The idea of going to another country and start a life as a doctor there from scratch sounds daunting, but it’s not impossible. We, as doctors, have to jump through a lot of hoops in our own country in terms of career progression and job satisfaction. And it’s not as though it’s bed of roses outside the country. You won’t just pass a few exams and be consultant. In the end, the decision is yours, as you are the one who will have the last say. I can only input what I have done to get to where I am now.

In this post I would specifically talk about the required papers a Bangladeshi doctor needs to obtain, and also the ways to obtain them.

I’ve already discussed in this post, how to obtain papers for GMC registration : Part 1 (Bangladeshi Doctors) about how to obtain the MBBS main certificate and academic certificate from your university.

This post is for acquiring required papers from Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BM&DC).

What do I need from BM&DC?

  1. Full registration certificate.
  2. Certificate of Good standing.
  3. Letter stating your internship was accepted and held provisional reg during internship (let’s just call this BM&DC Letter of Internship)

Full BM&DC Registration

Some cases when you are eligible to obtain FULL BM&DC registration-

  • If you have studied in any recognised medical college in Bangladesh and finished one year of internship (which was surely under BM&DC provisional registration).
  • If you are a Bangladeshi with a foreign medical graduation, you will still have to complete one year of internship in a recognised hospital.
  • If you are not Bangladeshi and with a foreign medical graduation, you’ll have to sit for a BM&DC registration exam. After passing that a provisional registration will be provided to complete one year of internship. And after that you can have Full Registration.

(To my knowledge I’ve seen all the stated varieties for newly qualified doctors. There might be some other ways that I’m not aware of. You can always reach them for further information)

What do I need to obtain that FULL registration?

You need to submit the following papers:

  1. M.B.B.S. original certificate together with a photocopy.
  2. Original Internship training certificate together with a photocopy.
  3. Provisional registration certificate to be surrendered.
  4. Full registration fee to be paid by bank draft /pay order/cash, payable to Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council.
  5. Two copies of recent passport size photograph attested on back side by the principal of the respective college.

Two important points to make here-

  • They will return the main certificates right that day after they verify.
  • Your provisional registration is most likely in your medical college’s students’ section or in your hospital’s administration office.

Keep in mind that when your internship finishes, hundreds of doctors will also be done. So, naturally the crowd gets very large in the small BM&DC office, and wait time to obtain the registration become substantially longer (even as long as 1½ months). Ergo, try to start working on your internship logbook as soon as you can, which will lead you to have your internship completion certificate early, thereby expediting the entire process.

The Full BM&DC registration costs around ?1500-1600, which is payable inside the office in cash. After receiving your papers and taking your payment, they’ll print out a money receipt. It is a very important document. I didn’t have full registration certificate ready when I was applying for my PLAB 2 Visa, so I added a copy of this money receipt to my visa application.

To know what further documents you may need for your PLAB 2 visa, please check this post- UK Visa guidance : Supporting Documents (Part 2 of 3).

BM&DC Full Registration done.

Certificate of Good Standing (CGS)

It is a type of clearance certificate from the medical council you’re currently registered with stating that no disciplinary action was taken against you nor are you under any disciplinary proceedings. This is a MUST to provide when you finally apply for GMC Registration after passing PLAB 2.

CGS expires after a specific amount of time. Please read here further, papers needed for GMC registration, to determine the timing of the application for these papers.

Unlike full BM&DC registration, to apply for and pick up your CGS, you don’t have to be present. Anybody with your papers can go apply for it.

What papers do I need to apply for a CGS?

  1. Application (stating reason) with documentary evidence.
  2. Bio-data with working experience (if any); place and duration of work to be mentioned.
  3. Character certificate from a registered physician mentioning registration number of the certifying physician/ 1st class Gazetted Officer.
  4. Photocopy of valid full registration certificate.
  5. Two copies of recent passport size photograph attested on backside by a registered physician/1st class Gazetted Officer. Registration number of the physician must be quoted under his/her seal and signature.
  6. Performance certificate from last employment authority from inland and abroad.
  7. Declaration form to be signed by the applicant which is available in this office.
  8. Fees for certificate of good standing to be paid by bank draft/pay order/cash , payable to Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council.
  9. Those who are in Govt. service should apply through his/ her controlling officer.
  10. Photocopy of M.B.B.S. Certificate.

