The Medical Training Initiative (MTI) is a national scheme designed to allow a small number of doctors to enter the UK from overseas for a most of 24 months, so that they can benefit from training and development in NHS services before returning to their home countries. The scheme is made with the coalition among the Royal Colleges, Trusts, Deaneries and Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC) along with their overseas relationships.

What are the benefits of MTI?

  • You are getting the specialty training for 2 years under a qualified NHS consultant and on top of that a postgraduate diploma- Diploma in UK Medical Practice (DipUKMP) will be awarded after the completion if you are sponsored by Royal Colleges. If you are sponsored by your country/third-party, in place of that diploma, you will receive a training completion certificate.
  • In addition to receiving up to 24 months of specialised medical training, doctors on the MTI have also can attend a variety of workshops and seminars, gain fellowship to their relevant medical college and in some instances, sit their Medical Royal College Part 2/final examination.
  • You will be getting a sponsored GMC registration so technically you won’t have to go through any hoops of examinations just for GMC registration (like PLAB) before getting into Medical Training Initiative (MTI) in the UK.
  • You may also earn the salary of the equivalent doctor in the UK if you’re not funded otherwise.

The process of getting into the MTI

Before going into detail whether you are eligible to apply for the Medical Training Initiative in the UK, I want you to understand the complexity of the process. The role of certain organizations need to be clarified first:

General Medical Council (GMC)

They give the doctor full registration with a license to practice on the basis of a GMC approved sponsor. This is the third way a doctor can get registered, with the first being passing the PLAB exams, and the second having an approved postgraduate qualification. Please keep in mind that if anybody tells you that you can practice in the UK without GMC registration, they are lying. 

Medical Royal Colleges

They assess the people whether they are eligible for the MTI posts. They also urge the trusts and deaneries to make more Medical Training Initiative (MTI) posts in the UK.

Trusts and  Deaneries

They work to find out which posts can be filled with MTI individuals without affecting the UK trainees, and also may help in finding individuals if they have overseas relationships. Trusts are where you’re actually will be working and trained under the Deanery (now LETBs).

Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC)

The Academy works with UKVI to issue a certificate of sponsorship (CoS) which will get you GMC registration and a TIER 5 visa. They are the one pulling all the strings in the Medical training initiative (MTI) scheme in the UK.

I am interested. Am I eligible?

Good question! In February 2018, Health Education of England (HEE) and AoMRC has set new standards for the MTI.

Each Royal College has their own set of entry requirements. For the purpose of discussion Royal College of Physicians, London has been chosen. I would advise you to go through the Royal College website for your choice of specialty. Links are at the end of this post.

Entry Requirements by Royal College of Physicians, London

As for Royal College of Physicians (RCP), criteria for application (ALL must be fulfilled):

  • You must hold a primary medical qualification recognised by the GMC and verified by EPIC.
  • You need to have a postgraduate qualification (MRCP (UK) part 1, MD, or other higher degree in medicine or a medical sub-specialty).
  • You must have 3 years of post-qualification experience (including 1 year’s internship and at least 1 year in the specialty where you intend to train whilst in the UK).
  • You must have been in clinical practice for 3 out of the last 5 years including the 12 months prior to GMC registration having being granted. There should be no gaps in employment. Please note that the GMC does not consider clinical observerships as clinical practice. It is important that you remain in clinical practice throughout the application process.
  • You must possess the skills, competencies and understanding of medicine at least equivalent to a UK graduate at the end of their CMT.
  • The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) cannot sponsor doctors who have failed the PLAB test.

EPIC verification will also be required to individuals applying for GMC Registration after June 11, 2018. To know more about how to verify your primary medical qualification, please read about ‘EPIC’ for GMC Registration.

Other requirements:

  1. A valid IELTS/OET.
  2. You must be able to provide a certificate of good standing (CGS) from the regulatory body in the countries where you have practiced in the last 5 years. The CGS must confirm all of the following:
    • You are authorized to practice medicine in the relevant country.
    • You have not at any stage been disqualified, suspended, or prohibited from practicing medicine.
    • The regulatory authority is not aware of any matters that raise doubts about your good standing.
      Keep in mind that the CGS must be no more than 3 months old when it is submitted.

