Finally the agonizing PLAB 2 exam is done. Some stations were horrible- you were completely clueless about the what, why, and where; while some went superb, you handled everything confidently. After a month or so when the results will be out, it will hardly matter any more since you will have passed. Mark my words!

I don’t know what to do…

Now that you are done with the exam, when you lean back on your imaginary lazy boy in your imaginary warm house by the side of your imaginary fire place on a cold, cold night, you’ll see how far you’ve come in your journey.

  • You cleared IELTS/OET,
  • You have passed PLAB 1,
  • You have travelled to the UK to appear in PLAB 2, and that has a check mark now as well.

The sound of the windy night outside gets masked by the soothing sound of crackling firewood. Oh, the warmth, the comfort… and suddenly, everything- poof!

What is the reason for my existence now?

I know that feeling of finishing a long convoluted TV series by binge watching multiple seasons, and then you don’t know what to do with your life anymore. Well, get a hold of yourself first. Second, let me tell you you have a lot of things to do after PLAB 2, even before that judgement day of your result. Let me explain-

  1. Patiently waiting for results. The toughest job, right?
  2. Not discussing your stations and relieving your PLAB 2 day over and over again. Don’t do it. Just don’t.
  3. Planning for GMC registration.
  4. Setting up an NHS jobs profile.
  5. Applying for jobs.

Yes, 3, 4, and 5 can be done right after PLAB 2 exam in done.

Planning for GMC registration

After your PLAB 2 results come out (and you pass!), you can apply for GMC registration online right away.

Check here how to approach and what to know before How to apply of the GMC registration and also this post to figure out the documents needed for GMC registration and how to obtain them.

After completion of the online application part, you will receive an email showing a list of documents GMC needs for your registration and you will have to send them scanned copies first. It doesn’t take them long to send you this email. They’ll check them and confirm with you within 5 working days after you have send them your email.

Make sure your EPIC verification has already been completed before proceeding to this step! If they require any further evidence based on your application, they will ask from you. And the process goes on until they send you a sweet email that your registration has been approved.

I have my valid IELTS but not the UKVI IELTS!

It’s okay! With the new rule approved by UKVI, the valid IELTS or OET you have used to obtain your GMC registration can also be used for your TIER 2 visa.

To know further about IELTS, IELTS for UKVI and UK NARIC check this post about English Language Proficiency for PLAB, GMC registration and Tier 2 visa.

Applying for NHS Jobs

When you get your papers for GMC registration, and the application and all are sorted out, the next thing on the plate is getting a job. As a newly GMC registered doctor it is highly recommended you land your first job in the NHS.

Check this post how to apply for jobs in the NHS to help you setting up your NHS jobs profile and give you an idea about how to approach to application for a job.

Tap the photo to take this free course

To summarize, things you SHOULD DO after PLAB 2:

  • Plan for your GMC registration and gather the required evidences, if you hadn’t done already.
  • Set up an NHS jobs profile and making a CV.
  • Start applying for jobs, keeping an eye out for their closing dates.

There are some opinions about doing clinical observership/attachment in the UK during this time after PLAB 2, but in my opinion you shouldn’t be too much bothered if you couldn’t manage one. Many people have not done attachments and have gotten jobs just fine.

In terms of career progression, where am I after PLAB 2?

There is a common misconception that – “PLAB is only for Junior Doctors“, that is NOT true. Based on your previous experience, you can intend to start from an FY2 to ST3 level non-training job after PLAB 2. I would highly recommend reading postgraduation pathways in the UK for a better understanding of the hierarchy of doctors in the UK healthcare system and understand your route of entry.

If you are still confused please check our following InFocus Video on NHS Jobs and interview:

Finally, even though I outlined a whole list of things to do, don’t forget to relax a little. Go out, see things. You deserve to treat yourself with the city landscape, the architecture, the history, “The Old Smoke”.

Good luck for your results!

Need further explanation?

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94 thoughts on “What to do after PLAB 2 : GMC registration and NHS Job”

    1. Depends on your application. I got it within less than 15 days, for someone else it may have taken months. GMC processes everything within 3 months max, if you are responsive to their email.