Feel overwhelmed by the amount of documents needed? Don’t be, they aren’t that difficult to obtain.

Let’s start from the beginning.

  1. Application for CGS. Here is a template. Just insert your details correctly. (your signature here should be as your BM&DC signature)
  2. Bio-Data. Here is a template again.
  3. Character certificate from a registered physician/1st class Gazetted Officer. Here is a template. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a professor or equivalent, I got it signed from my medicine registrar who has known me since 3rd year.
  4. Photocopy of BM&DC full registration.
  5. Take photos with you when you are getting the character certificate signed.
  6. If you can manage a performance certificate, it’s fine. I wasn’t employed anywhere after my internship, so I attached a photocopy of my internship completion certificate.
  7. Here is the Declaration Form. It is also available in the BM&DC office.
  8. For CGS it costs ?3000 (for Bangladeshi) and $200 (for foreign nationals), which is payable in the BM&DC office in cash.
  9. You know what to do if you’re in the government service.
  10. I’m sure you have your MBBS ccertificate.

Wasn’t it all a piece of cake?

Anyone with all those papers signed and dated by you can show up in the BM&DC as and when you’ll need it, and submit the application for CGS.

What is the best time to apply for CGS?

A certain plan is required as GMC doesn’t accept CGS when it’s more than three months old. Please read here further papers needed for GMC registration to help you further to determine the timing of the application for these papers.

BM&DC Letter of Internship

This letter is giving your hard-earned internship a legitimate tag, which is:

  • making you exempt from Foundation Year 1 in the UK, thus,
  • Proving you are eligible for FULL GMC registration with a license to practise.

BM&DC process this letter and CGS at the same time. Some said it cost them ?500 extra for this, but my father (who applied for this when I was away) didn’t have to pay more than ?3000 for the CGS and this.

What do I need to obtain this?

With all the papers you are submitting for CGS, just add an application for this too. Here is the template. Put your information and BM&DC signature correctly.

The official may want a proof that they need to provide this or not. In that case please print this GMC Page and add with your application.

When do I apply for this?

This letter doesn’t expire like CGS does. So, you can get it anytime after you’ve obtained your full registration. But in my experience, BM&DC processed the letter and the CGS together. You can always go and ask them.

If you are having problem seeing the drive links for templates, here is the folder with all of it.

To summarize, as soon as your internship finishes you should apply to get the FULL BM&DC registration. And as soon as you obtain your full BM&DC registration, you should prepare all the necessary papers that mentioned above- printed, signed and ready- so that the application can be made right when you need it.

Good luck to you all!

Need further explanation?

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  1. I am an Indian doing my mbbs from Bangladesh medical college 3rd year. Should I get registered in bangladesh medical and dental council and then clear plab and then apply to gmc. Please guide me and explain me thoroughly

    1. You don’t need BMDC registration to apply for GMC registration. If you do internship in BD then you will need that internship letter from BM&DC and that’s it.

  2. Hello Ibrhim, first of all you are doing a great job and thank you for making our life easy regarding PLAB.
    I have a simple question. I have done my MBBS and within 6 months my MD will be done In Sha Allah. If i pass PLAB, does my MD count in UK?

    1. It counts as an academic degree and will award you points in your training application. But it will not reduce any part of your required training in the UK.

