For some of us starting the road to UK, we wonder about how to bring our families with us. One cannot think to plan for the future without knowing that they are providing and safeguarding their kith and kin. So let’s now discuss about applying for your dependants to stay in the UK.

First of all, who can be considered a dependent?

Who are the dependents?

A ‘dependant’ is any of the following:

  • your husband, wife, or partner
  • your child under 18
  • your child over 18 if they’re currently in the UK as a dependant

For your partner, you must be able to prove that either:

  • you’re in a civil partnership or marriage that’s recognized in the UK
  • If you are not married, you’ve been living together in a relationship for at least 2 years when you apply

If your child is 16 or over, they must:

  • live with you (unless they’re in full-time education at boarding school, college, or university)
  • not be married, in a civil partnership, or have any children
  • be financially supported by you

Unfortunately, your parents/siblings do not qualify as dependants, so you cannot apply for TIER 2 dependants visas for them. You can, however, apply for their visit visas, but that is for another post to discuss.

Continuing, what all is need in this application?

How to apply for a Tier 2 visa for dependants

The visa application process is almost the same as yours, the migrant. But remember to put the type of visa as dependant and don’t forget to mention their details in your own application.

Recently UKVI has transferred there service for applying all sorts of visa in GovUK website. For your visa, you select Tier 2 (General) in the visa type selection. Remember that, for your partner and children, the visa type is PBS Dependent – Partner visa & PBS Dependent – Child visa respectively.

  1. A separate online application in the GovUK website Just like your own, you have to apply for your dependants separately.
  2. Gathering required documents and submission at VAC As mentioned below, gather the supporting documents and show up at the visa application centre (VAC) in the appointment date made during the online application.
  3. Receiving the passport back with a vignette  If the application is approved, the passports of the dependants will also have a vignette during which they will have to travel in the UK. So, it’s wise to apply for your and your dependents’ visa together.
  4. Receiving Biometric Resident Permits while in the UK Follow the instructions in the letter that was given with the passport and that will tell you all you need to do to collect your dependants’ BRP while in the UK. Remember, your dependants have to collect their BRP themselves; you can’t collect on their behalf.

Documents needed for TIER 2 dependant visa

Maintenance / Personal savings

If your CoS has a tick “Y” in maintenance, you do not need to show any personal savings, neither for you, nor for your dependants.

Otherwise, you must show £630 for each dependent you are listing on your application. This requirement can be met by:

  • having savings of £630 which must have been held for at least three months prior to the date of application; or
  • the Tier 2 A-rated sponsor providing a written undertaking that, should it become necessary, it will maintain and accommodate the family member for a month.

Let’s assume you are coming to the UK with your spouse and 2 children. You must have £630 for your spouse and a further £630 for each child, in addition to the £945 required for your own application. In total, your family will require evidence that they hold £2835 in available funds (£630 x 3 = £1890 + £945).

If your dependants apply separately from you (the main applicant), they will need to have the necessary funds to meet the maintenance requirement or have a written undertaking from an A-rated Sponsor, unless you already had leave in a Tier 2 category, and when applying for your most recent period of Tier 2, leave was not required to show evidence of satisfying maintenance requirements.

You won’t need evidence of your savings if you have a:

Criminal Record certificate

Your dependants need to have criminal records certificate submitted with their visa application. Please read here to know about how to obtain criminal record certificate for tier 2 visa.

Proof of Relationship

You will need to provide proof of a relationship in order to proceed with the application:

Partners (including spouses and civil partners):

  • marriage or civil partnership certificates
  • bank statements
  • Council tax bills
  • medical registration documents
  • utility bills


  • full birth certificate showing both parents names

If you’re applying as a fiancé, fiancée or proposed civil partner

You must prove that:

  • any previous marriages or civil partnerships have ended
  • you plan to marry or become civil partners within 6 months of arriving in the UK

Note: you will not be able to work during your engagement. Keep in mind that if you are not married or in a civil partnership, you will need to provide documents to show that you have been living in a relationship akin to marriage/civil partnership for a period of at least two years – documents should therefore cover the whole of this period. Documents will only be accepted where they are from official sources such as utility bills or NHS registration.

TB Clearance Certificate

Another document you must provide in order to apply for a Tier 2 dependant visa is a test to determine if you are positive for tuberculosis. You’ll need to have a tuberculosis test if you’re coming to the UK for more than 6 months and are a resident of any of the following countries.

You’ll be given a chest x-ray to test for TB. If the result of the x-ray isn’t clear you may also be asked to give a sputum sample. If your test shows that you don’t have TB, you’ll be given a certificate which is valid for 6 months from the date of your x-ray. Include this certificate with your UK visa application.

