Winter in the UK for International Doctors

It’s starting to feel a lot like winter in the UK! No matter what end of the UK you’re residing in, you’ll soon notice the mornings are overcast, the days shorter, and the wind bitter. It’s important to stay warm and bundled up during this time of year, lest you wish to come down with a cold! So let us regale you with tips on how to keep comfy without hurting the bank.

Keeping your body warm

A well-lined jacket is a must, with a hood attachment being a needed addition. Whatever you choose, make sure it is warm. It doesn’t have to be something expensive or very heavy, so long as you find it keeps you warm. Length of the jacket is also to you liking. Some people opt for ankle length, some thigh length, but again, it’s up to you.

You may wish instead of a jacket to find a fleece coat or a similar overcoat which can often have a more professional look to it if you need to stay warm and attend a conference or interview. Keep an eye out for sales racks or any stores going out of business to get a great deal. Alternatively, you can check out what Amazon has to offer.

That being said, what you wear underneath makes a huge difference in how warm you’ll stay throughout the day. Thermals are great, and they are the mainstay to keeping warm 24/7 in the blustery winter weather. You can find a set for men and a set for women.

For your head

Along that line, a good snug cap is essential. You can opt for something with a peaked bill that sits well around ears, or simple beanies or knit hats. If you still feel that a hat won’t keep your ears warm enough, you can look into getting ear muffs to wear underneath.

Next we come to scarves. They are useful to potentially wrap around your face if the wind becomes icy or snow starts falling heavily. I find that Primark tends to have a very good selection of trendy and warm scarves within £2-£8 if you look well enough.

Prevent your fingers from freezing

You can match gloves to your caps by looking into adjustable finger less gloves or even touchscreen gloves so that you can text and stay warm. Gloves, I find, are often overlooked and usually not worn by those of us who vastly underestimate just how unusable our fingers get when the cold sets it. Even if your outfit has pockets, gloves should be worn for extra protection. Have small kids and are worried as to how they’ll keep them on without losing them? Glove clips are your saving grace.

Only trousers are not enough

Aside from the thermals already mentioned, fleece tights can be worn under scrubs, jeans, whatever, and will add an extra layer of insulation to your body. 

Planning on walking through the slush?

The snow is great, white, and beautiful….and then it melts. And you’ve got to trek through this lovely slush that seeps into your socks and shoes and makes you miserable. This is why you invest in a good sturdy pair of boots (or wellies, as they are colloquially called) that are a size or two bigger than your shoes and can be worn over them to allow for easy moving through wet grounds.

And if you’re not already a member, look into a free one month trial of Amazon Prime. You can cancel even before the time runs out, and you’ll still receive all the benefits associated with Prime, such as 1 day free shipping, access to movies, music, etc.

Bits and Bobs

I swear by handwarmers. They are the niftiest things to have around when it’s freezing outside because they basically work as tiny heaters that you can keep in your gloves or your pockets. They work for 8 hours and produce a comfortably warm environment so that your fingers stay working.

I don’t know about you, but come winter my feet are the coldest part of me. My mom always used to tell me as a kid that so long as your ears and feet are warm, your body feels warm. I believe this religiously, and that is why I always wear a thick pair of winter socks around the house. That, paired with house slippers, keeps me comfortable and cozy.

In that vein of comfy, fleece overthrows are a godsend. There is nothing I like better than come home and wrap myself up in one with a piping hot cup of cocoa and binge watch This Is Us.  If you want to stay extra toasty, think about investing in an electric blanket.

Last but not least, a tiny room heater is a great investment if you don’t want to always turn on the heat or if you don’t want to keep the heat running all night. This little thing packs a lot of punch, and automatically switches off once the set temperature is reached. If you want something bigger, you can opt for this instead.

I hope that you all are now well prepared and ready for a UK winter, be it white or green!