  3. hello sir.
    firstly thank u for helping us by providing such valuable information.
    i have completed my MBBS from china. I have my provisional certificate from my university of china. I also completed 1year of internship in Bangladesh under the supervision of my University. But i do not have any full medical registration of any countries. Can i apply for full GMC registration/ provisional GMC registration after completing plab 1 and plab 2.
    please i need this information urgently.. thank u

  4. Hello sir.
    I have completed my MBBS from China and also completed by 1year internship in Bangladesh under the supervision of my university in China. I do not have any permanent registration of any country. can I get full / provisional GMC registration after completing plab 1 and plab 2. I have my provisional certificate which is given by the China medical university.
    please answer my quarry sir. Thank you

  5. hello, really its an informative post, i have a query that i couldn’t able to remember my BM&DC signature, how can i get it?

    1. Ask at the BMDC office, they should be able to find your application with your BMDC reg number.

  6. Tanvir Faisal Rakin

    Hello Ibrahim
    Thanks for your wonderful effort to help us..I have a query regarding CGS..I’ve been in govt. job since a month..So is there anything particular that I need to do while applying for CGS ?..THNX.

  7. Hello, I have a query regarding the application for Letter concerning holding provisional registration during the internship. I do not have any copy of my provisional registration certificate, so I don’t know what was my provisional registration number and when it was issued, as I handed over my provisional certificate while taking the main certificate. What should I do now?

    1. It can be a simple “to whom it may concern” heahed letter stating your name and job title and saying your performance was satisfactory/good/bad etc

  8. Hello Ivan,
    My friend who is a Nepali and has been registered in Nepal medical council had completed MBBS and internship in Bangladesh. During the 1 year period of his internship he had been to Nepal for 27 days to sit for nepal medical council licensing exam. Later, he compensated for the 27 days of internship period after his formal date of internship completion. The problem is he was granted for the provisional license for internship only for 1 year and the additional 1 month he worked as an intern(compensating his leave) was after the expiry of his provisional date. So what supporting documents do you suggest we need to provide to Gmc in this case?
    Also….. BMDC would not help as he does not have a permanent registration with BMDC so they replied him that they cannot issue any letter for him.
    Thank you in advance

        1. How come the hospital allowed it without extending his provisional reg?
          Anyways, the only way is to get that BMDC letter of internship with correct dates matching with his internship

  9. Emran Khandker

    I have passed mbbs in 2014 and completed my internship from Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College in 2015. I have bmdc registration certificate and intern completion certificate also. Hence,do I need to apply for bmdc letter of internship??

    1. Yes, as your internship certificate might not mention the provisional registration that you held with BMDC during your internship.

  10. Tanvir Faisal Rakin

    hello bro..your blog is of immense help for me..i wanna know a simple thing..while applying for CGS or other applications, do i need to provide handwritten form of them or just print out using your templates and put my real signature on them ?

  11. Is there any template available for the performance certificate I need to obtain from my last employment authority??
    Thank you in advance!!

    1. Not really any template. The duration of your work, you post and how you did not have any complain and how it was satisfactory and all.

  12. Hi Ibrahim,
    Firstly,this is a very informative post to say the least and thank you so much for all your effort. I am from a medical college in Bangladesh and from 2009-10 session. Post Internship I have done honorary work in DMC and also worked as a MO in a medical center involved in general health check-up for employees aspiring to move to the Middle-East. I already attained a experience certificate from both employers. My questions are the following:
    1) Do I need individual CGS or character certificates from the above mentioned employers?
    2) Do I need anything else from my employers to assist in the application of CGS from the BM&DC ?
    3) Can I get my Character certificate (Mentioned in your point no. 3) signed by my Assistant Professor in my Medical College and Hospital?
    Thank you.

    1. We are glad that our blog is helping.
      1) No. If you had done all the work while being registered by BMDC. Your CGS from BMDC is covering all that work.
      2) If those employers are medical work, you don’t need anything other than CGS from BMDC (as BMDC is responsible for your medical work in Bangladesh)
      3) Yes, it can be signed for the purpose of getting CGS. I got it signed by my registrar. Any first class gazetted officer can sign it for you.