  1. pramodh velivelli

    hello doctor i have completed my internal medicine in india and i m interested in opting endocrinology as my super speciality, to do so how can in proceed by writing plab exams

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for this blog. I was wondering if there is a time limit AFTER getting your GMC registration to secure a job in the NHC before my license gets suspended?

    I read somewhere that i need to secure a position within 12 months, but I cant find any official confirmation on it.

    Thank you

  3. It’s Cola Ward

    Hello! I completed med school for six years In Ukraine and graduated in the year 2019 of June my first question is 1) to book for PLAB 1 exam is it through GMC and after PLAB 2 what next? And is a spot guaranteed in UKFP year 1 with and ancestral visa?

      1. Hi
        I am doctor from India . Actually preparing for plab 1 . Actually I have done md in public health from India and is into teaching since 3 years and so my clinic touch is being sidelined .
        So wanted to know what are the basic clinical skills required for plab 1 and 2 and for getting NHS jobs . Eg of clinical skills like suturing . Catherization etc so that I can start practising that too . I am reading Oxford books and doing khalifs 1700 questions for plab 1 . Any more views on how to prepare for plab 1

        1. When you start actual job in the NHS as a junior doctor you are expected to be competent in certain procedural skills like Venepuncture, IV cannulation, Arterial puncture in an adult, Blood culture from peripheral sites, Urethral catheterisation (male) etc. There are some procedural stations in PLAB 2 exam as well so you will need to relearn these skills.

  4. Hi doc! I’m a newly licensed doctor from the Philippines. My long term goal is to become a GP in Australia. To achieve that, I’m planning to take PLAB 1 and 2. I also need to be in a supervised training for 12 months. What do you think shall I apply for? Nontraining FY2 for 1 year then FY2 standalone for 1 year then move to Australia or FY2 Locum Appointment for training for 1 year then move to Australia?
    Thank you doc! I’m currently looking for options where I do not have to stay long in UK. I’ve read that there’s this 10 year moratorium in Australia for IMGs pursuing GP.

  5. Manjupriya Sivasamy

    Hello.. Thank u for ur information. Can I write plab 1 during my internship. If I move out of country for a week during my internship will that internship be considered? Is plab 2 ielts and one Yr of internship is enough for gmc registration?

  6. Hello thank you for amazing information
    I would want to ask a question, after plab 2 I get Fy2 or any job for a year, and I am on TIER 2 visa, how much time I have on that visa to acquire another job – like any training job, to stay in UK on same visa ?

    1. The jobs are contract based. You have visa as long as you have the job. If the job contract was for 1 year, within the end of that one year you will either have to join a new job (thus a new contract) or renew the contract (thus extend your visa) with your current employer. No body will tell you, you will have to know your calendar.

  7. Good morning …thank you for the blog..actually I am working in Congo (my husband’s country i am Mauritian ) for two years now . Here house job wasn’t required after mbbs to get registered to medical board . My question is : for what job should I apply in uk

    1. If the fellowship program in the USA accepts you, yes. If you are asking whether the specialty training in the UK will help you jump through any hoops for any fellowship in the USA, it’s difficult to tell. As fellowship programs in the has no integrated national body like royal college. It will depend on the programs that you will be applying to.

  8. Hello, the reference that is required for the NHS application should it be a consultant from uk or can it be a consultant from my home country. I would also like to know the procedure how the refree is checked.

  9. Hi, forgive me if this question was asked already. IELTS expires after 2 years right. So after one applies for GMC registration (with a valid IELTS) but this expires while waiting for job, what happens? Would it have to be written again? And the scores will have to be above 7.5 to enter FY training?Thanks!

  10. Hello, really appreciate your hard work. couple of questions; after GMC registration, do we need to stay in UK till we get a job or can we return to home country? can we work non medical jobs with visitors visa till we get a job in NHS? which month of the year has highest vacancies in NHS. thank you in Advance.

    1. Jobs can be applied online from the home country.
      For any work you need a work visa, on a visitor’s visa you are only allowed to visit.
      I haven’t come across any data of that sort, but August September is the time most trusts have vacancies as trainees change during that time.

      1. can the interviews be done online or do i need to present my self after getting the offer, and it would be great if you share your experience regarding this. thanks again.

