have already purchased both of my flights, both to UK and from the UK in advance. I was not aware that this wasn’t required.
    I am a Canadian PR and will be travelling there next month. That’s why I bought my UK flight tickets in advance to avoid any hassle later on. Will this have a negative impact on my application? I intend to submit my application in Bangladesh in early January.

    1. No, it won’t have any negative effect. It is their suggestion to save you the loss of money, if God forbid your visa is not accepted. But, you have taken that risk knowingly, so this will not an effect on your visa application.

      1. Thanks for the prompt reply. Your forums have saved us a lot of hassle.
        I will fly to the UK in March. So it shouldn’t be a problem for me.
        Thanks once again

  19. Can i submit house registration document ( that contains the address) as an evidence of home address (even if that registration was under my mom’s name?)

  20. Is it needed to submit printed photo of the applicant with visa application? What’s the required criteria, size, background colour etc? ?

    1. Your photo will be taken along with other biometrics on the day of the submission. You don’t need to supply any photo

  21. Can a distant relative in UK (British Citizen), who will invite me, can mention in his letter that he will provide me accommodation & food for free of cost? If yes, is only invitation letter sufficient or any other supporting document will be needed? Can I thus cut down my trip cost which I will show in visa application?

    1. If they do, then they have to attach their bank statement and proof of available funds to support your cost. In that case, you can cut short your expenses.

  22. … Regarding PLAB 1 VISA …
    1. Booked PLAB 1 in LONDON. My aunt lives in BIRMINGHAM. Google map says its a 2hr 15min drive. If she provides me invitation letter, will it be logical & acceptable in the context of UK? Do I further need to show proof of accommodation in London as exam starts at 10 am in the morning. Will visa office question about how I will stay at Birhingham & sit exam in London.
    2. I live in dhaka at a rented flat with my family. This is what we call present address. All utility bills contain only house renter’s name, not ours. How can I prove my home address?

  23. I was emplyed till 5th of August and then i had to resign. Now i m unemplyed from last one month and i m the one who will sponsor myself. Although i have enough saving from my last job. Should i apply for the PLAB 2 visa now??

    1. Your timing for PLAB 2 visa application depends on when you are booked for PLAB 2 and your course duration. Being unemployed is not a problem as long as you can prove the tie back home in other ways such as family and explaining your proper reason to visit.

  24. muezza hurairah

    vaiya, is it possible, for you to add the location or contacts of the translations centers in Dhaka?

  25. Safa Alabdullah

    Thank you for your great effort , i ve applied for plab2 course and i want to prepare for my visa , what type of visa should i apply for ? Short term student visa or visitor visa ?

  26. Hello Dr Ivan
    My dad took all the money from his bank for another purpose 2 days after printing bank statement of 6 months plus Balance certificate and solvency certificate. Will this be a problem?
    Does visa officer have right to ask someones bank balance?
    If its a problem, any suggestions?

    1. Yes, the visa officer has the right to check your balance as you have provided them with your bank statement. They can verify the statement with the bank. If there is not enough fund as shown in the statement when the visa officer makes the decision on your visa – there is a big chance of getting rejected.

      1. So should I tell him to deposit the amount that he withdraw after printing a bank transaction and then show the latest transaction? If I do so, wont that huge sum of deposit at once become a problem?
        Or I tell him to deposit the amount but show the transaction of the last time he had that amount i.e. before withdrawing all the money?

        1. Not yet. I am struggling with the sponsor documents. I have 2600 pound in my account that came from my salary. I am thinking of asking my dad to send me 3000 pound so that I can show 5600 pound for accomodation and personal expense for 2 months. Cant my dad directly transfer this amount so that I dont need to show sponsor documents?
          Or, can I show my brother in law who is in Australia to be my sponsor? Coz I think its difficult to make papers from my dad as sponsor.

  27. Dermatologist123

    Dear Dr Ivan,
    sorry for troubling you time and again.
    can you please check my employment letter? It states like this:::
    Certificate of Employment for Dr ………
    May 7, 2019
    To whom It may concern,
    This letter is to certify that Dr ……. is employed at International Nepal Fellowship (INF), currently working as a Junior consultant dermatologist in Green Pastures Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre (GPHRC).
    At this time, he works predominantly in Dermatology and Leprosy care for in-patients and out-patients.
    I have issued this certificate by request of Dr ……., and it may be used for whatever purpose he sees fit and he will return back to job after his PLAB 2 exam.
    Any corrections needed?
    P.S. I dont want to mention my contract till July 15 as I am planning to buy July 18 ticket, and the hospital cant give me new contract now.

