The moment has finally arrived! You’re getting registered as a doctor under the GMC and you are just ID check away. Congratulations, you’re that much closer to achieving your dream.

Now let’s get back to what you have to do.

If you are taking PLAB – then there is NO separate GMC ID Check for you. The ID check that happened/will happen on the day of your PLAB 2 exam is enough. The PLAB 2 booking confirmation email will direct what documents you need to bring and that’s it.

If you are taking any other route of GMC registration other than PLAB (like PG qualification, MRCP, MRCS) – You will HAVE to attend an ID check in the UK for GMC registration.

ID check.

To get a clearer idea about when to book a GMC ID check appointment, please check this post what to do after PLAB 2.

What happens in the ID check?

It happens exactly as the name implies. They check your identity. Before going for an ID Check, you should receive an email like this-

You need to come for an identity check!

Everything is neatly explained in the email. Go ahead and book an appointment (if you haven’t booked already), ensuring you bring along the specified original documents as listed.

How to get there?

By now you must be accustomed to the transport of London, or Manchester. Especially if you book your ID check in Manchester, you know how to get there because your PLAB 2 exam was held at the same place.

But, you may not have gone to their London office. It is at 350, Euston Road, London NW1 3JN. The easiest way to travel around London is always underground tubes. No matter where you’re coming from, hop into a Hammersmith & City line and drop at the Great Portland street station. The GMC building is on the opposite side of the road.

Great Portland Street Station

The GMC building in London

What is going to happen after I reach?

At the reception, you will have to state your purpose of your visit, then s/he will let you in. You go to the second floor and again meet another receptionist. They will give you a badge with your name on it. Wear it and wait.

There is a coffee machine and also a water cooler, just like your PLAB 2 day, remember? More importantly, there are quite a few different booklets- Leadership, Communication, and all about the Good Medical Practice. If you’re really interested, you can go through them while sipping a cuppa and wait for your call.

Finally, they’ll ask for you:

  • You go in with a staff member to a small cubicle. Then, s/he asks for your papers one by one. You’ll show your passport and original documents.
  • They’ll take your documents and leave you alone for some time to watch a video about how doctors should act in the UK healthcare system.
  • After you finish watching that video, the person will return and make sure of some other things in their checklist- like your registered address, your contact number.
  • Regarding the address, it’s just for sending the certificate which is available to you in your GMC Online Account. It’s better you give a UK address, as it will reach you quickly, but you can still give your home address if you wish. It’s nothing fancy or decorated, the important thing is your entry in the online register, which will be live before you leave the building.

It’s done.

You’re a fully registered doctor with a license to practice in the UK. You or anybody in the world can find you in the List of Registered Medical Practitioners under the GMC.

When do I get that email invitation for ID check?

Before you show up for you ID check, you will HAVE to have received the email saying – “You need to come for an ID check!” You get this email after GMC has assessed all the scanned documents you had to send them after completion of your Online GMC application and payment.

To know further about online part of GMC registration, please check this post, online application for GMC registration.

What if I get email saying they need more documents?
What happens to my ID check booking then?

Yes, it can happen. After you sent them your documents via email, they will assess your case and MAY ask for further documents. But they will surely give a deadline for you to send those extra documents. If your ID check appointment booking date is AFTER they assess your extra documents and give you a green signal, that booking date still holds! But if you haven’t got the green signal and your ID check date is going to pass by, unfortunately that means the appointment is cancelled.

In no case you can go to any GMC office and show up with your documents.

  • You NEED to send them all your documents via email first.
  • They will assess that and email you back that you need to come for an ID check and state what documents they need you to bring with.
  • Only then you can show up for an ID check.

So, in case your appointment got cancelled for the first time, you can always make a new appointment in your GMC Online account after they tell you that you can come for an ID check. It doesn’t cost anything.

How much time can I take to have an ID check?

I will try and break it down:

  • After you pass PLABs- you need to get registered within two years of time. That means you need to submit the online application for GMC registration and pay within two years of passing PLAB 2.
  • After you completed the online GMC registration and gave your payment- you have 28 days to send them the required documents they asked of you.
  • After you sent them the required documents and they tell you come for an ID check- you have to book an appointment within 3 months of receiving that confirmation email.

What about the validity of my certificate of good standing?

If you sent GMC a valid (3 months) CGS and they accepted it told you to come for an ID check but somehow you couldn’t arrange an appointment before your CGS expires, you need to call and inform GMC about it. Most of the cases, they will accept it as you’ve sent them a valid one during assessment. But, it’s always a good idea to call and make sure of your queries. They will answer your call, and are very thorough about everything.

My visa will expire before my ID Check. What to do?

You can apply for a standard visitor visa for an ID check exactly like you did for your PLAB 2. You need to attach that confirmation email also a print – out of your booking from your GMC online account.

To see in detail how to apply for a standard visitor visa please refer to the three posts in the category UK Visa Guidance. The necessary documents will change a bit but still you will have to have an itinerary and financial support for your visit.

After you’re done with your ID check, the next step is getting a job in the UK.

If you still haven’t set up a NHS jobs profile yet, you can check this post on how to apply for jobs in the NHS.

Congratulations again! You’ve made it this far, so good luck for all of your future endeavors.

Need further explanation?