        1. That’s really nice of you to say. Please share our website and content with your friends and colleagues.


  12. Hi there ,
    I had a query regarding the Good Standing Certificate .
    I have graduated from India 6 years ago. During this period I have worked in 3 different states . Each state has their own medical council . So each time I shifted to a new state i had to take a No Objection Certificate and apply to the medical council of the next state. So in total I have held medical council registrations in 3 states so far in India itself.
    The previous 2 are not valid anymore and it is only the most recent and 3rd council which is valid now .
    Do i need to get a good standing certificate from all 3 or only the most recent valid one ?
    Thanks in advance for your help

    1. In the last 5 years, have you worked in all three states?
      Did your clinical work overlap in two or more states?

  13. I checked, my degree qualifies me for full GMC registration, I am working in the UK as an academic researcher since 2012, I do not need PLAB as I have other evidence of English proficiency, however I never worked with patients and I am not registered with any countries medical regulatory body, I see this as obstacle to licencing. Is there a way to change career toward patient care? I am interested in becoming an old age Psychiatrist, which profession is in short supply.

    1. I believe we had a chat in the web messenger. Replying you here as well.
      The best course of action for you should be to opena channel of communication with GMC regarding how you can obtain your registration with a license to practice.
      If you want to specialise in anything medical related, you first need to have GMC reg with license to practice. Let’s focus on that first and then getting into a job and managing a training post will eventually follow

  14. Analia Belen Nicolini

    Hello, I am a doctor from Argentina. Currently studying to sit the PLAB 1 exam in September. I was told after I pass plan 2 I will have to do the foundation programme. Is this correct? I’m a bit confused. Thank you

        1. If not, then yes you would need to do UKFPO or complete an acceptable pattern of internship. UKFPO is difficult to enter without a settled visa status.

        2. Analia Belen Nicolini

          Thank you. What is UKFPO? I have a spouse visa, soon to have ILF so that wouldn’t be a problem right?

        3. Njit Edith Nsoh

          Pls what do you mean by an acceptable pattern of internship. Is it comparable to the clinical years of experience I have had after graduating as a junior doctor in my home country?

  15. Bhargav Raut

    I have heard we need to get through with the GMC id check on the day of the PLAB2 exam itself. In that case what all documents do we need to carry with us for the same on the day of our exam? Thank you 🙂

  16. Hi Dr i wish to know what are list of documents they ask after you apply for GMC Registeration, I will be coming very soon to UK for my Plab2. I wish to keep all in order so that i dont miss any. About odd ones i know is certificate of good standing… why i say so is because i postgraduated 17 years I will have to ask my medical Council well in advance.
    Thank You
    I will appreciate a email as well if you can on my email

  17. Shootingshinystar

    For a clinical gap of more than 5years, do we start from the last clinical job or the jobs you have been doing so far, when filling the form for gmc registration? Please advice

  18. Hello, kindly tell me about the ielts requirements for a dependent visa? Which one is required ( A1 life skills or General UKVI)?

  19. Hello! I graduated in March 2017 and completed housejob in April 2018, just passed my plab 2 on 9th november 2018. I’m done with ID check and started epic registration after my plab 2 result. I’ve heard it takes around 1 month. I’m really confused what to do next? Should i start my GMC registration process?

  20. Hello
    I am a pediatrician in my country with 3 years experience.Currently I am planning on studying for PLAB and wanted to know the steps after taking PLAB exams like would I apply on speciality training or not ?what are the prospects for job?kindly let me know as I am new to this.

  21. Hi I had done my MBBsFron Pakistan but did not done any practice.I got married and came here now I am preparing myself to study again I am planning do My OET in March.I know I have to do foundationyear 1 someone told me OET is not acceptable in early foundation year they need ielts?? Please guide me I am working hard on OET .I am British national.

    1. Just to clarify- you haven’t done an internship, is that right? So yes, in order to enter the UKFPO, you would need to appear in IELTS with marks of 7.5 in each module and 7.5 overall. As yet, UKFPO does not recognize OET.