You won’t need a TB test if any of the following apply:

  • you’re a diplomat accredited to the UK
  • you’re a returning UK resident and haven’t been away for more than 2 years
  • you lived for at least 6 months in a country where TB screening is not required by the UK, and you’ve been away from that country for no more than 6 months

I am bringing my children with me. Will they also require a TB test?

All children must see a clinician who will decide if they need a chest x-ray. Children under 11 will not normally have a chest x-ray taken.

You must take your child to an approved clinicand complete a health questionnaire. If the clinician decides your child doesn’t have TB, they’ll give you a certificate. Include this certificate with your child’s UK visa application.

My wife is pregnant. What are my options?

You can choose:

  • an x-ray with an extra shield to protect you and your unborn child in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters
  • a sputum test- there may be an extra fee and you could wait up to 8 weeks for results
  • to wait until after delivery

If you don’t want to be tested, you can use an x-ray taken within the last 3 months at a UK-approved screening clinic. Ask a clinician at an approved clinic to review your x-ray. If it’s accepted, the clinician will give you a certificate to send with your UK visa application.

Summary of the documents needed

Conditions of Stay as a Dependant

  • No recourse to public funds
  • No employment as a professional sportsperson (including as a sports coach)
  • No employment as a Doctor in training or Dentist in Training, unless you:
    • have obtained a primary degree in medicine or dentistry from a UK institution that is a UK recognized or listed body, or which holds a sponsor licence under Tier 4 of the Points Based System; or
    • are applying for leave to remain and have, or have last been granted, entry clearance, leave to enter or leave to remain that was not subject to a condition restricting your employment, whether that is employment as a Doctor or Dentist in Training or otherwise, and have been employed during that leave as a Doctor or Dentist in Training.

Children born while you’re in the UK

If you have children while you’re in the UK, you can apply for permission for them to stay. You must do this if you want to travel in and out of the UK with your child. When you apply you must send a full UK birth certificate showing the names of both of your child’s parents.

Training on the Dependant Visa

As such, you cannot work in a training post on a dependant visa. That being said, you can apply for a training post and apply for your own (independent/migrant) TIER 2 visa, but for that you would need to return to your home country, and it would reset the timeline for your Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). What that means is, you must be in the UK for 5 years before you can apply for an ILR, but if you switch from a dependant to an independent visa, that clock will start at day one all over again.

Is IELTS required?

No, IELTS is not required for TIER 2 dependant visa applications.

Do my dependants need to change visa if I change visas?

If the main migrant (i.e. you) changes employers, and is given a new CoS and TIER 2 visa, dependants do not have to apply with them to renew their BRPs/visas so long as they still have valid ones. Instead, the dependants can remain in the UK until the end of the validity period of their BRPs/visas. They can later apply for further extensions keeping in line with your visa.

Visa applications are always hectic. But, if you remain clam and think rationally, it is not that complicated. Good luck to you and your family!

Need further explanation?

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183 thoughts on “TIER 2 Visa Application for Dependants”

  1. Hello Ibrahim!
    My partner will be applying for a skilled worker visa and then I’ll be applying in a separate app. However, my visa is expiring in the country where I live now, therefore I’m thinking of applying from a neighboring country (but I’ll be on a tourist status). The dependent visa is like the visitor and the EEA family visa that could be done from any country? Because I’m in Europe and I don’t want to go back to South America just to apply now that my home country is on the red covid-19 list for the UK. Thanks.

    1. Dependent visas are resident visas – these are not like visitor visas. Nowhere in the guidance here it states that dependants have to apply from their country of origin, but generally that is the case as far as I knew. Please contact UKVI to confirm this.

  2. I recently came into the UK with tier 2 visa, I have 2 kids but unfortunately, after my application, I realized I didn’t see any part for dependents. I was having network issues during my application. I dont know what caused that and what I need to do

  3. Hi
    My husband is the main applicant on Tier 2 skilled worker visa, i am travelling along as dependent.
    My doubt is- as i am a MBBS doctor and preparing for PLAB or trying to get a job as FY1 .
    Would I be allowed as dependent or have to apply for visa again .?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. You will not be able to get into any training post on a dependent visa. When you get a training post, you will have to apply for your own visa again and your ILR clock for five years will reset.

      1. ‘’DEPENDENT Restricted work no Sportsperson’’
        This is the line mentioned on my Visa ,haven’t collected my BRP yet. As they did not mention Anything for doctor, do you think that make any difference or still its same and I won’t be allowed.

        1. You have a legal ground to apply for training if your visa (your BRP is your visa, the sticker on your passport is just a vignette) does not explicitly say that you can’t apply for ‘doctor in training’. So check your BRP when you get it.

