The whole preparation for PLAB 1 can be taken by yourself, as a good majority of the materials you need to study with are available for free. Provided that, the social media, Facebook is also a big and easy gathering to discuss about any question you might have and also share your input.

How do I prepare for PLAB 1?
What books do I study?
Where can I get free PLAB materials from?

Disclaimer: I have not compiled any notes, documents or anything I’m providing here, myself. I have tried to mention those who’ve done the hard work and made it available to us. May they have good returns!

Is the PLAB exam hard?

PLAB 1 isn’t a walk in the park. Yes, there are question banks and free materials everywhere but please don’t take the preparation lightly thinking questions will repeat exactly the similar like past papers/recalls. The aim of the preparation is to always understand why the other four in the options are not the answer.

There are Facebook groups like:

PLAB Forum,
Dr. Khalid’s PLAB 1 discussion forum,
PLAB Part 1 Preparation forum,
PLAB for Bangladeshi Doctors etc.

Bottom-line, the purpose of getting into a Facebook group is to utilize your time well, and also to clarify your confusion about a question if you have any.

Now, how to effectively use a facebook group?

In my opinion, never browse lazily through the posts/questions people put up. That’s not targeted studying. To effectively use a group, you need the 1700 Questions.

What are the 1700 questions?

This is a QBank from the past PLAB 1 tests. This pool of questions in 1700 has been studied a lot by Plabbers and some of them has organized the questions according to their own need, with their own explanations.

  • The first one is by Dr. Khalid Saifullah. He compiled, arranged, and explained the questions, and later on others worked on his initiative. Download THE Latest UNCATEGORIZED 1700s explained by Dr. Khalid Saifullah (August 2018 edition).

If you’re not a fan of PDF and would much rather study from a book, Dr. Saifullah’s 1700s are available on Amazon. If you want it faster with still free shipping, you can use this link for a FREE 30 day trial of Prime.

  • Secondly you can find a categorized version made by PLABZILLAS which has the same questions and explanations as above, just divided into pertinent sections. Download THE CATEGORIZED 1700s PLABZILLAS.
  • Also of interest to you may be the another PLAB 1 question bank, which consist of questions and explanations from PLABABLE, offline- for free. You can easily find that on the internet. Search- “Subjectwise PLAB Doable“. That also can help you prepare after you’ve completed your prep with the 1700s. I want to mention that everything in this compilation is a result of serial copy pasting from OHCM and other textbook source, along with the work of Dr. Khalid Saifullah’s 1700s.

If you are having trouble downloading files from MEGA in your phone, I suggest you use any standalone browser like Chrome, Firefox etc and open the desktop site. Click here to see how to download from MEGA in your phone using Chrome browser.

Can I pass by ONLY reading this 1700 questions with explanations?
Does GMC exactly repeat these questions?

Yes and No.

They don’t repeat exactly, but the themes of the questions stay similar to a great degree. That’s why the best way to solve these questions is never to memorize which one is the answer right away, rather to understand why the other four are not correct. You should look to utilize as many question banks as you can find, and also implement a strict study plan to ensure you can review everything.

Books for PLAB 1

Sometimes the explanations won’t satisfy your curiosity or clarify the question. That’s where the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine and Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties come in. The former more than the latter, in my opinion. It’s not necessary to know everything from these books. But if you can grow the habit of looking up the question related topics, then by the end of your prep, you will see you’ve read a lot of this book. But don’t go crazy and try to cram everything. These should be only the ultimate reference book when you are stuck with a question. Use free materials like Patient Info or NICE guidelines if you still have doubts.

GMC has also provided a Blueprint so that you can have a general understanding of what topics to expect in the exam. The blueprint will tell you what you can expect to be covered by the questions in part 1, but it won’t tell you what questions or scenarios you will face on the day you take the tests.

Notes for PLAB 1

Again, these Qbank solving and reference book may seem two extremes for preparation. What’s the middle ground? Here comes the Notes For PLAB 1. These are from 2014, but I read it and found it helpful for quick reviewing.

Also, ECG for PLAB 1 may help you prepare with the related questions.

Disclaimer: I have not compiled any notes, documents or anything I’m providing here, myself. I have tried to mention those who’ve done the hard work and made it available to us. May they have good returns!

Mocks for PLAB 1

Another useful thing are the mocks. These are practice tests you can do to judge your preparation before the exam.