  22. Thank you for your reply
    1 . but going through the FY standalone/LAT Training post didn’t give the applicant more chance to get into CT1 Training Post for IMG non citizen?
    2 . Another question : Internship in Hamad Medical Hospital : 3 months Medecine, 3 months Surgery, 2 months pediatrics, 2 months Obs/Gyne, 2 months electives . Full 1 year with a certificate delivered by HMC and an alternate certificate evidence of competencies signed by a GMC Registered Dr who worked in UK and now appointed in HMC is considered as a recognizable internship ?
    3 . For a fresh graduated with 1 year internship in HMC what is the best way to enter into a training post ?
    Thank you

    1. 1. Yes, you can apply in round 1 as long as you are still in that LAT post. After expiration of that LAT post, you will have to find jobs in the NHS trusts, and only can apply in round 2 of the training in that trust sponsored visa.
      2. Was your internship approved by a medical regulatory board? Did you hold provisional registration of your land while doing internship? GMC doesn’t care about competencies being signed.
      3. The best way is to work non-training for a year or so to get a grip of practicing in the NHS. Then decide on which area is comfortable for you to live long term, and start applying for training in that area then. More info here, Specialty Training in the UK

  23. good evening
    Thank you for your help
    I will graduate on May 2019 from RCSI bahrain
    Non uk /eu citizen
    plan to do internship 1 year i Qatar Hamad Medical Corporation
    I want to know if at this level i can apply to FY2 Stand Alone to be on the training pathway.
    I will provide The Alternative Certificate of Foundation Competencies.
    I want o join the FY2 Training to be on the training pathway.
    Thank you

    1. Hello,
      You can apply for FY standalone/LAT posts as long as you have GMC FULL registration and provided alternate evidence of competences and they have vacancies for F2 LAT posts. remember that, that F2 LAT is for 1 year and it doesn’t automatically make sure you will progress to Core/Specialty training. You will have to separately apply/interview like everyone else.

  24. Hello and thanks for being there..I need to know that if we have. 2.5 years of gap between previous job and the new job we would be applying for ,would that make any difference..I have a total experience of 17 years as Medical Microbiology specialist from India and shifted to Uk in 2016 October with my family as a dependent on my husbands visa.Meanwhile I cleared FRCPATH Microbiology part 1 and recently cleared part 1 PLAB .Am going for PLAB 2 in January the earliest date I could get ..InshaAllah if I pass would GMC provide me with full GMC registration or Temporary owing to my break of approximately 2.5 years and kindly let me know what position I may be eligible for..Thanks and looking forward for your reply..God bless you

    1. You’re welcome.
      Clinical gap doesn’t matter if you are getting registered via the PLAB route. Aren’t you proving that you are both academically and clinically competent by passing PLAB 1 and 2? Yes.
      So, if you had internship done after your graduation and pass the PLAB exams, you can surely apply for FULL GMC registration.
      Good Luck.

  25. Hi Doc..!!
    Your blog is much informative and helpful..
    I have query regarding F1 post i want to go for F1 job after clearing my plab2 what’s the procedure for this ??
    Thanks in anticipation

    1. Thank you for your kind words.
      If you have completed house-job/internship, thus obtained FULL GMC registration after passing PLABs, getting an F1 job is unnecessary.
      If you haven’t completed an internship/house job, it is highly recommended you get it from anywhere else than UK (if you don’t have right to work in the UK otherwise, e.g. spouse visa of a settled/ UK citizen) and then apply for GMC registration.
      If you have right to work in the UK, and you had no internship done. Then you can opt for provisional GMC reg after PLABs and get into UKFPO foundation training.
      This will explain further:

  26. hello
    i have booked my plab 2 on 29th march and my ielts academic is gona expire on 4th june, is it possible for me to do gmc registration before 4th june?

    1. I think you can easily manage that. Possibly by the end of April 2018 you will have your PLAB 2 result. You still have the months of May in between.
      It has to be valid when you apply for registration, that is, it may happen right after you get your result.

  27. I dun understand one thing that everyone saying have I’d check booked immediately after plab 2 n then u imply that on I’d check one gets gmc registration then how is it possible that without plab 2 pass result they give u registration ..result takes a month after plab 2

    1. You should book your ID check at least a week after your results are expected to be released. That way you can do registration as well without any issue.

    2. You CAN book right after your PLAB 2 exam is done. But the date can’t be before your results come out.
      Why booking early?
      If you have your papers ready already upon passing you can apply for Online GMC registration and pay them fee. They ask for your papers. you send them via email. They give a green signal for ID check.
      Now if you wait till then, you will get an ID check after two months or so as its always booked almost. But if you keep it booked earlier, you get things done early.
      I hope I was clear enough.