  4. 1. Should not an issue.
    2. If your spouse does not in any work in any job that would require overseas criminal record check then it may not be necessary.
    3. That information should be there when you book your appointment, not all visa application centres process priority applications.

  5. My wife has the certificate of sponsorship(CoS) number and she is applying for a Skilled worker visa. We both are applying together for the UK Visa and will be travelling together.

    I am facing one issue while paying for IHS(Immigration health surcharge). On the IHS form, there is one field for entering “Visa Expiry Date” of my wife under “You’re joining or remaining with this person in the UK” section . Since she has not received the Visa yet(as we are applying together), could anyone please help me -what should I enter in this field as this is a mandatory field? This is blocking me to do payment for the IHS and hence the Visa process.

    I have selected the “Partner Dependent visa – PBS, Start-up, Innovator or Global Talent” option as a Visa type while filling the visa application.

    Really appreciate your help as soon as possible.

    1. Visa expiry date is the job end date as mentioned in their CoS. Hope you have figured it out by now.

  6. Denzil Dmello

    Hi there,
    For applying Tier 2 health and care worker dependent visa for husband and 2 children is it UK tenancy contract document mandatory for apply visa?
    Please advise.
    Many thanks .

    1. Where will they stay when they arrive here? You have to provide some sort of proof of your accommodation if not tenancy agreement.

  7. Hi! My husband has tier 2 visa and I have PBS dependant visa. My husband will be updating his visa with CoS from his new employer. I understand that as a dependent, I do not need to do anything at this stage as my visa is still valid for next 16 months, however because I am currently working with my pbs dependent visa status, will my husband’s change in visa impact my work status or in this situation, I need to update my visa too along with him. Also, when he changes employer, will the new visa be automatically extended for another 3 years and he will get new brp or the validity will still be same just the visa status be updated with new CoS.

    1. You don’t have to apply as long your visa is valid. He will get a visa according to his new CoS, not automatic 3 years.

  8. hello,
    i recently moved to Uk on health and care worker visa and got my brp. i will be joining work next week. I haven’t opened a bank account yet. In my COS it was given N in giving maintenance for migrant or dependent but in sponsor note they added they will give maintenance for migrant. I recently got married and want to apply for my dependent. I wanted to know do i need to show minimum amount from my account or his? do i have to wait 3 months to apply for him?
    thank you

    1. If you had a sponsor note with your CoS, you could’ve applied for their visa with you. And no you don’t need to show a minimum amount.

      1. Hi thanks for the reply,
        Actually I wasn’t married at that time. But in the sponsor it is only wriiten, maintenance for migrant nothing for the dependent was mentioned will that be a problem?

        1. Is your sponsor an A-rated sponsor? You can ask them to provide you with a letter as your marital status has changed.

      2. hi,
        thank you for the reply. but my sponsor note shows maintenance for migrant not dependent so i am confused with that. and in the gov website it says 285 pound for your dependent for 28 days straight. is it fine to show funds from home?

  9. Hi

    I am on tier 2 visa. I got this visa before health and care visa was introduced. Now applying for my wife who is in Pakistan, can I chose to apply in health and care category?

  10. Hope you are doing well..I am dr.reza from bangladesh and got my full GMC registration. I already secure a job in Manchester.
    I need an information that tire 2 general is change to skilled worker it right?
    Me and my wife is is big fan of Road to uk..God bless you

  11. I will be applying for Health and Care visa and will be working for the nhs. We are planning to apply for my unmarried partner and our children’s dependant visas at the same time.

    I am previously married and have not filed for a divorce yet. Will my civil status affect the decision for my unmarried partner’s dependant visa? Thank you.

    1. As mentioned in the article already.

      You must prove that:

      any previous marriages or civil partnerships have ended
      you plan to marry or become civil partners within 6 months of arriving in the UK



    I wanted to know about something regarding the “Tier 2 Dependant VISA”.

    When at the earliest can the VISA be applied for before the mentioned arrival date in the UK?

    For example, if the mentioned arrival date on the VISA is to be May 15, 2020, can it be possible to apply for it almost 3 months prior? For example, in this case, can it be applied on February 20, 2020?
    I have seen on the website that some visas can be applied at most 3 months prior (…/prepare-your-application).

    However, I could not find the case for “Tier 2 Dependant VISA”. Can someone please let me know if they know about it and also has a link to the official information?

    Thank you

  13. Hi Ibreez , thanks for this wonderful flatform.
    My daughter is 18 yrs old.
    Will she be eligible for tier2 dependent visa?
    If not then what will b the options for her to stay with me in UK.

    1. She will be eligible if they:
      – live with you (unless they’re in full-time education at boarding school, college, or university)
      – not be married, in a civil partnership, or have any children
      – be financially supported by you

  14. Tanvir Faisal Rakin

    Hello, I am planning to get married soon. My CoS says I am unmarried. Would it be a problem while applying for my wife as my dependent? thanks.