    1. Ibrahim Ivan

      Sorry, we can’t provide such personalized help directly on your website. If you feel confident you should go with it otherwise please seek professional help.

  28. Maryam Gillani

    Thank you very much for all of your work..
    Can u plz help me with there questions, it would be a big help….
    1.Is it important to add MY TIMELINE in my cover letter?
    2. My test is in august 2019, I wanna go there next month to join academy course. how should I give them explanation to give me visa from next month onwards when I am showing in my papers that I will stay there only for month(august)???
    3.I have applied for 3 months leave from my work (June to august). what do u think will happen if I tell them that I wanna go there next month for my academy course and will stay there till august? (As u know that PLAB 2 is about practice and I want to do as much as possible practice for my test.)
    MY PLAN Is to go there next month, join academy course (13 days) and do practice for almost 5 weeks before my real test.. how should I tell them this plainly…My sponsor can afford my stay there easily and I can show this with my sponsor’s statement…
    4. I have asked for reservation of place in one of the Plab academies, but don’t wanna mention academy in my visa application as I have to give them 2 details ; 1. I will stay with my sister in Livingston ( who’s also my sponsor and I have attached all of her details), 2. Accommodation in Manchester for academy (which is going to be my cousin’s place for 13 days)…….????
    I am really confused about all of this. ur immediate reply will b a BIG help

  29. If there’s any discrepancy between current information and information when I completed online visa application form, would it be fine to mention and explain in my cover letter? For instance, financial condition improved a bit and cost of the trip gets less, exact address to stay in UK just found,etc. Thank you!

    1. Ibrahim Ivan

      You can explain stating that in the cover letter that in online application it says that but since then things have changed. You have no other way as circumstances can change.

  30. Thanks dr. Ivan for such priceless information.
    I’d like to ask you, Is it advisable to mention the PLAB2 course academy in visa application ? as I heard that some candidates are rejected because of this!!

  31. Hi, for accommodation in the UK, is it safe to make a provisional hotel booking on a site to show for the visa and then cancel it later or is it better to get a formal letter of invitation from a landlord?

  32. Dermatologist123

    Hello Dr Ivan,
    I plan to take a course in UK from 21st of July to 2nd of August and continue my stay there till 10th of september (PLAB 2 date) and probably beyond this date ( that would be altogether around 2 months) .
    I have a job now with a contract till 15th of July that is extendable, but my employer definitely wont provide me 2 months leave of any kind.
    My queestions are:
    1. While applying for visa, I have to mention that I am working. If I mention this, I have to provide NOC from hospital which in my case I wont get. Should I mention them that I will resign after July 15 so that I dont have to provide NOC?
    2. Even though I work, I dont have sufficient amount in my bank account. I want to add my dad as a co-sponsor. But his bank account is a Class B bank which is not eligible for applying UK visa. what can I do?

    1. 1. You can just mention that you work and get employment and income certificate from the job. You don’t have to tell visa office that you will resign. Don’t stop going to the job till you get the visa.
      2. I have never heard of Class B account. What is that?

  33. Dermatologist123

    Hello Dr Ivan,
    I am working now and have booked for Sep 10 Plab 2. My hospital wont allow me one month leave so I have to resign probably next month. Will it hamper my visa chances?
    I am thinking of joining an academy for plab 2 course. Should I mention this for visa? If not, wont they ask the reason behind going to UK a month prior to the exam date?
    Thanks. Waiting for the clarification.

    1. More explanation about mentioning academy in the visa application is explained here : PLAB 2 academy uncertainty
      And try not to clearly mention that you will be resigning job, rather get income and employment certificate from the job and if they don’t give you leave, then don’t mention that in the visa application either. Just say you work here and will be returning after PLAB 2.

  34. Hi, how long does it usually take to get a visa for PLAB 1? I’m planning to take the exam in June. Thanks.

  35. Excuse me, for my accomodation my boyfriend will provide with the invitation letter, is that alright or I should book a hotel instead. I heard weird things about complications because of partners living there.

