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  1. So, some of my seniors have successfully opened a Monzo Account using their visitor visa during PLAB 2. But I was denied one while mentioning similar details but I feel the reason is that they have just made recent changes to their policy of not allowing individuals on a Visitor Visa to open an account with them. So is there a way around it? Are there any digital banks that allow visitors to open an account?

    1. You can see other online banks but I think you might need a proof of address regardless to open a bank account.

  2. Can I open abank account without a BRP?
    My visa issued is for 5 months only and BRPs are only given if the visa is for 6 months or more. The visa sticker in my passport serves as my residence permit.

    1. If that is your visa, then you should be able to. Unfortunately, this only can be answered by the bank employees.

  3. Hi Good Day
    Very informative post.
    Can you include your spouse’s name in the bank account/ can you open a joint account using the introduction letter from your hospital? Thanks

    1. Thank you. I would say it can vary from bank to bank a lot. I would suggest you to go to the bank you’re interested in and have a sit-down and discuss what is needed to open a joint account.

  4. HI, thankyou for this info!
    Is it possible to open a Bank Account in the UK while in the UK on a visit visa? Or even through online from our home country, before getting a job in the UK??

    1. No. To open a bank account in the UK you have to be a resident. But whether they let you traveller’s account it varies from bank to bank and their discretion.

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