  15. Jamille Rodrigues

    Hi! Thank you for this post, it is really helpeful.
    I am planning to go with my boy friend, we are in a relationship for one year, and we spent some months together this year, in my apartment or in his apartment, however, we do not have bills with the same address that we could use as a proof of relationship. Do they accept bookings in hotels? Photographs? Whats app messages?
    I would be grateful if you could help me, we are planning to apply for a unmarried dependent visa.

  16. shariaretanvir akash

    Does dependents job is dependent to main applicants job? If main applicant somwhow lost his job then is it cause any harm to dependent’s job?

    1. If the main tier 2 applicant loses his job (which is very unlikely if they are doctors), then they have no reason to stay in the UK further (until they cue up another job soon). Thus it affects their dependents visa and work too.

  17. Hi, I would like to know few more queries regarding dependent visa. My wife and I will be applying for the visa together. So,
    1. Does she need to take any English Language test
    2.Can I know more about paying for health surcharge
    3.As my trust will tick Y in the maintenance do we need to have the bank balance criteria? Do I need to submit my wife’s bank balance for visa application process?

  18. Onur Ozan Yuksel

    Thank you for writing this great article. Can I ask something about my specific situation? My fiancée got accepted as an nhs trust doctor and got her tier 2 visa and we moved in to uk together. We even hired a flat together as tenants. The thing is I only had visitor visa then but now I need to apply for a dependant visa. How can we do that? Should we get back to our country together get married and apply for dependant visa or can I directly apply to dependant visa as fiancé and get married in UK?

    1. You will have to go back and apply for a Tier 2 dependent visa as a fiance as already discussed in the article. Or you both can go back and you can then apply for a dependent visa after getting married. Both works. It is up to you.


    Hello Ibrahim, As I understand Tier-2 Visa holder needs to travel within one month of getting a Visa. Must the dependents also travel within a month of getting the Visa (all applying together)? Or is it possible for dependents to travel later (say after 2 months or so)?

  20. Hello sir ,I would like to ask this question about the name on our marriage certificate .I have Musa rasak idowu but on the passport I have Musa rasak ,I hope this will not create any confusion on my tier 2 dependent application

  21. I am on a tier 2 via. I need my fiancé to join me and we are planning to marry here. We are in a relationship for more than three years. but did not live together continuously. Only holidays we spent together. What do we need to provide for evidence?

  22. Hi,
    My Husband is a Tier 2 Visa holder. I want to apply for Tier 2 depended Visa for myself & my son.
    Can i submit my application from India. or should my husband process the application through a solicitor in UK ? Please advice..

    1. You can submit it from anywhere following the link in the article above. It doesn’t require any solicitor. Just follow this article.

  23. Hello. Congratulations for such a great write up ?
    My query is do I need a TB certificate? I want in Qatar since last 10 months and now I am going to apply visa from India.
    I read this helpful sentence on your blog that you do not require a TB certificate if “you lived for at least 6 months in a country where TB screening is not required by the UK, and you’ve been away from that country for no more than 6 months”
    I just want to clarify and be sure that it applies to me.
    Thank you in advance

    1. If Qatar does not need a TB clearance and you have not been in India for more than 6 months now, you do not need TB clearance certificate.

  24. I Have just received a message stating that “the processed visa application has been dispatched via courier “ how do i know whether it is approved or not. Please help me

  25. Sai Prasanth Grandhi

    hi, they are asking my spouse’s tier 2 visa expiry date in the IHS form for the pbs dependant visa application, but how do i fill this column if i am just applying for the tier 2 dependent visa along with my spouse? we dont have the visa yet. can it be one month more than the cos date?

        1. Hi, we are also stuck at the same point. So, what did u fill in visa expiry date field? Was your visa successful?

  26. Sai Prasanth Grandhi

    HI, i just applied as a PBS dependent visa (my wife has a tier 2 visa and i am applying with her) and my IHS is coming to 3422 pounds. is that amount correct ?

        1. If you have not submitted the online form, you can always start the application from beginning again.

  27. I have tier2 General Visa as main applicant and I got approved and received my passport. I want to apply for my wife and child. I have following questions:
    1) While filling the form for wife and kid, why there are asking for financial bank statements for both?
    2) While applying for my wife I need to submit marriage certificate document, On our marriage certificate my DOB is incorrect. Will this create any issues? Should we add some kind of letter or government affidavit stating its wrongly printed and all other documents DOB is correct?
    Getting marriage certificate corrected in covid is nearly impossible right now.