The Application Process for MTI (at RCP, London)

If you fulfill all of the eligibility criteria, you will need to email your CV and the completed initial form to They tend to respond within ten working days.

1. Application

Once your CV and initial form have been received, the supervising consultant in the UK will be contacted to confirm the details of your post. An application pack will then be sent to you. You should complete the application form and send it with all of the following documents:

  • Sponsor form (form will be provided by the RCP) – this form needs to be completed by your consultant or head of department in your home country.
  • Two reference forms (forms will be provided by the RCP)
  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your IELTS certificate or details of exemption from the IELTS
  • Copies of your medical qualifications
  • Translations of your medical qualifications if they are not in English
  • Letter from the dean of the medical school from which you graduated
  • Copy of certificate of good standing
  • Initial fee of £100

2. Interview

If you get shortlisted after this submission you will interviewed. The UK consultant will submit the following documents:

  • Detailed job description and timetable/rota
  • Interview notes
  • Confirmed offer of employment
  • A completed Trust form (form provided by the RCP)
  • A letter to support the post from the training program director or regional specialty adviser
  • A completed MTI Tier 5 application form (if applicable)

3. Assessment of the application

When all the necessary documents have been assessed, your application will be sent to a panel for assessment, which usually takes up to 10 working days. If your application is successful, you will receive a letter via email confirming this, which will also provide instruction to begin the GMC registration process and instruction to pay the RCP appointment fee.

4. GMC registration & ID Check

You will then need to complete the GMC online registration process through the sponsorship route. Copies of relevant documents requested will be sent directly to the GMC by the RCP together with a certificate of sponsorship. The GMC has a fee that is separate to the RCP sponsorship fee.

Once the registration process is complete, the GMC will send you an email inviting you to attend the compulsory identity check. You will need to go to the GMC’s office along with your original documents. The GMC will take a photograph of you to keep for their records. Full registration will not be granted until this identity check has been completed.

5. UK Visa Sponsorship for Medical Training Initiative (MTI)

If you require a Tier 5 visa, then you will need to forward the GMC ID check invitation email to the RCP in order to enable them to apply for the Tier 5 certificate of sponsorship. This is because GMC registration is a requirement for the Tier 5 visa.

TIER 5 visa application

The Medical Training Initiative (MTI) scheme falls under the Tier 5 government authorized exchange visa, which is specifically designed for doctors coming to the UK to train for a maximum of 24 months. For a Tier 5 MTI visa, evidence regarding your post to the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (the official visa sponsor) will need to be provided once the GMC has approved your application in order to get your Tier 5 certificate of sponsorship (CoS) issued.

From 1 April 2017, CoSs will be issued according to the following priority:

1. DFID 28 priority countries – 5 working days
2. Low and lower-middle income countries – 2 weeks
3. All other countries – subject to availability

Once your Tier 5 CoS has been issued, it is your responsibility and cost to apply for the Tier 5 visa via website.

Fees for Medical Training Initiative (MTI) UK

There is an initial fee payable when the application pack is submitted. Once approved for sponsorship there is an appointment fee. Payment can be made by cash (in person on arrival), cheque/bank draft, or bank transfer. Cheques or bank drafts can be posted and should be made payable to the Royal College of Physicians. Bank details will be provided in the application pack.

  • Initial fee (non-refundable): £100
  • Appointment fee: £700

Medical Training Initiative (MTI) Pathway of GMC registration

The Medical Training Initiative (MTI) process in the UK can be briefly understood from the flowchart below:

Pros & Cons of MTI UK

Medical Training Initiative (MTI) in the UK is made for “Brain Gain not Brain Drain” – the scheme is made to improve healthcare by training foreign doctors for a period of time. Even though they can’t prevent from doctors wishing to settle and continue to work in the UK (with a separate visa and separate employer) after their MTI is over, from royal college’s perspective it is discouraged as it defeats the aim of the whole scheme.