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28 thoughts on “What to expect for the GMC ID Check”

  1. Hello,

    Do I need to contact and make aware my medical council, from where I got internship completion, that GMC will send internship documents for verification. Just like I did during EPIC verification. I notified my medical college about verification.
    Or GMC does not verify my internship or work experience from my medical council?
    How exactly GMC verify documents(internship, work experience) before giving full registration?

    Thanks in anticipation.

    1. Your internship should have been done under provisional registration on your local medical council. They might need a document stating that as mentioned here – Documents needed for GMC registration application. GMC doesn’t have to verify your work experience, it is not giving you a job, it just needs to have a good standing certificate for your medical council.

      Your employer (when you get a job) later on might verify your previous job experience from the contact details provided as part of the job application.

  2. Abdulrahman Omar

    Hello. Thank you for the excellent job on the blog so far.
    I want to clarify if you still have to attend a gmc id check after plab 2 even after doing your EPIC verification

    1. If you are taking PLAB – then there is NO separate GMC ID Check for you. The ID check that happened/will happen on the day of your PLAB 2 exam is enough. The PLAB 2 booking confirmation email will direct what documents you need to bring and that’s it.

  3. Hello Ibrahim. Congratulations for the successful blog. Keep up the good work.
    A small query if you can please help me with it. I have been invited for ID check and GMC has just asked for my passport and Internship completion certificate .So should I mail them about upcoming expiry of Good standing or it’s not needed.
    Thank you

  4. Hello
    If I get late for my GMC ID check by half to one hour due to an unforseeable circumstance (such as a flight delay), will the GMC allow me to go ahead with the ID check? Or do I have to reschedule the appointment?
    Please share your experience in this matter.

    1. It would ultimately be at the discretion of GMC. It’s best to reschedule early if you know you will be late.

  5. Hello ! I thought that the PLAB 2 gets your ID check no need to get a seperate appointment .. Did it change ?

    1. Yes, PLAB doesn’t require ID check. ID check still stays valid for those who obtain GMC registration via PG qualification of=r MTI route.

      1. I know that plab doesn’t require ID check but you can have your ID check for plab2 to not have to travel again for it for the GMC registration

        1. Yes. Previously there was a PLAB ID check (which happens before you take your PLAB 2 exam) and separately a GMC ID check. Now for PLAB takers they already are going through a PLAB ID check before they take their PLAB 2 exam and that is enough for GMC registration as well.

  6. Hi. My visa expires on 15/01/2019 and I believe I won’t be able to attend an ID check until February. Can I apply for a new visa during this period, preferably before the 15th?

  7. Hello dr Ibrahim ..
    my ielts is expired and I need to give plab2 as well as I didn’t pass in my first attempt . So what do you advice ? Do I need to give ielts again or should I go for plab2 first??

    1. Complete PLAB 2 first and then IELTS. IELTS is needed for your GMC registration, not for PLAB 2. Try and aim for an IELTS date during the time you’ll be waiting for your PLAB 2 results.

  8. Hello Dr. Ibrahim, Thank you so much for this amazing blog. I stand at the brink of an ID check, thanks to your guidance. I have a few doubts regarding ID check.

    1) I see in your ID check invite that you were asked to bring many original documents. I have been asked to bring only my passport and my internship certificate. Is that all they would check then? Or do I need to carry all the documents to be on the safer side?

    2) My Ielts expired after my application was approved. So i don’t have a valid ielts score now. Is it needed for the ID check? Would they check it again during ID check? I plan to go the UK NARIC was for the tier 2 visa.

    Kindly Help. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello, we are glad to hear you’ve found help in our blog and that you’ve come so far on your road to the UK.
      To answer your questions:
      1) Only bring what is asked of you in your email. You don’t need to bring more than that.
      2) No. GMC only asks that the IELTS be valid at the time of registration. As you’ve already been approved, it doesn’t need to be valid for the ID check.

  9. Hello, thank you for your reply. So if I understood correctly, the gap should not be a problem if I show and prove that I had to do 2 courses from previous term for 4.5 months and later directly complete my internship?

  10. Hello, in Turkey we do not receive an internship certificate. I am having the university ratify my internship through the document called ‘Internship Evidence Form’. However I am as I said worried about the 4.5 months gap where I had to take courses from previous term.

    1. Hello, I asked regarding your certificate because if it is not mentioned on the certificate outright, GMC will not be concerned with it.
      If, however, it is, GMC may ask you to submit forms from the consultants you worked under to demonstrate you completed the internship will no issues and to the best of your ability

  11. Hello, I have passed both my Plabs and will now apply for the GMC registration however I have an issue regarding my 12month continuous internship. My 12 month internship had a 4.5 month gap towards the middle. Would this be a problem for my exemption/full registration? During these 4.5 months, I had to take 2 other courses from the previous term. So technically I was still studying at the med school. Thank you in advance for you help.

  12. Hi sir,that’s quite useful info. that you have stated there.I would really appreciate if you could state something regarding the visa required for id check as i need to apply for one as my plab visa has expired.can we apply for a standard visitor visa for attending the id check?

    1. You will have to apply for standard visitor visa for ID check. The reason is business…. and maybe in other you can explain.
      The finances are explained exactly the same way.
      The main papers to attach is:
      1. “You need to come for an ID check” email.
      2. Your GMC online account’s ID check date booking page.

    1. They first want your passport and check it against the copy you sent them via email. And one by one, the person will check your all other documents. After checking they take all your papers including passport to another room. No idea what they might do in that other room.

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