    1. 1) Each visa application is separate. So if you have four family members they will ask for bank statement four times and you can provide the same in all cases.
      2) You can sign an affidavit in front of a notary and attach with that stating that the date of birth is incorrect as you could not get it corrected during these times.

  28. If my husband was given 3years Visa under tier2 Visa and am joining after a year he left will I be given 3yrs as well or 2years

    1. “In addition to the reduced visa fee, applicants applying for the Health and Care Visa, and their family, will be exempt from having to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge. Family is defined as those who are dependants of the main applicant who is eligible for the Health and Care Visa. It does not cover wider family or those living independently of the Health and Care Visa main applicant.”

  29. Sai Prasanth Grandhi

    Hi ibrahim, thank you for the wonderful article. i have a doubt regarding the tier 2 dependent visa. Me and my wife both are doctors and have permanent GMC registration. SHe has got a job with a university NHS trust and we both are going together. I am travelling as her dependent and will be applying from UK for jobs in my field. So, am I allowed to work on dependent visa or do i have to come to india back and apply for a tier 2 visa again ?
    thank you

      1. hi iam applying with my wife’s COS which is expired on MAY2020 .me and two kids are eligible with the CoS as she is a nurse

        1. Is she has a valid BRP, then CoS expiration doesn’t matter. If the CoS mentioned about maintenance, it will still hold.

        2. Yes she do have a valid BRP, and the COS was expired on May this year. and me and 2 kid’s applying with that. It wont be a problem right???thanks in adavance

  30. Vikrant Thakur

    Hi , thanks for this wonderful article.I had a query.I am going toapply for Tier 2 visa tomorrow as I have to begin my first job at NHS by next month.I am presently single and hence in my visa where I have been asked about details of my dependents n my relationship status I have mentioned no dependants n single status.However I am about to get married in around 10 days hopefully.And I plan for my wife to join me as a dependent subsequently.Would my declaration as single with no dependants right now affect her prospects of getting visa later ?Do I mention her as dependent right now even though we are not yet married?
    Kindly guide me.
    With regards

    1. If you are submitting your application for visa on 04/08/2020 (for example) and you are not married on that day, you don’t have any dependents. If you get married on 14/08/2020 and your spouse applies for dependent visa, they will clearly see you applied on 04/08 and got married on 14/08, so you did not say anything wrong in your visa application.
      Life happens and circumstances change. If you don’t have any dependent now that doesn’t mean you can’t have any dependent two months later or ever.
      I hope I clarified enough.
      Btw, congrats on marriage! Our prayers for your happy and fulfilling life ahead!

  31. Hi
    While filling Tier-2 visa application there is a section titled Dependant Details. First question in this section is “Does anyone rely on you for financial support” . Does this refer to my husband being dependant on me currently or while in the UK. My husband is not financially dependant on me currently but will be travelling with me to UK on dependant visa. Please clarify.

    1. Yes. Your wife is regarded as a dependent. When you apply for Tier 2 visa yourself, you have to apply for her Tier 2 dependent visa as well as mentioned and outlined in this article.

  32. Sa'ed Ali Aljamal

    If I’m travelling alone, and after 2 months my wife will come to the UK, what is the best option for applying for dependent visa for her, at the same time of my application or alone after a period of time .
    And if it’s better at the same application, then can she come to the UK after 2 months of getting the visa?

    1. When you apply for Tier 2 visa you immediately don’t get the visa. You get a vignette, a time period (a month) in which you have to come to the UK and collect your VRP (the visa). This vignette can be extended with a fee. 2 months is a short time to apply separately in my opinion. But if you don’t want to pay for vignette extension, then applying separately at different times makes more sense.

  33. Hello
    I have a question, my husband will be traveling along with me as my dependent. While applying for visa, is it better for him to be employed or unemployed?

  34. Hi there! A question about dependents and whether they can work in the UK or not.
    My soon to be wife is hoping to get a job offer this coming December and start working as an FY2 in a trust in the UK. I’m still in the process of giving my PLAB 2s but unfortunately they have been cancelled and I do not know when I can start working in the UK. We’re planning on getting married soon and I will be joining her as her dependent when she goes to the UK.
    You mentioned that a dependenct cannot work in the NHS as a doctor in a training post. But what about non training posts? My wife will be joining as a FY2 in a non training post. Can I also join a NHS trust as a non-trainee after I get done with my PLABs? Or will I still have to go back to Bangladesh and get my own Tier 2 visa?

    1. Other than joining training as a doctor, a dependent can do EVERYTHING else. You can work as a non-training doctor as and when you get it, no separate visa required. You can work in non-medical jobs as well if you wish.