Pros of medical training initiative (MTI)

  • You aren’t required to go through any other exam to complete your Full GMC registration. You are getting it sponsored and it doesn’t go away.
  • You will be in a training post with a designated Education supervisor (a UK consultant) who will guide you how to get everything done.
  • You will be paid as per the pay scale
  • You can bring your dependants with you

Cons for medical training initiative (MTI)

  • Firstly, MTI posts may not be available for your chosen specialty.
  • Your stay in a tier 5 visa will not be counted towards indefinite leave to remain (ILR) or british citizenship.
  • If you come via your country’s college, you may have other restrictions.
  • The process is not pass/fail exam thus it takes considerable amount of time and a lot of paperwork from various places.
  • The overall challenge of settling into a new system without being properly induced can prove to be difficult during initial months.

So how do I apply for the specialty I want?

Different specialties must be applied for via their respective Royal College. If your specialty does not fall under the list of Medical Royal College below, please contact the MTI team at the Academy at They will be able to advise you further.

To conclude, if you are looking to move to the UK and make a career as a doctor here, MTI is not for you. This post will not give you any extra advantage over other doctors who worked in the service posts (non-training) in the NHS before applying for core/specialty training. For senior doctors who already have full membership of a royal college, it will be  of little benefit for them from the perspective of career progression, but the doctors who are looking for UK experience prior to their part 2/final part of their Royal College Membership, MTI is beneficial.

As always, if at any point there is any error that needs to be corrected, please feel free to contact us.

Good luck!

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115 thoughts on “Medical Training Initiative (MTI) for IMGs”

  1. I have cleared PLAB 1 and waiting for my PLAB 2. But because of this pandemic it is getting delayed and is very uncertain when I can take PLAB 2. I want to settle in UK permanently.
    1. So if I get GMC registration through sponsorship route should I go for it?
    2. If I get GMC registration through sponsorship route shall I be eligible for CESR route for speciality registration in future?

    1. 1. GMC registration through sponsorship route is not temporary – it is the same registration you would get with PLAB, just the MTI job is temporary/fixed contract so is all other non-training jobs.
      2. After MTI job if you take a CCT training route, you can still obtain CCT.

      1. Thank you so much for your reply.
        Sorry I did not mention that I have finished my specialization (MS Ophtha) from India. I think I’m not eligible for CCT. I have to go through the CESR route for specialist register. So shall I be eligible for CESR route in future if I get registered with GMC through MTI route now?

        1. You don’t HAVE to. If you have not completed FRCOpth yet, you can still join a training post in the UK and be on the CCT route (provided you are eligible). Obviously that will mean you will have to start from the bottom again but CESR is also not a bad idea. To answer your question, how you got your GMC registration will have no effect on your CESR.

    1. In the UK family physicians are called GP (General practitioners). I don’t think royal college of GP runs any MTI programme.

  2. I have passed the part 1 national post graduate examination , though yet to round up my Post graduate studies ,in Nigeria.
    I wish to find out if With this i would be eligible for MTI

  3. Hi, I am an orthopaedic surgeon in India. I plan to give MRCS part B in order to join residency in UK, but due to the pandemic situation international MRCS part B has not been conducted. Is it advisable to opt for the MTI pathway and later switch midway to a residency training post? Will it affect my self assessment scoring ?

  4. I am a family physician trained in Nigeria. Is there an MTI opening or training that family physicians can fit into. Please kindly assist with any helpful information

  5. Alviya Shafique

    I am currently a psychiatry resident in Pakistan and have plans of doing my fellowship training from the UK. If I am selected via the MTI pathway and I give my MRCPsych Paper B/CASC while working there, can I continue with my fellowship plan (after completing the MTI program) or do I need to come back to my country and re-apply after some time?

    1. MTI program does not continue to further specialty training. To enter into psychiatry specialty training, you will have to apply and go through the recruitment process. If you can’t manage a new work visa (which you are supposed to get when you get into training) before your Tier 5 visa expires, you will have to leave the UK and re enter when your new visa starts. So plan ahead while you are in MTI to apply for training so that you get into training in the right time to avoid this.

      1. Alviya Shafique

        Thank you so much for a swift reply. Is it advisable though, to change your visa to Tier 2 and continue working in the UK afterwards? How does it look on the portfolio?