    1. That may leave UKVI to think you have no intention to return home when obviously you do, so it would be best to provide another accommodation.

  36. What kind of family did you use as your home tie ? wife/children or parents/siblings ?
    & God bless you for your tremendous effort

  37. Hi … i am going to apply for the visa next month .. my question is about my ties.. iam not employed after the internship and i dont have huge savings or lands or wife or any clear ties… is it enough if i talked about my family members and my mother and they are all in my country ?? … THANK YOU

    1. That’s what the situation for me, I explained how my entire family is staying back in my country and how I am already registered as a doctor in my country.

        1. Does the “Family” has to be wife and childrens or could it be parents and brothers? what was your situation?
          THANK YOU

        2. And what was your situation? .. because iam exactly like you and i want to know if i need to get a job or not becuase if could get it without a wife or children then i have a chance …Thank you very much .

        3. My cover letter is in the post to explain what my situation was. And yes I got the visa without a job or wife or children.

  38. ifujahan@gmail.com

    Hey Ivan. I had 2 queries.
    No1: if i am sponsoring myself other than the salary certificate, pay slip, bank statement and solvency certificate, is a personal affidavit compulsory?
    No.2 : a person from the U.k is sent me a legal tenancy agreement. Is that enough or he has to send me a council tax and utility bill as well ?? He is a distant relative actually and i explained to him about the required papers but he says there will be a security breach if he sends me a council tax paper. Can you suggest any other alternate route regarding the accommodation in the U.K.? Waiting for you to reply.

    1. 1. Personal Affidavit is not compulsory.
      2. My landlord sent me a council tax paper just fine, there is no issue of security breach. But if the address is under his name, you won’t have to worry about adding anything other than an invitation letter as mentioned here, Finding an accommodation in the UK.

  39. HI! I have a distant cousin brother in the UK who will be providing me the invitation letter . should i put in “yes” in the “do you have any family in the uk” section? . we are related as his maternal grandfather and my paternal grandfather were brothers. I have never met him. But i fear that if i put in “NO” then the visa officer would think i am lying as he would put “cousin brother ” in the invitation letter.

    1. By definition, cousin is not a part of “your” family. Family means your partner (even your ex-partner if you had lived 2 out of last 3 years), partner’s parents, your children, children’s spouse, your parents, your grandparents.
      Your own sibling if not dependent on you, is not under “your” family.
      Given that, you still can add your cousin-brother in that question. There will be no harm in that I suppose.

      1. thanks for the quick reply and how about if i have my mother’s sister and her husband there (ie my maternal aunt and uncle).. and if i put in “no” in “do you have any family in the uk”, will i still get to put in my cousin-brother in any explanation box? .. please kindly answer both questions.. many thanks

        1. There will be no explanation box after you say no. I wouldn’t suggest saying ‘yes’ for extended family like cousins and uncles.

      2. thank you for the reply. So, if i put in “no” for the :do you have any family in uk?” question during online visa application, will there still be any option to clarify, or any space to put in that i have a cousin brother?.
        one more doubt. a friend of mine, who is applying as well, has maternal aunt and uncle .. what to put in for the same question ” do you have any family in uk”?
        thanks in advance

        1. There will be no explanation box after you say no. I wouldn’t suggest saying ‘yes’ for extended family like cousins and uncles.

    1. That chance may always be there, but so long as you explain your circumstances and finances well, it shouldn’t be a problem.

  40. Hi there- Ivan. Excellent site.
    I have an issue that I’m unable to figure out. My dad is a businessman and is the Managing director of the company. He doesn’t have a salary/ income certificate as such. what should his income certificate look like?
    Also since he is a businessman- He can submit a notarised translated version of his trade licence, translated notarised copy of the deed of the land he has leased out for the purpose of business. Bank statement and Bank solvency is no problem and he has a Bonds as well.
    But I really need help regarding this income statement for Businessman. because- If he gets an income statement- who should sign the statement?

  41. ahmed.adel28989

    Thanks for your help
    I need you to help me with my awkward situation
    My brother is my sponsor,he lives in another country and his bank statement shows the company’s name that transferred him the same amount of money each month but he CAN’T provide these papers
    1.affidavit affirming the declaration
    2.solvency certificate
    3.salary certificate
    how can I make him eligible as a sponsor ?
    I am employed for four years but I don’t have bank account
    If I opened one and put in it 5000 $ before the interview by one month and explained it as savings in cash for the four years
    is that still a red flag ??