      1. While that’s a relief, in the long run that would still pose a problem for me. Once I enter into training myself, I will have to get my own Tier 2 visa correct? That would mean I have to reset my ILR clock. That seems counter productive. It would be best to get my own Tier 2 visa from the start rather than work an year or two I believe. If my wife gets ILR, I don’t get it automatically either, right?
        Thanks for the quick reply! Amazing work you guys do!

        1. You are right in both cases.
          1. Once you enter training you would need your own Tier 2 thus resetting your ILR clock.
          2. Your wife getting an ILR doesn’t get you an ILR.

  35. Hello Road to UK Team,
    Thanks for all the great blogs.. these are amazing. Regarding the topic of dependents, I had some questions (some you have already responded, so skipping those)
    1. Dependents get the same visa duration as of the primary person .. right?
    2. Is there a requirement for T2 visa i.e. one has to stay in UK for a minimum number of days or limits on entry/ exits? Am asking as my husband after getting T2 may still continue working out of UK and would come live with us on and off (say 6 months every year) .. are there any restrictions which will not let him do this?
    3. Those on T2 visa (primary person or dependents) will have access to full range of NHS services including dentist and orthodontics, or are there any restrictions for those on T2?
    4. Those on dependent visa, do they have entitlement to education i.e. attending schools? If yes, till what grade the education will be covered under such entitlement?
    5. Those on dependent visa, can work in their own fields i.e. IT etc. without any limitations etc. ?
    6. Those on T2 visa, are they entitled to any benefits i.e. tax refunds, child benefits etc.(not sure how does it work in UK, but am sure something like this would be in place)?
    7. Those on T2 visa (mainly dependents), are they entitled to any unemployment benefits i.e. if my husband starts job in his field and pays taxes too, but for some reason he looses job, will he be entitled to get some benefits till he gets a new job?
    Thanks again for great work that you folks are doing!

    1. Hi your questions are really pertinent to the article and I hope the future readers go through it when they are reading it. Here are the answers.
      1. Yes. The visa duration will be the same.
      2. Yes there are restrictions. With a Tier 2 visa (be it dependent or general) you can’t stay outside the UK for more than 180 days at a stretch.
      3. Dentists and orthodontics are not free for anyone between 18-65. (Exceptions would be emergencies and pregnancy)
      4. What do you mean by entitlement? Public schools are free. Private schools are not. Check Ofsted reports for schools.
      5. Yes. Doctors and dentists only if dependent, they can’t get into training.
      6. You can claim tax relief as described in the article – How to Claim Tax Relief in the UK but can not have any access to public funds.
      7. No, they are dependants so somebody else is there to pay for whatever they have to pay.

  36. i just applied as a primary applicant and now applying for dependents visa..what to write in visa expiry date as i have not been issued visa yet

  37. Gowthaman Jayabalan

    Thanks for clearly documenting the steps.
    Iam on UK Tier 2 ICT visa valid till may 2020 and wife just reached UK on Tier 2 ICT sponsored by her employer.Iam applying to change myself as her dependent.Can you please clarify on the below?
    Her sponsor has certified maintenance of the dependent in thr COS.Do i need to still provide my bank statement to prove as iam applying separately?
    Documents showing you and your partner are living together.I dont have any documents to prove this in UK as she reached only a day back.Iam planning to open a joint acc and get letter from the bank stating we are living in this address.Will this work?
    Gowthaman J

  38. Hi. I have received a job offer at FY1 level non training job. My salary is 30k per annum. I wanted to ask if I can take my husband (my dependent) with this salary and post?
    Basically my question is what is the minimum salary required to take your dependent along?
    I have maintained around 2500£ (more than 3 months) in my account. I will be showing my saving account bank statement because I don’t have a job. Will that be an issue?
    Thanks you

  39. Hello Ivan, thank you for this wonderful blog. I am going to take my wife as dependent with me. For some issues unfortunately we can’t take our 3 years old daughter with us right now. We are planning to take her 1 year later. Do you think we might face any problem while taking our daughter separately?

    1. I don’t see why that will be a problem. After 1 year, you both will have Tier 2 visa (one main applicant and another dependent) and will have to go together and bring your child with you.

  40. Grace Lauraya Almerol

    hi i applied tier 2 general visa and suppose to be my husband is my dependant, the letter i receive from immigration states that i apply under tier 2 general partner, however there’s no under that category anymore. hope you can clarify. thank you

    1. Unfortunately, you have provided too little info to understand your case, as I haven’t come across this before. If they have sent you a letter, they must’ve some communication info too. Try and clarify with them maybe? That will be the best course of action.

    2. Grace Lauraya Almerol

      in visa4uk you can actually choose sub category if i apply for tier 2 general migrant and my spouse dependant sub category is tier 2 general partner, but when they change to there’s no sub category for tier 2 anymore . i just want to know if I’m applying the correct dependant visa which is under PBS-dependant partner? thank you.