        1. On a tier 2 (which is skilled worker visa now) you are in your path to residency, so yes it is more advisable. Your portfolio and immigration status is not related at all.

  6. Hey,
    1)Could you please tell me at what time of the year one can apply for an MTI post? Can I apply at any time or there are specific deadlines?
    2) should I secure a job first and then contact the RCP or the RCP will advertise the jobs first and then I can apply?
    3) What are routes A and B for MTI application?
    Kindly help me with these questions
    Thank you

    1. 1. There are no specific deadlines. You will need to contact the specific royal college for specific guidance.
      2. Contacting RCP would be the first step in my opinion.
      3. Route A – is where candidates have identified their own posts (honorary or paid posts) through their personal contacts. Route B – is where the RCP directly recruits candidates into posts that have been submitted by Trusts in the
      UK. I think for route A you need to have contacts with the trust who have created an MTI post for you.

      1. Thank you. Just one thing, I have four years of experience in internal medicine after med school but the experience is not of training with any postgraduate training body like CPSP in Pakistan rather it’s a general experience like medical officer. Will it be accepted for mi application. I meet all the other criteria but I’m confused regarding experience.

        1. Clinical experience does not necessarily have to only training. If you can collect evidence to prove your employment as a medical officer from the hospital, it should be admissible as a clinical experience as well.

  7. Hello, I am a internal medicine resident in Pakistan for last 2 years, which specialities are available as MTI by rcp London for me ?

  8. Hey,

    I’m a general surgeon from India looking for some fellowships in breast oncoplasty. I intend to do a short stint and then get back. Hence, I thought MTI could be an option.

    1. If I would like to go back later and think about settling down in the UK, will having done an MTI post be a hindrance?
    2. Does my GMC registration stay active in only for the duration of the MTI post or lifelong?
    3. Who do I write to, to enquire about GMC sponsorship? I got a list of trusts from the GMC website. Should I write to the trusts or RCS?
    4. At present with MRCS getting held back, will MTI be a better option than waiting to clear MRCS A and B.


    1. 1. MTI will not be a hindrance for you to come back and work, rather it will be seen as UK work experience.
      2. Your registration stays as long as you pay the annual fees. To keep your license to practice active you will have to go through re-validation. Read more about GMC appraisal and re-validation here.
      3. I would start with RCS first for MTI posts. They must have a dedicated email which you can find in the specific page in their website.
      4. At present. MTI application is even more held back than PG and licensing exams.

  9. Mohammad Hiflan

    My plan is to come under MTI Scheme and complete MRCOG within 2 years. Then go back to home country and get Tier 2 visa and a job. Can I be a consultant from CESR CP pathway by this method? I’m not sure how to proceed with CESR CP. ( I want to ahead with CESR CP rather than CESR because I’m getting CCT from CESR CP now)

    1. The eligibility to apply for CESR-CP in OBGYN:

      – Have been appointed to the approved speciality training programme and have been awarded a national training number (NTN).
      – Appointed to a level above ST1 (for which you have to show your alternative competencies)
      – Will not have the minimum duration of four years approved training on completion, and will therefore be counting non-GMC-approved posts towards their training
      – Have successfully completed all curriculum competencies of the RCOG training programme and have been issued with an Outcome 6.

      To translate all of this, you have to join a UK OBGYN Training programme and get an NTN in order to be eligible for CESR-CP. With your experience you can get alternative competencies signed off which will allow to apply in positions higher than ST1. Pelase read this article – Specialty Training in OBGYN (O&G) in the UK

  10. Hi, Kindly help me with a doubt. I got a job through MTI now and am currently in the process of applying for GMC registration. I was told by my trust HR to join the post by march april. My current job in my home country, I am planning to resign this month. So will this gap from february to till my GMC is completed and I can join new post, be a problem? Or should I cobtinue working till I get GMC done?

  11. I am a dermatologist & completed my MD. If I want to go through the MTI pathway, then which Royal college should I choose?