Last but not least: CLINCHERS. These are condensed information for rapid review. Find them here.

And after all these still there are so much more materials out there- recalls, mocks, ecg notes, clinchers etc and etc. Let me tell you about the GOLD MINE.

** The FILES section of the Facebook groups.**

How long does it take to prepare for PLAB?

As I have mentioned earlier, targeted studying based on qbank solving should be the way to prepare. Starting head on with an aim to finish the entire oxford handbook is the WORST way you can do it, in my opinion. As the books are not written for with the purpose of an MCQ exam.

Ideally it shouldn’t take more than one and a half months for anyone to finish preparing thoroughly the first time. If you are working, then I would suggest you make a target for two months for the first revision. And while doing it, a very useful tip- mark the questions you think you need repeating. I even ended up marking 10-15 questions in a row, but trust me, marking helps, even though in the beginning it may feel like your marking all of them.

If the first time it took you 1.5 months, you can basically repeat it for the second time in <1 month. And a third time, even less as you should make the habit of reviewing the marked questions. After the qbanks are done, you should do mock exams which will enable you to judge how you perform. But remember, the mocks are NOT the predictor of the real exam. The questions in the mocks are smaller in size than the real exam, it’s just for the practice of sitting at one place and solving questions in a row.

So, if you take it seriously, easily you can fully prepare for PLAB 1 within 3-4 months. Different people have different paces of studying, so it varies from person to person.

  • Understand the questions and the answers from the qbanks, as well as why other options are incorrect.
  • Don’t rush yourself and try to simply memorize answers.
  • Create a timeline within which you dedicate how many questions per day, etc.
  • Allow time for reviewing adequately before the exam, and make sure to use the reference books for clarification.
  • Manage your time by doing mocks right before the exam in proper exam-like settings (ie time yourself, be in a quiet room, etc).

What I can expect the day of PLAB exam?

As already mentioned, the PLAB 1 exam is an MCQ based exam with single best answer questions (SBAs), and is a computer-marked written multiple choice type exam. Each question starts with a short scenario followed by a question eg ‘What is the single most likely diagnosis?’ You need to choose the right one out of five possible answers, labelled A to E.

For a complete breakdown of what to expect for PLAB 1 & 2, as well as what you need exam day, check out our extensive article discussing how you can be fully prepared.

To summarize,

How to prepare/study for PLAB 1

The duration of preparation, as mentioned earlier, depends upon you own planning and pace. But remember to tick box the following steps:

  1. Get yourself in the related groups for PLAB 1 preparation

    Even if no one replies to your query, you can always search in the discussion section of the group, maybe years ago there was a discussion about the very question you are having now.

  2. Download the 1700 Qbank and other related materials

    You know by now from the above post, what is what and what do you need

  3. Set a target of questions per day

    It proportionally depends on how many days you are taking for the preparation. I would strongly recommend you to go through the qbanks at least twice.

  4. Mark the questions you think need reviewing

    This one simple habit will save you hours and hours of going through easy questions when you are reviewing.

  5. Look up the references

    Don't believe the key or explanation in the qbank 100%. If you are even slightly unsure, do not hesiatate of be lazy to look it up in the reference books like oxford handbooks.

  6. Take adequate rest

    When you are tired your brain will make you just sift through questions without thinking about it. So, take small breaks in solving questions and utilize that break in reading notes or a few important topics in the reference books. 

  7. Attempt as many mock tests

    Try to assess yourself at the end of you preparation. Take as many mock tests as you can, putting yourself in an exam hall scenario, timing yourself and all.

  8. Keep reviewing your marked questions

    Till the last minute I believe reviewing what you got wrong first, is the best way to go. 

It’s really not that tough preparing as the syllabus for PLAB 1 is not extensive. If you can implement all the resources that is there for free, effectively, success is sure to come.

If you have any further questions or need any more clarification about the PLAB and its structure, be sure to check out our interactive session so that you can appear in the exam with any confusion. Good luck to everyone.

Good Luck!

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  1. Hello Ibrahim
    Please I need your help
    I am trying to prepare for my plab 1 exam
    I’m using the usual resources( plabable, 1700 questions etc)
    However, it feels like I am cramming than learning
    The thing is I am an audiovisual learner and throughout medical school I have done well when I had resources like Kaplan or Lecturio to help guide me
    So my question is, do you please know a PLAB targeted video lesson in the same vein as Kaplan ?
    Your answer will be very much appreciated.