  41. Hi, thanks for the information provided. I have reached the UK on a Tier 2 visa a month back. My husband also came with me to the UK at the same time but he is on a student visa as he is doing a course here. We are hoping to bring our daughter in a few months. My COS has maintenance ticked Y for dependants.
    Can I apply for my daughter who is 2 and a half years old now? Is the option, PBS Dependent Child if the visa application for child is made separately? Will I be able to give my COS details now as I am applying for her separately?

  42. For the marriage certificate is there any criteria of time . Like you have to prove 2 years of being in married relationship or 6 months is also acceptable? Can u please tell me .

  43. Hello,
    I will apply Tier2 visa this week. My husband will start to live in UK with me continuously after 2 years since he has a contract in outside of the UK for 2 years.
    At this point do you suggest to apply dependant visa after 2 years or we need to apply with him at the same time.
    During this time he will need to visit me and we can take visitor visa for him during this period.

    1. If he doesn’t stay in the UK then it wouldn’t be wise to apply for his dependent visa. He can apply for visitor visa to visit you if he has commitment to fill in some other country, but that can only be done 6 months continuous in a year according to the visitor rules.

  44. Thank you for your wonderful blog. Please when you say no recourse to public funds, does it imply that if my dependent paid the IHS, can they access NHS services including delivery? Can they also do other jobs other than their professional job, in this case can a doctor do other jobs outside practice medicine on tier 5 visa visa? If yes what are the possible opportunities?
    Thanks on advance of your response.

    1. 1) Your dependent can get NHS treatment.
      2) Yes, they can apply for any suitable job post they see fit for themselves.

  45. Thank you for your article. Please I want to apply for dependent visa for my wife but her International passport bears her maiden name but we have a marriage certificate. So we are applying with different names. Please would this be a problem?

    1. You will need to explain this in the cover letter and prove the change. In the future it would be ideal to update all travel/ID documents.

  46. How long can i stay in uk after getting full gmc registration.
    Can i apply for permanent residency with dependent .

    1. Full GMC registration doesn’t play any role in your resident status.
      Your having a job in the UK matters. If you work in the UK for 5 years then you can apply for indefinite leave to remain (which is a settled visa status). Your dependents also after 5 years of their stay can do the same.

  47. to apply separately, how long we have time …. is it possible for any date before cos is expired? what if we have started job, is the same cos still valid ?
    after getting visa, can we go any time or just 1month period that show in visa

      1. And what do you use to apply if you the CoS has already expired and I have a BRP at the moment? Do I use the old CoS and the current BRP?

  48. My husband has appied for tier 2 general visa .i wanted to apply dependent visa but mistakenly we didnt select the PBS category instead we filled application form for tier 2 general visa .
    However in cover letter i mentioned that i am applying for dependent visa. I have attached marriage certificate and Family registration certificate.Does Ukvi rectify such mistakes???i am worried.

    1. It’s your responsibility to apply for a correct kind of visa. It’s unlikely they will rectify it rather you will have to apply again in the correct category

  49. hello i am.dr tehreem.iqbal
    this is one of my biggest dreams to work in NHS
    i m now going for plab .
    although my husband is suporting me in achieving my dreams bt he is a little worried about his career in UK .(when he ll move with me )
    i hav 3 questions
    1st is . when in starting if he doesnt get any job “will we b able to survive in UK only on my earnings “( we hav one son 2.5 yrs old)
    and sorry but this is the last question
    what are the options available as where to leave my son when i go on job ..
    daycares are afordable on my salary ?
    i will probably get a FY2 post in start
    i would b very grateful if u will reply to my queries
    thanks alot

  50. Hi
    My wife is mrcs(ed) and is planning to apply on tier 2 visa and I am planning to apply as a dependant.After a few months I plan to get a gmc recognised qualification and start working in nhs.will it be difficult for me to start working there(after i recieve my degree) later on while I am staying in UK as a dependant?

    1. Yes. You can go to the UK on Tier 2 dependant visa and later on after getting GMC registration you can start having job on that visa as well.
      No need to get a separate work visa until you get into any training.

  51. Shaleen Sivanes

    My partner and I have just registered as civil partners. Although we don’t live together due to
    Employment in different cities we have been together for 2 years. I am planning to bring him with me as a dependent on my Tier 5 Visa. Do you have examples of cover letters required to explain our circumstances? Does the dependent visa application also get done on same application as main applicant? Thanks!

    1. The dependent’s application is separate processes, thus another application than the main applicant. And cover letter doesn’t have to be anything technical – your online application should make it abundantly clear anyway.