  12. I am getting Travelling Fellowship in Gastroenterology for 3 yrs(one year home country and two years in the UK).After graduation,I worked in my home country for two and half years already,now moving into training of one year.As it doesnt offer acaedemic degree,I want to along with MRCP exams during these three years period including PACES in the UK.So my question is at what grade will I get into after that I apply for Tier 2 visa after completion of fellowship 2 years traning in the UK and completion of MRCP during MIT training ?Is it ST1/ST2/ST3 ?

    1. The level of the job is dependent on the specific job that you will be applying for. It doesn’t matter what your past credentials are. If you apply for an FY2 level job, you will start as an FY2 level doctor. If you apply for an ST3 level job, you will start as an ST3 level doctor. It’s as simple as that.

      With your experience it makes sense to apply for ST3 level or registrar level jobs. Read more here – How to find a Job in the NHS

      1. The trust that offers me the post , did not accept to register through MTI , and said that our post is speciality post and withdraw my offer .
        Very disappointed by that .
        Despite mailed them and explaining that in my nhs.job profile it was clearly stated that I’m eligible to get gmc registration through MTI pathway.

        1. Was the job advertised as an MTI post by the trust? If it wasn’t then how can you expect they can give you that?

      2. I got a job offere which was a permanent and speciality post , the hospital withdrawed my post offer as it said that the post is not for MTI , although I clearly stated in my nhs.profile that I’m eligible to get gmc registration through MTI pathway.
        Now very disappointed.

        1. It not what you mention. It’s what the job post you applied for. If the job you applied for is not an MTI post, then you can’t get it through MTI pathway.

  13. Thank u for the detailed information.
    I have a query, I have completed MD PHARMACOLOGY from India but I couldn’t find any post for the same branch.
    So, can I switch to other speciality MTI openings??

  14. Hello, I need help with some questions while filling on NHS jobs website
    Have your Foundation Programme 1 competencies been formally signed off?
    Yes or NO
    Have your Foundation Programme 2 competencies been formally signed off?
    Yes or No
    I am a graduate and done Mrcp 1 with a experience of 5 years from India applying through MTI route.

  15. Hello Dr Ibreez and Dr Ibrahim,
    You both are awesome, helping many IMG by clearing their genuine doubts. I am having one doubt as mentioned on RCP website and AoMRC website for MTI that they support tier4 visa candidates. So exactly how they do? I cleared my MRCP part 1 and OET with 3 years experience. Presently pursuing PGDip Internal Medicine in the UK and simultaneously doing clinical telemedicine practice with some organisation at my country ( as involved in clinical practice till date). Someone suggested me to go with route A MTI. In this scenario, I am eligible for the MTI Post?

  16. Thank you for this wonderful wonderful post! God bless you
    I am an IMG(MD Obgyn) with some international experience in the form of fellowships. I want to work in the UK eventually! But I am in the process of writing my MRCOG Part 2 ( currently delayed due to the pandemic). I was also planning to apply for MTI this year
    My question was, which is a better way of finding a job in UK
    Clearing MRCOG and then applying for SpR/ST posts
    Applying for MTI to get into the system and then.. finding jobs?
    If you could please clarify 🙂 Thanks

    1. MTI posts are jobs, and that too government-backed training initiatives. But if your target is to work in the UK long term, then MTI is not a good choice.

      1. I see, Thank you so much.
        Yes I do want to work long term and I guess what I wanted to know is..
        Is it easier to shift to a long term job after MTI(completing MRCOG in the meanwhile) or is it easier to find jobs after completing MRCOG in home country?

        1. MTI takes a long time and there is a considerable amount of uncertainty with it as well. And given COIVD pandemic many royal colleges are not proceeding with MTI applications these days. So, aiming for a firm route of getting GMC registration is much wiser, in my opinion.

        2. You are kind. Please share our articles and videos with your friends and colleagues to help them as well.

  17. How to fill the box ‘Details of post in UK’ in the initial application form? I’m applying so that they can find me a post. How could i possibly know the details of the post?

    1. Are you talking about Tier 5 sponsorship application form found in the AoMRC website? You have to fill that form once you have an MTI post from a royal college or NHS trust.

      1. No. I’m talking about the initial form that is to be sent alongwith our CV to royal college for MTI post.
        Is this to be done AFTER we have got a job?
        If yes, where am i supposed to search for an MTI job? Royal colleges aren’t advertising anything at the moment and NHS job shows o ly 2 results if i seach with ‘MTI’ as key word.

