Shopping on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

The holiday season is the best time to shop if you’re smart about it. There are deals to be found and money to be saved if you know when, how, and where to look.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday, typically a month before Christmas, is the fourth Friday of November, so this year mark your calendar for November 25th. The following Monday, November 29th, is known as Cyber Monday, when you can expect great deals for all thing electronic.

Where should I look for deals?

Amazon UK

Amazon. But were you really surprised? Amazon has made themselves a force to be reckoned with come the holiday season, especially since many of us would rather stay inside on a blustery winter morning rather than face the crowds and insanity (not to mention the cold weather!) of holiday shopping.  And if you’re not already a member, look into a free one month trial of Prime. You can cancel even before the time runs out, and you’ll still receive all the benefits associated with Prime, such as 1 day free shipping, access to movies, music, etc.


Argos. In competition with Amazon, Argos is vying to provide you everything you’d every want at your fingertips. While they don’t offer the same level of speedy delivery and guarantees that come with Amazon, you may just find a better deal in your quest for cheaper shopping.

Curry’s PC World

Curry’s PC World. Electronics, appliances, and other gadgets to make your life easier can be found here. They even have sim free phones.

John Lewis

John Lewis. Shopping for home? Check. Garden? Check. Family? Check. Fitness? Check. Computers and televisions? Check check.

Many high end retailers will also send out their Black Friday deals and brochures closer to the date, so you can set your eyes on just what you want and then ensure you get the best deal. Shops like Boots, Debenhams, Superdrug, Marks & Spencers, Next, Topshop, etc will likely inundate your mailbox with offers.

How to shop smart?

Good question. In this day and age of wonderful technology, there are so many extensions and sites to help ensure you aren’t spending more than you should. There are even some sites that will give you cashback by just using their search bar. No strings attached. So let’s list a few helpful links:

Camelcamelcamel works by tracking Amazon prices for you, so that you know for sure that the price shown is an actual deal. It even allows you to set a price watch on certain items you’re interested in so that you know when it falls to a price you’re willing to pay.

Fakespot will sniff out any fake reviews on Amazon, TripAdvisor, and Yelp pages to make sure you’re hearing the truth about the products you’re interested in.

Honey is a great extension which will search for discount codes, promos, and potential better deals elsewhere. It’s an excellent resource to ensure you’re getting the best price.

Topcashback is an affiliate site which will pay you a set percentage back for different websites when you search for them via their search bar. So all you need to do is search for whatever retailer you are interested in buying from and seeing the deals they’ve got for that site. It’s win-win for everyone.

What are the hot buys in 2021?

What’s on my list?

I like to check out what NHS discounts I can get for a variety of electronics like desktops, monitors, keyboards, and CPUs. Any camera accessories are also something I am on the lookout for as we are always trying to upgrade our equipment for our YouTube channel.

Or better yet, check out Amazon’s full list of Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals. Don’t forget to sign up for Prime so that you can partake in the lightning deals they offer.

Happy shopping (and saving)!