  28. Hello ivan . I have a query regarding IELTS for the gmc registration. Is there any band requirements like 7.5 like plab 1 or if you have a lesser score in ukvi, can it be used for gmc registration?

      1. Thanks for your reply link. But i am still not clear. I have my academic IELTS score of 8.5 and already appeared plab 1 with it but it expires may be before i go for gmc registration. I m planning to sit for IELTS again.and this time the ukvi but if god forbids i dont end up with a score more than 7.5 can i still use it for gmc registration?

  29. hello,
    you seemed to have removed my enquiry and i dont understand why? all i want to know is once i’ve done plab 2, will it be the gmc who decide where i would start my training? i’ve done my mbbs in pakistan and was doing an fcps in general surgery which i quit after 3.5 years in august 2017

    1. Please don’t get the wrong impression.
      In WordPress, your comment doesn’t show like Facebook comments. The author needs to approve, then it gets published. I maybe was busy and didn’t have time to publish and reply to your query. I did now.
      Hope I was of help.

      1. Hi Ibrahim, apologies for the post. as you’ve mentioned I thought it was like fb, clearly not.
        Thanks so much for your help, really appreciate it. In your opinion, where do you think it would be suitable for me to start. As mentioned I have an mbbs with house job plus 3.5 year’s in fcps training as a general surgeon.
        Would really appreciate any input you may be able to give. Obviously, I will decide what is best but just want your thoughts.

        1. It’s alright.
          For you I would really suggest you try and collect alternative competency for foundation training from any of the consultant’s you’ve worked with in those 3.5 years. If you can obtain that, you will able to start as CT1 non-tarining primarily, and later on try and get into training when you have enough experience.
          If you can’t get foundation competencies signed, you will actually have to start as an FY2 and get those competencies signed from an UK consultant and then move on.
          Good luck.

  30. Hi Ibrahim,
    Great website, thanks so much.
    Quick question please – once PLAB 2 is done, will it be the GMC who decide and tell me where I would start as a doctor in the UK i.e. FY1, FY2, CT1/ST1, CT2/ST2?
    My background is I have come from Pakistan with MBBS/house job and 3.5 years FCPS in general surgery (didn’t complete this) and only left my training in August 2017.
    Where do you think or recommend I would start?
    All help will be great.

    1. Thank you for your kind words.
      No it’s you who will decide, which job you want to apply. And your employers will decide whether they will take you for that job or not.
      Each job application comes with some “person specification” and “job description”, you will surely read those to understand yourself if you’re qualified/overqualified/ under qualified to apply for that job.
      As for example, if you have a full GMC registration with a license to practice with years of experience in a specific specialty, surely for F1 you’re overqualified.
      Again even with your qualifications, if any CT2/ST2 job wants you to have MRCP part 2 (for example) done, and you haven’t obtained that- you’re under qualified.
      I hope I was clear enough. Where do you start is very unique to your own circumstances and job-specific.
      Good luck.

  31. Hello thanks for your informative blog. I had one question though. My IELTS has become invalid after 15th November. I am planning to give UKVI in December. Id check is on 5th January. What should I do? Thanks

    1. Hi, glad you like my blog. When will your IELTS results be available? You have to submit papers to the GMC at least five days before your ID check, only after doing so and their approving them can you attend the ID check.

      1. It should be available around 16th December. I also need to know if we require both police clearance and good standing from BMDC? Is police clearance valid for 6 months and good standing for 3 months? Thanks

        1. You don’t require police clearance for GMC Registration. But you’ll need police clearance to obtain certificate of sponsorship from your employers/ tier 2 visa later on.
          Certificate of good standing had validity of 3 months, Yes.
          The main part is you will have to send them the scanned documents, after five days they’ll confirm your registration/if they don’t they will ask for more papers. Only after confirmation in email you can show up and go for ID check. That’s why it’s better to keep a wiggle room between you sending scanned documents and actual date.

      2. Hello
        After getting full registration with GMC register can I apply for salaried GP job,? My qualification is MBBS from India with few years of clinical experience.

        1. No. To become a GP in the UK you have to have GP registration (PLAB gives you registration as a medical practitioner, not GP) which can be obtained after successfully going through GP training in the UK.

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