    1. Let’s start with the $5000 plan, that will be red flag with no doubt. “Cash savings” is suspicious from all angles in this day and age.
      Your brother, can he not contact his employer to give him a salary certificate? Any employer should be able to.
      If the bank statement clearly says the employer name, and also affirming that with a salary Certificate should be enough.
      Affidavit can be replaced by a letter of support written and signed by your brother. Solvency Certificate is not mandatory.

  42. Hi ,this page has been really helpful and thanks for this invaluable information. I was applying for visa for my plab 2 exam and i wanted to know if we can for business academic visa type rather than visit visa. I was also confused about the duration of bank statement required. Is it 3 months or 6 months?

    1. I have not known any business academic visa type. The visa for PLAB 2 is visit visa (business sub category). The bank statement has to be of 6 months.

  43. Kishor kumar sadhak

    Hi ivan, I have contacted with a london student accommodation provider who has asked me to pay house rent by 25th november. I will apply for vist visa on 22nd november. My exam is on 24th january and I will fly for london on 28th december.
    My question is should I pay for accommodation before getngmy visa at hand? I not, how will I show my residence address in the uk?

    1. Hello, if you don’t pay ahead of time, you can potentially show a hotel booking if it works within the itinerary you are presenting. Personally, we do not advise sending money before seeing a place, and from past reviews, this accommodation will not refund you in case of visa refusal or any change in timing, so be careful. That being said, you may find something useful here: https://roadtouk.com/2017/08/09/how-to-find-an-accommodation-in-the-uk-in-your-plab-2-visit/

  44. Hello. Your blogs are really very helpful & provide guidance to doctors who are trying to work in UK.
    I hv recently taken PLAB & now going through yr blogs to get an idea on visa.
    I have 2 questions:
    1. My mother’s name in her passport & NID is “Sadia sharmin Nahid” but in my passport it’s only “Sadia sharmin” however, in my NID it’s written in full i.e. “Sadia sharmin Nahid” . Will it cause problem in getting visa as I will be submitting both my passport & NID during visa application where the name will differ a bit. My mother will not be my sponsor. And in my online visa application should I write her name as that in my passport or the way it is written on my mother’s passport/NID.
    2. My father used to be a government officer but now retired. He doesn’t work. But he gets rent from flats & shops that he owns and these are sufficient to support my family. Since my father does hv a job so I can’t show his salary slip & he receives money in cash, then how am I going to show his monthly income. And how much money is ideal to be shown as a monthly income? TIA

    1. Thank you, we are happy to hear you’ve found this website helpful!
      To answer your questions:
      1) Follow the passport. Your own NID need not be submitted.
      2) Cash receipts can be shown from the rent. There is no limit or range of monthly income. Show as much as he makes.

  45. Hi, this page has been really helpful. so i have a sibling who pays a significant amount of money into my account every month. I am having difficulty on how to explain this regular deposits. its actually proceeds from an unregistered poultry business we have. how best should i approach this issue on my cover later? thanks for your prompt response
    Dr. George Ugwu

    1. We are glad that you found it useful.
      If it’s coming form your sibling’s account, they can give you a letter stating why the regular payment is done. And you can add that in your visa application.

    1. Alright. Then showing only GBP account makes more sense. That other account is very alarming for visa application. It is called “funds parking”. Which is best to avoid.

    1. Alright. Then showing only GBP account makes more sense. That other account is very alarming for visa application. It is called “funds parking”. Which is best to avoid.

  46. Thank you for your reply,my point is that I am going to apply for plab 2 visa from Maldives and I heard that I need at least 6 months in my Maldivian work visa to be able to apply for UK tourist visa to show the visa officer that I have enough ties outside the UK.

    1. I myself haven’t heard of any rule as such. You can ask in the related Facebook groups to find people with similar circumstances.

  47. Hi ,thanks for this invaluable information and such a great organized blog,
    I have a question regarding my plab 2 visa application.
    I am an Egyptain medical officer but currently I work and live in Maldives and my work visa in Maldives is going to expire in 15th of Apirl 2019,but I would like to apply for plab 2 visa in January 2019 to sit for the exam in March 30.
    Do I need to renew my visa in Maldives before my plab 2 visa application and if I will be unable to renew it before my plab 2 visa ,will it negatively affect my application or not ?
    Thank you so much

    1. You are going to make your application in January 2019. And you have visa to be in Maldives then.
      I see no reason why it will affect you UK visa application. You are neither anywhere illegally nor overstaying.