    1. I am afraid I haven’t heard of any PLAB targeted video lessons. But I’m sure if you mark out the topics from the questions that you think you need further explanation, you can find hundreds of videos on YouTube.

  2. Hello. Thank you so much for this blog. It is so informative for a beginner like me.
    I have a doubt. I’m currently on spouse visa in the UK with my husband who is also a doctor in the NHS. I wanted to know if I can attend my exams here while on a spouse visa. And also if there’s anything I could do during the time I wait for my exams and GMC Registration to be completed , to boost up my CV. I’m concerned about the work gap I will have this year. Thank you.

    1. Yes, you can take the exams. Do not confuse between spouse visa and dependent visa. With a spouse visa (when your spouse is a British Citizen) you can do everything, but with a dependent visa (when your spouse is a Tier 2 visa holder) you cannot join training job in the NHS. But you can take exams, work in non-training job as well as work in part-time jobs which doesn’t require any registration or degree.

  3. Thanks for all the great help…I found 1700 and samson notes…But I am afraid I did not find the link for the latest plab1 keys…can anybody help?

  4. Sir/Mdm, I still very confuse of the plab 1 study I need to memorize all the 1700 questions for each study materials or just need to solve them and when I attend the plab exam will it come like how I memorised those 1700 questions? 2nd doubt is as for the medical textbooks we are using in our med school do we need to study tat thoroughly for the plab exam also? And also 3rd doubt is What all the main Plab materials i need to study in order to attend the plab exam on the spot? Please help me to clear these doubts Sir/Mdm. Thank you from Subana Bernard


    AOA Dr.IBRAHIM, First of all, You couple are great.
    I have been preparing for USMLE step 1 for about 2.5 years now, my exam keeps on getting canceled due to the COVID situation. As I have recently learned that after MRCGP with training one can go to Canada as Gp easily so I have decided to take plab route. I think my USMLE prep will help me in Plab and I plan to do Plab then Usmle. Do you think my thought process is right? i have read probably all your blogs here and You have convinced me for the UK too.:)

    1. If you want to do USMLE in the long run, that is entirely up to you. But GP training in three years and moving to Canada may not be as easy as you are making it sound. My take on career planning is to set specific targets. USA – UK – Canada, targeting all of them is not the way I will go.

  6. Hi. Thank you so much for this exetnsive guide for PLAB. I am currently preparing for the exams. I would like to ask if I could use Kaplan series and USMLE Step 1 books for the review? Thank you so much.

  7. Hi, thank you. Have you done a review of the various qbanks which offer online subscription ? There are quite a few of them, so there should be a non biased review of all the most commonly used ones, with regards to their relevance to Plab.

    1. As we have passed that stage, it’s not possible for us to review any new materials. I’m sure your friends and colleagues can give you a collective opinion.

  8. Thanks Ibrahim brother!!! Great job!! I need to know whether Plabable and plab1keys are sufficient orelse do i need to study 1700 too?


    Is there a breakdown of the number of questions set for each speciality in PLAB 1? For eg, how many questions would come out for Gastroenterology, Dermatology etc.

  10. Dear Ibrahim, I have got a question regarding visa requirements for PLAB 1. I’m going to visit the UK in the late 2019 for sitting PLAB 1. Do I have to make some sort of a special visa on these 1-2 days, or a Standard visitor visa would be enough? How long does it usually take to have the UK visa prepared? Thank you.

  11. Thank you for the informative piece. I would like to clarify though if i should first go through the 1700 (without the answers version ) or do i go through it using the answers.

    1. It would be best to first revise with the answers and understand each part before trying without the answers.

  12. I have MRCGP international from Dubai with 10 years of experience as GP working there.
    I do have License to practice in Canada (LMCC) but because I don’t have formal GP training so I am unable to start work here.please guide if I can be exempted from plab and can have gmc registration.

    1. Unfortunately no. MRCGP (intl) is not accepted as an approved PG qualification. You either have to take PLAB or MRCP etc

  13. Thanks for the post. I want to conform please . Do we need PLAB if a person already passed MRCP 1 and MRCP 2 to get GMC registration and job?