  13. Hello. As always a very informative post. I have query, by performance certificate does it mean work experience. I have been working in a hospital for 7 month now & I can easily obtain a work experience. Will that work?

    1. Yes. A headed letter from your hospital signed from stating your duration of work and how there is no evidence of immoral activity by you should work.

    2. Thanks a lot. I have another query. As I took my PLAB 1 during my internship, therefore I took 20 days off during internship to study for the exam. As a result I had to do an extension of 20 days after completing internship to get sign in my logbook. Therefore, though my internship ended on 8th June 2018 & this date is mentioned in my certificate but my certificate was issued on 12th July 2018 after I submitted them my logbook that is after doing extension. Will this diffence in ending date of internship & issue date of certificate cause any problem during GMC registration? Will they ask for excuse/reason? Though I did take off for few days but it was for a valid reason & I also did extension for that. Kindly need your opinion here. Thank u.

      1. If your certificate says it ended on 8th June, 2018, you mention everywhere it ended on 8th june. The delay in issuing should not matter.

  14. I am DR> MILTON BARUA, MBBS 2005, FCPS medicine 2016, MD endocrinology 2018, MRCP part 1 and 2 in 2017, got MTI sponsorship from Edinburgh for 2 years, they will give me post grad diploma certificate, by that can i apply for licencing in Australia? Now what should i do start my journey to UK, should i complete my paces or go for plab for early UK job? please give a good suggestion even suitable post grad study i can proceed to in near future.

    1. If you have an MTI post, you should have applied for GMC registration via sponsorship Pathway, you don’t need to take any PLAB to get GMC registration.
      Read more here,
      After your MTI is over, you can look for non-training jobs in the NHS and the trusts will apply for your Tier 2 Certificate of sponsorship. With that you can continue to work in the UK.
      I’m not sure whether AMC will approve this, you can ask in relevant facebook groups or forums.

  15. Is it must to be signed by the applicant ? Im currently in UK, just appeared plab 2 2 weeks back.I need to collect this CGS for my clinical attachment as soon as possible. My sister will try to apply for me at bmdc.but is it must to be signed by me..

  16. Hello Ibrahim,

    Will you be able to advise in this matter or know anyone who had this similar issue and received GMC registration. My provisional registration with BM&DC started 3 months after I started my internship.

    Thank you

    1. Hi,
      For your duration of internship, you may be asked to get consultant form filled. like this,
      Or maybe a letter from BM&DC.
      I haven’t heard any from Bangladesh. But from Other countries which was resolved by getting the consultant form and / or the letter from BM&DC.

      1. Mohammed Akif Bin Halim

        I have the same problem. My internship started 6 days before getting provisional certificate. How did you solve this problem? please help. Thanks

        1. You should state those 6 days were completely in observational capacity rather than medical capacity as you were waiting for provisional registration paperwork to come through.

  17. Dr. Fatema Mohammad Alam

    Hi Ibrahim……..Great job with the website and all the information you are providing for us….it is highly appreciated.
    Could you elaborate a bit more on what a performance certificate is and give a sample template of it if possible and does training from accredited institutions or Post Graduate coursework (residency) count to get a performance certificate…….if so who will officially provide them.

    Another question I have is that if i prepare all the papers needed to apply for “CGS and BM&DC letter of Internship” 6 months to 1 year beforehand…….. and if they are dated this far back will it be a problem when i submit the papers to BMDC for the 2 mentioned documents when i need them …..for example if the character certificate is backdated 1 year will it be a problem when i apply to BMDC.
    Thank you in advance

    1. Thank you for your kind words.
      Performance certificate can be just a letter from your employer, in their letterhead, stating since when you are working there and at what post and how are you doing, signed and sealed by your supervisor.
      I do think BM&DC might not be okay with it. if you keep everything ready just print out/ put the date later on. As tge certificate of good standing has only 3 months validity for GMC registration so keep in mind you need to follow a plan.
      Further documentation here:

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