  48. Kishor Kumar Sadhak

    Hi, Ivan, I had been living in the UK for one and a half years from feb 17 to october 18. During that time I completed my plab 1. Now I am in dhaka and need to apply for a visit visa to appear in the second part exam on 24th january 2019. I have a current bank account in the UK where I have 3500 GBP and I have just opened a new bank account in Bangladesh Pubali bank on 17th october,18 where I have deposited 7 lac taka at a time. I have got this money from my brother in law who was owed to me. He has given me an affidavit about the money. Would this account be acceptable by the UK immigration law?

  49. Rakib Hasnat Omi

    Hi,I m doctor from Bangladesh going to pursue my UK journey via PLAB route.I have a query. The Spelling of my father’s name is ‘MD ABDUR RAHIM’ in my passport.However, it is spelled as ‘MD ABDUR ROHIM’ in all my educational documents. would it create any issue during my PLAB visa and GMC registration. if then , How can I fix it? please give me your suggestion.TIA

  50. Rakib Hasnat Omi

    Hi,I m doctor from Bangladesh going to pursue my UK journey via PLAB route.I have a query. The Spelling of my father’s name is ‘MD ABDUR RAHIM’ in my passport.However, it is spelled as ‘MD ABDUR ROHIM’ in all my educational documents including Internship Certificate. would it create any issue during my PLAB visa and GMC registration. if then , How can I fix it? please give me your suggestion.TIA

    1. Hello. Spelling of your father’s name won’t be a problem at all in any part of your UK journey.
      In online applications and forms just follow what’s on your father’s ID document.

  51. Can you travel to UK for plab 2 exams with your husband and children .my wife is planning to give her Plab 2 exam end of this year and we are a family of five . So can all apply for UK visa on the basis of her Plab 2 exam ?

    1. Well, you can’t possibly visit a visitor. So, it’s highly unlikely a family of five will be provided visa for one’s PLAB 2 exam.

  52. Please, If I have a multiple entry visitor’s visa (to visit family), will I be able to write PLAB 2 it or do I still have to apply for a PLAB 2 visa since it’s acedemics?

    1. There is no separate visa for taking PLAB exams.
      It’s standard visitor visa. So if you have it, you can take the exam within it’s period without any problem.

    1. If it is an important document which has to be verified always, like your medical degree, deeds, it is a good idea to add the copies being attested.

        1. I did not give any original document which I feared might get damaged or lost. They do take utmost care no doubt, but I did not take any chances.
          They even returned me my attested ones when I received my passport.

        2. Since we are applying from Sri Lanka and our documents are sent to Chennai we are asked to submit originals along with photocopies which is why I was a little confused about attesting them.

  53. Thank you for your reply Dr.Ivan.
    I refer to your sample cover letter and to the list of documents on the last page of the letter.Did you number the supporting documents as 1, 2 , 3a etc?If so, where did you put these numbers-(like in upper right corner of documents)
    Since there is a supporting documents checklist with UK visa application, , in what sequence did you arrange the documents so that the sequence remained common with that mentioned in the cover letter and in the UKVI document checklist?
    How do I ensure that the flow of the process remains smooth without any hiccups as I submit my application in 2 days?

    1. There is no specific order that you have to maintain. I ordered the final submission papers in the following manner:
      1. The Online Visa Application form.
      2. Documents Checklist.
      3. Cover letter.
      4. PLAB 2 Booking Confirmation.
      5. Letter of Support by my Sponsor
      6. Papers related to proving the sponsor.
      7. Accommodation confirmation in the UK
      8. And rest of the documents.
      Again I am saying there is no order needed. If it’s there they will find it.