    1. If the person hasn’t passed PACES and completed MRCP, then MRCP part 1 and 2 doesn’t get you GMC registration.

    1. You can easily obtain a non training job without doing UKFPO. UKFPO is difficult to enter into without a settled visa status, and if you already have an acceptable pattern of internship, you do not need to do it. However, if you do enter UKFPO, you would be on a training visa, and you could apply for core training in round 1. This could also be achieved by taking a training FY2 (LAT) post.

  14. Bipin Malkania

    I have passed my med school in the year 2011 presently I am working in a government setup in India, my family has recently shifted to UK from India so even I have decided to give plab and try to gain clinical exposure in the UK I am already 34 can someone please help me i am confused as after I pass my plab I will be starting from the bottom as a fresh pass-out and I am already 34. Am I to late for this exam or there are doctors giving plad who are near to my age.

    1. Hello there, you’re not late at all. There is no age barrier to the exam. You can do it 🙂

    1. There are so many youtube channels to help you with understanding different concepts. E.g Osmosis. khan academy etc

  15. hello, sir
    i studied from china. my university is in the list of world directory of medical schools and i tried filling up my PMQ information in setting a new gmc account online. my university is present in the list.
    but the problem is my university credit hours are in total 3464 of 5 years ..
    although my mbbs was of 6 years. the last year was entirely based on clinical rotations with an evaluation exam as the grand graduation exam in the end prior graduation.
    i read the detailed guidance regarding PMQ acceptance. it states. “To be acceptable to us, your primary medical qualification must have been awarded after a programme of study that was made up of at least 5,500 hours and lasted at least three years.’
    now, what should i do? will my PMQ be acceptable?
    should i go for an EPIC verification? have not taken plab test yet!

    1. If your medical university is listed in WDOMS and you could open a GMC online account (it’s in their list as well), that means your PMQ is accepted by the GMC already. If there was a confusion, they would have removed it.

  16. Thank you for the very good and honest advises. Highly appreciated. I am now 36 , I was concerned at this age if I should try PLAB or not, but after reading your article I am feeling confident now. Thank you

  17. I was planning to attempt plab1 in June 2019 as no vacancies were available in March, but one popped up a few hours ago, do i still have have time to score a pass if I an attempt in march(if I put in 12-14hrs ) a day?? Thanks a lot in advance ?

      1. this blog was uploaded in the year 2017 ,so are these materials sufficient enough for preparing the upcoming 2019 plab 1 exams ?

        1. While the original post may have been written in 2017, you can see within the post that the links themselves were updated as soon as a new version was put out.

  18. piyushdefine_sucess

    Hello admin, wonderful website first of all! I am taking PLAB 1 in MARCH 19. I feel the 1700 questions have a lot of mistakes and some of them are just poor recalls. Should i go for PLABABLE or continue with 1700?
    Just in case, i downloaded those 1700 questions from this page only!

    1. As mentioned in the post-

      Are paid materials needed to pass PLAB 1?

      This is a very commonly asked question. Personally, I am not a big fan of spending money on things when it is freely available. At the end of the day, the majority of these materials are the 1700’s qbank, where maybe they added a few lines to the stem or a few more lines to the explanation, which you yourself can do by reading the reference books when in doubt, not to mention Dr. Khalid himself provides wonderful explanations for each and every question which he updates regularly.

      To sell a product, any company will make it sound like you can not pass without paid materials, and they will advertise and try their best to convert your money into their money. If it was your business, wouldn’t you have done that? Sure.

      So, in my humble opinion, if you stick to the 1700s, use the references given above, understand the explanations, and do the mocks, paid materials are not needed for PLAB 1.

  19. Thank you for your great effort .It is very helpful ,i was wondering where to start from untill i reached your website.Would you kindly send me the plabdoable as i cannot find them online
    Best regards

  20. Hi everyone,I am immensely grateful for this site..and I sincerely want to thank the founders of this site..
    My query is..whether gmc recognizes IELTS ukvi from British council only or we can give IELTS ukvi academic from idp also??I mean do I have to give IELTS ukvi academic from British council only, for my entire uk journey of becoming a practicing doctor??

    1. IELTS is accepted by GMC.
      Now, IELTS by it’s entirety shared by three organizations, 1) British council. 2) IDP Australia, 3) Cambridge University.
      So wherever you take it from, it’s IELTS. Now, in some countries the UKVI version of IELTS is only taken by British Council, if that’s the case then you have no other option if you want to take IELTS UKVI.
      More info here:

  21. Sanjeet Chaudhary

    Hey There
    Some of my seniors are facing same problem. Our degree isn’t converted in hours. So even when they have cleared PLAB1 & 2 they have problem in GMC registration. So just wanted to ask did your hours problem get solved if yes then How?