  52. hi,
    I am Dr.Gowtham from India and am currently working as an SHO in North Wales. Meanwhile, my wife who is also a doctor, living in India has completed PLAB 1 and waiting to select dates for PLAB 2. I have a few questions regarding my wife’s visa application.
    1. Wheather can she able to do a clinical attachment in the UK with the dependent VISA..?
    2. Provided that my COS is not an ‘A’ rated. Do I need to maintain £ 630 x 3 months in my UK account or in my Indian account..?

  53. Dr. Subi Susan Raju

    Hello,Thank you for such an informative post. Due to personal reasons my husband and my 2 year old kid won’t be joining me in UK till December, so is it sensible decision to apply for tier 2 dependent visa after I come to UK,I mean separately ? Firsr I will come and then in few months they will join me .
    And will my husband have to write IELTS Ukvi or will my IELTS suffice?
    Kindly guide.
    Thank you

    1. They can come later. That won’t be a problem but it is better if they come along with you, if possible.
      As mentioned already in the above post, dependents don’t need to take IELTS.

  54. Hi.. My visa is expiring this June. I am thinking to start processing my husband’s dependant visa this March so that he can come here this April. Is that possible even though my visa is expiring soon? (I will start my renewal process this march) and if so, does that means his visa will as well this June? Thank you in advance for the reply.

    1. No. The dependents’ visa doesn’t have to be renewed along with your visa. They usually get the Tier 2 dependent visa for 3 years (if your visa is = 3 years)

  55. The section you mentioned “Proof of Relationship” confuses me.
    Would a single paper of marriage certificate be enough as a proof? Or we have to provide all what you mentioned?

    1. If your spouse is accompanying you in your first visit, the burden of proof required is reasonably less. A marriage certificate is the single piece of paper that proves and documents that you are married, so that definitely carries the utmost importance. Other papers just emboldens the claim.


    can an individual be A rated sponsor? for instant my sis in law is a british citizen and i am applying for a dependent visa for my wife and kids, can i list my sister in law as a sponsor in case my employed did tick maintaince

    1. An individual can’t be an A-rated sponsor.
      If your trust can’t provide maintenance in the CoS, first ask if they can provide a separate letter of maintenance. If that is also not possible from their part, then either you or your wife will have to show the required maintenance money as personal savings.

    1. No. Parents can only come in the UK as visitors. Exceptions can be made when you have settled visa status, for seriously ill parents who doesn’t have any carer back home, but that is a long winding road to prove that.

  57. Hi!
    I’m going to apply for tier 2 visa for my daughter, she’s only 4.
    I tried to apply online and I can’t see any “Tier 2 dependent” visa type. Do I need to chose “Tier 2 General” visa for her?
    Also I do live separately with my husband, we are almost divorced, but when I’m going to apply for visa I still will be technically married (won’t have any documents about divorce), so in my application I put that we are married. I have an agreeement from him to let out daughter go to UK with me. Can there be any problems with that?
    And also, I guess I don’t have to have a criminal record for my daughter)))
    Thank you in advance

    1. The dependent category in the sub-category of the tier 2 visa. You are the “general migrant”, your daughter will be dependent. Start a visa application in Visa4UK website and you will know. As for your daughter, you will need to provide birth certificate, and under 18 doesn’t need criminal certificate.

  58. In my the maintenance is written as following:
    Tick to certify maintenance to migrant (and dependant if applicable) : y
    Does this mean that dependant maintenance is included or should be mentioned separately?

    1. Have you confirmed with your HR that you will also be applying visa for your dependents?
      Generally speaking, that “Y” covers both you and your dependents. But, I would make sure to communicate with HR about this.

    1. Yes, the dependents can work in any field they want, but they can’t take training positions (if they are doctors/dentists) if it’s mentioned in their BRP.

  59. Hello there, I am planning to apply for a tier 2 visa for myself and a dependant visa for my wife soon. My trust has said they would provide maintainance for me but not my dependant. The second thing is my hospital does not have accommodation so I will have to look for one after I reach UK. I have 2 queries
    1) Since the hospital is providing maintainance for me can I mention the hospital address in my application?
    2) As no maintainance is being provided for my dependant what do I mention in the address column in their application? Can I still mention the hospital address or my spouses own sister lives in the UK (but not in the city where I am going to start work) so will that address suffice
    Sorry for the long post.TIA

    1. 1) Yes.
      2) Even if they aren’t provided maintenance by the hospital, it’s not unreasonable for their address to be your address.
      You can always ask the HR and see what they say. Just say it is for visa application.

  60. Do I need to provide cover letter for my husband for dependent visa as well?
    I am the main applicant for tier2 visa, my husband applying for PBS Dependent visa

  61. If I applied for visas for my family and my visa is going to be expired for any reason, can I get any part of the money I paid for their visas?

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