  54. hey,
    I am applying from Bangladesh and i wanted to ask about the duration of stay. I will be showing my dad’s company as my financial sponsor and I was applying for a duration of 2 months. I have the financial documents to back me up. But is it wise to show 2 months or should i reduce the duration?
    I am following your template and my itenerary is as folllows:
    JULY 06: Departure from Dhaka to London, UK
    JULY 07: Reach London and travel to my accommodation.
    JULY 08: Relax and unpack
    JULY 09 – JULY 23: Attend a 15 day PLAB 2 Course in Common Stations Course in Radial House, 3rd Floor, 3-5 Ripple Road, Barking, London IG11 7NF.
    I want to state that this 15day course will only aid me prepare for my PLAB 2 exams and will not grant me any qualifications.
    JULY 24 – AUGUST 31: I will review my subjects on my own thoroughly and finalize my preparation for the PLAB 2 test.
    SEPTEMBER 01: Rest and pack for Manchester
    SEPTEMBER 02: Travel to Manchester to my accommodations in the hotel
    SEPTEMBER 03: Unpack and then check out my examination center location at 3Hardman Street, Manchester, UK M3 3AW
    SEPTEMBER 04: rest and final review for the test.
    SEPTEMBER 05: Sit for my PLAB 2 examinations
    SEPTEMBER 06: Return back to London accommodations
    SEPTEMBER 07: Departure from London back to my home country, Bangladesh
    Sorry for the long post but would you kindly advice me if i should shorten my duration or give any further explanations?

    1. Ibrahim Ivan

      If you have showed enough funds to support your two-months stay, then the plan and the itinerary looks okay to me.
      I have seen people showing 55 or 59 days stay and got the visa. So don’t think duration of stay will be a problem.

  55. Dear Doctor,
    My financial sponsor is my father in law. He is already providing me with bank statement,solvency certificate ,affidavit and a letter to confirm that he is my financial sponsor.
    1)Is it mandatory to provide his salary certificate too??
    2)An employment certificate stating his employment details,tenure of service are these enough??Can this be provided instead of salary certificate?

    1. There is only two “mandatory” document.
      1. Passport
      2. PLAB 2 booking.
      All others are “supporting” documents to prove your case.
      It is ideal to provide a proof of regular income of your sponsor. Otherwise big questions remains,
      1. If the salary isn’t disclosed then how can anyone explain the money in the bank.
      2. How can you prove he earns enough to support himself and his dependents even after sponsoring you.
      It’s logical to have a salary if you’re employed. I wouldn’t suggest not mentioning the amount, however small/big it is.

  56. If self funded, how is a personal affidavit useful?
    Is is optional or must have?
    Would some one mind sharing a proforma?
    Does it have to be before a notary?

    1. Affidavits aka notarial certificates are never “mandatory” for visa application. Not even your sponsors. And yes, affidavits are to be signed in legal papers in the presence of a notary.

  57. Thanks Dr. Ivan,
    I have one question. My current employer has issued me a NOC and salary certificate written in English. But the official logo, address and office name on the top of the pad is both in Bangla and English. Do I need to translate it also?

    1. Logo need not be translated.
      As for letterhead if there is Bengali in it, I would suggest consulting with a professional translator about this.

      1. It should mention your name, your job title and the dates you took leave for in official letterhead, signed and dated.

  58. Sir, thank you so much for this! I have a peculiar situation. I have taken 9 years to pass MBBS due to certain personal issues. Would that on my cover letter hinder my chances to get a Visa?

    1. Not necessarily. Visa is more concerned about your “reason to visit” and your financial circumstances than your medical career.

  59. Personal information
    Do you have a national identity card?—-Yes
    National identity card number—?????( passport country or work permit country)
    For the above question in the online application what should the answer be:
    Should it be the Identity card of your passport country or the identity card of your work permit country where you would be applying?

  60. First of all thank you so much for this. Secondly, sponsor should have sufficent funds in the account for 6 months or just at the time of sponsorship

    1. It is not necessary that the money is there for 6 months. But it can increase upto it and there should be necessary explanation from where the money is coming in to the account.
      Any usual and big incoming transaction has to be explained well with proper documentary evidence.

        1. Look at the other transactions from and in that account. Anything that looks unusual, it’s better to explain.

        2. My father runs a trading company in which regular transactions are debited and credited? IT is the only account my father is having and i want to give it as my sponsor account. Will it affect my visa possessing? Their is money in it but huge transactions are being made for business purposes on regular bases. Plz guide

        3. If the transactions can be explained along with proper documentation supporting the nature of the business, it should not be a problem.

  61. I was advised to have my sponsor transfer the available funds for my trip to me and show documents to support this. Is this okay?

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