    1. I don’t know why this wasn’t answered. Maybe because it was unrelated to PLAB 1 prep, that’s why it slipped.
      Anyways, GMC doesn’t require you to convert your PMQ to hours if your medical college is already in their accepted list.
      If you can open a GMC online account giving your medical college info in their list, you won’t have to prove your degree.
      Please read more here:

  22. Hi Ibreez,
    I heard from my professors getting into UK for residency (after doing clinical science in Jamica for 2 years) is difficult and getting job too is a problem and racism happens too. SO they asked me to go for USMLE, I have been in US for 5 years and dont like it much. Please let me know if that is correct what my professor have said.

    1. Hello, I can assure you that what you were told is not correct in the slightest. The UK is very welcoming and jobs are abundant.

  23. Paraguayan Doctor

    Hi! Thank you so much for putting this website together. You guys are amazing! I finished medical school and I´m currently in my second year of psychiatric residency in Paraguay, South America. Me and my wife would like to get a residency position in the UK. I am an EU citizen thanks to my Italian wife. I have 2 questions:
    1. Do I still need a Visa to take the exams and apply for a job?
    2. Do you think it would be possible for my and my wife to find residency positions in the same city/region?

    Again, thank you for all your help. This challenge would be completely impossible without you.

    1. Hello! We are so glad to hear that our website has been of use to you 🙂 To answer your questions:
      1) No. If you hold EU citizenship, you do not need a visa to enter the UK or to hold a job.
      2) Yes. Residency in the UK works differently than it does in the USA, so all you two would need to ensure is applying for jobs in the same hospital/area. You can understand more about the system here:

  24. 1. Is there a syllabus for PLAB 1? If yes, what is it?
    2. What subjects from basic sciences (anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, pharmacology, microbiology) need to be covered & in how much detail?

    1. 1) Yes, the 1700s.
      2) The 1700s are sufficient for you to clear the exam. You can use OHCM, OHCS, and patient info as reference.

  25. Vaiya i want to give my IELTS ukvi.but I need to prepare myself for that.if I am going to give it under British council,will I get any preparation like coaching or classes from British council like other IELTS center provide??coz I will not able to do the preparation all by more question god forbid if I couldn’t obtain the required score for one go can I give it twice?! Will I have to pay another 23000/- for that?? Waiting for your reply.thanks in advance.

    1. You will need to ask the British Council if they will provide any sort of coaching if you appear for the exam with them, but I believe they do at the very least offer an online tutorial a few days before the exam.
      If you are not successful in your first attempt, you will have to unfortunately appear again, but this time you need not sit for the UKVI, rather you can appear in the IELTS as mentioned here:

  26. Hello Sir, Thank you for your valuable information, it is really helpful. I am joining my medical school soon at Spartan Medical Health University in Caribbean Island of St Lucia, though I still have to complete my studies this question might be way too ahead of time. Most of the students here go for USMLE, but I am planning for PLAB am I eligible for PLAB or I have to go through another process? Please help with some information.
    Thank you
    Mohammed Imtiaz.

  27. Hello admins

    I’m planning to do Plabable and 1700’s with few mocks. Is that good enough to secure a pass?

  28. IM A 3rd year med student from bangladesh.I bought OHCM and OHCS and khalid 1700 .. besides these how can i prepare?

  29. Doctor To The Underprivileged

    You are God-sent Dr Ibrahim! May God reward you with His blessings in abundance.

    Pls kindly help clarify my concern: I am an MBBS 2002 holder. Has year of graduation got anything to do with eligibility to take the exam? If so, what solutions are there for me.
    Thanks a lot.

    You are a blessing.

  30. I completed my internship 2 years back so will be eligible to enter in U.K. Medical training programme after clearing Plab 2 ??

  31. Thank you very much for your reply! When can I earn money in UK? After PLUB 2 or during UKFP?
    Will I have to pay for UKFP and other postgraduation programs? It is very important for me. I am from Russia and we have a huge difference in the exchange rate. I will need to earn money in UK.

