Thankfully, application for a new TIER 2 visa within UK visa is neither as hectic nor as nerve-wracking as when you applied for the first time from outside UK. That being said, it is crucial you ensure all the information and documents you provide are correct. You should include any dependents who are on your current visa on your application to extend, and you should apply before your current visa expires.

Requirements to apply for an Tier 2 within UK

  • You must have current TIER 2 visa.
  • You have a new certificate of sponsorship (CoS)
  • You must be in the UK to extend your visa.

When do we need a new Tier 2 visa

  • Definitely when your current one is about to expire.

You should have a CoS for a new Tier 2 (or extension) at least 3-4 months before your current one expires to be on the safe side.

  • When you are changing to a new job (in a different trust).
  • When you are changing from a shortage occupation job to a non-shortage occupation job or vice versa. (This does not apply now as all doctor’s job are in shortage occupation).

Tier 2 (General) visa fees for jobs in shortage occupation list is different than those that aren’t. It is imperative that you communicate with your HR about this and make sure you have the correct CoS for your type of work.

Where to apply for it?

The application process is online like your first Tier 2 (general) visa. The form is self-explanatory and very easy to follow.

Apply for a Tier 2 (general) visa from the UK via this GovUK link.

How long it takes

Decisions are made:

You will now need to book an appointment with the new UKVCAS service via Sopra Steria. You can book an appointment in two ways:

  • online by either clicking the link to book an appointment from your UKVI account or by clicking the link in the UKVCAS account setup email you have been sent
  • by phone by calling the UKVCAS Premium Support Line on 0900 165 6600 (calls cost £2.50 per minute)

There are different service points for where you can book your appointment:

  • core service points are larger locations that offer both free of charge appointments and out of hours appointments bookable for a fee
  • enhanced service points offer an inclusive package of extra services, such as document checking in advance of your appointment and document digitization at the service point
  • premium lounge that offers a personalized customer experience

You’ll be contacted if your circumstances or application are more complicated if:

  • your supporting documents need to be verified
  • you need to attend an interview
  • you have a criminal conviction

Once you’ve applied, you can stay in the UK until you’ve been given a decision, as long as you applied before your last visa expired.

How much will it cost?

How much you’ll pay depends heavily on the type of visa and service you’re applying for:

There is also the option of super premium service, which is £10,500 for your visit, plus the premium service fee for your application type.

Please keep in mind that you will need to pay the IHS surcharge again with the extension. To know how much you’ll need to pay, please check out the IHS calculator.

­When and how will I receive my new BRP?

If you applied for the premium service, you will get your passport back the same day, more like within a few hours. If you had chosen standard or priority service, you’d get your passport back via mail. But in all the cases, your BRP will come in a separate mail.

Do my dependants need to change visas if I change visa?

If the main migrant (i.e. you) changes employers, and is given a new CoS and TIER 2 visa, dependants do not have to apply with them to renew their BRPs/visas so long as they still have valid ones. Instead, the dependants can remain in the UK until the end of the validity period of their BRPs/visas. They can later apply for further extensions keeping in line with your visa. Check here on how to apply for Tier 2 visa for dependants.

Good luck!

8 thoughts on “How to apply for a TIER 2 visa within UK”

  1. Hi,
    I am an IMG from Pakistan. I am on a PBS dependent tier 4 visa ( as my husband is here for his masters program). I have cleared all my USMLEs and am eligible to apply for GMC REGISTRAION. I wanted to ask if you have any leads on switching my visa from tier 4 dependent to skilled workers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I am applying for a tier 2 visa change. My current BRP says leave to enter but I chose leave to remain on my application as my current application page as leave to enter was not an option. I was asked only to provide the passport and BRP. What supporting documents do I need? I need help urgently as I have booked the appointment for tomorrow and am very lost

  3. My TIER 2 VISA will end on 14/12/2019, and my dependent also. I will need to travel back.home for 2 weeks and return on 07/12/2019. Could I apply for me and my dependent on the same day? What happens if I couldn’t get the new VISA before the end date of the current one?

    1. You have to APPLY for a new visa before the one that is expiring. “Apply” in this case means submission of related documents for your new tier 2.

      1. Thank you very much for your reply. I know that I need to apply for a newcourse one. I mean could I apply for me and my dependent on the same occasion . So, I don’t need to wait for a long time.

        1. Yes. As the application is online there is nothing together or separate. But whether you all will get the same date for bio metric appointment that depends on the availability

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