How many times have you seen the questions related to UKMLA floating around the various forums and groups on the net? Many of you must be (rightly) confused what this all can mean for you, and just what you need to expect for the future. Never fear, we’ll discuss everything here.

What is the UKMLA?
I hear PLAB will be replaced?
When will this happen?
Do I still plan for PLAB?
Should I give up my road to UK dream?


It is the United Kingdom Medical Licensing Assessment. It will be a requirement for both UK graduates and well as international graduates, unlike the PLAB exams. There will be two parts.

  1. The Applied Knowledge Test (AKT). This test will be the same for all UK students and IMGs. GMC will decide the pass standard, and the exam will be held four times a year. UK medical students will face the exam in their schools, while IMGs will be able to take it at select locations around the world. It will be a computer-based test for all candidates.
  2. The Clinical and Professional Skills Assessment (CPSA). This will be similar to PLAB 2 and GMC will take it at their Clinical Assessment Center in Manchester.

Wondering what information may be covered in the exam? Check out the MLA content map.

When will it be instated?

Officially it will roll out in early 2024, but GMC will begin pilot testing and check the MLA assessments until then. PLAB will be replaced by UKMLA in 2024.

The requirement to have passed the MLA will also apply to UK students graduating in the academic year of 2024-2025.

To summarize

To understand planning and requirements for PLAB 1 (which will highly likely be the same for UKMLA) please check this article: IELTS/OET and PLAB 1: Requirements & Planning.

Frequently asked questions

I still have a lot of questions!

That’s completely understandable. If you are still unsure about something, you can always email GMC’s MLA team at

Good luck!

Need further explanation?

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57 thoughts on “What is the UKMLA?”

  1. Hi I have a question:
    If I were to apply for the UK FY 1 2024 programme (2-Yr Foundation programme) would I have to sit for the UKMLA?
    What if I sit for PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 in 2023? Can I use it to apply for FY 1 in 2024?

  2. could i ask some questions if you dont mind?
    i will be graduated in 2026 or 2027.
    i m thinking to sit for plab after graduated.
    so at that time, there will be no longer plab right? which will be replaced by UKMLA.
    my question is UKMLA will have two parts and are those two parts basically the same as plab?
    so they just change the exam name?
    are the exam fees the same too?

    thank you in advance.!
    rn, in my country i m just a first year medical student.

    1. We have explained in this article what type of exams those two parts will be. We also have said GMC still hasn’t revealed about the fees.

  3. im when will it start from 2022 or 2024. i was planning to seat for plab on 2022.plz respond

      1. I hope the 2022 plab candidates won’t be pilot tested for MLA exam and GMC would continue holding Plab itself for 2022 batch, right?

        1. Yes, as the article says, PLAB will be replaced by UKMLA in 2024. 2022 is still two years ahead of 2024.

    1. You can’t apply for it as it is not 2024 yet. When it rolls out it will the same as you apply for PLAB.

  4. i take my diploma ( PMQ ) or my primary medical qualification in july 2023 ( if every thing goes right and on plans ) .. i know it’s impossible for PLAB 2 but can i take IELTS and PLAB 1 before it’s become UKMLA ? ( as the preparation for it ( plab 1 ) is much easier than going into the unknown )

      1. thanks for responding .. and thanks a lot for all the efforts .. you helped and inspired a lot people ( including me ) .. god bless you

  5. Nabeelah Fatima

    I was planning to write PLAB 1 in 2022. Will I be able to get GMC registration in time before UKMLE is implemented?

  6. Filip Naumovski

    Will this test have an impact in those who are EDAIC (European Diploma in Anesthesia, Reanimation and Intensive Care) certified? Till now EDAIC or EDIC plus IELTS were enough for GMC registration. Many thanks for your answer.

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  8. Asslamulaikum
    my medical is not registered in gmc. I have MBBS from a private medical in Bangladesh. No one has ever attempted.for PLAB medical before. how do I get mmy medical registered in GMC? please help

    1. I think you would need to be a GP in UK before you can be a GP in Australia. The GP training is 3 years long and there is a competitive recruitement process to get into GP training in the UK.

  9. Mohammed Al-jilani

    Thank u for these informations ,,,I have one Q
    Can I take PLAB1 exam before I get IELTS and finishing the practical year(internship)

    1. You can not book PLAB 1 without a valid IELTS. But yes, you can book PLAB 1 while you are an intern (if you have a valid IELTS already)

  10. I WANT to appear in plab 1 in march 2022.can
    I able to appear and what is the deadline of plab before officially starting the UKMLA?

  11. Hey! I’m planning to give PLAB 1 in Nov 2021 and then PLAB 2 as soon as reasonably possible after that (so probably early 2022), do you think the implementation of the UKMLA would interfere with that or that I wouldn’t be able to attempt PLAB that close to 2022?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hello, as yet GMC has not stated how they will take into account those who appear in PLAB 1 in 2021 but most likely the need to appear in UKMLA will only be upheld for those appearing for PLAB 1 in 2022 onwards.

        1. Hello so UKMLE will take part in 2022? I graduate from university after intership so in 2023. So I was planing to take plab 1 and plab 2 during 2023, so I wont be able because of UKMLE??

          Plus I would like to know if for booking for plabs I only need my OET or do I need to have Epic verification which means I need to graduate BEFORE booking for plabs?? please answer me I’m scared

        2. Please read the updated article. The original comment here is from more than 2 years ago.

  12. Thank you for this site. So when is the end date for PLAB and start date for UKMLE? the reason is that I ll go through the OET on February and then through PLAB part 1 on November 2019 then part 2 six months later (if it all went well) so I want to make sure I realy have time before going through this passway

    1. Hello, glad the site has been of help. If you could refer to the above post under the heading ‘when will it be instated’, you will have your answer. Good luck 🙂

  13. I am very impressed by your kind and concise answers. Do keep it up. As a 50 yr old foreign medical doctor from Africa, with mbbs 1992 and working till date, I want to get into Gp training in the UK. Is it possible at my age , what are the steps from taking plab etc. . . or is there an equivalent alternate route I can follow.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. That keeps up going.
      To answer your question, age is NOT a factor for GMC registration. But, it might seem difficult to get into a job, even so in a training. But one can never tell before one can try. The possible routes an IMG can take are well discussed here : Post graduation pathways in Uk for IMGs

  14. Faisal Chowdhury Arnob

    If i attend the nov 2020 plab 1, then what are the chances that i wud be able to clear plab 2 and all other necessaries for registration before the UKMLA starts?

    1. Very good. There is no reason it would take you so long in order to clear all parts of PLAB and apply for GMC registration. That being said, keep in mind that the PLABs have a 2 year validity anyway so you would have to appear in PLAB 2 within 2 years of PLAB 1 or you’d risk having to reappear.

    1. Thank you for saying so! To answer your question, yes you can, but try not to open it to far ahead of time, rather just when you’ll start your prep. Sometime people forget their password

  15. So, PLAB should be still there in 2019. Right?
    If so, when will the dates for PLAB for 2019 be released?
    Your input will be much appreciated.
    Thank you.

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