    1. Our pleasure!
      After completing PLAB 2, you must register with the GMC and complete all the necessary steps and requirements they set before you. After your registration has been approved, you can apply for jobs in the NHS. UKFPO need only be applied for if you have not already completed an acceptable pattern of internship and are registering provisionally. Regardless, if you work in the NHS or UKFPO, you will be paid.
      Please also read through this:

  32. Thank you very much for you useful blog. But I have a question. My perfectionism torments me. Should I learn basic sciences such as physics or chemistry before PLUB1? I think this is necessary for success.

    1. Hi, we are happy to hear you find the blog useful. Please do not make the mistake of reading unnecessary topics for PLAB 1. In no way at all will these sections be covered in the exam. The strategy and approach laid out in the post above is all you need to follow.

  33. Thank you for this really useful information, it’s helped enormously. It’s kind of you to share. Good luck with your future medical career.

  34. HI, wonderful website, I heard the last PLAB in march was different with less repetition from 1700, is that true?

    1. Hardly questions repeat from 1700.
      But yeah, it’s likely that PLAB will reform itself gradually in coming years to become UKMLA.
      In terms of preparation, question bank solving with understanding each question, that remains the same. And as for now 1700 holds to be the one free for all qbank which is helping plabbers since.

  35. I think i do understand you sir, after your first reply i created my gmc online account and filled in the personal details such as address and the DETAILS OF THE COLLEGE I GRADUATED FROM, my university was on that list.
    But my concern is that my total study hours are shown on my marksheet, will that be a problem sir?
    Do i have to provide them with my marksheet during the registration process?
    And again thanks alot for your quick replies i very much appreciate it sir.

    1. If your university in on that list too, DO NOT WORRY.
      Maybe what your marksheet meant and what GMC meant are not the same thing. And, No, you won’t have to present your marksheet anywhere during the process.
      The only thing you will need is you Final Medical Diploma. Which, btw, needs to be EPIC verified.

  36. The best PLAB blogs…..
    Sir, I was going through the “ACCEPTABLE PMQ” page on GMC website and found a criteria stating that “It must have been awarded after a programme of study, comprising at least 5,500 hours over a minimum period of years, depending on circumstances”. My total study hours are about 2500 (not including my rotational internship of 365 days), but i obtained it from a university which is enlisted in the world directory of medical schools….. So, am I eligible for gmc registration or not?
    Would very much appreciate your input..
    Thanking you in advance.

    1. Have you tried opening a GMC online account and see if your university is listed there in there list there?
      If it isn’t then you may have to contact GMC and they will give you a form to fill up and submit.

  37. First of all thanks a bunch sir, for replying instantly!
    And yes my university is listed in their list. But does that mean my pmq is acceptable?

    1. I hope you understand there is another list inside when you are making a GMC online account.
      If your university is listed that means they accept the degree they offer.

  38. Thank you very much ; just a question : how about i live in E.U counrty ..and i want to take plab 1 un u.k i need a visa? Or us it allowed to take it in the u.k ? Thanks

    1. It doesn’t matter where you live, it matters which country’s passport you hold to determine whether you need a visa to visit to the UK.
      Check here:
      The reason to visit for PLAB is “Work, Academic Visit or Business” and it should be less than 6 months.

    1. It took me 2-3 months. I would suggest a maximum of 3 months is enough if you have other thing to do. Otherwise if you have time at your hand, two months in enough, in my opinion.

  39. Thank you for your posts! They have really helped me to decide what to start with. I’m only a 3rd year student in a medical school so I have quite enough time to prepare for the PLAB. Do you know any books or lectures to read/watch except the OHCS, OSCS? Maybe the ones english students study with.

    1. Hello, thank you for your kind words. I would suggest you finish your medical college first. Don’t start reading anything yet, as things do change over time.
      OHCM and OHCS are enough for you gather knowledge from. But I will suggest you go through your books and pass your degree.
      Good luck.


    Dr ibrahim sir, there’s a lot of good in you. This is what our world needs today beyond every racial and religious barriers; love for one another. May God bless you sir. Thanks for all the information.

  41. Thank you for taking the time to compile all this material and guide candidates through a one-stop website solution.

  42. Very useful information there my brother.
    Thanks for your time & resources in collecting & compiling that useful information.
    Do you have any comment on PASSMEDICINE?

  43. Thank you for these sir. Was wondering if you had any source for the 2017 Samson notes?
    Also, how much of a difference do the two versions have i.e. 2017 and 2014

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