        1. If the royal colleges and NHS trusts are not advertising MTI at the moment then chances are the whole scheme is at a pause.

  18. Hi Ivan, thanks for the great write-up. My question is if i do the fellowship training for 1 year in the UK by receiving a scholarship from my country and apply the GMC via the MTI will I get paid as i have declared about the scholarship?

  19. Dr Biswanath Das

    I am postgraduate MD Anaesthesia…MRCP 1 as well .I wish to switch to Internal medicine or critical care.which specifically I am eligible to apply.

  20. kevin koshy george

    Am i allowed to apply for mti posts via the royal colleges ? Or is it possible to try to look for a job via the main website..
    If it’s the latter, what posts am I eligible when trying to look for a job in the NHS website.. I have finished my post graduation in the field of anesthesiology.

    1. Some MTI jobs are also advertised in the NHS jobs site but you can also apply the Royal College.
      It will say that it is an “MTI” job in the NHS jobs site. Not all jobs thereare MTI jobs.

  21. Hi, thanks for your elaborated information.
    I am pediatrician planning to join middle grade job in October. It would be grateful if you can address my concerns
    1. My wife will be giving interview for MTI, will it ( my tier 2 visa Job) be disadvantage for her that they (interview panel) assume that She will not go back to home country after finishing MTI?
    2. I think MTI can not be joined on Tier 2 dependent visa. Is it so?

    1. Will she be already on a Tier 2 dependent visa? Then her application might not be approved.
      MTI is made for doctors to come from a developing country to get advantage from the UK NHS training.

      1. Nope she is not on tier 2 visa. my query if she tell that her husband will be coming on tier 2 visa will that help her or can go in other way during interview?

  22. Mostafa Abdelghany abdelrahim abdelkareem

    Hello thank you for your great post
    Does this mean 2 years after my internship
    Or three years after internship

  23. Nahush Chafekar

    Hi, I have just completed MD (internal medicine) from India and I want to do a speciality course in Nephrology, so would the MTI route be better for GMC registration or the PLAB route ? Better in the sense which one would be quicker ? As studying for the PLAB again requires some months, Also, if I go through the MTI route I would try to clear MRCP parts 1/2 and PACES in all that time, then am I eligible to apply for Nephrology residency ? I am still confused about the roadmap, please guide me regarding the same, thanks in advance

  24. Kiruthiga Sankaranarayanan

    Can I use uk naric English language proficiency statement for MTI process instead of oet / ielts ?

  25. How does the GMC verify that a candidate has worked for 3 out of the last 5 years and the last 12 months which is a requirement for MTI? Does it require any document as a proof?

    1. You would be asked to provide your last 5 years of professional experience. It’s up to GMC how they verify that. They may give you a form to get it filled and sent by your employer for your stated period.

    1. There are three routes to get GMC registration:
      1. PLAB
      2. Accepted PG qualification
      3. Sponsored path like MTI.
      Choose whichever you feel comfortable with and see yourself progressing.

  26. Lekan Adeoti

    Hallo. If someone has a Plab 2 and also planning to do MTI, hoping to complete the membership exams within that time frame. Will MTI be of benefit in his career progression to becoming a fellow in the UK

    1. If you’ve already cleared PLAB 2, why not just get GMC registration with it and then proceed to work in the UK?

      1. Thank you for the response. Can someone move to core training(like the real training position) after about 6 mnts of MTI

        1. Thank you.Is CESR recognised in other countries since this is what is attainable without starting from CT1.

        2. You don’t have to start from CT1. Depending on the specialty, you can start from ST3-4.

  27. Umme Salma Salma

    I have done MBBS and FCPS in Psychiatry can l apply for MTI after completing MRCP part 1 and IELTS
    Is MBBS from any country recognized
    What is the minimum score for IELTS….

    1. MBBS has to be approved. Your medical college needs to be in
      As you’re requiring IELTS for getting GMC registration in this pathway, it is the same for PLAB pathway. 7.5 in all (minimum 7.0 separately in each module)

  28. Kiruthiga Sankaranarayanan

    Hi . My doubt is , can I switch from tier 5 to tier 2 visa after tier 5 visa expiry ? If so , how long should I wait ? I am working as triage incharge in a Govt medical college in India . I am a general surgeon as well as emergency medical officer ! I am preparing for MRCS. So if I do MTI , get GMC registration, meanwhile do MRCS before I start my MTI , get tier 5 visa work for 2 years , come back to India after visa expiry ! Now can I apply for permanent job in uk with MRCS and tier 2 visa ?? Am I eligible??

    1. Say you have got into an MTI post. Your have:
      1. GMC Full registration (which stays with you even after MTI expiry)
      2. Tier 5 Visa (which expires after 2 years)
      While you are nearing the expiry of your Tier 5 visa, you should look for jobs in the NHS which will award you a CoS for Tier 2 visa. If you can manage a CoS at the end of your Tier 5 expiry or even after going back home, you can apply for Tier 2 visa and start working in the UK again.

      1. Proceeding further with the same query. I think she also wants the same query answered.
        What are the chances for getting a COS for tier 2 after completion of MTI training.
        As I am already having proper placement in home country, and have to resign from current positions to go for MTI training.. A questing comes again and again in mind weather its just a wild goose chase or is it really going to be a step in direction of permanent placement.
        Thanks in advance

        1. There are jobs available to apply for, so it all comes down to your being vigilant towards the end of your Tier 5 and applying accordingly. I know of many who have come on MTI and later switched to a Tier 2 working visa.

  29. Asad ullah Jadoon

    Hi . I’m dr Asad ullah…Conscise information regarding the whole process…
    My queries are :
    1. I am Pakistani resident doing postgraduate residency FCPS in surgery
    2. Am I eligible for the MTI scheme
    3. How I can apply for the said scheme.
    Thank you
    Dr asad ullah jadoon
    Resident general surgery
    Fcps -II

    1. Have you read the above post?
      1. It has eligibility criteria written there (or linked)
      2. It also has the process of application (or linked)
      Please follow the appropriate links and find information which is already there.

  30. Hi, thanks for your elaborated information. I have completed MRCP part 2 written. If I finish MRCP part 2 clinical part, suppose within 6 months/1 year while in MTI course, can I switch my job post or Tier 5 visa to Tier 2? That means what are the opportunities of a MRCP holder who is in MTI scheme.

    1. You would have to finish your tier 5 duration. Get a job who will sponsor your Tier 2. Go back to your country and apply for Tier 2.
      Being in MTI will give you GMC registration, that will still hold after your Tier 5 is over.

    1. It highly depends on the specific post in the trust. There is no general rota for MTI doctors. Your pay will depend on the level you will be working. Generally you would be appointed as ST3 or above. You can have an idea of pay here, A doctor’s pay in the UK.

  31. Hi,
    1. Will I get lifelong GMC registration if I am selected through MTI scheme or is it a provisional registration of 2 years?
    2. If it is permanent registration, can I apply for jobs in UK again after coming back to my country after 2 years? Or do I have to clear PLAB/MRCP to get future jobs?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. MTI registration is FULL registration. And Full registration never expires if there is no reason for erasure. The “license to practice”, on the other hand is subject to re-validation, if you do not work in the UK for a long a time, you are expected to not hold a licence to practice as you can’t be re-validated every 5 years.
      For re-instating license to practice you won’t have to take up exams again, you will just have to send GMC some required documents.


    hello, Ivan, greetings for writing such an illuostrous article to help people like me.
    What are the job prospect in uk after doing MTI for indian md specialist without MRCP or Plab.

  33. Hii im a paediatrician who has completed my MD paediatrics and my wife is doing MS ENT . Both of us wanted to get into speciality training in the UK. Which route is better, PLAB or MTI ?

    1. With your Master’s degrees done, you have a possibility of getting into MTI if you tick all the other stipulations. You can give a try for that if you feel that you fulfill all the eligibility criteria. Otherwise, PLAB is always the quicker and easier route to get GMC registration.

  34. the 700 Pounds paid for appointment ? which appointment ? Royal college sponsoring registration? or visa ?

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